Rise of anti-Millennial shitposting from Boomer outlets

Have you noticed? In the past year especially. Too many to link.

‘gerontocracy’, be prepared to see this term a lot this year


There’s a name for a political system in which elders rule: gerontocracy. And, even today, there are functional forms of this rickety ideology alive and well and living in Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Vatican City. The participants in these systems often point to the roots of democracy to justify the rule of the elderly, but it’s a specious argument based on tradition, a misreading of Plato, and an understanding of the aging process that — philosophically and scientifically speaking — leaves a lot to be desired.


Well, if anyone’s asking me for solutions (you should be) then we could just switch off their Obamacare and demand they be independent and stop being so lazy and get a job and pay for it themselves….. like birth control. End medical welfare, right?

If young people have to pay for their own pills, why shouldn’t the older people who’ve had years to save in a good economy?

The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation
The awakening.

Millennials may be the first generation in over 100 years to have a decrease of their average lifespan.

The hippy legacy – Death. A Biblical plague.

Notice hippie stuff hasn’t been trendy since the 90s? What’s in vogue? Coming soon to a Broken Glass Shop near you – new Hugo Boss line!

Almost sexual. I need to get out more.

They don’t tend to think of “big government” leading to higher taxes and heavier regulation. Once the possibility of higher taxes to support a larger government is mentioned, though, millennials’ support shifts.

I’ve been telling you to teach them about national debt and their heavily taxed non-retirement. They don’t get it – we’ll always be at the bottom of the pyramid, working ourselves in a psych ward/early grave.

It’s called informed consent, otherwise the rulings are false.

Under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, the cost of health insurance increases for young people to subsidize the cost of health insurance for the elderly

Millennials are fiscal centrists and social liberals

signalling fuckwits, yes
The champagne socialists deserve to lose it all and I’ve already predicted their downfall.
The mass rent shilling racketeers will end up where they belong, where all those who gamble in the stock market will go – the gutter.

All we need to do for property is wait for the holders to die. Nobody will want to buy at Ludicrous Speed prices. It’ll drop like a rock or bounce like a dead cat. Tuition will be written off to keep the bubble going (most politicians are landowners). This won’t work, happily. We aren’t dumb enough to buy stocks in worthless blue chips or diamonds either.

Yes, diamonds. You read that right.

They assume we’re all secretly rich as them and hiding our shekels under the mattress.

The Guardian in particular is redpilling some Green Party members with their intergenerational hate speech pozz. These people are saying Wait, what? Why should I do this for you? so TG is banning comments altogether. On ‘Comment is Free‘…


It’s hilarious.

My sentiment on the tide against PC.

My sentiment on the tide against PC.

Funny stuff I couldn’t be bothered to post one by one

Have at it, edgelords.

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This is not real but give it time.

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They didn’t see his porn collection…

The first feminists have a point.

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Depends. There’s an event horizon beyond which they’re damned.

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No other race willingly freed their slaves.

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He’s a sociopath, of course not.

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Nobody is that hungry.


My future child.


Video: Haters

I know it’s popular for white people to say haters aren’t real because it’s an excuse to laugh at black people without being called racist (as in who would envy them), but they’re actually right this time. Haters, human-shaped balls of spite, envy, bitterness, jealousy and of course, hatred, are completely real.

What are haters?
Who hate anyone who isn’t them.
Who hate success.
Who hate happiness.
Who hate accomplishment.
Who hate intelligence.
Who hate all that is good – 
In anyone who isn’t them.

That’s it.

Their only recourse and remedy is that phrase “misery loves company”.
They are the toxic people, the emotional vampires, the borderlines sucking away your identity and copying every little thing you do and like. The witches (olden days), the weirdos. They’re like a curse. Except they’re real. And they will bring you down, if you keep them around, because they must bring you down to like themselves. It’s all about them. They’re incapable of finer feeling. They’re parasitical.

Not to be confused with – valid disapproval.
Which is founded on logic. Impersonal. Principled. Objective. Concrete. Also applies to them.