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I call this one Damage Control.

UN Women damage control

You shouldn’t be cheering the $$$Victimhood because it happens to throw you the odd peanut.

Internet bitching is NOT a career. I’m putting my money where my mouth is by monetizing none of this site, can you bitches say the same? Vow: I’ll never make money off this site. I’m not a professional victim, or even a victim, as no crime has been committed against me. I’m here for the ideas, not the self-promotion poster child semantics (look at me! buy my e-book!) or emotional excuses for unmerited narcissism (secular selfishness justified by pride). Pride has always been considered the worst of the sins, enabling and emboldening the others.
Why am I hard on this male equivalent of social media? It’s therapy, literally. It’s video journalling to the internet. Having an opinion means nothing, nobody should pay you for it. Acting on your opinion uber alles. You’re no better than the bloggers at Jezebel and deep down, you know it. You aren’t a special snowflake.
The guys are equally bad at this attention-whoring BS. Shouldn’t you know better? Yet we see plenty of males posturing as victims looking for sympathy and using anecdotal imaginings to justify their low SES. Look up the fat acceptance tag on tumblr and it’s the same damn thing.
I find it ironic men incapable of sustaining themselves with a normal job gripe about the supposed historical injustice of soldiers and miners. While admitting it no longer applies and how women cannot physically perform those tasks, remember….


inb4 armchair philosophy is legit

  1. That’s an insult, as there is no proud tradition of shit-stirrers sitting on their arse and expecting other (real) men to do the work. Making you… nags. Congratulations, you’re transgender (really, it’s all about behaviour).
  2. Philosophers in liberal arts departments have more of a real job than Youtubers. More longevity too, with that sweet, sweet tenure cheese.

I edited this one from a pro-feminist comic to reflect reality. You can shop it around with credit for the editing.


I can do more if you enjoy losing IQ points.

There are so many stories about what a diva bitch she is.

Like, at least one time she threw a dog over a fence. Who does that???

Redux: Why SJWs Are Afraid of the #Gamergate Spotlight

formerly on ROQ, November 5, 2014, archived here:
Some links may be buggy. Video ones fixed.

dis gonna be good anticipation pull up a chair listen watch

trigger warning logic

Buckle up, buttercups.

What are social justice warrior princesses upset about? Everything, it seems. Recent fem-centric events taken together show a pattern of inconsistent hypocrisy. To lead in with a few examples…

…It’s like watching a Jekyll and Hyde transformation montage on a loop.

Taken separately, these Janusian outbursts have drawn mixed reactions from ordinary readers settling around puzzled. What exactly do these people want from us? Are feminists the new Morality Police, replacing the Church? They seem to have an opinion on all subjects, nothing is beyond their jurisdiction of judgement. They are judge, jury and doxxing, monstering career executioner. Insulting them or dissent on Twitter may soon incur a prison sentence, hence the term Feminazi. Their scope used to be confined to real-world events until Geek Culture found an increasing number of them infiltrating with the express intent to get works of fiction policed too and use comics as conversion tools. Feminism and its SJW subgroup are simply their means of social control. Gaming is among the most glamorous of these fandom outlets they are using to alter and mould the world into their Rainbow Utopian image. This is called Magical Thinking because if 100% of fiction were SJW-approved, it wouldn’t change the real world in any meaningful way.

Gamergate was prompted by the sex-for-success story of pen-name Zoe Quinn, who won an industry award with her friends on the judging panel. Conflicts of interest? According to the Politically Correct Party Line on the subject, no. Despite empowering herself by sleeping with her married boss, the leading press coverage came down to the antique accusation of misogyny. Believe it or not, women voicing opinions on the scandal, including non-white women, have been called misogynists or non-existent sockpuppets as a suppression method for rallying together. In typical fashion, these “social justice” people deliberately missed the points raised about professional objectivity.

This spark stuck for about a week until everyone on the internet collectively lost interest in Zoe Quinn and moved onto the real problem of abuse of authority in the gaming industry. Call it a conspiracy if you want, but evidence has been coming out to support the original claim of collaboration. The tired accusations from those in powerful positions had the opposite of their intended effect to silence critics of the critics and the conditions arose for the mere suspicions to grow into a full internet-wide investigation. Gamergate has brought together all real gamers from multiple platforms and websites in a fight against corrupt reporting and breaches of professional ethics. Predictably, those same brave gamers have been the target of a newspeak attack from the feminist-biased/social justice warrior cartel outlets to redefine the term “gamer” in the mainstream mind into something derogatory. See for yourself. Funny, that opinion of outright hatred, when you consider these people chose to work in the cash-rich games industry. The escalating attempts to silence dissent are becoming preposterous.

The gaming reporters involved in unethical behaviours claim to be journalists when there are freebies to be had and humble bloggers when taken to task on matters of ethics and integrity. They demonstrate the same politically-biased, outraged beliefs and flip-flopping of victim narrative as the ADHD SJWs on Tumblr. If you don’t know what a tumblr is, run. Run while you still can.

