Rich girl buys book deal

Rich girl buys book deal in a bid to become a celebrity.

It’s like the Paris Hilton of sewing. She just won’t leave, she’s like herpes. Every time you think she’s gone, she comes back. Bizarre English word choice and phony accent intact. Nobody speaks like that here.

It’s interesting that a woman who can’t pull more than mediocre views has over a million subscribers, supposedly. Armed with rich parents and an undying desire for fame, it’s no surprise to find out that bots leaving fawning comments or empty views don’t translate to actual book sales. It’s like Clinton’s autobiography, despite her Cabalite supposed success, how many people do you know who’ve actually read it? Well, Erica “Bernadette” Banner has supposedly written a book on a subject that has existed for millennia. As if she could ever be original enough to contribute anything. The woman who can only copy and snipe at what the Victorians did, when she’s a barren Wiccan appeasing the Trigglypuff demographic, so fat they need to make their own clothes. She ripped off the Blitz term made do and mend, she can’t even be original in the title. She didn’t even write the title! Her parents have obviously bought a ton of copies to fabricate popularity, I wonder if she even knows about it. The indulgent parents of useless art kids often donate them to schools and libraries as a charity tax writeoff. It’s easier to do this with soft books than hard ones. Surprise surprise, it’s a softie. These were the same parents bragging about closet space in the Jew York Times.
Poor little rich girl, how hard things must be for her, trying to buy a personality and some stardom in the form of internet popularity. Sad!

I wonder if she hired a ghostwriter or just ripped off the thousands of older, better books on the subject. She admits to having read them. Twenty-somethings are never an authority on any subject, especially with the temerity to write a whole fucking book. Who do you think you are? Hilariously, she posted a vlog on supposedly writing the book, but literally most of it wasn’t about writing at all. It’s thottery, as we say. Audiovisual masturbation. She’s sitting around with Botox face (faces don’t magically get smoother with age, don’t lie) and her puffy fat face on an oddly scrawny neck was smugly self-congratulating herself throughout the entire masturbatory video. You can smell her fishy ego through the screen. She might’ve had her nose thinned down too, compared to before, or she contours. These internet thots actually think they’re important and sorry but no real author (I might have experience, ghostwriting mostly) actually writes an entire book with a fountain pen. Pull the fucking other one. Even notes. On a time crunch too? Barefaced lie. Your hand cramp would kill you, you couldn’t sew after that, let alone for hours by hand! In England, we all learn to use those things growing up and most people hate them, I remember getting fountain pen ink all down my shirts, it’s so Harry Potter sad adult to think it’s “sophisticated” that I can see why tiktok Zoomers despise it. Acting like using a pen is special is tragic. Grow the fuck up. Standard iPhone user. No original bones in her starved body. Looks like a meth addict without the photoshop.

You’d think if she actually, originally wrote the book that she’d spend most of the video actually talking about that?
10 minutes to 12. She spends longer (four minutes) calling it an OPUS at the end. Pass the sick bucket. You fishy fucking thot, that’s not what opus means. Other people call your work an opus after you’re dead, when it originally contributes to a subject, stop pulling words out of the dictionary you’re too illiterate to understand. She’s never done a single original thing in her entire life and will die wearing clothes designed by better people that she ripped off for a video about a netflix special, probably. Maybe she’ll follow up her pissing video with one about shit? Classy. Maybe another Met Gala video because anyone under the age of fifty really watches award shows and galas anymore. This, from the woman bragging she “never” watches TV. Obvious lie, ain’t it? Watching TV through a laptop screen is still watching TV, you absolute bimbo. Oh, or maybe a low-effort tier ranking video to collect shekels from a Boomer corp too dumb to realise she’s buying her metrics, which is fraudulently used as the basis for her income. After almost 24 hours, when a video gains most of its views, this supposedly popular blogger has 622 comments. I don’t buy it. I see right through this shit.
Only about two minutes of the 37 minute video are of her ACTUALLY supposedly writing. What a liar. And she thinks writing in the park makes her not like other girls, oh how fucking special and interesting and quirky you must be. This shit is why influencers are hated in my country, she spends more time figuring out how to photograph her anorexic ass in the cover to look less like a haggard corpse than she does actually writing in that video called “The entire process of writing my book”. It’s almost like she’s trying to convince herself she actually wrote it and that it was something original. Kek! There are co-authors but does Mz Narcissist mention that in the title? Fuck no. Typical feminist, stamping down on the diversity they exploit. Standard Jewry procedure too, there is a reason most feminists are Jewesses. They’ll claim to be white or Jew when it’s convenient. Nobody is ever allowed to get bigger than her though, haven’t you noticed? She’s always centre stage. She also photoshopped her nose so hard in that cover she looks like Mister Burns from the Simpsons when they think he’s an alien. You can’t actually see the side of her face, they have overblown the lights so much. It doesn’t even look like her, but a much better looking cousin. That’s embarrassing. She’s basically admitting she’s fug. There are good-looking Jews, she’s a 2.

Despite having extremely rich parents who own whole blocks of apartments in New York, she has the fucking nerve to include a donate button. What the fuck? People are going to food banks, Erica, now is not the time?! Despite the bot views on this, it must have still been suppressed by the dislikes so seeing that ratio would be interesting. Rich Jews are so out of touch but desperate to be viewed as WASPs, just listen to that badly acted accent, so forced. She still uses it as an opportunity to attention whore for one of those thot companies bribing all the influencers, when all skillshare videos are rip-offs of older ones found for free on youtube. Including hers. There’s nothing original there. There are old men who’ve been sewing longer than she’s been alive and they’ve posted free videos. Sometimes they rip off proper course websites (I won’t say which because that ho would find them) like technical videos, but skillshare is mostly brown people making ‘original content’ ripping off old white photographers. Again, people in their 20s lack the experience to know 50+ years’ worth of information, it’s literally impossible they’d be at the top of their game just beginning the job. You can’t self-teach half a century of work, they’re ripping it off.

The bot comments likely paid for by a member of her family are just too much. “It’s surely to become a classic.”
Why is that a top comment, the first one I can see, with only 144 bot likes? Dead Internet Theory strikes again. I’ve seen crypto bot comments with more likes on it.

A comment written by Eurydice says “I cannot wait to read this wonder !!!”
Completely authentic, y u ask? 56 likes.

Women really do love to lie about how shit the person looks. She’s aging terribly due to the diet and a high comment reads “Bernadette, looking more like an ethereal goddess than ever” Real people don’t type like that, even real stans. 104 likes. Apparently she has over a million totally real fans?

She’s aged five years for every one she’s been online. Go back and look. Vegans. Vegans are a cult.
She also used to be a Patron for Claire Nakti, probably because I linked her videos, so I know you’re reading me bitch and I saw the name on her patreon list, Erica. At 1:12:35 so she looks that bad while doing Hindu beauty chants. Cope harder with aging, Bernadette.

ANOTHER: “I was so confused for a moment when it showed may 28th and then I remember this is from last year I love all the work you do and I’m glad to say you are a big inspiration and role model for me so thank you so much”
Again, totally real comments. Because normal people never get a single neutral or negative comment, right? How realistic.
Again, another: “I had no idea the timescales on writing a nonfiction book were so tight – what a heroic effort! You should be really proud of yourself, this is an incredible achievement!” Totally genuine comments, guys.
“I pre-ordered and received your book hand delivered to me on Thursday morning in Canada 😀 I’m so happy that you SOLD OUT even just at the pre-order stage! You deserve it!!” Sure you did. 10 likes. But quite high up. It’s easy to buy popularity when you’re buying hype. These people are so fake, that’s why some better costumers hands DOWN have a fraction of her views and subscribers. There simply isn’t enough interest in the topic and her views are fake. Otherwise, better people in the same hobby would get more clicks. Some of those people have actual qualifications too, including decades of work. Some great channels have 30k subs and about 2k views per video, if they’re lucky. She is clearly buying them or her relative is to skirt the Youtube rules.

