COP26 is a Reset con

Blame the people for their own hyperinflation.Global warming “climate” floggings shall continue until morale improves. ‘Member the document I linked to, re emergency powers in UK? The 2004 contingency bill they referenced? Next lockdown will be for Muh Climate. If they can swing it, I guarantee it. It’s been hiding in plain sight for nearly twenty years with no legal challenge. There are no conservatives in government, if there ever were. This is the same Saturnian Death Cult as Extinction Rebellion. Eugenicist Marxists, like turtles of SAGE, go all the way down.

They don’t care if they die, as long as they can take you with them!

The soul is long gone, you see.

That’s moral panic and Marxist insanity. It’s a cult and a mass psychosis.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

One eye and Devil horns.

Representing the WEF:

Pretty sure Q rumours of a Trump peace treaty to K/O Cabal are true, given this:

Note the Nazi World Order (One World Government) wording, “global leaders“.

There ARE no global leaders. There are national leaders, properly elected and representing the People, not bossing them around.

I wonder if the Masons got Boris to fuck a pig or just himself.

Of course the ‘future’ is the ugly Asian girl. Of course it is. May as well have been presented by Meghan herself.

It is stunning yet not surprising that Vox cucks for the Asian proz bands like Black Pink.
The weebs will never, ever see it. Women with tons of plastic surgery to look white? Liars??!! But look at the length of their skirts! Argh, such Boomers. “Isn’t this normal?” As they weirdly proclaim power over the West’s future, the way every girl band has every right to?! Guess I’m just being racist and somehow jealous again, for noticing how absolutely batshit this is. The controlled ops will say nothing. Their CCP child brides won’t let them.

Tell me, which part of weakening the West’s ability to heat its houses is “based“?
Although, it would kill the Boomers off with the resultant sniffles.
You will all eventually agree with me on the Asian question, I swear, it’s a matter of time.

The clock almost strikes midnight.

“We must act urgently, to prevent much worse”

Literally nothing is happening. This is used car salesman tactics. ACT NOW OR REGRET LATER.

Er…. nah? You gyrating skanks continue to let rich Arabs shit on you like Lohan. We’re fine.

All this global warming (rebranded to Climate Change) doesn’t stop them yachting, does it?
Cancel Cannes. Forever. No? You’d lose so much hooking money, you fucking sluts.

“we hope you will make the decisions necessary to protect our planet now and forever”

Your planet?

This is a girl band.

Propaganda. Like Captain Planet.

Oh, but let’s permit Asian Ho-wood to make our decisions for us, because they’re so much better and special snowflake and different, right???

Tell me, random skank, what decision is ‘necessary’ that you can’t just tell us? What’s with the excess lube?

With those shoulders they literally all look like trannies and I would not be 1% surprised. Gaga is.

“sea ice would melt and devastate wildlife”

Mars has ice caps that melt all the time. The little green men aren’t driving 4x4s. It re-melts. It’s how planets WORK.

The polar bears are being raped by black bears. They’re otherwise fine.

This is a picture of a storm in a teacup.

“the important thing is that we all take responsibility”

if Charles Schwab said this, you know the weebs would go apeshit

but it claims to have tits

so it’s OK

weebs r the worst simps

how about you stop using your private jet and everyone else just continues to live?

“it won’t be achieved without collective action”

Marxist call to riot over the post-Christmas period before New Year.

And claim it’s the ‘people’ angry at certain politicians. Passes in December? Anything to stop Christians, huh?

How about, don’t tell us what to fucking do? Did we lose a war? Culture war.

If you allow your kids to watch this asiaphile shit you’re a bad parent, they’re obviously toxic.

my ambition is that pretentious celebrities all step into the gallows and only come out with a body bag attached

imagine all the pozzed ones
it’s easy if you try
no Leo DiCaprio gloating
above us only …lies
imagine all the People
waking to this Creep
you may say I’m a dreamer
but I’m not the only One
and soon one day, you’ll join us
and we’ll have just, hours of fun

imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
it’s called hyperinflation
just ask the central banks
imagine all the celebrities
dying of their own vaccine

you may say I’m a schemer
but I’m not the only one
where we go, all follow
to see the Masons panic and run
because they won’t get what they dreamed of
a slaughter of billions to appease the stones
and they won’t stand as modern Gods
…on a huge pile of worker’s bones

people are waking up to this evil
This is the Great Awakening
note all the speeding up of things
the panicked tone they’re taking
some will always stay asleep
I assure you, we don’t need them.

