Sadly needed

You’ve always needed permission to take someone’s picture, especially in public places like London.

There’s nothing stopping you taking pictures of people in public places within reason, but if you start shoving your zoom lens up their nostrils or taking action shots of their every step, there’s a chance you might get a clip around the ear from your aggrieved subject or possibly face a legal charge of harassment or breach of the peace.

aka PUA videos must be fake or the subject would sue.

Harassment is defined as a ‘course of conduct’ (so it has to happen at least twice) that causes another person ‘alarm or distress’, but we have to say that the bullying and aggressive antics of the paparazzi would suggest that prosecutions are few and far between.

The press have police protection. Normies do not.

With some countries having stronger privacy laws, UK snappers looking to commercially exploit images of recognisable people snapped without their consent may find international clients unenthusiastic unless a model release has been obtained.

For porn, which it isn’t.

Especially bad since they target little girls. Even targeting an adult is weird and unconsenting.

There’s also a remote chance that photographs of people in public places may be subject to the Data Protection Act,

and legal right to privacy

right to the use of their likeness

reputation damages

but that’s pretty unlikely if there’s no other identifying information accompanying the image.

You can normally identify people, actually. Again, one law for them… another for everyone else.

That MP knows nothing.

Some places that we think of as being public do have photo restrictions, and there are bylaws governing the requirement of getting written permission from the relevant authority/owner and paying a hefty fee and this includes Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square and the Royal Parks.

Photos of celebrites on the Tube weirds me out. Leave them alone. For a while Tom Hiddleston had some dedicated stalkers there.

We didn’t need this in the 20s or hell, the 19th Century, when women were nearly popping out of their tops with bare shoulders and arms.

People didn’t randomly try and rope strangers into making fetish porn.

Part of the fetish is the unconsenting part.

In the most serious cases, those convicted of secretly photographing underneath someone’s clothing without their consent in England and Wales will be placed on the sex offender register. 

Without their consent. Operative words.

You need a signed model release (signed after they’ve approved of the images) if it’s going to be spread from one device to another and especially published online.

Such invasive behaviour is currently prosecuted under either the offence of outraging public decency or as a crime of voyeurism under the Sexual Offences Act. 

That Emma Watson photo was sick.

No escape

Lauer’s office was fashioned with a button under his desk that “allowed him to lock his door from the inside without getting up.”

Without them seeing that it was locked until they tried to escape.

But these men aren’t sexual predators, right?

What do predators do, target, provoke fear and prevent it from escaping?

It’s boys being boys, middle-aged? We can trust older men.

I’m sure all the women he used that button on were the instigators, just trying to ruin his reputation.

Who doesn’t have a sex dungeon button in their office?

And obviously women should feel safe around married men.

Predators ruin their own reputation, there is nothing to ruin.

You act like a degenerate over many years, that’ll be your rep.

It’s been established (that film sucked).

Sue for false imprisonment. It is.

“Actual physical restraint is not necessary for false imprisonment to occur.”

That or kidnapping.

“or the confining of a person to a controlled space.”

It’s tantamount to handcuffing someone to a bed.

Equal standards, poor kid.

Forcing any sexual contact (including coercion, seen here) amounts to sexual violence.

He should sue.

Definition here:

Sexual violence and abuse is any behaviour of a sexual nature which is unwanted and takes place without consent or understanding.

Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature in the workplace

  • Unwanted touching or physical contact

  • Unwelcome sexual advances

A lot of people are guilty of this one.

Thinking that hiding behind a screen makes it not count.

Unsolicited = unconsented.

You can only cry “it was consensual” to a judge later on if you actually, explicitly ask about the thing. You’re online, there’s no excuse.

Hookers always like sexual interest

Most women don’t.

That’s normal. We aren’t wired that way. It’s funny how the same men saying “sex differences!” until the cows come home then try and hold women to hyper-masculine standards (porn addict) of sexuality and game-ness. It’s chemically impossible, you’d need to find a tranny for that, someone medically male.

Plenty of healthy women just feel awkward when speaking to a stranger on any condition, let alone one who clearly doesn’t care about your rights (including to be left alone), who you are and just wants the dreaded One Thing.

This person is nobody and nothing (to us), yet the entitlement prevails.

It’s this entitlement, bolstered by power over the target or not, that everyone is objecting to. It’s so simple a child could understand. Other people’s bodies do not belong to you. You don’t get to touch them. That’s it.

It isn’t friendly, friends aren’t physically tactile.

I come from a country where people rehearse what they’ll say on the phone to the bank and talk about the weather with an over-friendly cashier just to get through it. This is normal, strangers shouldn’t be too agreeable with each other, that’s an r-selected trait to love ‘meeting’ new people and very dangerous for the person.

Most of us have our head screwed on straighter. We can’t win, we try to minimize the risk of being a victim (it’s never zero, for anyone) and we’re still insulted by people who think their desires over-ride your rights. Here in Britain we just think – ugh, rude. It’s typical American crassness. You just don’t comment on a person’s physical appearance until you’re very close friends, sometimes not even then.