If you really wrote the book yourself, wouldn’t you buy real software?
“As a writer myself I immediately recognized Scrivener. I can imagine how useful it is for a project like this” 3 likes. She Jewed out by buying free software! Assuming she didn’t just use the free trial to pretend she was writing it, which makes sense. Copy and pasting older books would take less than a month.

Bots sound alike, do you really believe all these comments are real people?
“I cannot wait to get my copy of this fabulous book!!
“So so excited for my copy to arrive!”
“Ooh, deffo looking forward to getting my copy
“Bernadette, I’m so happy for the beginning success of this book that I’m in tears! I can’t wait to get my preordered copy! Congratulations! Hugs!”
“Well done Bernadette! Another wonderful accomplishment. It has been a great journey you have shared with us. Thankyou.”
“What an incredible journey writing a book like this” Journey, again.
Some of them are obviously authored by her, it’s the arrogant smells her own farts tone.
You’re an inspirational and very interesting young lady.” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
A real comment by a real person. We are clearly very jealous of the failed actress.
“Congratulations Madame Authoress. You have given the world something that will live on.”

Robots will do all the sewing in the future just like bots are writing these comments, nobody will attend her funeral. She’s a non-entity. She couldn’t even be an ABC actress on sitcoms. I know real actors, showed them her imdb (trust me, you’ve heard of them) and they laughed. “She’s trying to be something but there’s nothing there”, an Oscar winner/nominee said, to use Enty’s description of him. I interviewed him here once but I won’t link the post because nobody cared without naming him. He was in a box office topper at the end of last year as a leading man, I suggested he take that script because he doesn’t understand meme culture and famously hates the internet. This guy’s been on Broadway, possibly, as a lead… a few times, he finds her ‘tragic’ but apparently Broadway is full of them, failed actresses starting on Hollywood costume budgets then hoping to get cast… it actually puts them off. They’re called “ungrateful cunts”. “Don’t like it, don’t watch it?” “Are they really this desperate for material?” and my personal favourite: “If you want total accuracy, buy a fucking time machine you pretentious twat”. Hopefully you can’t tell by the tone who it is, he has a distinct humour. I don’t want to make it too obvious. Disclaimers don’t help, you’re still slagging them off for entire videos ranting on with nothing original of your own in comparison. “The worst TV show is better than the best Youtubers.” These people are so fake. It’s so cringeworthy I can’t. It’ll live on in bargain bins and recycling bins. They think dressing like that makes them interesting when it’s anally retentive snobbery. “Why is she dressed like a carriage driver?” (specifically he meant the one in From Hell) Wearing black won’t make people take you seriously. We just see goth. You’re still half-dead with the starvation diet and should get the turkey neck sorted out. Acting requires good looks. He knows London theatre people, this bloke and said “if she thinks moving to London will get her hired, she’s got another thing coming”. Apparently they blacklist ingrate Youtubers who act like their hobby means it’s easy to run a show, as if they’re experts. If you can’t make it in New York, the same people talk in London. They’re also slowly becoming less woke because of lost earnings around the pandemic era.

More bot comments:

“Immediately had to order the book! I’m so excited, I can’t wait for it to arrive”
“I’m so excited about this book! When it was announced I was so happy I almost couldn’t believe you were actually making it haha, like a little dream come true 🙂
“I preordered back in January and I’m so excited to finally have it in my hands. Soon…. Congratulations!!🥰”

It sounds all the same, right?

CONGRATULATIONS!!!…and thank you for sharing the process you went through…I look forward to getting a copy soon!!!

All the same words.

“Thank you for this on so any levels. The sewing stuff of course but also the whole process of creating your book. Wonderful

Wonderful again, bots repeat the same words.

“Thank you for your work and wonderful videos, I cannot wait to get my copy of your book!!”
“Definitely purchasing this book as soon as it’s available. I’m so excited!!!

But some people already got it? What?
“I am very excited that I’ll be getting my copy soon, pre-ordered the same day you announced it!”

They read like the same person wrote them. They all have her delusional quality.

“I find you to be so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Congratulations on your book! Cant wait to dig into it and glean an infinite bounty of sewing wisdom. Love you ♡” only 2 likes
Can’t wait to hold the book in my hands! I’m so looking forward to reading it and absorbing the wealth of knowledge.” 1 like.

It sounds like one very delusional person wrote this.

“Just imagine… for centuries to come, students and professionals alike will be citing this book in their research. That’s the closest thing to immortality that any of us can hope for.”
No, they won’t. She has never been original in her entire life, Jews are incapable of it. They rip off what old dead white people did then make snarky comments wondering why everyone hates them and even African countries deport them.

Accomplishment shows up a lot in these bot comments.
“Oh man, imposter syndrome is real! We talk about it quite a bit in medicine. I’m not surprised in the slightest that it transcends fields of study and found it’s way to you. From the decidedly non-expert, you deserve every bit of this. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment and thanks for taking us along!”
There’s nothing new, here. She’s ripped off Victorian techniques, that’s her whole gig. Hollywood is full of costumers who actually create things, new things. When she was in the room with the Pedo-Disney stan womanchild Rachel Maksy, you could see the other women around Banner were visibly uncomfortable being around her (Erica’s) smug shit don’t stink attitude the whole time. I don’t blame them.
You’re just a failed actress (has imdb and managers) and a Youtuber. That’s all she’ll ever be, Stop trying to make a Hollywood career happen, they hate people slagging off their hard work on costumes when you’re sitting there with meme mugs daring to condemn others for accuracy. It’s not cute, you’re basic.
“The amount of knowledge you have and the eagerness to share it is magnificent, phenomenal, and brilliant. And greatly appreciated!!!” Totally real fans, guys.
“I am so excited for my copy, and watching this process was inspiring!
Congratulations! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!” She’s trying so hard to seem interesting.
Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment!
Congratulations Bernadette! I preordered and I’m very much looking forward to this publication! I found your channel at the start of the pandemic when I search hand stitching!”
“You are our expert. It is wonderful to be with you as you create such a valuable masterpiece. Much love and congratulations 💜”

Anyone who thinks these comments are real must be retarded. Youtubers are amateurs, experts are old people with decades of experience and above all, ORIGINAL CONTRIBUTION. Ripping off older techniques is something anyone can do. Small kids can sew, it isn’t special. It requires no more dexterity than wiping your arse. The average ten year old had more talent in the olden days.

So happy and excited for you! It’s already a best seller! Just pre-ordered!” So was Clinton and Michael Obama. All fake. Everyone knows bestseller lists are rigged, please.
“The “You don’t know as much as you think you do” thing is called Imposter Syndrome. It’s VERY common. You’re not alone in that.”
She doesn’t know anything, she just copies what 19th century sewing books and museum examples do. A hack, a hack is all she’ll die as.
“Huge congratulations! Such an accomplishment :)” Totally real comments, not at all bots!
Congratulations on your book! So happy for you)”
“What a big accomplishment! This is so cool!!” Definitely real.

Congratulations hon. You are sooooo humble. I’m really happy for you”
Congratulations on the publication of your book! I’m looking forward to receiving my copy!
Congratulations. I’m proud of you. Your amazing. I’ve been watching your channel for years.”
Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!”
Congratulations, Bernadette! I am so excited for you.”
“Ordered it! So excited for it to arrive and devour it!”
“Ordered the book from my local book seller, now I anxiously await it’s arrival.”
Congratulations on your book. I am very excited for my copy to arrive!”
All these people with foreign names across the world and they all sound like a haughty American bimbo in cheap boots with her big nose in the air. Must be a big cohencidence.