Speaking of, no major celebrity has had ‘side effects’? Statistical odds? Almost nil.

Conclusion? They didn’t really get it.

At the end, a logo pops up. Look for yourself.


aka the lovely white genocide people

It’s fake, you pigshit thick weebs. All of it is fake. None of the bands you like are real. None of the bands I like are real, either. However, Hollywood Vampires is a lot fucking better* than the trannies of ShitPink. It’s the same people pumping out anti-white propaganda re men. Bait for you to hate your race and ‘trust’ Asia. Good cop, bad cop and you fell for it. Anyone investing in Asia is gonna lose their shorts, nomad or not. They will pay for this.

Everything is fucking fake. Wake up. It’s all about control. They’re bringing out the big guns now and the little mangirl tits. They’ve had these cultural sleeper cells placed for years poised for this. It’s called a pincer maneuver.

“recently appointed as SDG advocates

“working to advance UN 2030”

it’s all the same club, and you ain’t in it!

remember this for the trials

Sunak, somebody who should have no power in the country of England, yet somehow married a billionaire’s daughter, is going to be trusted to fuck the entire country into extreme Third World poverty. Net zero = impossible, while maintaining civilization.

Note: it isn’t UBI if not everyone gets it. It’s bailed out the middle-class so far to stop them from resisting. The inflation has hit the poor. This is class warfare. They want you divided.

“an independent task force to determine what’s required

yes like a Marxist Gestapo saying you cannot do business because Global Warming

down with Western Civ, the plot advances

“Former Bank of England boss”

it’s a private company stealing from every worker in the country

nobody is demanding this


I’m so pleased these billionaires have our backs.

The Asian guy telling you not to invest in oil? Is totally investing in oil.

Green energy is mathematically impossible with basic calculus.

It’s too inefficient. They know this. Encourage every Guardian reader to go 100% into Green. It’ll be funny. Their green future is guaranteed, right?

The Asian tranny band is on the same team as this fucking faggot:

I am speechless anyone is buying any of this.

Gates, translated:

by reduce costs, he means banning things and placing limits on pricing shit that actually works (coal, oil, gas)

the cost of transition must be long enough, so that they can scramble to kill off the stragglers avoiding the coof experiment

“connect Gov resources with business expertise” fascism, that’s fascism aka corporatism

but Marxist Govs fund companies too

grants and equity to starve out competition by Marxistly supporting green shit that nobody wants to buy

guarantee customers, by making it illegal to buy from companies that have energy efficient products

the poor won’t be able to escape off-grid (poor areas are independent unlike green cities)

there are too many people in Developing Countries and it’s a problem, apparently

people choosing to live in a place are too stupid to do anything differently in their farming practices (like stop raising animals for meat, no conflict of interest there)

we will lose the global fight to continue poverty if we let these people succeed outside of our Global Society

we must force farmers to comply so everything is GMO shit

we’re giving special GMO seeds to enslave those farmers while pretending to help them (Project Magic Beans)

then when famine happens, we can shrug dramatically

and they’ll finally need us and drop their pesky traditions

we are the problem and sell the solution

this revolution is a changing of the guard

the path to progress is slowly killing off the useless idiots before enough notice

With me so far? Tell the hippies no more Starbucks. Coffee is bad for your carbon limit on your social credit. Who needs alcohol, Karen, we need green spaces instead of growing grain for your booze? Grain is also mostly Russian/EE, so no.


What a pathetic clown show.