Whenever you feel like you could be doing better in life, browse the completely serious feminism and social justice tagged posts on tumblr until you realize how good you have it to be mentally stable. Those last three links were parody accounts, because even on the website of and forsocial outcasts, SJWs remain derided outcasts.

Gamergate is a symptom of a wider social problem. These unelected activists are affecting policies and legislation creation in the highest reaches of Western democracy; a noisy, minuscule minority pouring poison into the ears of the powerful. Their delusional ideas cannot make it alone without censorship because they are an extreme faction that would never gain mainstream attention otherwise. To prove me wrong, form a special Social Justice party and see how well that goes for you come election time.

I have written about feminist interference using geek culture’s appropriation here before, extract: “You take the fun out of everything. Nothing is allowed to be fun or funny.” ~ An Open Letter. I won’t renew those sentiments for brevity, go read them separately. In hindsight, it seems strangely prophetic of the widespread dissatisfaction with narrative pushers in gaming.

The SJW’s nonsensical arguments are so predictably lacking in sense, a ranty poetry of car-crashed personal attacks, they have been automated in bot form here.

Feminists have a PR problem, according to Emma Watson’s Damsel in Distress beacon to Beta Males, and every single time someone tries to examine why they have a misandrist negative image, in hilariously short-sighted fashion they prove to the rest of us exactly why (spoiler alert: feminists can be sexist, defeating the alleged purpose of their entire existence).

We have defined Player 1. Professional victims, they’re being paid huge sums for playing Damsel in Distress to heterosexual white men’s chivalric fantasies of rescuing the maiden from the wicked trolls. They make a living from this and any objection or discussion is shut down promptly with antagonism. What could we call this means of deceptive death-threat employment, conninggullible empaths over and over again? The Sarkeesian Effect. Exhibits A [2012], B [this year, pre-Gamergate] and C [present] because noob Zoe Quinn was stealing her spotlight and thus, livelihood.

Who is Player 2? Gamergate supporters (aka people who play video games more than they complain about them) come from every walk of life, support journalistic integrity and prize the entertainment and storytelling medium of games itself above any pushing of a political narrative. They are not trolls and do not condone people who make threats. Why are they succeeding, commercially and ideologically, where others have failed?

Gamers have a similar, yet superior psychology to the SJWs. They are two halves of the same, narcissistic coin. The usual silencing tactics do not work on the diverse demographic of modern gamers. Crucially, gamers have a sense of humor. Guess which one is more fun at LAN parties?

I’m going to change course here because I’m certain if you knew what #gamergate was prior to reading, you wouldn’t need yet another article defending the people who actually purchase and play video games. C’est très obsolète. Let’s turn a mirror on why Gamergate has become necessary, why are these SJWs a problem wherever they go?

‘Trigger Warnings’ in their SJW, smothering use are a popular defensive coddling strategy originating from fanfiction which explores abusive sexual relationships for titillation. These pieces are still being written and are in active fandom circulation, including, yes, among SJWs on tumblr themselves. This new definition is separate from the clinical study of triggering because SJWs and other feminists do not have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder en masse, they are ‘victims’ because they have neurotic, emotional regulation problems instead and such a claim is highly offensive to true victims.

What do they have? Amygdal hijackings.

Who is prone to these visceral neural hijacks? Narcissists.

Narcissists, whose empathy deficit and faulty focus on the Self is thought to arise from structural, observable differences in the brain. This finding is unsurprising, since liberals/left-wingers have smaller amygdala compared to their political opponents from the centre onward. Of course, biological determinism in these matters isn’t real because that would be bigoted of reality. All men/women/other were created equal under God. Social Justice appears to have more in common with a faith than an academic pursuit and a cult of conversion instead of open-minded, calm conversations.

These people need to be studied under laboratory conditions, I’m completely serious. The flashbulb memories of their continual psychological trauma at least. Most of them seem to have self-destructive personal problems or currently be in need of medication or therapy, and they are giving out life advice to neurotypical, healthy people? Could feminism overburden these conditions? The pathological reaction to any criticism is an angry backlash, hysteria with hashtags. Modern psychiatry would call it a panic attack (acute) or a nervous breakdown (protracted), but the biology is the same. If these (mainly) women are miserable when captured within this belief system, what next? Misery loves company. As recruitment efforts to their fellow woman have failed miserably because suffering is off-putting, they have turned to beta males to save their cause with #HeforShe. Using weak-willed men as tools to do their dirty work is a classic hallmark of feminism and it won’t work as intended. The passive puppies who take to it will be as passive in their conversion efforts of women to The Cause. If beta males had discernible influence over women, they wouldn’t care. When everyone associated with ‘social justice’ in practice is needy and whiny, yes, they have a PR problem. Have you ever thought feminist theories were depressing in their ruminating self-pity? Do they make you feel vulnerable or weakened with the slightest exposure? Depression is socially contagious too.