Is she just deleting neutral or negative comments or… does nobody really care about her? LOL
In her videos, she never seems to have friends. She tries to film with people though, she just seems to be using internet friends as real ones. People from work are not friends.

1.3 MILLION subscribers and we’re supposed to believe her own comment on the video only received 492 likes? 6.3k likes on the video? Posted a day ago and pushed because it’s been advertised in the Recommended page? I know tiny youtubers of a hundred thousand or so who receive better numbers than that. So fake and gay. Nothing Cabal is real.

You look me dead in the eye and tell me this hearted comment is real:
“I ordered your book through a small local bookshop and was thrilled to be able to pick it up three days ago. The book is lovely. I’m in the process of reading it cover to cover. The photography is just as beautiful as your videos. Even though I have many years of sewing experience, I’m still learning much from your book, so for others out there, this book is not strictly a “beginner” sewing book. Congratulations, Bernadette, on your new book. All of your hard work is very much appreciated.”
It may as well begin FELLOW HUMAN- and end SINCERELY, NOT-A-BOT.
With 310 likes, is that all? Against 1.3 million subs?
Everyone knows with the shipping problems in American ports that any bookshop, especially a small local place, will have a long time delay. Anyone with sewing experience wouldn’t learn much from a random e-thot in her 20s, allegedly. She looks older, mid-30s. That would explain her education timeline and failed Broadway career. Could be the vegan deterioration. But she looks about 36, look at the nasal droop, strong nasolabial wrinkles and bone loss in the jaw, that’s typically pushing 40 territory in women but could be shit genetics.

I await her next exploit to try and buy fame with delight.

Depp is a red herring from the truth

But these guys think they’re so smart eating the shit of a civil case that has never actually mattered.

The ego of two Hollywood tarts, who cares? The simping is off-putting. Literally a show trial. These people are literally actors. Amber gets mystery money and Elon changes sides like a bloody chameleon. It’s fake!

It’s a soap opera for bitter men. Tyler said you’d never be a movie star. Stop living vicariously in this e-series. They did them about Austen novels too, it was a trend years ago.

The manosphere is full of controlled ops helping the MSM, who are also in on it. This is why they never condemn immigration (helps companies), international ‘sex’ trafficking (Hollywood) nor race-mixing (the Beige People plan). They’re trying to redirect white male rage at the genocide with literal clown shows. They’re far left-wing from about ten years ago. Keeping just in the lines and noble loser cuckservatives going on about muh redpill when they’re solid blue, it’s just that blue has shifted over the years to absorb them. When the MSM is force-feeding you clips, you’re blue son. Youtube doesn’t ban it, so it’s censored or fake. They pushed these clips to 3 million views in days, all rigged! Look at the thumbnail.

Now, which is more important to our civilization?

But they encourage woman-bashing – only when it’s white, blonde, blue-eyed women. This is their Guy Fawkes. BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCH, Who cares? It’s a dyke.
Even Elon’s an actor, you fucking morons. Avowed socialist, being a billionaire? Please. Banning unions?
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be in favour of white survival, fill up your attention span. Meanwhile, true horrors get little attention, modern child sacrifice to the Satanic one, endorsed by the church. More than one white woman though so the manosphere’s attention span won’t last. They don’t even have lingerie photos. Autists are easily distracted. They’re feeding the gender war, non-Jewish white women don’t give a fuck. Even about nuns and little white missing kids being raped. I wish we did. Conservathots don’t dare discuss it, do they? Brittany won’t mention it, the Jewish one neither, nor token black girl sponsored by a corporation, the half-Asian with Botox face. All controlled. Nobody is that conveniently stupid. Instead mewling milquetoast good old days talk, forever. “Can you believe this?*” Duh.
NOISE. Simp-bait NOISE. Mark my words, pol.

The irony he’s in this meme.

I’ve broken more Hollywood gossip blinds than any manosphere manlet.

Not a whisper.

But the Depp bullshit always pops back up whenever there’s Epstein-related data expected.

And only then.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. As RDJ said.

And mostly bot views and comments. Wake up.

In England, coverage of Markle has the same role. Covering for Randy Andy. This was the Royal’s plan. How did I know they’d move to America? It was all planned.

Depp? Anti-Trump.
RDJ? Anti-Trump.
Jolie? Anti-Trump.
Heard? Anti-Trump.
Franco? Anti-Trump.

You’re watching a movie.

River (UK Youtuber re Royals)? Anti-Trump.
Markle? Anti-Trump.
The Queen? Anti-Trump.

A movie.

New evidence doesn’t magically pop up years later.

It’s filmed at a later date, as needed based on suspected drops. Why go dark other than to drag this show out? Look at his hairline slamming those cabinets*, his weight, the curious inability to focus on his face like it’s been blurred but the cabinets at the same depth are in focus. Look at the age of her face in that footage. It was filmed within the past year or so, it seems. They’ve been meeting up for dinners together. They’re not enemies, you’re chumps. Interesting star on that mug. What necklace is he wearing? Ankh?

*Appeal to incredulity should not be a whole entertainment medium. Hour long rants are dumb.

*Who wears a hat inside their own house? To better hide the 2022 hairline, my dear.


I also called the pandemic being basically over by this month. Again, crickets.

Another Disney fucker

oof have I got a story for you fuckers —



Fun fact: Celebs often ban me from direct linking their posts so…. there we are. Take especial note of the hashtag he picked out himself:


From behind?

I understood the reference. Nobody else seems to have.

Quote from:

The Czech government has implemented many measures to eradicate child sex tourism but cities like Prague remain a popular destination for Western Europeans. While the number of incidents of children sexually exploited in the context of street prostitution has declined, there are still children being exploited in the country’s underbelly of brothels, sex clubs and private commercial sex establishments.

The persistence of child sex tourism is driven in part, by a “legal grey area” regarding prostitution and low age of consent, which is just fifteen years of age.”

These people are sick!

It isn’t sex tourism it’s rape of a child.

I imagine there are blackmail videos, which explains his weak-ass BLM post that didn’t even include the hashtag.

Now where have I heard that number before?


This A+/A list mostly movie actor has been going to a “spa” every night while out of the country. He chooses from a lineup of women and sleeps with them. Usually he sleeps with more than one at a time. I will say the age of consent in the country is 15, and definitely have girls that age working there. 

October 2020

‘Member that date. Also, ‘has been going’, as in currently.

And they normally arrive a few weeks prior to filming, which explains related blinds from September. Especially if a quarantine is needed legally. It normally was from America to Europe, due to high American cases back then. So the person must be in the EU, not South America.

One person guessed Seb Stan but was shot down due to an omission.

Enty usually calls him alliterate but that might’ve given it away on this one. He seems the lawsuit type. Also, a title role in a Disney show could temporarily boost to full A-list or A+ because Enty goes on name recognition.
I previously pointed out that it probably wasn’t JD because the age of consent in Brazil is 14, not 15. Enty would not make that error. Therefore, it must be a different country and a different person. I sincerely wished it wasn’t JD because I like JD, despite his faults. His many many faults so can we get this out to JD’s manosphere supporters as opposing evidence, please? Otherwise I wouldn’t pick at such an old blind like a scab.

It was bothering me.

I don’t want the wrong person being blamed for something as sick as pedophilia.
And in light of recent revealed blinds…. which nobody else picked up on… I’d be failing as a reporter if I didn’t spill this observation.
Note: age is NEVER mentioned, which is unusual. Very unusual. Not ‘woman’, which implies possibly minor.

