Stealthing obviously is a form of rape

Why don’t the sexes trust each other?

They shouldn’t, don’t trust any stranger.

Why do you think the internet is right?

Have you not bothered to look up the laws in your area?

Consent is very precise contractual law.

If she consents with a condom, and you remove the condom and proceed – that’s clearly rape.

Read the CPS guidelines (UK), it’s clearly non-consensual or they wouldn’t be trying to hide it.
That fact alone shows what they’re really up to.
You change something, you ask. And if they say no, you don’t do it.
That’s the verbal part in verbal consent.

There’s no maybe or if about this. And that’s a sign the law works because it protects people from unexpected sexual contact (non-consensual).

Giving something a kitsch little name doesn’t make it less creepy, it makes it moreso.

Notice they seem to want to spread their own STDs?

Why are so many young men retarded enough to consciously assume every woman is on the Pill at all times? [porn]

And that it works? [porn]

And ‘no trace’? It’s right up there with the PUA BS about ‘alpha STD protection’.

I’ve met more sexually literate children who’d balk at that.

Old joke: what do you call a man who uses the pull out method?

A father.

They don’t really enjoy the ‘way it feels’ or they’d get one of those innovative Fleshlights with all the weird and wonderful shapes.

They’re r-types, they enjoy the deceit.
They enjoy the rape.
Whether it’s at a conscious level or not, it’s a known r-selected breeding habit.

On a related note:

Men can’t even trust random women.

70 per cent of the offences reported to the British Transport Police are sexual assaults on women, 20 per cent are ‘outraging public decency’ (masturbation), six per cent exposure and two per cent sexual assault on men.

Sick bitches. Lock them up.


Taylor Swift proves harassment still illegal

Where did this idea come from that celebrities won’t sue?


ur kiddin, right?

They have the most incentive to sue.

Trespassing another’s body is still illegal.

And creepy if you think you’re sexually entitled enough to be allowed to touch anyone you want.

Illegal if a man, a woman or both does it!
Who thinks they can get away with this? Who is that dumb?

TSwift went up in my estimation, I’ll tell you.

Video: Shun fake femininity

Especially when it comes from tarts in full-face makeup who have videos about not wearing a short skirt because it isn’t modest.*


Remove branch, bitches.

You can’t preach something unless you live it.

These are original virtue signallers, fake Ks, paper Ks. Listen to what they want – control. They dictate their version of the Bible as the only one. That isn’t following the Bible, that’s following them pointing to a Bible if you dare questiion why you’re doing this.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing indeed.

A person with truth, let alone divine truth, doesn’t mind being questioned.

On another video they misunderstand male logic. They assume heterosexual men don’t sexually look at beautiful women. Really that stupid (but actually a practical excuse to shame ‘sexy’ women….to a man that could mean anything). I felt like mentioning this. They never question why even fully-clothed women are harassed, stalked and raped. Why do men keep photos of clothed women or just their faces? It has nothing to do with what you wear, the Bible says not to look with lust (ogle), it doesn’t blame the victim and say you shouldn’t be seen with lust, the first part nips that in the bud and it’s something women have no control over. How many kings are led astray because the sexes were reversed?

Fake traditional women are atheist, it’s like a shiny dress to play Good Girl like a priest outfit has the collar. They seek attention and that’s why the fucking YT channel of fake pep and perkiness (you are not girls, the word doesn’t exist in the Bible, it’s a 20th century use). This Holier than Thou No True Scotsman Bible-Pointing atheism is code for Future SJW, when they can conveniently (see how that works? never wrong) claim to have lost faith or that God abandoned them (sure, it’s God’s fault you’re weak). They will turn on you when it suits them. They believe if there’s no societal punishment, it must be good. Consider how dangerous that is, as friend or more.

What do they omit?