In Freudian terms, these people have a weak, poorly-formed ego. Their false belief systems trap them in comfortable feedback loops and they are too ashamed of themselves to seek help.

They have created a shared narrative to prop up their entitled doubts. They bought the Beautiful Loser myth in pop culture and twisted it into a demonstrably false belief: “If I am a loser now, I must be correct and become beautiful later.” Big as you are on White (privileged) Knights I shall quote A Knight’s Tale‘s riff on the Bible: “You have been weighed. You have been measured. And you have absolutely been found wanting.”

Look at their label, Social Justice, what is that? What does their version of justice entail? Social ‘justice’ is a moral crusade against the status quo, whatever that may be. It is a meme of Anti-Social Revenge. Social Justice punishes the happy, strong and normal for supporting the system which raised them that way. Nothing is good enough and blasphemers are evil bigots. This is the danger SJWs present wherever they go. They can do nothing but destroy and call it love.

They have already pushed their faith into science and tried to fit physics around their post-modernism. Gamers are hyperaware of this cultural war since the debacle where they tried it with atheism, dubbed atheism+. They have refused to spare anyone until gamers have stood and fought for their own hobby. SJWs are finally on the back foot and World of Warcrafters put them there. No variations on ‘neckbeard’ insults they can sling will change that factual state of play.

What do these SJWs need? What is lacking in their lives that this constant battling replaces? They need temperance, a balance of emotional stability with reason. As adults, they need to take that responsibility for fulfilling the need upon themselves. Preferably to the nearest psychologist.

How have they got this far? By appealing to the Western system of values, based in Christianity. You don’t see successful SJW campaigns in non-Christian countries. The biggest Christian value of all? Charity.

Hark the Equality Evangelicals, alleviate your guilt of Original Sin by lightening the privilege of your wallet to us! Why is this salesman tactic beginning to fail? There are two key reasons. Firstly, their primary mode of power-grabbing, the personal insult, has been overused and lost its impact. The rumination which created Social Justice talking points has ruined its members with depression owing to the constant victimhood and foreseeable learned helplessness. Second, SJWs took on too many contradictory pet causes (see headlines up top) and the repeated cognitive dissonance required to keep them is exhausting, sinking the SS Feminism with its unhappy, rejected sailors in dire need of an ego boost. They cannot play nice with one another and undermine the very foundations of liberalism.

Why are SJWs afraid of the Gamergate spotlight? It could blow their entire cover in every single Cultural Marxist infiltration, backdated by years. Their movement could never recover from the damage, it would be finished. They would have nothing else to live for because without their labels, they are worthless.

boom boom boom blackadder

Wait, Emma Watson, don’t women get paid more in fashion?

I’m not going to full link to her latest video. It’s already old news and I deliberately waited to see. It’s random platitudes again and I’ll spare you 5 minutes of virtue signalling. The latest figures, from Vogue’s own website yes, clearly demonstrate that ALL 21 of the top supermodels on the Highest Paid list last year – were WOMEN.

no what I don't believe it can't be true disbelief pushing daisies

Best comments go to;

I think all you stupid fuckers ought to shut the hell up and leave it alone, including the ditz who made this video. Fuckin’ man’s a man and a woman’s a goddamned woman. Leave it at that.

well looks like rich white people inventing problems.

Wow and here i was expecting the majority of comments to be supportive, how wrong i was.

What a bunch of blinded hypocrites… i guess everyone need a cause

I think this is a really upper class, borgeois campaign wish only adress to 1% of the world population. I don’t think women in Latin america, India, Africa or women of color in developed country gives a fuck or get actually a benefit of this….

Injecting gender equality into an industry based on objectifying both men and women… GENIUS!

And my Personal Favourite;

mutes the video and stares at her beauty

It was posted August 6th, video here, it is now the 15th here. Well over a week has passed.


That was screencapped just now.

Oddly, it doesn’t link to HeforShe and the Youtube channel for it doesn’t list their subscribers. Hmm. Something smells fishy.

hmm uhuh o rlly really ah sure thing

The number of views is dismal. 27,155 views per day.
98 views per one like. If they’re all real, which I doubt. With a ratio of 15 likes per one dislike, I doubt it.
0.01% likes for the total views.

david tennant 10 lol laughing cracking up

Another roaring success, Emma! #damagecontrol

She has 30m Facebook followers. Vogue has 6.6m+me.
Vogue hasn’t uploaded her video. Neither has she.
British Vogue has 2.8m. They featured her video. 16,498 views, 1,151 likes, 15 comments. Sounds about right.

The HeforShe facebook page has 397k followers.
They didn’t upload her video. They did link to it once. 4,143 likes to date.

Emma, I think you’ve been dumped, love.

