Self-improvement special snowflake dudebro cult

A life coach is a priest with none of the insight. Like Oprah, they tell men to be self-involved, self-indulgent Carrie from SATC types. I caught some clips of that show as a kid (where she was ranting about her shit problems and non-life) and I was confused, since here we associate friend group cults (“cliques”) and binge drinking, sleeping around pointlessly with the men, it’s considered a uniquely male weakness. Apparently America was pushing it as feminine, which never worked. Our lad culture goes back many ruined generations.

Anyway, onto the topic at hand. I don’t think men realise what losers some of them have willfully become. The concept of dishonour must come back, whether they’re perma-single or not. Soyboy and pajama boy is trying to paint exceptions for some ruined men based on tradlarp-type signalling…. no? This doesn’t work. Women perceive the sociology naturally. These ‘men’ don’t see how boring they are, like male versions of Cringe Carrie.

Just watch TOWIE to see how it’s all failed men, culturally. Masculinity = Degeneracy.


We might be individual, but we’re not special. We’re all human so nobody is special. Individuals are rare because most people have no personality, they’re bland conformists, copycats of the rare individuals. They waffle on and whine about their dull little lives and their mundane baseless “philosophies” as if they’re Kant himself. They have no wit, not even sufficient to see how absurd they are. They are lost boys, stuck in teenage 60s marketing notions of rebellion for the rest of their sad little lives. They drive anyone with half a brain away and all their friends have nothing to talk about to one another. All you hear is a mindless repetition of ‘current events’. Over the years, they grow apart or pick up other vices to have in common. They’re base minds. There’s nothing to make of them, there is no treasure and they keep seeking within but the narcissist is hollow. They’ll die, before they find it. A self is made through struggle and self-awareness, two things the child-mind flees.. Navel-gazing is not the same. They spend money on all the silly bro trends and complain they haven’t any. They’re self-indulgent parenting their inner child. They flee duty of all kinds, even a commitment to ‘beloved’ pets, whom they dump frequently on people or in a shelter (alone, scared) to go on debauched ‘holidays’. This is the peak, this is the best their lives will ever be and they sense it. They know their low ways will ruin them one day, soon and the concept of masculine responsibility they reject as oppression. They do not love, they cannot love. Pair bonding is sneered at, like the autist also. They are shells instead of men. Disloyal dilettantes to any proclaimed cause, complete with bitchy, pointless in-fighting. Do not think you can help the husk, they decorate their bodies like a preening rat in a lab. Otherwise, who would listen?
There’s nothing there, there’s no one in there.
They’re nothing. Walking, talking nothing.
If you see it, they’ll hate you. Secretly, they hate everyone, especially if they’re happy.

They’re solipsists in practice, utterly dead inside.

It’s a generation of lost boys. However, they deserve it. They’re actually hedonists.

They’re slowly all realising they’ll never all be Tony Stark/ Bruce Wayne/ a rapper, whatever. They have a feeble, regressed sense of potential. They think they’re still fifteen. They actually think, as adults, that “one day” they’ll ‘grow up’ and become a superhero. It’s magical thinking, delusions of grandeur. They’re actually crazy.

Millennials are less wealthy than most previous generations were at the same age, the report finds, which doesn’t bode well for their chances of becoming millionaires, especially since many of them are also skittish about investing.

They’re going on their retirement holidays NOW.

This is it, peak degenerate.

Binge-drinking, yoga, “not like the other guys”.

Still, lots of young people remain confident, the TD Ameritrade survey found. Over 70% of millennial men say they will be millionaires at some point, while 38% of millennial women report being similarly optimistic.

They’re delaying their life – marriage, kids, anything, and they’ll just – delay, forever.

The One-day generation. They’ll die having never lived.

Over 70% of those men.

And a survey released earlier this year from TD Ameritrade that found that more than half of millennials expect to be millionaires in their lifetimes, with more than four in 10 saying it’ll happen by 50.

NAMALT duh, we know. If you aren’t triggered like a dudebro, I know. Again, self-awareness.

But she explains that millennials in particular “have incredibly powerful new belief systems about not capping how much money can be earned” as “there are so many careers that were nonexistent even 10 years ago” — which may help explain why they think seven figures is possible.

Still, if women had delusions of Fairy Godmother, you would’ve definitely heard about it by now.

Income relies on IQ and most low IQ people are men. They are in for a shock.

Anyone who claims to care about ‘the future of men’ would address this. It’s pleasure island except they’ll just turn into asses. That’s the end.