It’s narrow to say the Bible was the first historical source of those philosophies, however true.
Everyone who actually studies hermeneutics will know it’s ripped off various texts, including pagan ones.
The Bible says to test something to know if it’s true. If it conforms to nature and natural law (what religion shoots at) then it’ll match. Otherwise, falsehood or mistranslation, look again.
They tell you to accept blindly the hundredth version of a culturally bound book. Faith is blind, your actions shouldn’t be. This emphasizes thought process when they cannot think and what is claimed against what is done.
God’s word is tricky to define if you look to theology. Where does it stop? All gospels written? Papal gospels? Monk and nun philosophers? Saint’s proclamations? What to do in cases of conflict? They answer none of this, indicating they have thought of none of it and understand none of it.
Parrots are not people. God is watching. God knows your heart. In good faith doesn’t refer to brain, it constantly refers to heart. That’s an Egyptian and Greek concept, btw.
Even in the Bible, it says not to trust anyone who adds to it. After it.
OK, what about other books? The Bible isn’t one book, stupid Americans.
They think they can dominate the Word by saying Muh 3 types of women giggle giggle, making me sick with the fake laughter and chirp. Cackling Jezebels salivating at an opportunity to cause others to stumble. Where’s the positive advice? Hell, where do you get this three types from?
Nope, according to everything I read directly, you’re either a Christian or not. CHINOS, fake Christians, count as nothing, potentially much worse for being hypocritical and thinking they can trick God. What worse crime is there than that, it’s a form of perverting and insulting the Holy Spirit.
I’ve long since come to the conclusion that Americans cannot read. They need to be spoon fed and have everything spelled out, the novels have it – no such thing as subtle. They’ve turned rudeness and simplicity into phony virtues – bravery and minimalism. Where is bravery in that context or the 7 virtues? The opposite of minimalism is humility that you don’t know everything – Greek again, therefore you literally cannot follow all of God’s will because you will never know the full mind of God. See how quickly this exposes blasphemy? Where did they quote the Bible? Not once. How many times did they say Bible? In places it acknowledges it contradicts and takes a lax approach on things that don’t matter if, and I mean IF, your heart is true.
Does their heart seem true to you?
Back to reading, OK, you might say: tell me how.
Understanding the spirit of the time and the historical context allows you to READ the Bible. There are no conflicts in this way, only case studies.
Yes, God’s law is very literal.

It never ends. You don’t stop studying. This won’t diminish your understanding or enjoyment whatsoever. There’s nothing to lose. Medieval scholars didn’t limit themselves to canonical text, did they?

..How can you preach something you don’t know yet?

They want a protector, a shield. They don’t want a husband. How quickly would they divorce him, citing bad faith? In itself, that’s a loaded die of bad faith argument. Bible says to bring into the fold and leave be, not to abandon the flock.
These women are more dangerous than prostitutes for that reason, they pursue the good with evil in their hearts.

What did the Bible say about women preachers?

Oh wait.

Granted, there are passages you may interpret in favour.
Still, to be on the safe side, why isn’t your husband speaking for you?


Well… that’s the Sisterhood of feminism, in practice.
You don’t get to giggle that you’re superior then.

*Modest is culturally dictated based on the society and your position. You dress neither higher nor lower than you are. This is etiquette 101, not being fake. Makeup that makes you look a totally different person is also a no.**
It isn’t modest to cover head to toe nowadays, it’s false pride. Don’t be Pharisees.
Look up the old etiquette books, they explain you must fit your role, including apparel.

Ya gotta be authentic.

Why do they dress like clones in their society and culture, if they’re expressing something unique?


People trying to control you in the name of Cause don’t want that.

**Ancient men wore more makeup than the women because they were outdoors more often, look it up. Eyeliner at the very least. It isn’t sexual, it’s health based. Yep, Jesus probably rocked guyliner.

Remember, back then Romans sported miniskirts and went nude to fight.

Nudity isn’t sexual.

Art tropes are interpretations of, not literally the Word.

So where the Hell do they get off lecturing on modesty?