“The whole world can afford it” then coughs…and coughs and …okay Billy Boy

Just a chance to implement a social credit system, a cashless society, a one world government, the end of all privately owned property, mandatory multiple 💉, universal basic income, the end of private transport, owning cars, the end of private farms and grazing livestock, the end of single family homes.

Yes they’re tricking regular people out of homes for immigrants by making up BS about electrics (to keep them out on ‘safety’ charges made up then keep them out), fake ‘surveys’ and spy using shit like boilers (for no reason) suddenly needing replacing (no, no they don’t). Ask how we know, little birdies told me. The government is against the people and always has been.

They want to make their enemies and their families homeless. For camps.


What’s all this about then? I have a feeling something crazy is gonna go down?

Doom-mongering? Where? That’s a crazy conspiracy theory.

“end human life as we know it” and that’s the OPENING

this is a very woke, very shit James Bond plot


I can’t imagine why Boris might be afraid of Judgement Day

It’s all about getting rid of cash, introducing an all encompassing digital currency, and pre-tax.


No they wanna tell you WHAT to buy. Your social credit score determines your access to bacon.


I’ll keep that in mind the next time I walk down my local seafront which was predicted 30 years ago would be below sealevel by now.

“locusts swarm” it’s going to be Biblical

Biblical Bullshit.

Wait, 4 degrees and no more Shanghai? Promise?

“lost beneath the waves” Miami is fucking Atlantis?

“we can get real on coal, cars, cash and trees”

slips it in, doesn’t he?

It’s literally a Doomsday Cult. When Beckies and Karens try to shame me about da planet I just laugh in their face. Stop going on holiday then, you bloody tarts. Finger-wagging eco Nazis must be mocked. Where’s the End is Nigh sandwich board?

No mention of Thorium, so it’s bullshit. They know turbines kill birds and other ‘green’ sources too DO NOT WORK.

Thorium does. Nobody mentions it. They don’t want it to work. They want the People desperate and hungry. Do you think smart people like me (or actually me) haven’t told him this? They want it to fail. To soften people’s resolve to resist them. Willing to sign up for anything out of envy and greed. Picture Great Depression x10.

He just admitted he wants to dial back the Industrial Revolution. The thing that made us First World. LISTEN.

“they will judge us”

sounds God-fearing, scared, Boris?

it isn’t like this man is known for (allegedly) raping his secretaries and other staff and forcing them to get abortions
hence his comments about ‘not knowing’ how many kids he has, because that’s possible if you’re normal

no, he cares about the “children” – like Epstein?

“a lifeboat for humanity”

we don’t fear our Maker, you fear God



Lets have a referendum on it and see how detached the world leaders are from their people

*My only Boomer quality is judging everybody by their musical taste. Long-time readers knew this about me.




in this house lady

if you do NOT rock, you are disowned from this family

[for real, if I listened to weeb bands, I would literally be disowned and rightly so

tfw my parent is more redpill than I am – I got called a cuck last week, it was great]

Purchasing power in loaves of bread

Never let this tweet die. Don’t do drugs, kids.

All shades of Marxism act like humans have the same IQ, and it’s well above average.

I call it the Libertarian fallacy, that the whole world thinks like a WEIRD,, white suburban 135IQ autist child of divorce.

The socialism that the Boomers ushered in hard really neglects this point.
Nominal means nothing.

Cultural Marxists only need to use many forms of dysgenic influence (pollution, teratogens like aluminium, endocrine disruptors, GMOs etc) to lower the national IQ to the point where most people go along with Marxism. Cloward-Piven is the trigger. They’ve bumped it ahead because of the ‘awakening’ online. They’ve intentionally retarded white people to go along with their ideology (why they hate us, we needed them to*) hence ‘useful idiot’. It’s the MO.

People like vegans aren’t stupid, they’re spiteful mutants. They hate white people so much they choose to fuck up their hormones and never breed – and encourage teens to do the same!

*Note the BLM portrayal of genetic individualism as EVIL?

A world run by China would NOT be kind (white level kind).

Individualism = high IQ group, critical thinking.


^ But the banks are the biggest Marxists.

If it’s the best system it shouldn’t be compulsory.

