Germany pretends to tip K

I expect a full K-tilt based on the feigned version.

It isn’t what you think, it’s weaponized against the citizenry and doubling down on propaganda efforts.

It’s wink-wink nudge-nudge.

It means nothing.

The single accurate line:

“Immigrants cannot be regulated by a majority culture.”

Yes, they lack the IQ from inbreeding with their cousins.

The comments are priceless on this stuff.

“only one thing uncucks Germans – poverty”

You can’t take taxes from people who don’t work and dodge it with welfare. They’re crunch and crush the Germans to pay for this. The natives always pay, in every way.

German women brainwashed into dressing like Muslims

WTF face

Germany we leave you alone for seventy years…

No she isn’t wearing a hijab even, that blonde whore is showing her hair, she’d still get stoned to death.
Can we get a comment from Jolie? She loves wearing those.
How obvious does the brainwashing have to get, damn, headscarves are not a Muslim thing, we had them in the 40s – so many lies. What’s next, corrective rape of lesbians because Allah said all women need men?
And again, one of the rare times we need feminists, they’re all too chickenshit to speak up against a real Patriarchy.

Can we send them all on peace missions to the Middle East please?

Video: German military age men minority by 2020

Yeah, this is why Muslims are invading us.

They don’t need to swarm the other demographics. This ties into their impending economic doom (and they expect we’re gonna do better, cue laugh track).

Saudi Arabia, foreseeing the depletion of their rotting organic matter reserves, recently set up a two trillion dollar fund for this contingency.

The current Islamic expansion ties into this. They are establishing footholds for when the Middle East turns into a giant mushroom cloud. Invasion, nothing less..

There isn’t even enough money to fund our own aging populations.
When the rubber hits the road, the most die-hard Leftist will vote for food to go into their own mouths over anyone else.

The question is whether the islamists are smart enough to keep these footholds which is highly unlikely without full-scale war because they have invited it. Invited it due to mocking and rejecting these hosts countries.

It’s based on buildings and benefit money.
One may be demolished or re-converted back into a church (we let them take over our churches because we weren’t using them) and change the law because they aren’t from here. A foreign war would be a good excuse for mass deportations. Fight for us or go home. Being chickens, what will they do?

Their future is likely going to be either domination in these various locations, or a reduction to Boko Haram-type piracy.

They wish, here we’ll freeze them out. The police haven’t been raiding them like they should, but that’ll change once they’re given riot gear and carte blanche by an angry voting public.

When our economies collapse from the huge debt bubbles, Europe is docile and the population stable (sub-replacement leaves plenty of room), so we’ll weather it better than most of the world.

The Middle East is already overcrowded because they breed like rats (with their cousins?!? WTF), disease is rampant and they need our resources e.g. water for their drought, that will last another 20 years, just to survive. Yet they’re picking a war with us. All we need to do is keep them out and they’d kill each other, why do you think none of the other Muslim countries want them? They know the money tap is about to run dry.

Stupidly, they think Magic White Man will bail them out. Low IQ, what do you expect?
Even if we could, the public will isn’t there. There are too many retired people with unfunded liabilities, so the typical Boomer liberals won’t want it either.

joker DC smile smirk evil grin lol haha

They’ve never seen the White man roused to anger.
We could turn hunting them down into a national sport and follow it as a reality TV series.
These are people with huge families they cannot support, where we know 1. where the children are during certain hours (school) and 2. where they are at other hours of the day (the mosque during prayer) like clockwork. We could have them rounded up in a single DAY if we wanted. All we need is an excuse, and they’re providing us with a list. Hell, yesterday I pointed out in a comment they murdered one girl a few years ago and put her in kebabs. No, literally, they sold her as kebabs. They used her as kebab meat, like Sweeney Todd except real. The awakening Saxon is counting.
They think we’re always nice and smiley, fat and happy. These people don’t read!
We could always coat the welfare cash in bacon?
State-sponsored bounty hunting and using their inevitable ‘protests’ as target practice. Did you know Muslims cannot be cremated? All we need to do is cremate them and they’ll leave, unless they’re apostates. Europeans are the most creative murderers in the world. Blood eagle for pedophiles, anyone?
They forget the last time they fucked with a White man we made him a legend as Vlad the Impaler.
To this day, people are grateful he stopped the Turk.

I wonder who our Vlad will be?

The white problem

The lie of this century.

Diversity is (unity)? Very Orwell.

Bad schools create a bad society.

Multiculturalism and equality are based on two lies.