How do they think Jesus bathed in rivers? Men wore full-length clothing to protect themselves from the Sun. In the Middle East. Go to the Middle East, no SPF. Go see why this was commanded.

If you disobeyed then?

Skin cancer!

The psychology of crybullies




It’s a coping tactic, it’s their catharsis.

Punching down, in effect.

“I’m the Real Victim Here TM.

They don’t want to learn to connect any other way.

It would be more obvious with physical violence. The parent or teacher who says I don’t care who started it is being unjust. The problem will recur because the instigator is not fingered.

How to handle illegals

I’m on holiday, obviously, but I have a few posts to pull out…

suggestions from

Aside from Stop the Gibs

before Right Wing Death Squads.

“They ought to start busting rich people who hire illegal housekeepers. Whatever the maximum fine for hiring an illegal is, sock it to them. That and the social humiliation of being outed as a SWPL who pays slave wages would be a powerful disincentive. Plus, Middle America needs to be reminded that the reason these people shill for illegal immigrants is that they don’t want to mop their own floors.”

“”The idea of “Loss aversion” is that people are more motivated to act out of fear of loss, than of desire for gain. Applied to deportations, rather than pay illegals to leave, it would be better to confiscate the belongings of any illegals who get caught and then send them back. Call it, “paying for their plane-ride home.” One high-publicity deportation of this kind may be enough to spark a tidal-wave of wet-backs trying to escape the country.
Better yet, if the “plan” to confiscate belongings happened to be “leaked” to the media, then the same results could be
achieved without the hassle of actually collecting any of that garbage. “”

“Here is what works:

(1) Round them up.

(2) Seize all their personal belongings and destroy them, publicly, right then and there. The French started doing that to gypsy camps; turns out bulldozing gypsy vans on site is much better than giving them money to drive away.

(3) Deport.

(3b) If you don’t have the money or the manpower to deport them or your neighbors won’t let you, you just f**king put them in camps. We do that in Bulgaria. It has taught them to give us a wide berth.”

“In addition to fining companies, also offer whistleblower bounties to people who report them for employing illegals.”

“Rather than fining the employers of illegals, we could probably kill two birds with one stone and de-SCALE megacorporations (especially in agribusiness) by seizing their assets instead. For instance, if some almond grower, whose orchards are so extensive that you can’t see from one end to the other due to the curvature of the earth, is caught employing illegals, 10% of their land will be seized and then sold at auction within 30 days of conviction (they should, of course, be barred from bidding on it). For a second offense, 25% of their (remaining) land, and so on. Money spent paying out a fine can always be earned back, but the supply of land is fixed, so this would be far more painful for them and give them more caution before hiring illegals.”

Also go after HR, who really hire these people and allow their phoney paperwork.

You could introduce an illegal-hiring tax, sizable, atop what they already pay.

On A Day Without Immigrants
“A caller to a local radio show claimed that almost 100 spics failed to show up at the factory where he works and that,
despite their absence, production was at nearly 100%. At the end of the day, he claimed to have overheard managers discussing how they might be able to “surplus” some employees. Huge if it’s not fanfiction.
The main result of the protest seems to be that large numbers of normies are now aware that we don’t actually need these immigrants at all.
There were also multiple reports that many of the participants in the protest were under the impression that it would be a paid holiday, a perception which the organizers apparently encouraged.”

Ford measured individual productivity, and this was in whites.

You can replace Mexico with anywhere no sane person wants to live.
“The minority berates you for racism as he discusses the benefits of racial eugenics. The comment was from two years ago and I wonder what this latinx thinks about the Trump phenomenon. I imagine he isn’t too happy (karma is a bitch). Mexican immigrants in particular maintain a couple of conflicting beliefs and ideas about themselves and about their new host country, namely:
1) Mexico is such a terrible shithole that forcing me to return is a crime against humanity, BUT
2) Mexicans are so amazing and hardworking that the United States would literally collapse without them, BUT
3) When Mexicans take over they are going to take vengeance and turn the United States into Mexico, BUT
4) Refer back to point 1.”

