Who needs gun control?

Social harm is a sensitive concept. Antisocial is the modern term for degenerate, and harmful = evil.┬áThe fact it’s used by moral relativists (the immoral) is not puzzling, they are rentseeking.

Sex and defence are vital for life, inextricable.

On the other hand, what do you think the transsexual stuff is all about?
The love of life shouldn’t stop at the waist.
Artificial wombs and sperm will make functioning human units redundant.
Welcome to the next rationale for compulsive sterilization.

Gun control makes less sense, if we had to compare.

Well, the State can’t breed for you. With the DNA database production, they might try but the resources do not exist.
The State only exists because it claims it can protect you better than you can yourself.

I’ll go into detail on a future economic post.


It isn’t the sex that’s the problem – it’s responsible people bankrolling it.
To my knowledge, you have to pay for STD treatments, antibiotic shots, “education”, vaccines, abortions, and vitally, schooling, entertainment (public child-centred) and welfare to children you did not breed and who have a direct dysgenic effect on your personal fitness (ability to rear yourself and your own potential germline).
It is a replacement effort from the self-sufficient to the docile. Look at China’s pension age and demographic decline. Any society geared toward the deathstyle of atheism is doomed.
No private gun owner has forced me to buy them wood polish, if you catch my drift.

I don’t have to pay for the children of blood relations, I have no personal joy or legal control of raising them, so why complete strangers? Welfare is impossible to bridge in a multiracial society, eventually the useless eaters will outnumber the producers.

When the State absorbs the full cost of fucking and childbearing, socialism, the true cost is borne on the responsible, twice over. First, when they lose their own opportunity and second, to see it given to another, claiming to be needier.

What is need, in the paradigm of personal responsibility (empowering) and tough love?
This isn’t a Christian society anymore, this is a scientific secular one.
AKA no emotional appeals and no virtue of charity.

Why can’t we choose which causes our taxes fund? Why is a childless bachelor pressured by the ageist notion they should put children first?

The see-saw is closer to bumping over, what happens when we can’t write any more checks to breeders?

We’ll be sending them the bill. They are the future, after all. And the future is national debt in need of payment. Slavery, voluntary slavery, may return.

These societal ills would never exist without the money funding them.
Turn off the money spigot and the degeneracy dies.
All it takes is one syphilis case rotting on national TV and hook-up culture would look decidedly less sexy, contrary to what Hollywood portrays.

Legalizing all the hardest drugs (and only the hardest drugs) on condition of refusing the users medical treatment would solve this in under a year.

To correct stupid, simply take off the controls placed by the non-stupid.
High time preference kills.

The training wheels and safety bubble of modern society is its greatest blue pill.

Video: Knife Attack – spot the r types, spot the Ks

I would’ve booked it out of there when he did the pocket shuffle trying to cross the road, about 2 minutes in. You back away from that type and don’t break the visual until you turn a corner, then sprint. Zig zag across the street if you have to.

They do this…. it’s hard to explain but it’s like an angsty teen as the emotion builds up, the tension and they’re building up to lash out. Pockets = weapons.

They seem to think merely holding a gun is like an impenetrable defensive shield and how dare anyone consider violating their personal space. In a woman, that’s the sort of attitude that makes it easier for the rapist, since you don’t take real defensive measures.

That cameraman though.

what wut wtf shock surprise slow turn eh littlefinger pause got

Dude. No.