Emma Watson’s #HeForShe Facebook “Conversation”


This picture I accidentally paused it on says it all. I decided not to find a second.

She decided to dress like a Midwestern lesbian, likely to counter claims that people only listened to her because of her appearance. Ruddy makeup (ease on the blusher), unflattering coral lipstick, Scouse brows, greasy looking hair (shouldn’t have put it behind your ears), hooker hoop earrings, plaid flannel shirt, baggy middle-aged office worker trousers. Literally the only things missing are neon highlights and tattoos. The presenting beta male hilariously tries to hide his hard-on regardless. She appears to be cosplaying as Anita Sarkeesian.

She spends the whole thing playing “The Sky is Falling!” and it’s a big emotional appeal. Echo chamber to the max, invite only, censored questions. What a one-sided conversation.

At one point, about 10m in, she complains about the low number of signups.
Fiver says she read my statistical post on Davos, no one else did the maths – I checked. Current total:


That is …pathetic.

oh damn wow ah

The hardest moments I’ve had [she’s nearly crying] have been comments from other women. It’s not enough to ask men to come in and support us, we really need to support each other. We really do. I guess I would say be brave to acknowledge things aren’t there yet.

Heaven forfend women cease to act like a Hivemind.
Earlier she made a snide remark about other women too. I feel “confident to acknowledge there is a problem” Emma, it’s in your head when you assume every woman MUST agree with your precious lily-white arse.

The word feminism;

I think people associate it with hate.

WHY IS THAT HUH??????????

With man-hate.

It has a name, and that’s misandry, bitch.

And that’s really negative.

I notice you didn’t say ‘false’ or ‘bad’. You haven’t actually said why.

I’m aware of a lot more male feminists now.

When they discover how repugnant it makes them to both sexes, they will be your harshest critics.

If you stand for equality, then you’re a feminist.

You cannot logically advocate for men while being a feminist. And do you define equality biologically? Doubtful.

You’re a feminist, I’m sorry, you’re a feminist, that’s it.

Ah, the old Feminist tactic of “repeat it ad nauseum hoping some idiots will believe it over their own opinion of their own opinions.” Next targets? You haven’t hit any currently! Talk about newspeak.

List of vacant buzzword cliches she uses in just a few minutes;

thank you
make a difference
single working mother [who clearly MADE her a feminist]
[someone else’s medical issue for sympathy]

I am bored out of my skull thus far. It’s all me-me-me-me-me.
No data. No stats. W.T.F.
I can feel the Hermione cross-labelling of intelligence decaying before my eyes, she is so mumchance (ineloquent) and ditzy I think this self-indulgent speech might sever that valuable connection forever.

I would never complain about my personal situation.

How full of shit are you?

If anybody cares what I look like, she is the closest overall resemblance to me in real-life, this makes the joke much funnier.

Although my eyes aren't Asian. I think I'd look better sitting opposite her while I debate this, is what I'm saying.

Although my eyes aren’t Asian. I think I’d look better sitting opposite her while I debate this, is what I’m saying.

In [STEM, she means STEM] girls aren’t doing as well.

Have you seen the figures for IQ? Could you read them and make sense of the scary numbers? Then you see the problem. It isn’t men’s fault. It’s idiots like you making women like me look bad. Read a fucking book.

Biggest reason they’re associated to be male subjects.

Because of IQ. Because there are biological normative sex differences.

Now she’s lying about how girls think doing those subjects make them less attractive. ‘Scuse you bitch, nobody thinks that. She’s making it up, utterly bankrupt individual. The ‘myth’ of yours has no basis in reality. It’s the excuse of stupid teachers for why the girls aren’t picking it up.

They’re imitating this male idea….

You can tell she’s straining not to say masculinity. Bless her cotton socks.

pressure of masculinity

self-improvement? Women need more of that too.

It’s nice to hear that.

She did not realise how backhanded that sounded. Could I get paid everytime there is an awkward silence or she says “um”?

I wasn’t gonna talk about this…. [surrrre]
There was a website set up to release naked photographs of me –

-run by feminists. It was a feminist troll. They used 4chan to draw attention to The Fappening.

She’s going full-on SJW now. Next she’ll make up rape threats and bomb scares.

I was immediately threatened. Within less than 12 hours I was receiving threats.


If anything it made me so much more determined [and your inevitable downfall funnier] I was just raging [from your very very high horse] it made me so angry…. this is why I have to be doing this!

You trolled them. And you’re doing it again. You deliberately used negativity to fuel yourself, give you something to complain about and you’re invoking it again by bringing it up here.

It did the opposite. Passive-aggressive child. Where is her Patreon?

Channel that anger.

Is she implicitly acknowledging that feminism is an angry hobby?
Aggressive/submissive? No such thing. Dominance/lack.
Sensitive/strong?  What?? Random combination.

male presenter: powerful message

EW: I’m genuinely disturbed by this idea men can’t cry, express themselves or talk about how they feel. It’s crazy it’s what makes you human, how you feel……

So lacking in awareness is this girl she implicitly suggests masculine or reserved (by choice) men are not human.

