Don’t read us, says Guardian

News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier

News is bad for your health. It leads to fear and aggression, and hinders your creativity and ability to think deeply. The solution? Stop consuming it altogether.

Are they still going on about corporation tax while the GMG evades overseas?
Still asking for donations?

The news does drain you of energy. It’s a real effect.

It’s intended to make you apathetic and docile.

Video: Who reads the papers?

Before fake news, there was Yes, Prime Minister. Often shortened to Yes, Minister.

While you’re rebooting House of Cards, try this on for size.

Mmm. Snug.

When the BBC had a better sense of humour.

Read Top comment.

According to the Guardian, jet lag is xenophobia.

Meanwhile, America is still catching up. But we humour them.

First fifteen seconds of this one too.

And maybe this.

It’s very manosphere topical. The gaslighters playing Freud.

In the words of Shia



It already jumped the shark last week. Well, maybe Sansa really. It’s a downslide based on Arya, who survived what only Littlefinger had previously.

It’s trash.

“The hackers who compromised HBO’s network systems in July have threatened to leak the final two episodes of Game of Thrones.

The “Mr Smith group” of hackers told tech site Mashable that it has access to “many HBO platforms” and that HBO should be “ready” for the leak of episode six, which aired on Sunday, and episode seven of its biggest hit immediately ahead of the show’s finale at the end of the week.”

Rumour is they split up the seasons 7 to 7+8 so the entire final season conclusion couldn’t be released at once.
Would be a shame if that happened.

“Analysts agree that HBO was aided by the fact that the hackers only released a few shows and that an entire season wasn’t released in one go, forcing viewers who wanted to watch it as soon as possible to subscribe to the TV network.

More potentially damaging to HBO could be the release of further sensitive information. Previous dumps listing actors’ personal details, scripts, shooting plans and a trove of emails. Up to now the damage caused to HBO by the leaks has paled in comparison to the chaos caused by the hacks on Sony Pictures in 2014.

A person familiar with the situation, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorised to speak publicly, said HBO was proactive in communicating with the Game of Thrones actors ahead of their personal information being released to the public, which may have helped mitigate the impact of confidential data leaks.”

It makes no difference to me, I already know the end. It doesn’t make much sense given the source material. Betting on it’s fun. Making shekels never gets old.

Meanwhile, the Guardian incite destruction of cultural history, art and public property.

Told ya so.

Fun fact: you can shop any video behind a green screen.

R-types gonna r: Europhile edition

You’re weak, you’ll always be weak, don’t even TRY to be strong.
You’ll never make it without me, who would want you?
They literally sound like abusers.

Is that why our metrics top various worldwide leagues and the whole world wants to move here?

“In 2011 she won the Orwell prize for political journalism.”

We’ve put up with this for decades. None of this would work without white guilt.

History of Modern Britain 101.

We are literally the economic powerhouse of the world.

Wait, it gets better.

“The judges for this year’s Journalism Prize were Jewish Chonicle political editor Martin Bright, who was shortlisted for the Journalism Prize 2007, and journalist and author Michela Wrong who was shortlisted for the Book Prize for all three of her books.”

Commies want to end inheritance

Not tax, actually inheritance.

Making property worthless, since it cannot be transferred.

Sorry, excuse me, you’d need a brain to think of that.

Why wait until they’re dead to steal their life savings? Why not make saving illegal?

After all, keeping your earnings is selfish, what are you going to do with that money?
Ban compound interest, it causes inequality.


If only the State owns property, the People have nothing and will give up their labours in short order. Cattle think the grass belongs to them.

Picture the psychology of these people.

This is where ‘wealth tax’ always leads – you have more, I can steal it, because I don’t have it.

They hate nationalism but they love nationalizing on behalf of the Queen’s property portfolio – except council tax means you don’t actually own freehold. It’s a license to pay further tax (after income, VAT, state admin, legal fees, stamp duty etc).


In other words, encourage people NOT to save for retirement, for the future, because anything you don’t spend will be stolen (confiscated, if you wish to be polite) by the state to subsidize those who do not save, or plan ahead.

