The PC mania of JK Rowling

Other PC people are now going:

You will always lose by the PC rules eventually.

She writes for kids because kids can’t question it.

Also, putting your politics in a fantasy is a really, really dumb move.

Everyone’s going to lose interest in GOT forever once we know who wins, and that’s well-written. It’s just too violent, relativist and depressing.

Calling it, Ginny was a hermaphrodite raised as a girl and Filch had a voyeurism fetish.

Video: Scruton on Harry Potter

You let Rowling off way too fucking lightly.

Who do you think made Millennials such insufferable cunts?

Nobody really mocks her.

She’s so ripe for it.

She’s like reverse Trump, a billionaire who earned nothing, sucked up alimony while writing in her friend’s wine bar (don’t we ALL have a friend who owns an upmarket trendy wine bar?) and won’t stop sticking her oar into politics.

At least Trump ran for office.
Run for office or STFU.

She was in the news for years with bollocky right-on lefty tweets, Trump picked up her formula.

Here’s a fun word for her

By the way, if you want a common sense philosophical academic to idealise, Sir Scruton is a class act. A truly living legend. No idealisation is necessary. Peterson would be his apprentice, and he’d be happy to be.

Mealy-mouthed appeals to Love replaced God at Hogwarts, Dumbledore gave soapbox speeches on it to the Serpentine Satan figure. The love of cupboard-lovers is worthless. Their ties are convenient and weak.

The “wizarding world” is typified by gullible idiots like Mr Weasley, who was due to die originally. They side with the invaders to their vulnerable society against one of the few people intelligent enough, after knowing the Muggle threat from WW2, to try and protect them. Like Native American reservations. Ollivander called Voldemort great. Tell me, if the wizarding world was set to die without the invasion, why did the Muggleborns care? The most obnoxious characters like the Mary Sue Hermione are traits you are meant to grow out of, she is totally ignorant and dismissive of key wizarding beliefs e.g. divination, because in a tantrum, she fails to understand them. She had a home to return to. What about Ron? Everyone forgets Ron. Harry was already an orphan but Ron is the typical wizard, dull and unethical about his powers. Hermione frequently verbally abuses him for existing. Pureblood privilege? Yet he marries her in a classic case of long-term abuse victims falling to pathological altruism. Hermione is a conqueror, an interloper nobody liked in the first book, a cultural appropriater par excellence, who wishes to steal what parts of wizarding culture she likes, to combine it with her own, still loyal elsewhere to the group which killed these people, and to discard the parts she is too stupid to understand, as if she has any right. If the options are to die without the likes of Hermione (who becomes their political leader in pure Sue fashion) or to lose anything their new conquerors find too traditional, aren’t they already dead? Who disgraces the name of wizard/witch, but Hermione?

Can you really rip off an entire culture from reading books for a few years, let alone lead it?

She’s a dirty weeb. Mudblood indeed.

In Cursed Child, you know she’d be a frequent torture victim as a spy, not a teacher.

The SPEW plot is a key example of category error, she fails to acknowledge house elves are not human, they are Plato’s natural slaves. They are symbiotes to the wizarding world and keeping animals down in their place is something humans do. Imagine giving tigers freedom to roam around humans. That’s like giving a goblin a wand. She is dangerously retarded, slow to understand the differences have reasons. Wizards are lazy because their functional structure means they can afford to be.
At best, house elves had the minds of children (yes, like her) and we carefully supervise what intellectually disabled people are allowed to do or work on in this world. Silly little girl. Capricious and arrogant, all Snape had to do was let her drink a fatally flawed potion of her own making, because Her Way is the Right Way. Imagine atheistkult meets WOW.

She complains about seeing the future because she is more of an inept dullard than Ron at it, but the bitch can travel through time!

How is that sheer level of ignorance even possible in a fantasy book for kids?

In Rowling’s world, the physical weakness of laziness, is the ultimate power. Scream your feelings until what you want happens, by magic. No sweat required, even dying involves no bloodshed.

Bear in mind, the witch trials happened, and it was effectively a genocide of women, with a focus on the elder crone-types and intelligent herbalists. Where are they now?

As I said before, Rowling is an Ultracrepidarian.

A polite term for speaking out of her place.

Who ripped off the Worst Witch, the first famous British story about a magic school.

You want to redpill Millennials?
Expose Rowling. Make it a meme. Never let it go.

Fun fact: aside from the overtly sexist switching of female characters to male that made HP popular and the overtly racist Brit-only hiring policy, Chris Coulson’s an actor in Harry Potter 2, after being in a Worst Witch sequel series. There may be other overlaps, I cba to check. I know people who worked with him so I’m pretty sure. Worried about typecasting.

For meme material, I humbly suggest

He’s selling the shit out of that tambourine. HP only got Jarvis Cocker.

Death, spare the Trumpkin, take the Rowling

“After an ex-fan said she burned all her Harry Potter books in response to J.K. Rowling’s anti-Trump views, the author fired back: “Guess it’s true what they say: you can lead a girl to books about the rise and fall of an autocrat, but you still can’t make her think.”‘

How can this woman call herself a feminist?
That was a completely misogynistic reply, why can’t she just die yet? I’m tired of seeing her smug plagiarist face every other week sneering at people for having an opinion and the autocrat is the one pushing political propaganda through shitty fictional kiddy books, not the guy elected by democracy.

She was never poor, she had massive alimony money, she wrote Harry Potter in a trendy wine bar a friend of hers owned.

She stole ‘Native American’ myths for her latest shit-heap and the SJWs didn’t dare call her out on it.

Anyone else would have been lynched on Twitter.

And every week now it seems like she starts on some poor bastard, who won’t be quoted in the papers with right of reply, she’s a bully, a bloody cyberbully.

Like Russell Brand, but somehow more of a cunt?
She’ll never run for political office either because then she’d need to act like an adult and stop sniping at people half her age or less.
She is a shriveled middle-aged hag whose books sold like damp eau de la taint when she used a pen-name, and she spends her leisure time acting like a mean girl on social media and sticking her big rhinoplastied nose into subjects she knows precisely jack-shit about.
She is the Guardianista proof of Dunning-Kruger, with no excuse that she lacks the money to Do Something!
Fake damsel in distress nonsense.
It’s approaching hysteria-levels, she is constantly moaning about something.
We get it, menopause makes you Hulk out.

Ultracrepidarian, <photo Rowling>.

At this point she’s ‘LOL JK’ Rowling.
It must be an elaborate piece of concern troll performance art.

SJWs start questioning Queen Rowling

She’s been playing you for saps and rolling in your money.

Hermione is white.

The play was a cashgrab.

This film series is a desperate search for relevance but can’t decide if it’s a kid’s film or something decent for the source material.

Her priority is your infantile fantasy money, the petard is so loud because she brandishes it at others, hoping you’ll never apply it to her. She’ll never release something that loses money. Ever.

By all means, hold your Queen of Diversity to the most rigorous standards.

How else do you expect everyone else to follow them?

Footnote: they count the Jewish characters as white, obviously.