Emma, if you’re reading again, the correct response to that tweet was: The kitchen has wi-fi. And knives.

I have a much calmer conviction now than I used to.

*looks up at earlier rage comment*
Yup, you’re dumb.

We aren’t being encouraged into these leadership positions.

You aren’t a fawn being coaxed from the forest you’re an adult and should fight tooth and nail and rip the competition’s fucking heads off for what you want. Nobody is going to give you power, princess. You have a job title, status without power.

We’re not getting past a certain point.

BY CHOICE. If you won’t fight for the job you won’t last a year within it.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do.

That is the most spoiled, egotistical, damaging and destructive advice I have ever heard.

Or can or cannot achieve. Do not allow it. It’s wrong it’s so wrong. Be whatever you want to be.

Wait, you don’t want your success to be supported by the real world? That’s insane. Refusing feedback from the entire world on your progress is nuts. If you never self-examine based on critique, it’s deluded purpose-less action.

example: what if somebody wanted to be a serial killer? Take her advice, budding murder enthusiasts! Be sure to mention her in your police statement!

She’s given career advice with no context. The girl’s father rightfully said she “couldn’t” be an engineer. Do you know what an engineer is, Emma? I doubt it. There is a specific skillset and nothing about types in your answer. You told this girl to train in a tough field with terrible prospects when she might not be able to do the intro math course. That’s on you. You could’ve literally ruined some girl’s life with a tweet you immediately responded to without thinking.

Prove em wrong. You can do it.

that’s the problem, in a nutshell. You didn’t check if she CAN. Life isn’t a Disney film. Is she capable? If she becomes a civil engineer and her maths are off, a bridge she constructs could break as you cross it. You could literally endanger and kill people with terrible, reckless advice like that!

There’s a whole new level: #HollywoodProblems

“As a woman….”

eye roll omg shut up boring bored damon ian drinking

Beta asks her for directions on what to actually do. She fumbles like a virgin on prom night.

Everyday individuals case by case basis, doing something, speaking up, try to change the way someone thinks…. can be done in so many different ways. …I can’t tell people, it’s got to be your story…..

Interpersonal aggression? Starting arguments? Cult conversion?
Wow, these people are gonna be easy to avoid, thanks.

Beta asks her about chivalry vs. “sexism”. She laughably endorses doing random things for her. Like a slave.

Isn’t that just nice? ….I love being taken to dinner….

Hold on: do these things or not? The clause him about being ok with her doing them, she doesn’t say she ever would actually do them. Sounds like a post-hoc.

[when she did] It was really awkward and uncomfortable.

*head, meet desk*

Chivalry should be consensual.

That isn’t….. it’s meant to be one-sided…… I …… ugh.
He’s trying to impress her by sucking up this is a painful example of beta try-hard.

It’s about men supporting women and femininity, feminine qualities….

At literally no point have you said this or given that impression and this is the first time you’re springing that on us.

They are currently valued less.

By feminists. Who seem to think if a woman doesn’t act like a man she is worthless.

It needs to be embraced wherever it’s found, women, men, gender-non-conforming person….we need to be embracing it. … I’m against ableism, racism, classism, [I zoned out and didn’t get them all] xenophobia…. These oppressions are interlocking, …intersectionality is important…..

Aaaaah. That’s why. The whole “men acting gay is a good thing” BS.

~ sky is falling ~

Poverty appeal (somehow this causes poverty and every other societal PC ill). Falls short. No explanation. No logic. No data or proof of causation. Sweeping statements. I watched this so you don’t have to.
She’s a Guardian reader. Quelle surprise. She took their numbers at face value. Cannot use a calculator.

“not there yet” on a loop

I don’t know what they think. [HONESTY!] It’s definitely a problem. Now.
There was this thing …#firstworldfeminism I find this really confusing. [really]
surely I’ve been incredibly privileged but surely it’s my responsibility to make sure other women have access to the same privileges [Messiah complex]
It’s not about men saving women. [errrr] It’s about men coming in support of women and women coming in support of men [the name?] it’s like a bird … one of the wings is clipped and we can’t fly as high….

Suggestion of threat: men cannot thrive without women.

crying laughter lmao

Please pledge your allegiance. Lots of you say you support but … it’s like ten seconds. …It’s a commitment.

Men LOVE making those.

She picks up MRA talking point of domestic abuse and discrimination. Feminists won’t like that.

He mentions her plagiarism but gives her credit. Reminder:

You can 100% change the world.

Does anyone actually believe this?

Taking a few month’s maternity leave is also apparently “not a hindrance” to one’s career.
Maybe not in acting. In the real world…..

“potential” on a loop

She misinterprets a French woman’s accent when she’s about to play a French girl. Even I could understand it.