You can’t negotiate with the retarded.

You can only trump them and let them come up with excuses.

“Sympathy is the mind killer.”

“if you live in a major metro or a state like CA or TX, you should dialing them a few times a month. don’t limit yourself to mexicans. rundown chink/bindi convenience stores, hotels, laundry mats, and restaurants all rely on slave labor from their relatives on expired visas to keep doors open.”
Slavery in the First World, and the Left treats it like a good thing.

“Just wanted to add that while removing any illegal is worthy, keep in mind that through reporting suspected illegals you might actually be helping victims of human trafficking go back home and get their traffickers put in jail or f**king deported.
Houston has had a few HT busts over the past few years. I think the last one I read about there were actual child prostitutes brought in from Mexico and/or Central America.
Of course, this comes all the way back around to why lax immigration enforcement is a bad thing to begin with.”
Better borders, no sex slavery trafficking rings.

“besides which, advocating for any form of violation of immigration law is treason, and last I checked that was a serious crime”
and aiding and abetting

“Really looking forward to family reunification (sending the anchors back).”

All the extended family, who claim disability for a normal back. They’d run pretty quickly if chased by dogs.

“According to the alleged victim, the younger of the two suspects solicited her for sex in a school hallway. When she refused, he forced her into a boy’s bathroom. Both the suspects then allegedly raped her inside a bathroom stall.”
The fact they treat all white women like hookers goes to show that mass deportations are going to happen. That should be a crime in itself but people let it go because they’re scared of being called the R-word. Cut the ghetto standards.

Faking age adds fraud onto the list.
“Trump demands that schools bone-scan age test illegals (and kick out students who are too old) or else be in violation of Title IX.”
When the far Left freaks out over biometric age testing, it will be a huge red pill. And if schools start doing, they’ll find most illegals lie like fiends about their age.”

More money.

“Haitians easily make my list of ethnicities that, not only should we not let any more in, we should kick out the ones we’ve already got. Citizen or no.
Jesus Christ, the degree of social dysfunction in that country is so bad you can see it from space.”
reply “Total coincidence: Haiti is the only country in the new world that experienced a successful slave revolt resulting in the death of all the white people. ”

Sometimes, dysgenics wins.

“lol at the guy in the video bitching about the lack of due process in deportations. after all, if there’s anyone who values fair treatment in the legal system and rule of law it’s definitely the group that openly flouts a foreign country’s
immigration laws as a means to the end of openly flouting that same country’s wage laws.”

James Kalb had one of his great lines about the kind of debate that every conservative has been in at least once. The liberal keeps asking “Why?” to every single conservative claim until the conservative is deep into epistomology, ontology, and metaphysics. Even if you remember every lemma from those scholastic philosophy courses that you took in seminary, 😆 the liberal will forget all about them and demand that you go through them again the next day.
The fact that they do this is one more proof of their shamelessness. If they really believed that we’re a bunch of mind-
shackled obscurantists, then they would be surprised by that reaction rather than take advantage of it.”

Dogpiling? That’s why you never let them derail and win on your original point before moving onto any other. Also, don’t let them play referee and recall appeal to moderation is a fallacy.
NPDs have a selective memory, AC discusses it. Has a book on how to counter.

We need e-verify here, and to stop the gravy train.
Tax remittance is a big one.

“This just proves that if Trump wants to solidify his electoral gains, he needs to move some of Obama’s refugees to Minnesota and New Hampshire.”

I’ve said we move all the immigrants and refugees into luvvie areas, especially Hampstead Heath.

Let them suffer the diversity.

Actual hatefacts to offend everyone

Nevermind, your fear is completely justified.

Feel free to make your own.

So let’s talk about the Red Pill, shall we?

This little red pill where any group is magically exempt from criticism… almost like a privilege. Offense is “how dare you imply my demographic is morally fallible!”

Shall we?