A page on autogynephilia, the male sexual attraction to oneself as a woman


I wonder if the tidal rise of gynocentrism in culture has anything to do with the increasing number of men identifying as ‘women’. Maybe they figure they’ll get some respect or recognition that way.

“This self-selection process explains the intriguing observation that transitioning homosexual transsexuals tend to be physically smaller and lighter than their autogynephilic sisters. (6) The bottom line is that in homosexual transsexuality, too, a sexual calculus is often at work. Transsexualism is largely about sex — no matter what kind of transsexual one is.”

Medical ethics of performing mutilating surgery aside, duh.

Where’s the legal protection for knowing what born-sex (real scientific chromosomal sex) one is sleeping with? Can feminists get on that rape law? It isn’t consent if you’re lied to in the decision-making process.