Dianna dumped him for that reason…
If you read the comments on their relationship.
Or she found out their age….. like the other one (Once Upon a Time woman).

So I went digging. Boy did I strike gold!

nb AM has the women, not SS. Odd, right?

nb Age not mentioned, guarantee there was proof (pics or HD video).

Count Jerkula chimes in:

“Light Fairy looks like she was freshly taken from her village, passed around gangsters until her will and anus were broken, then put infront of a camera. So fuckin hot.”

“As for her porn career, Light started performing right at the beginning of 2020.”

She looks like a kid.

Super sus. How would Jerkula know? And why brag? Unless it’s him

If Count Jerkula turns out to be him this whole time, we must riot. He is from a vampire country, after all.

On the top blind, CJ comments about the literal minors:

I hope he was kind and gentle with the wetties. Save the advanced activities for more seasoned whores of 19-25.

Seb Stan, is that you? Find it here:

Fond of short blonde hair:

Also CJ’s most recent comments are weirdly pedo-leaning…

Fugazi Enty thinks women are incapable of consenting to sex until about 45.

Blame men for womens poor decisions? That happens all the time in these blinds. “I went to his house and he sexually abused me. Then the next time i went to his house, he did it again, and he kept doing it for the 3 yrs we were dating. He threatened to stop being my boyfriend and buying me things if i didnt let him. I am traumatized.”

Marilyn Manson is the topic here.

Yeah, there was a blind about a rock star that was the same thing. I triggered a few when i said that if ya show up again after the 2nd time, consent is implied.

Not how it works. Like, you might work together and be contractually obligated to show up? Being in the proximity of a man is not consent. That’s brothel logic.

His page is a treasure trove btw.

If i had any wealth, i would have sealed PVC pipes buried in the yard with a kilo of blow, a kilo of meth and a pound of heroin. Then i could could be like Jabba, sitting on a throne with a couple whores chained to it, when society collapses. Good hedge against the dollar.

If you havent thought out a plan for a societal collapse, then you resign yerself to being the chaff.

Wont need it. After the junkies loot the opiates, benzos & dick pills from CVS, I’ma saunter in and scoop up all the psych meds, birth control/morning after pills, and blood pressure meds. They will be the best to barter for sex.

Sure it is heartless to have a young lady prostitute herself for pills to keep her daddy alive, or kill the fetus inside her, but when fiat currency is only useful for home heating, there is no middle ground between Predator and Prey.

That’s slavery. Like Eastern European slavery. No definition of young given. Noted.

That’s coercion, not consent.

So he moved to Memphis to be where hebephilia was socially acceptable?

Mentioned In The Ghetto. Elvis aint a Jew.

re Chicago, he slanders the pizza.

Why would i go to a place that is known for being a 2nd Rate City, its Awful Pizza and Uncontrollable Gang Violence/Gun Related Homicides?

Meaning he must live in New York. Pizza recently on the brain.

“came along with still warm pizza”

“I have stopped on the NJ Turnpike to take a leak in a rest area. I see the 12+ people line at Starbucks, and walk right past it to the A+Plus Mart, get a coffee, pay, and walk back to the line that hasnt moved.

I raise my cup and take a sip as i pass, and everytime, someone will get out of the line to see where i have been.”

Famous NYer. They weren’t looking at the coffee. In New York.
Trouble with capital I, like his insta handle. I am forensic about this shit.

I am on tmobile now, with my Sprint Unlimited data contract. Free Hulu, 60gb of hotspot. If my internet bill lapses, i can run my smart tvs off the hotspot. F’n wonderful.

His Hulu show starts in days. I think he would wish to see it?

On the large TV shown in his insta stories.

Are there whores on the moon?

He played an astronaut.

“Early lockdown sucked monetarily, but my commute dropping from 1hr15min to 50min, parking all over Brooklyn and empty sidewalks was a nice & unique experience.”

Taking photos?

Indie donut shop, open 6-10am. And he goes on early morning runs (see The Cut).

Back to blinds revealed:

nb Age not mentioned, only occupation. Curious omission, unless Enty intended to un-blind it without being sued into oblivion by Marvel for lost earnings. They have bottomless lawyers.

Nobody seriously guessed him but there’s a picture, isn’t there?

Filming was broken up, so this refers to the time he was in Prague previously too.

On the original blind, CJ praises him.

Also adds this to another poster:

I pay em so i dont have to listen to hours of yapping to figure out how little self respect they have and what i can do to em.

Pretty sure it’s him. No comment on the revealed post (hiding in case we guess) and didn’t like the people who guessed him when it was blinded still. Count Jerkula liked this comment

but there’s nothing saying they were adult women. Nor here:

He also thinks prostitution is different from trafficking. Cognitive dissonance. If they’re threatened or starving upon leaving, it’s the same thing. So it is the same thing.

I am just jealous i cant afford to purchase a human. Maybe i could equity loan and lease one. How illegal is indentured servitude? A 5 yr catch and release contract may be doable, once sex work is legalized. “Sorry honey, Christmas to New Years gonna be all anal days….I cant carry em over, they are use em or lose em…Santa needs to know if you want PrepH or Tucks in yer stocking?”

No age mentioned. Why would he drop her after 5 years unless he wants pedo years?

When are these celebs gonna be prosecuted for human trafficking. I meet a whore in a Travelodge and the authorities would tack on the charge, but actually purchase a human and have it shipped to yer doorstep and that is A OK?

“I can sort this mess out quickly. Both of em should pull their pants down, bend over and spread cheeks. Prettiest butthole wins.”

Like taking Europe?

Sides with the legal = non-pedo thing they ALL use;

“He isnt a pedo. The whore was legal.” from

It’s actually getting it up to minors (<18). That makes a pedo, even in Prague.

The fountain of youth resides between the legs of young women, cause yer only as old as the broad yer pecker is in.

Good. Celebs shouldnt be allowed to sexually assault 20somethings, they should only do it to teens. I think it is in the union contract.

Piece of work.

Gets defensive about Eastern European child rape here:

“The horror”.

“That would be my move, if i was a superhero actor. Make sure my boner disrupted many scenes, so they would need a whore on staff to get the poison out”
Like a hired help to keep you out of trouble? (see below)

“Cara knows the fountain of youth is between a teen girls thighs” from

Must be bi, if so, because we’re pretty sure he was screwing that ‘friend’ for his birthday in Ibiza.

For those who guessed Hen, ‘fraid not this time although he is pedo-inclined… how’d I know? Well, frankly, he was around the area I live at this time. Or at least, that part of England. We talk about this stuff, naturally so I never ventured him as a guess previously.
Surrey is beside London. He lives in Kensington. Ask me how I know. It’s a Mew.

So it cannot have been him. THIS TIME.

Yes, Devil Mouse has several pedo-heroes, it seems.
DC has at least one. I have trouble keeping up. Man of Steel 2 never happened.

So The Hen was out.

Who was in, balls deep in-to minors?

shot Oct 6 to 23rd 2020

OCT 8th

I’d hate for this to be true, he used to be cute before he hit the Wall. ALAS-

the blind revealed about him was Oct 7th.
Enty likes to place like blinds and blinds revealed closely posted. To keep someone in mind when guessing, if he can’t post obvious details e.g. alliterative.
THEREFORE, I’m calling this one.
His fans are rabid SJWs so this should be funny. They tried to cancel his hooker PR GF for wearing fake tan and a kimono. In response, he blocked them so they doxed his home address in NYC.
I just hope he never gets married, nobody deserves a cheat. Especially a pedo-cheat.

After everything That Blonde put JD through, don’t let him go under, especially for something HE didn’t even (supposedly, allegedly) DO?