Americans keep expecting everyone should be as gregarious as a playboy bunny at a sex convention. 1. Fuck you, America. 2. That’s never, ever going to happen.

Sexual attention is an insult, to most people, in most of the world.
It insinuates they’d be low enough to accept advances.

A basic right is to be respected, shown by leaving them alone. Property rights start with the body. This isn’t Eve Teasing, you aren’t a child touching a bauble because you like the look of it. More adults need to exercise impulse control. Men used to be pioneers at self-control, and now look what porn has done to you, absolutely ruined.

You see, porn has absolutely brainwashed men in one way clearly – porn stars can never say no.

Bear in mind, they must be paid to surrender that right, with contracts and terms.

Healthy women are shy and retiring, in general. This is a good thing, a social good, and one of those things the stupid men complaining about MeToo are completely missing – feminine women don’t like being stalked. They should feel safer, at work or walking down the street, like a man shouldn’t be followed by a gang down an alley.

The broken ones are saying things like

Millet, 69, whose bestselling 2002 memoir The Sexual Life of Catherine Mdetailed how she “loves to suck men’s cocks” and enjoyed taking it in every orifice during orgies involving up to 150 people, had previously and reliably provoked the nation last month when she said she “really regretted not having been raped because I could have shown that you get over it.”

Serious question: is it possible to rape someone who never says No?

Men need to stop assuming any woman is ‘up for it’ – look at the stats, sluts are a minority. It is offensive because we have reputation laws too. When do we bring back the gigantic hat pins to stab these bastards?
Sure, I propose we give women guns and a right to defend themselves.

Newspapers across the country began reporting similar encounters with “mashers,” period slang for lecherous or predatory men (defined more delicately in Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie as “one whose dress or manners are calculated to elicit the admiration of susceptible young women”). A New York City housewife fended off a man who brushed up against her

a fetish called frottage

on a crowded Columbus Avenue streetcar and asked if he might “see her home.” A Chicago showgirl, bothered by a masher’s “insulting questions,” beat him in the face with her umbrella until he staggered away.

My hero.

Yes, give everyone a right to defend themselves. See what happens.

Legalize pepper spray at least. Any man who complains is obviously a sex pest.

Conflating verbal abuse with chatting is like confusing using a knife on a roast dinner with serial killing, it’s a blatant false equivalence and justifies the abusers, who always pretend to be rainbows and pure intentions. We have just as much sympathy for male victims but you’ll notice, like most sexual crimes, the perps tend to be male (there’s your red pill, shove it) and since most men are statistically straight, most victims of predators are female. That still isn’t the woman’s fault, stop blaming Mommy.

Nobody is questioning the male on male homicide data so denialism of harassment is backward.

We’re the first generation to try and do it. Slutty people (r-types) have a pathologically aggressive response to being told No, it’s their damage (hypofrontality). Like a toddler, narcissistic rage tends to get them what they want, if society permits it. Society has done nothing for too long, else Rotherham and the like would never have happened. Society must either shame this (now un-PC to shame anything) unhealthy hypersexuality or ban certain behaviours (as they used to be, pre-Sexual Revolution) like the bobby chasing down a ruffian with his baton for shouting at (cat-calling) ladies on bikes; one time, one of them beat the guy who wouldn’t stop pawing at her with an umbrella, I read (this was considered self-defense, and defending her own honour). Update: not the one I linked to. Honour-defending is coming back in, like it or not, especially online. Those are the only options and you brought it on yourselves, these aggressive child-like people can’t be trusted to socialize like responsible adults. You shouldn’t be forced to chase down strangers in the street, you aren’t invited to the same social gatherings because you can’t compete in their league, just accept it and know your place. There’s a clear class thing going on here too. Nobody talks about it.

Without religion, there’s no public etiquette enforceable anymore and until we can go back to shaming and stigmatizing antisocial people, there will be more public scrutiny and hashtags. For civil balance, there has to be, else there will be more unrest.

Shame on you, CD. Most women are not prostitutes like you.

If a man won’t take disinterest as final, we have laws written up on this for a reason. They’re closely related to begging laws,also a crime. You have a right to be left alone and respected in your space, in public. That is a human right.

I will point out white countries never had this pervasive harassment problem until we imported various non-whites who think you’re the rude one for not responding to their holler asking what dat mouth do.

Sort that out if you want women to dress nicer as a group, right now we’re trying to minimize ourselves as a target overall, with androgyny. It’s like Clark Kent’s glasses, which we also nicked.

A person who might pen you in or hit you for ignoring them (there are videos online) has no place in the First World. Savages cannot be civilized.

How women feel being chatted up

Picture the bus or train creep.

They act like you engaged them in a conversation. That, or you owe them in their mind because forming a sentence is the new standard of bravery for numales. 0-60 or you’re a “bitch”, or, ironically a “whore”, which is who they should be soliciting for that. (Why don’t women like modern men? Maybe because you won’t stop insulting us for having human boundaries?)
Like a dog with a chew toy, they refuse to let you politely leave.
Nothing is more inane than how much they supposedly lift, how much they supposedly make, how good a ____ they supposedly are…


This applies even if we fancy you at first. The interest level drops. Modern men are more vapid than the average woman in any previous time period. We’re instinctively repulsed by this. Men needed courting so we could slowly care about your bullshit.
What do you think the common whine ‘but he’s different!’ is referring to?