  1. People are not simply legally equal, but biologically the same, a mere opinion held in the liberal arts contradicted by the black swan study of biology. This view became redundant with the discovery of DNA. Not only are people different, they’re so different we can look at it under a microscope and measure how much.
  2. People are blank slates who may be forced into an equal mould by the magical power of (state) education. Despite evidence from neuroscience, of dragging prosperity down to the lowest common denominator, the connection between national IQ with economic prosperity, and finally, the fact that, assuming education may be capable of providing the same boost in achievement (let’s assume 15 IQ points as an arbitrary point), that everyone still begins at a different place (e.g. 85, 100, 120), while accruing those points, so the differences between them will never be neutralized (against meritocracy and human rights) but in fact, unintended consequences will make the differences and inequalities more pronounced. Compounded by the high IQ demands of a scientific society.

The suicide of Germany by genocidal subversives.

They came by force. Where met with borders, they attack. They are hostile forces. They are invaders. They come to take money (usually sending it home in remittance, so it doesn’t even remain in the economy) and rape white women (they admit to predating on us alone and ignoring their own).

What does this mean?

They will not leave unless forced. 

That is the truth Europe will come to learn. It’s either all or nothing. Half measures will fail. And when the White man turns, the entire world will tremble before his feet.


They’ll remember.

On an abstract ideological level, multiculturalism is war. There will be stronger memes as there are more willing soldiers. Those liberals screaming DOWN WITH WESTERN CIV in the 60s are in power now. Decades of pacifist propaganda and threats of punishment for ‘hate crime’ and ‘hate speech’ have handcuffed freedom of expression, however reasonable and peaceful.

Where there is no peaceful recourse and desperate men are backed into a corner, the result will be bloody. We’ve passed the negotiation stage, thwarted by our corrupt politicians, and the corner is seeming mighty tight these days.

OT: If someone is mugged, it shouldn’t matter who the attackers/victims are or why, neither party can help which demographic groups they slot into. The crime, the action is exactly the same thing. With serial offenders an argument could be made for targeting and that may affect sentencing as an aggravating factor, but what if it’s a coincidence? What if it’s a set-up? What if the prosecution is clutching at straws and need to meet targets? Isn’t assuming a racial or sexual motive illegal, indulging in the same prejudice themselves, where’s the proof? You can’t prove these things claimed, they are hearsay and circumstantial yet admissible in a court of law as speculation. Doesn’t it follow gender studies nonsense rules of privilege and oppression, which are unscientific? Since when did the supposed mental state of the criminal, which can never be proven, have such a mythos around it? Aren’t those by definition thought criminals? As if pre-judging people is a crime? The very everyday common meaning of prejudice that everyone does as a fact of perception and cognition? Isn’t profiling the police do pre-judging based on crime stats? The only part of mens rea that matters is the decision to commit the crime, the motivation means nothing in practical terms. A man who mugs you to feed his family isn’t less a mugger than someone who did it because you ‘look gay’. What does that even mean? If people can be defined by their appearance, isn’t the law prejudiced? Isn’t that racist/judgemental on part of law enforcement or judiciary? Hypocritical? What about those who fake hate crimes? Why aren’t they punished and censured in the exact same way? Why is the censure one-sided to the crybully self-proclaimed yet professional victim-mongers? Why are some groups protected against hate crimes e.g. homosexual but the other groups in that category are not e.g. heterosexual? Doesn’t that violate the principle of equal before the law?

Germany bringing back segregation (on trains)

Other Western European countries are in talks.

remember this when we're beyond all hope

This is actually a good idea. The sexes are different and women don’t wanna be groped. Contrary to what these guys say, we don’t want their attentions and the new arrivals think of the Tube as a free-for-all frottage buffet where we can’t escape.

The better thing is class division, but on a larger scale, going down to 3rd class. Upper class men don’t act like brutes.

Video: Europe (Whites) finally learning to say No after Cologne

Cologne seems to be the flashpoint for the EU’s naive populace that the MSM has been lying to them.

The screeching is palpable. What do you mean, we don’t have a right to use your land and its resources (women)?

Left: This isn’t supposed to happen??? We brainwashed them from birth! Racist! Wait, it isn’t working! Bigot! No, not that one either! Nazi! Nazi! Nazi! Oh phew, that still works. It’s OK guys we’re still subverting and destroying Western Civ! Good talk! Jazz hands!

Someone really needs to tell Stefan about Magic Dirt.

It’s based on the Sociologist’s Fallacy that crossing a border will induce magical whole body changes and drag a Third Worlder into the Very Model of a First World NW Europe Gentleman, genetics and all.

Wait until rations come in, won’t that be fun? Grow a Victory garden against who?

This German man needs to grow some balls. He is practically begging Stefan to give him permission to act. Many Europeans are in this tricky halfway position. They’re gathering information, unsure how to act on it.

Waiting for something.

Moving too early is as bad as moving too late.

