Rape/murder gangs: r-type revenge?

This makes more sense to me than the AC explanation (no, women don’t want to get raped).

It’s a long comment.


So, what I found was that there was a rather large group of women, who weren’t very attractive, who dreamed of all the attractive and desirable women being killed; usually in rather grisly manners. And they apparently dreamed about it a lot.

That would explain the popularity of abuse, rape and murder tags in fanfiction. The writers are practically all-female.
They don’t imagine they are the Mary Sue, they imagine they are her competition.
Watching her get taken down.

This is, I think, the same thing that is happening in Europe. You have a lot of older unattractive women in charge, who are rather jealous of their younger counterparts (and trust me, no one can be more jealous than women, of other women) and they hate them and want to see them suffer. They know the muslims are rapists, they’ve always been rapists. They also know that the muslims will go for the young, attractive women. The women that they are not now and probably never were.

So this is them getting their revenge.

What better way than to ruin the white woman’s own total phenotypic diversity with dominant dysgenic outgroup genes?
And that’s why they only push for it around the poorer women, who can’t move away or marry up.

These are literal rape fantasists, but they aren’t imagining themselves.

Video: Haters

I know it’s popular for white people to say haters aren’t real because it’s an excuse to laugh at black people without being called racist (as in who would envy them), but they’re actually right this time. Haters, human-shaped balls of spite, envy, bitterness, jealousy and of course, hatred, are completely real.

What are haters?
Who hate anyone who isn’t them.
Who hate success.
Who hate happiness.
Who hate accomplishment.
Who hate intelligence.
Who hate all that is good – 
In anyone who isn’t them.

That’s it.

Their only recourse and remedy is that phrase “misery loves company”.
They are the toxic people, the emotional vampires, the borderlines sucking away your identity and copying every little thing you do and like. The witches (olden days), the weirdos. They’re like a curse. Except they’re real. And they will bring you down, if you keep them around, because they must bring you down to like themselves. It’s all about them. They’re incapable of finer feeling. They’re parasitical.

Not to be confused with – valid disapproval.
Which is founded on logic. Impersonal. Principled. Objective. Concrete. Also applies to them.

Article: I can tolerate anything except the outgroup

This is a gem.


My favourite part is this story;

Tolerance is definitely considered a virtue, but it suffers the same sort of dimished expectations forgiveness does.

Lack of standards, the 21st century problem.

The Emperor summons before him Bodhidharma and asks: “Master, I have been tolerant of innumerable gays, lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, transgender people, and Jews. How many Tolerance Points have I earned for my meritorious deeds?”

Bodhidharma answers: “None at all”.

The Emperor, somewhat put out, demands to know why not.

Bodhidharma asks: “Well, what do you think of gay people?”

The Emperor answers: “What do you think I am, some kind of homophobic bigot? Of course I have nothing against gay people!”

And Bodhidharma answers: “Thus do you gain no merit by tolerating them!”

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“If I had to define “tolerance” it would be something like “respect and kindness toward members of an outgroup”.”

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