Farage’s health tourism HIV comment statistics

From: http://order-order.com/2015/04/03/nigel-farage-is-right-about-health-tourism/#_@/LnXo70CvDPBc3Q

2,000 words;

2 pence – if the Established PC parties are in uproar, there must be an inconvenient truth.
With the virulent 2-year Cuba strain upcoming (gay tourism spot for a few years manifesting it) plus the combination therapies, the last straw before we time-travel back to the 80s, becoming ineffective, the answer to the charity cry is clear. How do we stop HIV? Wearing a fucking condom, you pricks.

Next he should mention the ‘examples’ of Hep C and TB. We are now TB capital of the Europe because of health tourism. He left an open goal.