My advice? Plan for your loved ones. That is it, you owe nothing to the people who betrayed you. Be brutal in who you include, who would die for you? Emergency fund, urgency plans if you need to flee. For the present, I’d normally say remain there, but with the new ‘shelter’ opening up, you might be targeted for your baby. However, you need that support network and so does baby. There is no exit, nowhere to escape. Move as one or fortify. Prepare.

You see little rebellions. First they say No to one sex tourist treating the cream of Europe like a brothel. And the dominoes fall. Point and shriek enough times and you’ll eventually land on a real threat.

“The Left has no facts. The Left has only verbal abuse.”

The Left has been hemorrhaging devotees as the EU blimp has trundled along, making curious noises. Nobody wants to be stuck at the end with the losers. Simply look at the consequences, they cannot be avoided any longer. There is no time.

“The Left have nothing, they can’t have reality, brain size, IQ,  biology, cultural history, inbreeding, genetics, and religious intolerance, theocracy, no separation of Church and State like all of the things that are gonna come in that are problematic.” Game recognized.

They’re hoping the Right dies fighting these guys while they are cowering playing Damsel and hide. “Let’s you and him fight.” Why, the Right ask? Why do I need to fight if I just stop him coming over here to my land?
They are manufacturing a Civil War because an Inter-European War has been a null option since all the brainwashing on WW2. They’ll come up with excuses to sit out, probably a new form of mental illness you can’t falsify. Once the currency goes kaput (sorry), these pampered little hipsters in their gated communities will need the protection of a scapegoat. Who better than literal rape culturalists?
These refugees may be the foot soldiers, but people are fingering the leaders, and they don’t like that.
Why should we fight for you, the Right ask?

They have no answer. Mumbling about we’re all human, we all bleed red.
Fine, the Right say, you go do it. Who is ‘we’, paleface? Where were you? Who are you, to order me? We are not kin. We are not ingroup. You said patriotism is evil, so you won’t desire its protections, right? “Rough men stand ready to do violence… for their own. They aren’t playing pawn to be moved around by propaganda anymore and it’s beautiful.
They wanted division based on politics, they got it. Loud and clear, signal received. In Europe, the elite have nothing to do with this, they’ll be fine. Always, they’ll pay their way into safety. This isn’t an issue about the rich. If you look at the UK media, it is overwhelmingly middle class. Who do they get a hate-on for? Marx’s pets, the poor.

This is a class war, and the native poor are seeing it.
One factor they have in their favour: voting bloc.
Why else would the right wing be winning recently, if not for that crucial bastion of support, traditionally belonging to the Left? But the Left sold them out. They favoured the Outgroup. Oh this poor (outgroup), anyone but the evil white men! 
Those natural conservatives (who prize country and family above all else) are finally leaving the abusive relationship and voting with their feet. To the left, this is unprecedented. An end of Left/Right they call it, because people are’t fitting into their neat little boxes anymore (vote based on class). Oh, L/R exist still, but their definitions are outdated. That’s what you get for living in an Ivory Tower instead of the Real World. The left’s response, at our last election?

How dare these poor people be so selfish.

Seriously, that was the best they could come up with. The mind boggles.

Who made these people poor? They’re looking into it now. This was the first election the media tried to rig by controlling the information flow – and failed. Almost a year later, they have nothing, they refuse to admit trashing the economy (like Brown selling off all our gold for pittance) or screwing over the workers for foreign labour with immigration, despite unemployment/underemployment. Like SJWs (their leadership since Blair), they’ve doubled down. Did we vote in the immigrant Jewish rich bloke who never worked a real job in his life? No.

We’d rather have the posh, rich closeted gay pig-fucker. Dwell on this. It’s the Principle.
Look at the suffrage post and who voted in the Left for a long period (men) and this becomes apparent. The poor, white men are on strike from social justice warriors. Their wives too and this female vote finally turning up to the polls, angry enough, was the crucial deciding point (the ‘Mum vote’) in landing it for the Tories.

Did you see the pink Labour van? It was like Monty Python. The conversations over the kitchen table? Wow.

This is a trend. We are at Stop. Wait……

It carries on….

No. Not now. Never. Never again. I’m gonna give you to the count of three to get off my land before we rearrange your face into a Picasso. The police have been called and your trial date confirmed. The State will escort you to The Wall now. Secret Police: We’ll deport you to Hell personally. Who needs that much paperwork?

Watching it in real-time is like;

I guess we need to accept this has happened and it's going to get pushier

Knowing it’s going to get worse with the economy. But since I am white and belong here, also like;

Our elders are criticizing us because we see past their BS.

It’s a strange two-minds situation.
You want to limit damage but you wonder if that would just prolong the problem.
There is a beauty in the justice of sitting back and watching the Left’s high time preference destroy their ideology. They won’t get back in once this is over.