SS has a Romanian passport, meaning he would’ve been able to pass as a European in Prague, making it difficult to find him as a child predator slash ‘hebe’ and arrest him (since they look for foreigners and foreign passport holders), even if he didn’t have Disney protection.

Including specially hired persons to keep him out of trouble;

If he’s such a cinnamon roll, why would you need to literally hire someone to keep him out of trouble?
Out of what, exactly? It didn’t specify his supposed vice, did it? And this was before the ‘spa’ blind. Curiouser and curiouser….

do pedos have a leash? If not –

And what is a ‘bad decision’ for films that mostly market to teenage girls?



Because AGC pages is trying to make Johnny take the fall for this, and I’m not having it!
It doesn’t even fit the blind to be him! The age is wrong!

I can see why they snapped him (Seb Stan) in Endgame, despite greater character arc potential built up over several films with RDJ, if they felt he might have a big scandal around that time. Easier to drop him entirely or quietly hide him away if his arc was stamped shut, for a while. For transient good behaviour and accepting these measures, they gave him a series. Huh. And they built him up as the next Captain America (who has a secret kid, Chris does, but whatever) then randomly gave it to the black guy. Seb must’ve fucked up. I’m sorry, it’s the only plausible explanation.

By the by, somebody ask Count Jerkula why he’s called that or for good Eastern European holiday spots, for the extra degenerate.

I told you, these people skip jurisdictions. So he bounces between US and EU passports.

Is that not dodgy? In light of the trafficking thing above?
And a bachelor who’s about 40? Never married, in Hollywood?

Also, one of his childhood friends was recently sacrificed:

Possibly as a warning, to keep him in line?
Why else feel responsible?

But they didn’t give him the Chester B treatment. Making him a fellow traveller. He didn’t want to expose it, meaning there must be blackmail material. Now he’s doing a show about a leaked sex tape. Why? Getting ahead of it, in case they release his? They got Gaspard, didn’t they? He was younger and hotter.

And he’s had bigger roles ever since. That’s strange. Endgame, magazine covers and a whole TV show. Endgame was a huge hit, and who died for it? Ding ding ding, we may have a winner. There’s no follow-up to the next blind, so there must be hushing-up. What do they have on him, then? To hide his childhood friend’s murder? It must be career-ending.

In the best case scenario, he’s uploading blinds about himself, planning their reveal, to make it sound like he prefers adult women. Again, getting ahead of it. Like blocking that horde from Twitter after him. He refuses to join Twitter, smart man.
He has a secret TikTok, probably to pick up teenage girls. Prove me wrong, it all fits the evidence.

60gb of data would be a lot of streaming.

Someone link the tumblr fandom to this info, I wanna see what they do with it.

Pedos call all adults jealous “whores”

Their copium is worse than SJWs, no wonder so many are secretly SJWs on race-mixing and fetishes like the furry shit. They decry the moral decay until it’s their turn to man up.

It’s never just one flavour of degeneracy, they always travel in packs.
Everyone is just jealous, dude, trust them with minors.
No slippery slope dude, no Overton window, man, they’re all just sluts, biiiiig sluts, even the adult virgins and conservative married couples, they’re all totes magotes super duper jealous of the gross pervert who wants to ‘diddle’ your drugged, unconscious daughter for ‘secretly‘ wanting it. Wicked temptress!
Don’t look at the suicide rate of minors who were touched or anything.
They’re just jealous – say all narcissists ever, when caught being evil losers.

I heard about one case from America where a father got custody and this sort of case is why the MRAs can bitch all they like about gynocentrism, the ‘father’ (yes, genetic) taught his toddler until the age of about 6 how to perform oral on him like a slave, on command, in their living room, then forced her to do it on her older, teen brother too (also living with the pedo dad and getting him into hardcore porn first to encourage the cover-up) and finally it was discovered because the brother invited entire gangs of school friends over and passed her around like a fleshlight. This was happening when she was 5-6. One boy refused the ‘offer’ after being invited by happenstance (being around boys who’d orally raped her before) and called the authorities later about what he was FORCED to witness (the trauma of just seeing that shit, can you imagine?) or she’d still be gumming perverts to this day. That’s slavery, MRAs. Also, lock up the teenage rapists who groom younger and younger kids in turn, because they’re still of criminal responsibility age, responsible criminally for their choices (nobody falls into a child’s mouth) and used by pedos as test cases. In my country, it’s actually illegal to have sexual activity (including kissing) with a minor when one is 18+ yet online the 16yo rule for other 16yos is still peddled, falsely. I’ve linked articles correcting this before. It’s gonna be the downfall of some Super Douche celebrities who were orally raping minors (<18, 15 at the time, as covered) on the set of disappointing girl power Netflix shows loosely based on Sherlock Holmes. Do you imagine there weren’t witnesses, possibly pics and videos….. let alone the rapist/s actually bragging? To many, many people? Openly? Proud of the ‘sex’? nb Rape is not sex. Sex is consensual with an adult. Minors cannot consent. They lack the frontal lobe maturity.

THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK. I’ve been saying so for years.

This is why fornication needs to be shamed among boys, porn told them that orally raping a little girl was ok because it was ‘sex’ and ‘nutting’. Porn should require a credit card to sign up for, even if it charges you nothing. As an age screen. Pre-schoolers are now seeing porn from groomers, including fellow children, according to a UN study I recall reading a while back. And grooming other teenagers with it needs to be a crime, the ancients called it corruption and it carried the death penalty, quite rightly. This shit is not acceptable in any civilization, stop enabling the chosenite pornographers who design a supernormal stimulus to encourage pedos and brainwash their victims with amygdala hijacks. Ban the occupation entirely, no form of prostitute is acceptable (camera or not) or you get trafficking. The data is out there. Free porn sites have tons of actual rape, rape of drugged women and rape of minors on there. Nobody shuts them down, no matter how many ((Cases)). They don’t even require signed model releases for each film, if we consider it modelling. It isn’t modelling. It’s predation. Nobody would sign a release for it.

Boomers enable pedos because muh aaaaaart, man. (Evil Boomers only, I know). Art needs to be censored, see Cardi B.
I can like some Michael Jackson songs, but he deserves to burn in Hell. K?

Slow clap to Vox for checking this bull:
“The appeal to history is misplaced. These men are not marrying and financially supporting young women in a society where life expectancy is less than 40. They are predators who are illegally abusing girls adult society has deemed to be incapable of supporting themselves or making responsible decisions about medical treatment, voting, drinking, tobacco, and sex.”
As a father, he’s a good one, I can tell.
They’re not women, they’re little girls and children until they are 18. Biologically, brain-wise.
Men need to police one another against child abusers. Women cannot do it, as you see with the gaslighting, slander and projection of insecurity. Men need to defend minors.
He earned a lot of respect from me with this.