Assumes pay gap is about women doing the same work. We have laws about that already, ditz.

I haven’t seen a single hot person in the audience.

social change takes time changing the way people think a slow process asking the right question

out and out brainwashing

it’s being willing to question things and make up your own mind.

david tennant 10 lol laughing cracking up

As the torture is complete, let’s check those petitions before I bounce.


There is no viewing data on the livestream. Suspicious.
17m people saw the announcement for it.
The re-uploads got 199,395 (Part 1) and 29,866 (Part 2). It isn’t looking good.

Sign-up change since she explicitly asked/begged multiple times (this is hours later, I came back);


1% difference.


What does Emma Watson’s HeforShe and the Soviet Union have in common?


I followed a gut feeling something was wrong. Sure enough…


I wonder how much of the speech she actually wrote, how much she was told to write and how much she plagiarized. Regardless of the original source (which could go back millennia to a Rabbi) surely the association with Communism and the deaths of millions should be enough to dissaude quotation? Or a Romney in its modern form. Nice.

Emma Watson thinks she’s an economist now. Here’s why I wouldn’t trust her to run a lemonade stand. #Davos #10x10x10

It’s almost as if she is slowly changing into Hermione, whom no one really liked for her politics <SPEW joke>, because her career is panning and she’s approaching the Hollywood leading lady Wall. It’s no coincidence they cut that irritating interlude to a passing mention in the films. I didn’t cover HeforShe first time round because I knew it would be a bust (as she hilariously admits in the speech at Davos) but it seems her inane #firstworldproblems are becoming a quarterly feature so my hand is forced. Side note: did she take a private jet like the other suffering millionaires?

 first world problems priorities

Let’s go to the press release first, the official line, predictably called UNWomen because women are the centre of everything don’tchaknow.

What do you want?

unveiled the HeForShe IMPACT 10X10X10 pilot initiative to galvanize momentum in advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment. The HeForShe campaign’s IMPACT 10X10X10 initiative is a one-year pilot effort that aims to engage governments, corporations and universities as instruments of change positioned within some of the communities that most need to address deficiencies in women’s empowerment and gender equality and that have the greatest capacity to make and influence those changes. Each sector will identify approaches for addressing gender inequality, and pilot test the effectiveness of these interventions for scalability.
Translation: Holding democratic institutions (governments) to ransom, alongside private bodies owned by private citizens (shareholders, MDs/CEOs) and Universities who already favour girls too much with intake ratios. One year deadline or else. As if this ask is new. Who voted for her? Ah. Nobody. She can deliver a speech, but as we’ll see, there is little point of delivering a speech where the primary indicator that she wrote it herself was unoriginality. These claims have already been addressed. Perhaps if Mz Watson were less self-absorbed, she would have bothered to take the time to fucking Google it. The truth is out there.
Still don’t see what the number ten has to do with any of this.
The report highlights a large current gap between men and women in terms of political engagement and opportunity and little improvement in equality for women in the workplace since 2006.
The economic downturn? Then called the Credit Crunch? Are women alone in suffering since then? Is that what you’re trying to argue? Have you looked at the labor force participation rates for men? Unemployment?
As for political engagement, we don’t put ourself up as much as men do. We don’t want to. Politics is called showbiz for ugly people so I find it deeply amusing that Mz Watson is giving the speech when women put themselves up for film/TV/theatre camerawork without a problem.
“Ultimately we need everyone to get involved if we are to turn the tide.”
You aren’t making this sound like a free choice, more of a mandate with a pretty smile.
I still have no idea why it’s called 10x10x10 and I read the whole page about it. I’m surprised IMPACT isn’t in huge letters in the Impact font and zooming into a Powerpoint presentation like a rocket.
It links to this tweet

Here, have some groupthink! It goes lovely with that delusion that everyone agrees with you and knows your opinion is the only good one. This is why people rightfully call social justice a cult, but strangely, the term isn’t used. PR hiccup? Even when that’s the entire point of the move. It’s redistribution of wealth to the people who, by definition, do not create it. Irony bounds we need one of the most privileged women in the world asking for the average man’s money as if she is oppressed by her sex when HR departments already hire according to SJ diktat and she made the bulk of her fortune off being a comely woman by modelling (professional objectification).

social justice definition


google search men can't beThat last image was a sardonic reference to the last feminist UNWomen campaign, which used Google autocomplete as if it were totally serious.

Serious scientific data you guys.

Serious scientific data you guys.

n.b. “Male feminists” are anecdotally more verbally abusive to women such as myself (non-feminist) than any female feminist I’ve encountered. They seem to think they’re justified behind that non-sequitur shield of “I’m a feminist, I can’t be a cyberbully” (a masked man fallacy). I have frequently been told to kill myself, always by a male feminist. One notable example was actually a campaigner against cyberbullying which he didn’t like when I pointed out such hypocrisy. If anything, you should be telling them to calm the fuck down. Rather than target other women on behalf of a minority of cultists who clearly cannot logically defend themselves against their own sex. Or don’t these normal, non-feminist women know what’s good for them?