They don’t love.

They are the very gold diggers they complain about. Classic narc projection.

 Two in 10 single adults can be classified as “gold diggers” saying that they would marry somebody for their money, according to DDB’s Life Style Study. And 54% of these gold diggers are men. And young. Whereas gold digger women are more likely to be part of the boomer generation (40% are female vs. 27% male), gold digger males are significantly more likely to be part of the Millennial generation (40% are male vs. 25% female).

Sperm is cheap, guys.

Men are just lazy. Thank God I’m not American. They’re not men, they’re males. Man up?

That phrase alone –

they are so weak, they refuse to call women, women. Broflakes. Useless broflakes.

Hell, just GROW up. Women aren’t going to rescue you, that has never happened in history. Men are not damsels. I dunno, get a sex change?

Study: Chinese women gold-diggers

No, that’s literally the study.

“Partner wealth predicts self-reported orgasm frequency in a sample of Chinese women”

Seems quite an Asian thing, probably an outcome of cultural and genetic collectivism.

They controlled for everything else.

Shocker: Rich women don’t want gold diggers either

Note the sad MGTOW comments justifying their failure with women as the fault OF women and extolling Thai brides.

They can’t read.

They surveyed rich women and tested for shallowness. The women weren’t shallow, they didn’t want a handsome man if he failed as a provider, as a man, knowing looks fade anyway.
Rich people are acutely aware of gold diggers, of course rich women were raised to avoid men with nothing to offer. (You didn’t earn your looks).

Salary is often a reliable proxy for intelligence. If you’re somewhat intelligent, you should be able to make more money than average. This isn’t hard to understand. Higher IQs contribute more to the economy. It’s a reliable indicator.

that's enough stop please karen will and grace

The only thing they proved is the importance of class. Idiotic Americans.
You don’t get to play out of your league as a man. How is that worth bragging about as a mark of superiority? Oh, these rich women would’ve rejected you for having nothing to offer while you coast on looks, aren’t they terrible? Women have a narrow window but not by much, one or two levels higher, tops.

Their Muh Hypergamy doesn’t apply when the woman is more valuable, does it, dipshits?
The manosphere hypergamy is not what the studies show, the true meaning of the term requires marriage, and the studies also show hypergamy doesn’t apply to the 21st century, numbers dropped like a rock. If hypergamy were this evil thing giving women all the power, you’d expect they’d know this. Are they happy? Never.

looking for a fuck to give loki thor 2

I’ve met happier feminists than these guys.
Now it’s just getting sad.

The Manosphere is not as Shallow as You Think, or Girls, Don’t Stress Out About Your Looks

Problem being, if you have the looks where you get approached with paid modelling offers (real photographers), you tend to get a bitch shield because the other men approaching are either 1. creeps who have no sense of boundary or rudeness who might actually be rapists or 2. PUAs pretending to have the same ignorance of boundaries to build kino (assault) and fake rapport (repulsive).

Both only want one thing and it has nothing to do with a sweet personality, that’s why all women above a certain level are said to be bitches by these men, they don’t understand it’s situation dependent. We can smell that desperation like a shark smells blood and being rude makes them go away and stop wasting our time as quickly as possible, and who cares what they think because they’re rude to begin with?
The looks/personality thing is a trite dichotomy designed to make ugly people feel better, model-level people are really sweet in my experience…. as long as you aren’t trying to use them. This is crucial. It’s like a rich man is attuned to gold diggers. It’s fair to protect and guard your best asset.

It’s a laughable Demonstration of Lower Value when various men complain about women being ‘cold’ or having a bitch shield. Usually this is because they stupidly decided to neg her and she matched his bitchy tone. It isn’t a ‘test’. She’s giving you shit because she wants you to leave her alone. You interrupted her finite time and you aren’t even being nice about it. That alone merits rudeness. They assume this rejection (that’s what it is) happens to all men in all situations (meanwhile the real Alphas are laughing at them) and it comes down to a huge Fundamental Attribution Error. 

I like to explain it to men thus: imagine if women were the approaching sex and crazy Lindy West-alikes kept stalking you, verbally antagonizing you to get a rise, and physically assaulting you under the pretense that you must be interested because you must be a slut (as a hot person)? You’d be rude too.