  1. the marriage stats are false. Most women in medieval times married in their 20s after working a little while to support their families and royal minors marrying (notoriously mentally ill) were not permitted to consummate until the late teens or their death rate was so high the doctors advised against it. So it’s also attempted murder, if you look at maternal mortality from the time.
  2. Lolita was a horror book, Hollywood fetishised it. The author clearly hates the pedo. And he is a pedo. The girl is disgusted a few years later and rejects him. Maybe she’s worried he’ll rape her baby?
  3. Child predators are of opportunity, age and sex do not matter to them. Over time, like other sexual sadists, they ‘escalate’ to younger and younger prey. They don’t go straight to babies, like a serial killer starts out abusing animals and lighting fires. This is forensic fact. Serial rapists and serial killers are often the same group, like the piece of work in a high security prison in America I heard choked an 8yo to death by shoving her knickers so far down her throat she slowly drowned by the fluid in her lungs while he was raping her. So yeah, the victim doesn’t want them. Kids don’t lust after adults. Sexual sadism needs to be added to the DSM but they refuse due to the murderer/rapist overlap protecting you know whos. Look up what de Sade was and did. It isn’t ‘kinky’ it’s predation. They torture. They destroy.
  4. If you find minors of any kind sexy, you’re a pedophile. I suggest you give up porn, which promotes a pipeline to younger and younger looking women. Playboy posted a 10 year old for God’s sake. They are not subtle about where this ends.
  5. It’s harmless won’t work when the lynch mob shows up. Neither will ‘you’re all jealous’ as a cope for evil. I guess when the rape victim comes forward so they can be hanged, they’ll call him/her a lying whore too! It’s never them! Hypoagency wankers.
  6. You are the reason for entire fairytales like Little Red. They chopped up the wolf who wanted to ‘eat’ her. Clearly this was sexual. Wolves don’t lick their lips at little girls.
  7. The conservative women who want to protect their daughters and those of others are doing their duties as mothers and citizens. When they cannot, you criticise them for shit like Rotherham. Stop blaming the women, blame the rapist for their own muh dick decisions.
  8. Many rock stars are Satanists so the pedo shit isn’t shocking. We used to burn people like you at the stake.
  9. Women and girls were raped in the Middle Ages too, often as minors. We have court records that blamed pregnant little girls for ‘consenting’ due to the misunderstanding that you can only get pregnant if you consented (opposite is true, the stress of rape encourages sperm through the cervix). The olden times were dumb or enabling, this is a fallacy to presume they were all-knowing. To assume ‘she consented’ based on the arguments of a child rapist is horse-shit. Consent is a positive claim that hence legally and mathematically must be proven by the rapist. A rape victim cannot prove a negative, that is literally impossible. Rapists rely on this.
  10. A lot of Hollywood scandals are about to break, and I pray SuperPedo is among them because like many mentioned in #3, he began raping adult women vaginally, then began flipping them over like pancakes to rape them anally, then started on younger and younger minors. 14-15 is his ideal now. He thinks it’s okay because he was raped at 15 on a dodgy holiday alone to Italy (he admitted this publicly and tries to make it sound romantic). They always have a sob story for the cycle of abuse. He’s already paid off several lawsuits, including a John Doe herp case in Canada and everyone in North London knows at this point what a sick bastard he is, causing him to hunt overseas. This idea pedos look a certain way is Hollywood psyop to disbelieve victims (gaslighting they were too hot to ‘need’ to rape you, like a hungry rabid dog, so you must’ve ‘secretly’ wanted it – das telepathy!) of the Satanic shit. The Satanic panic was never debunked. If a guy’s favourite countries have a low age of consent, like Italy, Thailand, China or especially Serbia, where a lot of CP is filmed, then he’s a pedo. No doubt. I told AC it’s the second passport people, years ago. They hop jurisdictions until the heat of a rape charge dies down because the police assumed the attacker was a local who couldn’t skip the country and assumed they went through all suspects. It’s the same small group in several countries. I have posted blind answers from CDAN about these people but nobody really listened. It was under the gossip and Hollywood tags.
    Biblically, attempted rape was punished by stoning them to death, mob justice, so don’t you ‘hebes’ try dare appeal to tradition because Patriarchy hates pedos more than me, and that’s saying a lot. To call their bluff, we COULD force them to marry these women/girls and be responsible for their medical bills, including all the therapy they’ll need. But they’ll lose interest the moment the clock strikes twelve on her 18th birthday, because the fetish is a paraphilia for the corruption of children, hence escalation. They hate virginity, especially in adults (they think it’s an abomination*) and they mock the idea of innocence in minors openly, they ridicule and laugh at children for being kids. We need child innocence laws, outlaw all forms of grooming.

They’ll start calling the adult men jealous too, you watch. They’ll claim all adult men are secretly pedos jealous the predators are just acting on it, like the homophobia bullshit.
Predators have a victim mentality that due to cognitive dissonance never abrades their grandiosity that nobody genuinely think they’re scum of the earth and DEMONstrable monsters, nay, the entire planet is jealous. You know, like we’re jealous of Amber Heard too?

Narcissists have no self-awareness, let alone empathy.

*reprobate mind, up is down to them, manwhores project

Speaking of pedos and their sadist child-hating enablers, I could smell it on Anne Rice, especially if you read the pederasty scenes in The Vampire Armand ‘novel’, and her son Christopher, who seems to have been raised pedo, claims to be gay but has the slime I can sense in his writing too:
!vaxx dead, more blood for the blood god

The scenes I recall included a boy in a bath tub being touched (yes, there) by an adult man and enjoying it. I wanted to throw up, even younger than the boy myself when reading it, and thankfully I enjoyed other books parallel to it before reading this, feeling the whole thing was tainted now and hating her forever. It was supposed to be erotic, but just read it. She was a monster. In the regular series, the 5yo Claudia ‘sleeps with’ two adult men in their ‘coffin’ beds. There is no reason for this. It’s supposed to be sweet. I wouldn’t be surprised if she killed her own daughter for fame, because a sane, grieving mother doesn’t enter a book signing in a coffin. What a vulgar person, barely human. Death has mocked her back, now.

The Sleeping Beauty series is just…..

What little I have read…. should be illegal. So female pedos definitely exist.

p.s. The writer to Vox is defending female pederasty, why are some of you acting like Muslims are normal? They buy rape practice dolls of minors on aliexpress, make it criminal to own such a thing.
Pedos are predators of opportunity, if you normalise it for one sex, they’ll go after your sons too! Sexual emergency style!

p.p.s. But Vox is falling for the slippery slope of the hebes here, as if raping teenagers is less evil than pre-schoolers. Minors cannot consent, Vox. Any of them. Tell me the arbitrary age when raping a minor of their virginity is okay, then? There is no lesser evil, read the Bible! BOTH get the millstone, Jesus didn’t say attacking anyone’s unmarried maiden was okay. Otherwise gay is okay, even when it’s Stephen Fry joking about raping a choirboy. Because if you accept the hebe minor teen=adult argument, then all pedophilia is effectively legalised, because if an undeveloped brain can consent, that applies to babies. THEY PLANNED THIS. THEY HAD CENTURIES TO PLAN THIS. How can this guy claim to have high IQ, really?
Those ‘groupie‘ children were often pushed and groomed by sick mothers too. Lock up the groomers. Jared Leto is notorious for drugging and raping teenage girls, total sadist. The mothers sometimes trick them into the room and lock them in! It’s slavery!
Also, rape can leave a girl/woman infertile due to the scarring of the trauma. So naturalistic fallacy doesn’t work either.

Video: Meghan Markle’s mirroring

I think the funniest one is when a non-virgin bride wears white. And you know it’s the type of woman to mock virgins on any other occasion, yet nobody’s allowed to mock that?

If it were a widower re-marrying fine but… so many divorces? C’mon, Boomer. Wear cream or something close if you must, not virginal white. She never has the bravery to actually start a trend like that. She’s a natural follower.

In a way she was trying to curry favour with us but the British public needs uniqueness, none of the Royals dress like any of the others (unless they’re sisters). They have their own tastes. It would’ve been fine if she’d been more glamorous and LA, and I feel like Catherine was taking a stab in her direction with the Bond dress, which is very Marilyn Monroe. Very “I can do your look better than you can”. Relational aggression is subtle.

Depp needs to do damage control

I already suggested exactly HOW in my last post with his name but here’s an insight into how he’s regarded in this country.*

reposting for humour and maybe to serve as an ice-cold wake-up call if he ever reads this:

“Not every victim of “cancel culture” is completely blameless.

