Racial difference in terminal hair length?

I don’t know whether this is true but I wouldn’t be surprised knowing differences like gestation time.

A lot of black women seem to believe this, you’ll see the metrics swirling around on their haircare forums, hence the highlight. Growth phase should be in months, like babies, but OK. Suspicious that the mean difference is 4″ each time and a round one per year. Want to see a study but who would fund it?

More on hair for men (and women too I guess)

That post was far more popular than expected (it zipped to #1 top popular post) so I’d like to share some recent findings.

Most baldness is caused by an excess of DHT (plus genes, aging, stress but we can’t change those). Drinking green tea among other things can help neutralize this in the body if you catch it early enough. There are plenty of resources on that. Don’t go too far the other way or you might grow manboobs (so I’d suggest you avoid actively estrogenic soy products, as they can recommend, unless you already have tits, in which case be my guest and tell me how that works out).

Black tea hair rinses strengthen the shaft but it can colour your hair like a tint (I don’t know if white tea works as well but blondes, give it a shot). Also, white tea is the healthiest of all teas to drink but watch the steep time, it’s shorter than you think. I wasted great tea that way. Don’t add a damn thing, that’s flavour’s expensive. You learn to like it.


Bone broth, bone marrow and other sources of protein reach your hair and skin last. This is why skin and hair condition closely reflect the state of your recent health. Doctors look for it. Special diets e.g. ketogenic, can negatively impact your hair quality if you aren’t careful. Trial and error, I’m afraid.

Scalp massages with diluted essential oils. Best done 10 minutes before you’re due to shower.

Hair masques on the midlength to end are vital if you have long hair (and wear it down a lot, exposing it to the elements and friction of being). Recipes should include fats you would happily eat, embrace your inner hippy on this one.

You probably have vitamin deficiencies if there seems to be no other explanation for grey hair.

Random links to get you started;






Last on that list is green tea.

As you can imagine from all this, I get complimented on my hair constantly. I use no leave-in product (it can build up a residue and ‘suffocate’ the hair shaft). Although you can’t eliminate things like split ends because life happens, if most of your hair looks good, nobody will notice let alone care.

Good luck on your journey to this;

Awwwww yeah.

Looks are important for men, case study hair

Holy hell I know straight men who’d go gay for 1940s man. Notice how different he looks? He looks like a different person in every era, because the hair styling accentuates or downplays different parts of him. In my estimation he goes from a 6 in some (70s ew) to a 10 in others (send me back to the 40s please). Grooming is important as hygiene, men are pretending to not understand as an excuse to be lazy but look! Look at what a difference it makes!


Do you really think all the men bemoaning how women nowadays don’t dress well have no counterpart in the sex that single-handedly keeps the Looks Industry afloat?

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Personally, I think it’s such a tragedy when a man with a strong razor-straight jawline grows a beard (beards were supposed to hide weak jawlines, men with good jaws should NEVER get them). He loses one of his best physical assets.

Study: Long hair makes women more attractive (phenotypic quality)

Click to access Mesko.et.al.2012.EIIC.pdf


The Face and Head Hair of Woman : Long Hairstyle as an Adaptive Means of Displaying Phenotipic Quality


While numerous research of an evolutionary perspective have been focused on female facial and physical appearance, there have been relatively less investigation into the effects of hairstyle on women’s facial attractiveness. The aim of our study was to examine the effects of long head hair on the aesthetic evaluations of female facial attractiveness in four dimensions of perception related to mate choice (maturity, sexiness, femininity, health). On the basis of the good genes model of sexual selection theory we hypothesized that the only individuals who can afford the costs of growing long hair are those of an above-average phenotypic and genetic quality. According to our results, long hairstyle has a more positive effect on the evaluation of the female faces initially considered less attractive than on those faces initially considered more attractive (on the basis of their facial proportions).