The ‘globalization’ scam:

Weaken nations by enslaving them one after another then repeat as they start to recover, like parasite tourism but parasite production.

Hence, globalism is evil.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

p.s. most slaves are statistically now Asian, so so much for me hating them, eh?

I only hate Commies.

Hi CCP spies.

I could have a lot of fun with this template.

Starve yourself for the Global Warming Gods

Rationing …without war?

Overt depopulation huh, quietly accept a lower standard of living every year.

Don’t buy good food, don’t buy new clothes, just keep acting like a medieval peasant.

Trust the Government, keep calm and starve.

All the people skipping meals so their kids can eat are fine, at least they’re not wearing Primark. Oh no, we won’t lynch the business owners, socialists are classists so we’ll shame the impoverished customers who, thanks to the welfare cliff, aren’t allowed to have over £600 in savings before having their payments cut! Socialism cares about the worker, the little guy! Until he gets uppity, of course..

Gaslighting you against your own existence, you air-privileged shitlord. Pay extra taxes!

For a thing we can’t prove!

There’s clearly some sort of war being waged. An anti-human one.

h/t Ice Age Farmer

If only we could reduce our consumption peacefully… by deporting people.

b, c, d just by their huge family presence and outsized consumption of public resources

Population goes up, standard of living goes down. That’s why K-types have fewer, more robust children. Immigration is treason, a betrayal of the native people.

Deport for the planet.

If we’re entitled to live anywhere we like, I choose Buckingham Palace. So does Meghan.

Marxism is a cult of mass murder. That’s why they don’t teach Holodomor in schools. You’d spot the signs.

Link: Apocalypse Soon

The interesting aspect is the sheer urgency. There is a very obvious attempt to create a worldwide sense of emergency, of imminent cataclysm, of terrible things that are Just About To Happen… unless, we hand over complete power to the Establishment (preferably the-day-after-tomorrow, or quicker).

And this handover – this Power Grab by the Global Establishment – is being aimed-at Very Soon; on a timescale of months, not years.

That is the message of the Climate Emergency/ Extinction Rebellion Establishment-created movement….

Better hand over everything to the Satanists!

Let’s have one world currency too, who needs freedom?

Global debt goes ever higher

Global debt reaches record-high $188T – IMF


“about 230 percent of the world’s economic output”

The wages of dysgenics and usury. If only someone had warned you. But the socialists promised.

It’s impossible to pay off or work your way out. By design, they expect a lot of people to die and free up their real assets to the banks to pay off their “debts”. By phrasing it all as debt white people feel duty bound.

It’s like when the Coyote ran off the cliff but before he looked down.

The banks propping up real estate

They’d rather leave them empty than rent lower to common (non-white collar) workers.

Socialism caused a lot of that. Especially Silicon Valley funny money inflating local demand.

Meanwhile, new-build units are sold at silly tulip bulb prices to the Chinese, as deposit boxes with a door. The banks are playing the foreclosure scam with desperate foreigners, who aren’t protected by US law as non-citizens.

Globalism caused that. Thanks, libertarian “globalization”*! Treason always comes with a free side of money laundering.

[The banks need to borrow against ‘real’ assets, the ‘real’ in ‘real’ estate.]

*It isn’t free trade at all when one country is cheating with labour slavery. This is de-nationalization, a nation slowly dies. Like Jenga, China is removing your lowest blocks first. Who do you need in a war, manual labour or pen-pushers?

The police, like teachers, believe in the magical pensions. It’s supposed to be earned on the basis of the people they oppress, their sweat, not their blood. You couldn’t treat the enemy like this in a war. The banks should be up on genocide charges and international warfare via the monetary corruption.