You’re insulting us. We aren’t shallow. You clearly are (with men, it’s science and porn doesn’t help). You get rejected. You call us shallow, despite turning down someone superficially a good catch. You brought it up?

Do you cuss out companies if they don’t select you for a job?

No, that would be stupid. Women talk, so this isn’t any less stupid.

Related to the deceptive guy who claims to be friendzoned (you said you just wanted to be friends, you said you didn’t want to date, you invited hang-outs…) mixed messages weirdos, becoming an ogre that totally justifies your rapedar instinct in .5 milliseconds – you were never in the running because women cannot think with a penis we do not have

At least they can’t complain of something else like strangerzoned. Entitled prissy bitches. It has never been socially acceptable to solicit people in the street. You aren’t arrested, that doesn’t make it normal or acceptable. You’re signalling that you lack social connections or skills to get any woman to pay social attention to you without chasing her. Literally, physically stalking her down a street and yes, it is stalking. At most, they offer you their number, you don’t have to ask. This is how socializing works and you don’t automatically assume it’s a sexual thing. Not everyone is desperate or looking.


this, the apex of the loser pyramid

No means no but no also means fuck off when you have to repeat it.

You can’t change it. It’s biologically impossible. In thinking you can change it, there’s something wrong with you or you’re a rapist who doesn’t actually care what the lady thinks.


We have a phrase “…who are you?” trans. for Americans: you are nothing to me, leave me alone.

It’s the original stay in your lane. Bosses use it too, it isn’t sexual. It can also mean stop talking if a person must be in a meeting room. It works by the power of awkward silence and body language, like …women.

Then after intruding on personal space in public (every society has rules), being rude repeatedly and trying to force interactions (up to physical contact, unwanted, unsolicited, technically illegal*), you present us with a choice to accept this hostile takeover bid or reject you.

Yes, I wonder why the rejection rate for cold approaches is almost 100%.

It’s a mystery for all of time.

I have witnessed women troll men who come up to them. Wastehistime was a response to wastehertime, if you look it up. As in, if you want to play emotional head games, women will win. I don’t advocate talking to anyone this desperate because as well as verbal hostility (ugly) they are probably literally violent.

Ask yourself, since male upper body strength is twice that of women, approximately the same divide as regular men to NFL players;

Why should we have to let down gently an entitled stranger who wasn’t smacked as a child?

…Exactly, they’re not our problem. We escape the situation.

The men complaining about women who complain about harassment is like playing spot the vegan but reducing your rape odds. They could go to a gay bar for a month and report on what it’s like…..? They never do.

What to do?

Don’t approach strangers randomly. We can see the stink lines of desperation. We’re embarrassed for you. Think: do they talk to me like a child? Well, you don’t know this is something humans don’t do. So yeah. Valid.

*you can’t just go up grabbing people, that’s assault
if it’s only friendly, you’d do it with men as often

You want a connection, expand your friend groups. Yes, hard work, like all relationships. This also controls for people on your own level who will respond to you.


Bitch is now a compliment solely because these losers have changed the accepted definition of it.

Video: Aziz the Creep

Your skin colour isn’t a pass on abuse of power.

He’s always been a two-faced creep, like most male feminists, and especially those who aren’t white, but spend all their time bashing white men. It’s so you abandon the men and he can predate on you.

Yes, shephard, leave your flock. They don’t deserve you, they’re independent and responsible for any situation they’re in. This type also lie about what a situation is until you get there, common in Hollywood. Whatever happens, they can play the Psychic Card i.e. you should’ve known what the situation is without me asking you.

Victim blaming, you’ll notice. Offers don’t work like that.

You don’t go on a date unless consent is given, that’s kidnapping, so how does less consent go here?

If men want us to trust them, they can’t call us stupid when that backfires.

He was bitching Jennifer Lawrence ignored him and his texts (asking her out) and the public pressure from his status made her cave and appear with him in public but she friendzoned him like he deserves. He still attention-seeks with her like a puppet. Stay in your lane, grossboy.

How long until James Cameron or Steven Spielberg? Are they too big?


Alcoholism doesn’t > pedophilia

“We will be happy to perform our play in its entirety on stage at the Old Vic.”

Loved the Shakespeare. I must speak.

I love how they’re trying to contain it to Hollywood.
On the other hand, I love TayTay’s replica theory video more than anyone.
Silicon Valley? Banking/Finance? Modelling? How low can you go?

This is one of many – predators – and industries.

It’s disturbing they, the lay public, seem to care more when men were the victims than the army of Weinstein victims. I hope it’s because of the minor element but most predators, even hetero, have a flexible view of consent.

I thought you’d like my thoughts before I go suspiciously quiet again.
All this work makes me hungry, I forget where I hide my snacks like a god damn squirrel.

Be professional at work, we’re all human. You can be a dick on your private time.

Clue: a rule among many Hollywood couples is “Gay doesn’t count.”