Yet this eloquent, illustrious man in the tweet, also a spearhead for the move ahead of a whole list of experienced men, is barely covered in the media. It’s almost as if sex sells, or to be more precise, Mz Watson’s sex.

jessica stam wink sexy

I found another press release, although believe me it took some digging.

IMPACT 10X10X10 prioritizes legislative bodies and corporations in view of the gender inequality that exists in these areas, confirmed by findings from the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2014.
There are quotes from about half a dozen men who support it. Champions of industry with decades under their belt, weirdly not covered by the MSM. I’m sure going round the backdoor of democracy is totally legitimate and their report is in no way biased to support their personal ends at all.
toasting raising glass cheers leonardo da vinci congrats well done demons
Why would the UN lie to us?
Before we begin on her speech (procrastination what?), may I remind you I sadly live in the same country as this narcissistic shrew. Our government has a dedicated Centre for Social Justice. We don’t need her. They tackle the same old poverty issues which will never disappear, because poverty is relative and it has diddly squat to do with sex, unless she’s arguing physical sex differences impede women. We have an heiress covering poverty issues. Jump-shark-much? Search women in that poverty document: ~5 hits in 73 pages. It isn’t a problem for women. The data from her own country proves it. All but one stat by comparison confirm that poverty hits men harder than women. Almost as if there’s a lack of sympathy for male suffering, we should outlaw whichever bigoted ideology caused that injustice!
I will add in one more SJ definition, the one they officially use which never ever happens in practice (that would be meritocracy, a blind, non-identitarian process). Justice is blind?

Mutual obligation? At no point does HeforShe accomplish anything for men, except some vague promises that, trust us, patriarchy is bad for men too! Even though it’s run by men for men (a male safe space?) and their exclusive benefit according to …feminist theory.
From their own mouths: ”

“The patriarchy hurts men too” is a set of silencing or derailing tactics in feminist discussions…. Men are, as a class, the group advantaged by the patriarchy… who want to discuss male identity, masculinity and the patriarchy need to create new discussions in spaces that aren’t marked as women-centred. [DS: like a manosphere? mens’ rights groups?] This tactic is sufficiently well known that the acronym is sometimes used to identify it: PHMT.

Ignore the cognitive dissonance behind the curtain.

We have equal opportunities. We do not have equal outcomes because women are free agents who make personal choices and reap the consequences, both positive and negative.

I invite anyone to prove that above bolded incorrect on a factual level. Truly.
There is a performance differential on any metric you care to measure. Men and women (if you choose that sex binary as the independent variable) differ in their colour perception, for example. Something as basic as saying red or orange. As this Cell link states in passing, it’s such old news, the perception differential is biological. Innate. Immutable. “Furthermore, despite abundant evidence for sex differences in other visual domains, and specifically in other tasks of color perception-”

I’m sure Mz Watson knows better than biology. I’m sure there’s some rock-hard science, unless she’s calling Newton’s Principia a “rape manual” like some other feminists. She can’t be coasting on personal attention-whoring, emotional appeals and political philosophy. I can’t put it off any longer.

and here we go joker come on

1st thing I noticed: No like/dislike ratio data. No comments. Yes, what a welcoming invitation from HeforShe. I want to be a part of this “discussion.”

11 million views. How many unique? No, that’s asking too much. I watched it about 10 times to pick apart all the subtle jibes at supposed male dominance. And for laughs with free-thinking friends over drinks.
“Response” is great n’ all, but she isn’t really selling the real-world changes implemented as a result of her September edition [Vogue reference]. Were there any? Any at all? Surely she would point them out unless this is five minutes of self-congratulation that a few million men probably masturbated to her in a tight-fitting suit on mute.

1.2 billion social media conversations. I would wager at least 1 billion of those were arguments. Attention isn’t always positive deary. And going by the statistic you pulled a moment before, that means most people discussing your speech, didn’t watch it.

That’s right. Less than 0.01% of people talking about you actually listened to what you had to say.

They're so stupid it's a laughriot

She name drops. Keep it classy.

Marathons. Don’t people run those anyway? Merchandise? No sales data? None? You’re leaving it up to our imagination? That single 15 year old boy who wrote into his newspaper did it on a whim. I’ve seen more people write into papers about Bigfoot and UFOs.

Young girls collecting hundreds of signatures.

How many? How many girls and how many did each collect? If it were thousands of girls and that’s all they got, it wouldn’t seem as impressive, so I’m not surprised you missed out half the data. And only hundreds? At least two hundred then. Where is the link Emma to check for ourselves? Let’s see another petition in the ranks of 15k.