The rationale of globalization

“The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor” – Voltaire

Profits at the expense of the people.
Without classism, holding the poor down and importing them if need be, there can be no multiculturalism. It’s a gridlock of classes using race to distract us. Imagine England were all white again, purely English, the class oppressions would be obvious. Standard of living would rise because supply would go down, can’t have that. They might reduce their hours and have more kids!
Individual employers put a tiny advance in profit over the health of the nation, its crime rate, its collective IQ, the works. This is unheard of. Yet, who shames them?
I remember reading that only a century ago the Irish rioted because the employers wanted to bring in a horde of Chinese.
It’s clearly treason. Whether the local left do it or the Jews to us, it’s destructive whoever is doing it, they wish to destroy us. Regulations existed for this reason.
By allowing it to become culturally and legally acceptable, they ruin the people while also living here and leeching off the culture as it dies (schools, housing, w/e), because they’re slowly, slowly choking it.

The Left keep stealing class issues so the poor people never figure out who’s doing this to them.

Traps like the benefits cliff are NOT normal.

Capitalism is not exploiting the workers in Third World countries, it’s working with your own people.

If you can’t be successful in one country, your dudebro bravado bizness acumen is fake news.

They care more about that cop killed by immigrants (no suspect names, description, photo) this week than hundreds of thousands of girls and women raped and sometimes murdered – to this day.

But the cop shows all have one aim – believe your oppressor arresting you for opinions and facts is innocent, politically neutral, a good guy, a clever guy in the system like all the crime shows have 145 IQ detectives.

Kiss the boots, lick them, taste them. The compression on your neck is for your own good.

The Party member champagne socialists are doing this to you. The anti-nationalists, that’s why they hate nationalism. Race, religion, IQ issues, all red herrings they deliberately introduced. People notice the leeches, who need them.

Oh, look, actual capitalism. Not “Fuck my fellow whites, I got mine”.

That isn’t capitalism, you’re a crony for foreign countries.

LEARN the difference.

The slave-driver threatening you with starvation is now called employer, that’s so much better. They also dropped noblesse oblige, how convenient! Companies don’t need to train you up, because The World.

The World is always their excuse. The more indebted you are to The World (inc. state schooling, you’re not allowed options) and because “it’s just the way it is”, the more you depend on them for life. They know this. They planned this.

Crony capitalism is anti-white because it’s NWO. Super-corp!

Renting is not owning, you don’t own Kindle books, it’s chain after chain on your living.

Tiny houses – below the legal international levels required for sanity and happiness. Prisons you pay for. And you’re proud of this? Buy a caravan FFS. Car + bed = win on two huge life expenses.

You become slowly more dependent on (((them))) until they introduce literal feeding tubes for your lazy arse.

Then they can charge whatever they want, where else will you go?

It’s like an abusive spouse, who else will have you? It isn’t capitalism, it’s toxic Communism, there’s only one loaf of bread and one line. No choice, no options, no independence. Slavery in all but name.

Look: online shopping – Amazon, computer – Apple, phone – Samsung, all these monopolies. Where’s anti-trust?

Multiculturalism companies that rely on open borders are clearly NWO. Nobody’s saying it, because of controlled ops.

You can’t set up one yourself to compete, locked out by corporate espionage and red tape. State companies is Communism, crony capitalism doesn’t exist. All these monopolies and no options.

The snare gets tighter and tighter everyday.

Stocks go up because national debt goes up. Wake up, this is Communism.

How do you think they’ll pay for the latter? Why the push to get every Deidre and Nancy into the markets?

Why have the Tories been pushing the Austerity Myth? When spending has gone UP? Everything got worse under ‘austerity’ from these ‘conservatives’.

[covered here, search for it, austerity myth] e.g.

Blame Brexit for THAT.

At around 90%, every economy declines. That is a rule of history and economics. That is the tipping point. There will be no recovery.

Choose self-reliance, panic a socialist today.

The promises of socialism are communism in a silk glove. Yes, it’s soft – now.

Wait until it forms a fist.

How many of these trust fund babies scoffing at HuffPo would need to get a real job, if the proles they despise stopped working for daddy’s company and making those stocks productive?

It’s a worker’s market – it should be, based on native birth rate. Under capitalism. Wages should be up, standard of living should be high, property down. Ideal conditions for a baby boom. We are being suppressed, oppressed and misdirected.

They want us crawling over one another like worms, begging them to enslave us.

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