If you cheat on your wife you deserve to be divorce-raped

(As a cheating wife, her STDs and cuckoldry rightfully gets a woman divorced, men and their STDs, extramarital spending and bastard children likewise don’t deserve to be married).
It’s so important to religious covenant and Christian civilization it’s in the 10 commandments. I can’t believe some of you are blatantly lying about this demand, saying it’s expected for a man to ‘sow his oats’ – maybe in the immoral society you laugh at, even the immoral classes say it strictly applies before he settles down. Observe a settling object, it stops! Completely.

Don’t get married if you can’t be monogamous for the rest of your life, how difficult is this to understand? If you choose to take on the duties of a man, MAN UP. Don’t cower and make feeble excuses for your weakness and personal failings.

I’ve quoted the marriage vow before, marriage is a contractual obligation. If you don’t hold up your end of the bargain you deserve to be sued for it. Act like an adult if you are willing to sign a contract like one OR don’t get married. It’s a choice, freely taken. Honestly, it’s like the doublethink is ingrained among so-called redpills, don’t the words you repeat as an oath before your peers give you a hint about what’s expected of you? “…faithful husband” doesn’t ring any bells?

One of the few means one could obtain a divorce in the strict Olden Days was adultery, it deserves the death penalty in Christianity, it’s right up there with murder because it’s a betrayal of the family unit and spits on society. It means you are disloyal to your own house, useful as a coward in battle, how can you be expected to build, support and defend it?? A man fails to be a man when he cannot do those things. Extramarital expenditure, time and affection on the adultress and/or her mystery-meat bastards detract from what he could give to those who have committed themselves to him (the wife and the children), bound legally, financially and theoretically, after death.

In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife.source

The supposed red-pillers seem to miss out parts like that because they go against Bravado Narrative.

Bear in mind, back then marriage was still a choice. If you aren’t completely serious, don’t do it. If you marry for ego, it won’t work out. You marry to take care of the other person. If you can’t be selfless, if you can’t sacrifice because some insecure manwhore called it ‘beta’, simply abstain from something for once in your life.

“But those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this.

The reason for the feigned ignorance of marital responsibility is the classic Feminist Dilemma. They want to Have it All but it involves lying to those who love them most in the world, because if you take-take-take and don’t give your due, people have a bizarre habit of abandonment. In the age of technology, cheating will be found out eventually.

Chisora spitting fighter contempt

To those men who go into a marriage actively planning to cheat: You’re no better than the filthiest, fugliest feminists. If you want to indulge your basest urges fine, if you’re single, the rest of us can ignore you, maybe laugh at your antics. However, it isn’t an accident to create damage to a community of people, as cheating does, for a squirt of endorphin; it isn’t an accident of your own volition (I was drunk and other non-excuses) or ‘evolution lol’ and you can help it, even chimps have self-control. Don’t bring innocents into it, people would be correct to hate you for it, nothing to do with your sex or bad culture. If you screw someone over, especially in a contract, expect them to take very deserved revenge. An eye for an eye. Karma is real in the sense that social relations even out over time. In a marriage, all you’ve got is time. Spare the woman the humiliation of being married to you if you truly love her or I hope she takes you to the cleaners when she finds out.

Sudden influx of gold-digging whores back for a second go

Law firms report an increase in inquiries from people who divorced many years ago but who now hope they have further financial claims on their former spouse…

oh come on my god why NO kill me now

Simple: Don’t marry a feminist.

It will soon reach the point where any woman showing the merest hint of Leftist indoctrination will be black-balled for marriage by any sane man, including liberal men.

“renegotiate” – what?

…There are moves to protect ex-spouses from potentially unfair claims or “variations”. Baroness Deech, a renowned divorce law lobbyist, is raising a private member’s Bill on “spousal maintenance”, for instance. It seeks to limit payments to five years unless there are exceptional circumstances. …

you're awesome yes thank you finally dean supernatural

Blue Pill Media: Girls & Boys by Good Charlotte

I’ve been reviewing old material I grew up with in light of the realities of the world and it’s surprising to see how obviously some people flirt with the truth and never quite get there. This is called Purple Pill. I may do little pieces like this from time to time and point out things that stick out.

These guys had fame game, they knew firsthand how shallow women can be but how many of these dumb women sang along to songs like this without any idea they’re being insulted? Like all the absolute munters singing along to Sexy And I Know It? Now if we could recruit middling influencers like this, red pill could take off in a huge way in a short space of time. It may not be perfect, but a wry take inoculates the movement against backlash.

In short, you can’t parody a parody. You can’t satirize a satire. It’s a wonderful technique to expose propaganda.
Just an idea.