…In response to a tidal wave of what’s become known as “libel tourism” (foreigners suing in U.K. courts because of the lax rules), British judges have become quite unfriendly to people—especially Americans—who engage in the practice.

Poor Johnny Depp should’ve known that. Depp, a delicate, drunk (former) A-lister who married a bimbo 23 years his junior only to express shock when she turned out to be an impulsive, violent, childish brat (who could’ve seen that coming?), had the kind of marriage that resembled a Three Stooges short—lots of slapping, nose-twisting, and eye-poking.

In 2018, Depp traveled to London to sue a tabloid for labeling him a “wife beater,” and the irate judge decided to “reward” him by ruling that Depp is indeed officially a wife beater. Right or wrong, that verdict allowed studios to drop Depp from a whole bunch of movies that likely would’ve sucked anyway.”

DS: We really hate celebrities here. Like, we don’t let them get away with anything at all. We pride ourselves on NOT being American and more unbiased when it comes to the poor little rich, famous people. We’re more likely to convict them for crimes, for example.

“So last week, there was Depp at the San Sebastian Film Festival complaining about “cancel culture” and ruing his “cancellation.”

But maybe there are lessons here beyond “Cancel culture sucks.”

Like, don’t marry a child and expect a mature relationship.

And British judges are sick of hearing these cases and they’ll do you up a treat if you trouble them with your petty crap.

Also, when you’ve spent your entire career doing the same pursed-lip Chaplin routine, people might not react with sympathy when your child bride punches your eminently slappable face.”

See? My level of wicked humour is just the norm here. She was in her mid 20s but the age gap of a generation is extremely creepy to us. Will he sue them for calling her a child bride? I dunno. The rantings about cancel culture without supporting Trump’s efforts against it will fall on deaf ears. Shit or get off the pot. Currently he sounds like he wants to get back with her, if rumours of them having dinner meetings are true (yes) and he needs some serious therapy to rid himself of that trauma bond, before she succeeds in bankrupting him. I’m sorry but if he’s going to be a manchild about this and go back to her (you may laugh but he MIGHT) or endlessly complain without supporting the obvious parties with the real power and popularity, then how many chances can you give a man pushing 60 to man up? This is one the case studies in how mid-life crises are totally real and something to be feared. He’s ruined his whole life over a verified axe wound, no doubting that, but he married it. If you stick your dick in crazy, and marry the Bad Girls, what do you actually expect to happen? It’s like the teen who has a druggy violent BF and it’s like well, duh. You wanted the Bad Guy, bad things happen. It’s difficult to see what his angle is unless he sidles up to Trump. His Hollywood ego won’t let him win the war against the battle axe, and that’s downright pathetic. Victory is within sight, he’s snatching defeat from the jaws of easy victory.

He’ll just get married again, he’s a marriage addict. If you look at his astro chart (yes, I peeked) that’s a ridiculous idea. All his marriages will fail unless he turns to spirituality first. Marriage longevity is Vedic, his d1 chart lord Moon (Lagna Lord) is in 6th house of divorces and public disputes and his 7th Lord is in 7th House, as Saturn, retrograde. Bad karma and dissolution of unions, especially marriage. D9 Ketu conjunct Ascendant, spirituality must come first and he must marry someone spiritual/religious too. D30 chart of troubles have Rahu/Ketu in 8th house of death, including death of unions (marriage). D60 chart has Moon (d1 Lord) in 8th house – suggesting death by suicide after a public scandal. As far as yogas, his d1 has Daridra, “even a royal scion becomes poor”. D60 Sarpa yoga “miserable unhappy cruel and dependent on others”. He thinks the money can never run out, so he’s never really saved. The same Sarpa is present in D9 (marriage chart) with Paasa to quote Jagannatha Hora software, “talkative, characterless, may be imprisoned”. If he keeps running his mouth about his marriage/s, it won’t end well.

D9 10th house Saturn retrograde, public loss of face as husband, yup. He needs to just clear his name and quit while he’s ahead.

I like the guy but that’s literally the worst marriage prospect in a chart I’ve ever seen. He’s looking for a soulmate in a brothel.
Oddly, his chart only activates for serious money when he’s married. D60 Moon in Aries, death by violence (like hanging or stabbing or during surgery) or sudden drug abuse/OD, so not worth it. I hope he has sane people advising him and not feeding revenge fantasies and ego. Potential for suicide after a mental breakdown.
D10 (career chart) has Ketu in 1st house, public loss of face possible, including ego and fame (Sun). Retrograde Saturn with Moon in 10th (bad career karma activated by death of Mother). At least, it looks like he should literally never get married. The odds of a Come to Jesus are unlikely. He wanted the bad boy image in the 90s and now resents it? Decades too late. I said about the free software, go and check his chart for yourself if you don’t believe me. Great on money, big on divorce. My own is great on money, power, intellect, fame etc (look up Lakshmi yoga and Raj/a yogas) and a bit crap on marriage, so it’s hardly a character thing. It’s just reading the tea leaves.

His approach is really weird, it’s almost like he’s trying to trap them with him for his elderly years. You attract more wifey with honey than vinegar. If she’s already fucking you though, there is zero reason to marry her. If he has abandonment issues, get therapy man. Women may leave you eventually but your mother didn’t go on purpose.
That’s why I think he wants more kids, to feel young again. I just hope he wants kids in an innocent way, unlike most of Ho-wood.

We don’t have to side with her to know he did actually hit her, especially since he admitted to hitting her in court, which is the basis for the judge’s decision (I don’t like the guy). You can say mutual abuse sure, but nobody’s asking her to defend a libel claim of husband beater. She wouldn’t challenge it. It wouldn’t be strategic. I just hope she doesn’t win in general and if he ever goes back to her… I’ll personally protest outside his mansion. I know where it is. I can make signs and everything. Tie myself to the big bloody wrought iron gates and everything. Am I joking? Well, I dunno. I could, I guess. We’ll see. 😛

I hope he doesn’t end up like Edward Scissorhands trapped in a big empty house on a hill. Waste of talent.

*And why everyone thinks Cavill is a pedo for openly ‘dating’ a teenager young enough to be HIS child. See the pattern?
Either way, Cavill’s wife would cheat on him and he’d cheat on her (I checked). Maybe the Indians have longer lasting marriages because they check this shit?

Bernadette Banner and the shocking story of nepotism

Every. Single. Time.

“it’s more about who you know” they admit the nepotism as they play victim
straight from the horse face mouth
so they weren’t smart enough to make her finish school first? totally nepotism, because letters from literal minors are always read by the top execs, the rich parents didn’t involve themselves and BUY her career WHATSOEVER
the world is way more crooked than people think, the illusion must be maintained or people might crack down on the nepotism and it’s always the same group kvetching about that, isn’t it?

I’m sure the rich Jewishness was no factor at all.
They just decided because she’s a special Mary Sue.
When they’re actually talented, they keep them on. They don’t fire them. If they left by choice, well, would they mention it at every random opportunity (literally nobody asked) hoping to be taken back like a scorned lover? Make another Disney video and shill some shampoo, pumpkin pie. Topically, maybe a video about lesbian vampires would be more your interest?

Nice to see an uncensored comment section (well, largely):

I mean, this assistanship was probably unpaid. And living in New York, rent free with your parents, is a huge privilege in itself. Don’t beat yourself up y’all

I think a lot of people somehow think of Bernadette as this poor or middle-class girl that somehow transcends money-issue to chase her passion, they wanted to connect with her. She’s hella rich y’all, it’s a big reason why she’s able to have all those vintage materials, clothing, lifestyle and other stuff

The things I always want to ask every “entrepreneur” is 1) How much money are your parents and grandparents worth? and 2) Whose health insurance are you on? If they own a house, add another 3) Who, if anyone, EARNED the money for your down payment?
Without those questions being answered, NO ADVICE WHATSOEVER that they give has value to ANYONE. I have truly grown sick and tired of these kinds of stories being pushed to people who grew up having to snip pennies in half.

