Bilk conjunct MC

“Her Bilk conjunct her MC. She will try to take advantage of her husband’s power.” – here

Could also mean they’ll both try to profiteer from the marriage (MC traditionally means marriage, as the public image).

online: “Bilk is not, usually, a “bad” crime, such as murder, but a monetary taking advantage of the planet person”


WTF Branding

“She said regardless of the name, Harry and Archie have royal blood and no one can take that away. And that as a family, they will always be considered royalty.”


Royal blood becomes NULL beyond the relevant kingdom, they’re called that as a courtesy, not a right.
Stupid cow.

Learn how monarchies work! You’re in one!

Begging For A Big Briefcase Of Cash

She Floated Her Buyout Number


Dial F for fired

A for Attention-Seeker.

B for Banished.

C for Coal-Burner.

D for degenerate.


This was deliberately orchestrated by the dunce to take down the Firm and now we see the immune defence.
They actually got fired, everyone knows. Everyone hates them, the mask has dropped. Even the National Theatre luvvies hate her guts.

Do you realise what a black socialist divorcee has to do, to make mostly gay luvvies hate them?

No pity for him, please. They’re both classic narcissists. Plus he gay.

He chose her to do this, he chased her down to take down the family he doesn’t belong to by blood. In revenge for his mother.
Anyway, he chose to mix, like the mother. Burn the coal, pay the toll.

I am so glad they got married, the fireworks are priceless.

Cry harder, cunts. A monarchy wanting to be PC, they’re signing their own death warrant. They’ve already stopped attacks on George.

Prince Wills’ mixed race ancestry

Don’t hold out hope that the ugly sprog of an Indian housekeeper (likely illegitimate) will actually HOLD the throne.

I suspect he’ll be the last King (taken over by Muslims in a coup or simply demoted) if Mad Charlie doesn’t ruin it.

At least now we know why Charlie’s got mental and sexual dysfunction… and Wills was a slag too.

Have you seen Indian population numbers? Solid r.

Plus Will’s more German than Anglo. Touched that Middle Eastern wall despite a duty to Christians. No birthright to rule a genetic out-group. If we’d lost WW2 they officially planned to abandon us for Canada. The right of Kings is only divine through a blood connection to their people.

If rumours of Charlie adding a line to his coronation for Muslims are true, expect them to be Romanov’d by the people in short order.

Kate supposedly has Jewish ancestry to the Goldsmiths if you…. dig. Via the mother. That won’t be popular during a global banking crisis, WILL IT?

Could the Markle nutters at least be accurate?

Like, don’t feel fond nor sorry for ANY of them, they hate you.

We’ve been cucked by inbred foreigners for a long time before Sparkles.

I have waited to point this out until now.

Don’t threaten us with a good time

The quotes are off but the gist is correct.

I have loved every second of this shitshow.

Pay the toll ya wee gingey prick. The HRH thing of the mongrel came up and maj wasn’t having it.

He has no leverage and she’s too old for that shit.

He hasn’t been the spare in yonks, nobody cares at this point.

They won’t be publicly chastised this close to the publication. Bad PR.

This is what happens when you enable your sons to be spoiled little brats. They fuck up their own families.

They are up shit creek fighting over the paddle. Charles is even dropping the nice act, Wills long since given up. Kate and her lot love it because anything to distract from Willy’s wandering willy.

If those two are smart they’ll move to Africa, not America.

….I hope they’re not smart.

For the MEME.

Maybe the CA wildfires are all the STDs

One Of Three

First off, ew.

Second, why does the fake nice one keep leaking her gossip like anyone cares about her?

You won’t get a film career using your pussy that way.

Like, STFU and be trash in private. Also, stay in America. Nobody wants you back.

This shit right here is exactly why. Nobody actually likes you, they pretend when your legs are open. Your pussy isn’t gold-plated, hunty. It’s just available at all hours. The welcome mat never rolls up.

Sluts are one thing, especially actresses, in California (fine, I’ll ignore it) but when they play the public innocent act while leaking their own scumbag stories, it’s just too much.

Have a kid and be relevant to someone or be an aging homewrecking hag somewhere we can’t see you, ya know?

Pick one: pussy and career or baby. Dressing up your dogs after yoga class isn’t the same. It’s weird. You’re not a momma. Stop saying that.

I normally don’t bitch this much about people I’ve only tangentially known through people they inflicted themselves on like a gold-digging leech but holy shit she’s been doing this for like a decade, I’m sick of hearing the same schoolgirl bullshit.

will they/won’t they

kiss and tell

baby/no baby

Nobody cares.

Move on.

You’re an orgy whore with no career. Nobody cares.

Especially in Cali-fucking-fornia.

Remember, a loud whore is a dead whore.

Jew card won’t save you, either.