They already do.

There’s no rationale for inheritance tax.
You’re taxed for dying.
It was a recent change and intended to be temporary.
Now the Government is a 40% stakeholder in all profits you make but no debts.

It’s fucking rigged.

Keynesians want to destroy a house to create jobs to build another.
They’re the four economic horsemen of a real Depression.

this economic illiterate should be shot, or at least laughed out of the room
Economics is by no means my main gig and I see this plain as the egg on this bitch’s face, I’m ashamed to share a sex with this vapid ditz.

best short comment

Funny how the Guardian socialist readership suddenly become all right wing when faced with the prospect of losing their inheritances. Tax the *other* rich!

This authoritarianism is why the People always killed the Communists.

Equality is evil. Behaviourism proves why Communism will never work. Hell, just the Marshmallow test! Same opportunities, differing outcomes! THE NASH EQUILIBRIUM.

Whatever happens, we win

The world is crashing in on their narrative.


When the repression so strong you answer the title in the subtitle.

I saw the most New Labour of New Labour voters on the Guardian feed.

Eyes like a doll.

A mature dialogue was never possible with these people.
The Sun has them running round paying them money instead of campaigning, hilarious.
The working-class have already seen the papers, they wake up earlier.
‘Do your duty’ they say.
There are three issues: Immigration (duh), Terrorism (duh), Economy (national debt). Labour has gone mute on all.

They’ll cry more over losing this election than all the terrorist attacks combined. Notice this.

“Some people are confused with who they are voting for. They come back and ask: ‘Why didn’t it say May, Corbyn or Farron on the voting slip?’ It’s great fun. I love it.”’

Bring back a test of basic logic to vote, any test at all.

“Meanwhile, the fathers’ rights protester Bobby Smith, from Stevenage, demonstrated outside the polling station accompanied by his mother, Sheila Doyle-Smith, 59, who was dressed as Elmo. Smith stood against David Cameron in 2015.”

Oedipus Rekt.
‘Women keep me down, don’t they mother?’
Just in case you were unclear where the whiny MRAs stand. With Mommy.

The Left are pooling into Corbyn to try and pull back the pendulum.
It doesn’t appear to be working very well.
Labour might just be dead. Certainly as a party of the People. Still nothing about Rotherham.
“For the many” was really tempting fate in a democracy.
Where will the working-class go? This is the question.
If they go third-party either it will win thanks to the SNP weakness or there’ll be another coalition.
The middle-class don’t like being outgrouped, they feel entitled to working-class support like a slavish obedience of one of their dogs. Already murmurs of ‘betrayal’ – Labour wasn’t your party, you stole it with Blair, who should be hanged for his crimes until he got that wiped off the books. I almost hope they do win to inherit this mess and foist Overton in the long-run like an Olympic discus thrower. They’re such gigantic losers but they can no longer deny the reality of their egotism.
Try it.
Go on.
Try it.
“It could be perceived as pulling together an exit poll,” an Electoral Commission spokesman said last year.’
You can’t control immigration, you’re impotent. Paper pussies.
Rise of the Third Parties, this should be.
But the lefties photographing their polling card can be imprisoned and fined.
The polls lie. The MSM lie.
The People do not.

Guardian has already gone NRx to throw its rattle from the pram.

…when Y+Z, the Boomers are over.
K-shift cometh.

Watch and enjoy, boys. A hollow victory for them would be particularly sweet.

Do not gloat. Simply watch, composed. Remind them of all the hard work they put in.


R-selection halted: Guardian fails to crack America

This is a frickin’ FIRST.

#cue fascist giggling#

The so-called Jew Yorker and Jew York Times won’t allow competition in the liberal signalling environment, silly Europeans.

Their local sales are dead too.


Trolled by a cartoon frog. The spectre of one.

Were it not for the Autotrader sale, kept in overseas bank accounts, they’d have gone under years ago.

That was the family silver.

They’re still asking for donations though. Screwing over the loyal readers.
Rabbits despise each other.