[OP simps]

@Video Husky Yeah, but that’s not possible for people who don’t have good connections. If a normal person, who just is ambitious to work for a costume designer were to write the same email Bernadette Banner did, but didn’t have the same connections as she has, would probably get ignored. Furthermore, How did Bernadette have enough money to go to New York? To leave home at 17? To move all her things?

@PRINCE KRAZIE Unsubstantiated so take it with a grain of salt but I’ve read online that Bernadette’s father is a big NY real estate owner or investor. So maybe that helped with the money and connection factors.

It’s in the Jew York Times, it’s substantiated.

Note: her sub count is going up, while her comments go down and her views are going down compared to the same videos a few years ago. You can only recycle the same tired format so many times before people get bored.
I’m sure her parents aren’t buying her subs at all, y u ask?
Jews are always huge on Jewtube, from that cooking guy to that other cooking guy with very kosher names. Uhuh. Gentiles are called Babish and -ski and -berg. No wonder advertisers are figuring there might be some fishy numbers being sold.
Now she’s FLAGRANTLY disobeying Government orders in a pandemic.
Funerals are still restricted, people can’t see their dying relatives in hospital, cancer patients are having to miss treatments and we’re being told not to mix with relatives over Christmas, but Banner is such a special snowflake she can mix with ex-porn stars to talk about some shitty scribbles. I’m sure you couldn’t have done this over a zoom call, you people make me sick. At least ask him what male whores wore in the time period, to be attention whores. Their hot takes are literally from wikipedia (like Peaky Blinders being Victorians). Everybody knows that. Your general audience is smarter than you. Do NOT trust the gay guy with the guinea pig.

In reality, Halloween costumes aren’t supposed to be practical, they’re supposed to be easily removed when you get laid.
Thank God these Trigglypuff people aren’t breeding. Keep being all snooty and judging poor people from the real estate you own. It’s a really great look. Doesn’t look out of touch at all. Will age very well. So far, approx 1 dislike per thousand views. That’s bad.

And where are the masks?
All this for shitty shitty clickbait. The filth. She doesn’t mention she gets paid for that link, which is illegal. ASA would crack down on that. If they were held to real world standards and not the ones of nepotism.
Note the dislikes. People are complaining about this snowflaking in a supposed pandemic and she’s hiding them, so they still count as comments. To show sponsors. This is a common form of influencer corruption. If we assume all the dislikes commented, that’s about 710% of her comments total right there. Quite substantial.
I love how they’re criticising fast fashion from basically a mansion (in London, the most expensive place to live in the world on most lists). Banner still buys slave labour fabrics. STFU, whore.

Green wanker in green

Harry is now hated internationally for being an SJW wanker lecturing normal people on how they need to ‘save the planet’.
William’s big idea is to do the exact same thing and be even more woke, and expect his popularity to rise.
They really are inbred, aren’t they?

This green bullshit based on fabricated climate ‘science’ will be the forerunner to the Hunger Games if we let it. People competing so they can eat by earning enough ‘carbon credits’. The debt is intended to make everyone poor and desperate enough via inflation to accept a social credit score. Mark my words. NWO festival. Some woman won a million pounds for sticking a solar panel on a thing, meanwhile actual innovation in the country remains unfunded. Setting up an entire festival to celebrate a death cult about the planet (Extinction Rebellion is a death cult to Saturn) is not modest.

We can save the planet by scrapping the monarchy. They don’t need all those palaces.
Or they can go rule Germany, since they’re German. Recycle the whole thing.
This shall backfire. As the screw turns, the worm turns.

p.s. electric cars are terrible for the planet, actually.

Depp got clever

I am 99% sure JD has read Vox Day’s books on cancel culture.
That 1% is a lie.
This is very clever. By focusing on the customer being God (Japanese phrase), that should help his popularity.
I confess I don’t really care about celebrities (well, they don’t care about me, it’s just simping) but I am fascinated by the strategy involved with this one. He’s cold and calculating but can seem otherwise.
I believe he has likeness rights re merch for Jack. That’s why they can’t just recast the character.
Very clever, but if he had read Vox he’d know the latter doesn’t ‘believe‘ in IP protection, which is exactly why we need it, in cases such as these. IP law is intended to protect individuals from corporations. Otherwise I could take Vox’s likeness and release a brand of Nazi Cola (that was a joke). Individuals > Companies. The American system is somewhat broken because the likes of Apple (who invent nothing) have perverted the system to favour companies but that’s an easy fix (and rescind the rounded corners patent, ffs). Extend patent rights for individuals and expand it over time so the little guy can make a buck back (R&D calculation), and abolish them for corporations holding them like trolls to prevent smaller competition. Or is that too logical for any of you?
I believe (opinion) that he’s taken from V for Vendetta the ideas are bulletproof concept. They can kill the films, that’s them. The character is him (like the I am Iron Man line) and he must’ve spoken to Bob (RDJ) about how an actor can become a character, meaning the actor really owns it, not the studio. This includes likeness rights.
Very, very clever. If so.
Quite hot, actually. This is the type of celebrity we like to see. Now just stop slagging off Trump and we might be onto something. Most of the country voted for him and he’s beloved internationally. That means ticket sales, so hush. Trust me on this. Think of the money, man. SO MUCH MONEY.

I hope he isn’t mental as I heard, my childhood crush for his Burton films would suffer for it.
Then again abusers are paradoxically nice to children and animals, because they already have control, and because they’re ‘venting’ on scapegoats behind the scenes, so it doesn’t tell us much and I’m disappointed nobody is covering the statistics. Jack the Ripper was very nice when he wasn’t butchering women, being nice some of the time isn’t some kind of free pass and women tire of hearing this excuse every damn time. If he were a woman, you’d be saying diva and bunny boiler. Acting human a few hours a week is no way to deny we all have a Shadow Self. I’d cover his astrology chart for lolz but people would complain, like they did when I accurately covered Meghan and Harry. And predicted what even the Royals didn’t.
He’s won back the hearts of men (mostly) but women would require the likes of Kate Moss to clarify that he trashed hotel rooms (yes, we all know by now) but at no point did he beat her. Stop trying to paint him as a Saint, he clearly has some violence problems, and that won’t work on women. We evolved to sniff out danger. Blaming the drink will just make women resent him (blame-shifting) and women buy most of the tickets. BE PROFESSIONAL.


Credit: Stop being a pleb

Get into rehab John and actually get off the shit. Put that picture on your fridge.
And that includes your wedding addiction. No more weddings. NO MORE. It isn’t as if you’re marrying virgins, there is literally no fucking point and we both know you’re not Christian. Although if you’re even slightly pointing a toe in that direction, aka not a Satanist despite the tatts, then being seen at a church would help your look. Amber will never play the God card and you’re from Kentucky. The Amazon show parodying superheroes might be worth a look, hell, get hired on, you can be a Gambit type character. Go church, not cult. The Boys series talks about cancel culture. I’m not saying to hire a meme dream team but… it’d help. Focus on the medical side and the religious, and ease up on the political, even if you hate Trump. The film studios who hate you hate him too. I’d love if JD came out in support of Trump (before it comes out he won) to piss off the film studios but that would take actual balls. Your move, bitch. It would only make you like a billion dollars to hold your nose and turn up at a rally. One afternoon’s work.