From their own website, out of billions of men worldwide: 208,003.
From this count, 3,665,665,350 men in the world at the time of checking (rounded a dozen or so down to 50) divided by 208,000 (rounded down by three).
Average 17,623 men per country. Is that it?
Average population of a country: 34,020,600.


That isn’t a “stunning” response Emma. That’s a rounding error.
Less than 0.001% of men in the average country. That’s a level of (in)significance a biomedical study could be proud of!
In your own country, where support should be sky-high: 26,942 men signed. 1 in 7 daily Guardian readers signed your petition. [192881/26942= 7.1]

Back to her first two stats. 11 million views/208,003. I’ll give you the three. 52.88. For every (non-unique) view of your speech, you persauded 1 in 52 men (rounding up for you because I feel pity) to sign your bloody petition.
Of the 1,200,000,000 social media conversations, bearing in mind you double that number of participants because you need at least two people to have a conversation (unless on tumblr);
Conversations on HeforShe by the number of men they induced to actually sign the fucking petition, expressed as percentage.


0.0002%, kindly rounded up. I can see those social media conversations were very fruitful.

laughing rdj crack up

Go on Emma. Tell us what a success this effort was. Try to sell us this again. Try to justify more money poured into it. How much did September cost? How much for each individual male signature? Four whole months?

“I couldn’t have dreamed it, but it’s happened. Thank you so much.”

Yeah. Sounds more like a nightmare. As you are speaking at an ECONOMIC CONFERENCE.

“Thank you so much for watching-“

see above stats

“-and thank you so much for your support.”

Is that sarcasm? She can’t be that deluded to be serious, could she? And such eloquence, she comes across as SO educated. Like wow. so educated.

Reading off a speech card what the 10^3 campaign is. Isn’t her entire job in that role to memorize? Isn’t her acting non-career also based on her memory? It’s five minutes of monologue. *sigh*

“but I want to hear from the human beings that are behind these organisations.”

You already can. They send out these things called press releases and do interviews and sometimes even documentaries, so you don’t have to worry your pretty little head about more reading.

“I spoke about some of my story in September.”

If I were her editor I’d change it to: I shared my experience-. That’s all she wants to do. Talk about herself. Now she’s trying to justify her childish entitlements by asking for other people’s anecdotes too. Other people in power. No room for poor people in this warfare. A war of the sexes long outpaced Marxist class warfare in focus: “Class struggle is the women’s struggle! Women’s struggle is class struggle!” Two+ instances of logical fallacies don’t make for logic. Let’s all empathize with the poor rich people who need your help, poor people. Have a care for those in need. In Parliament. The C-suite. Ivory Towers.

“What are your stories? Girls, who have been your mentors? [implied boys cannot have mentors because masculinity is toxic to boys but masculine behaviour isn’t for girls] Parents, did you make sure you treated your children equally? [instead of fairly] If so, how have you done it? [ignoring their biology and sex-specific needs, I imagine; girls need to be taught about periods, for example] Husbands, have you been supporting your female partner [DS: I think the word you refuse to use is wife] privately so that she can fulfill her dreams too? [ignore the male NEETs, 73% male homelessness and how female NEETs chose to have children young, have more mental health problems or don’t even look for work] Young men, [poor men] have you spoken up in a conversation when a woman was casually degraded or dismissed? [there are so many things wrong with that I shan’t bother] How did this affect you? [as a man, even if 97% feminist-leaning you will be casually degraded by feminists and your opinion is dismissed as mansplaining, trick question] How did this affect the woman you stepped up for? [the part where she was spoken over and for like a paternal figure would or the implication that she cannot defend herself and requires a White Knight to protect her?] Businessmen, [only men? What Sisterhood?] have you mentored, supported or engaged women in leadership positions?”

“18% of SMEs are female led, and 22% of FTSE100 board members are female.” ~ A report written by your Government – why don’t you read?

“Using these data we can estimate that 32.9% of TEA was accounted for by women in 2011. In the US, 40.2% of TEA was accounted for be women.” Seems rather fair to me. They’ve had equal opportunity and ample incentives. In fact, excluding men would be the most unfair, sexist things you could do-


are you kidding me rn seriously wtf da vincis demons

Hidden away in another report by your own Government freely available online if you bother to look, it reads: ” In the FTSE 250 – the 250 next largest companies after those in the FTSE 100 – 13% of company directors were women. This figure has doubled in the last seven years.”

FTSE250: 26% female MDs. Above the target of 25%.

Worst of all, this is terrible news for the UK economy. Measured in Tobin’s Q, more women on the board, even on the lowest rung, makes the quantifiable company profits drop in reduced performance.  Don’t worry your head about it Mz Watson, I’m sure your political ideology is more important than the economy. You’re rich, it hardly matters to you on a personal level.

She goes on (and on and on);


Daily Mail I presume, with among the highest levels of female journalists employed? [n.b. The Guardian doesn’t report its own figures]

have you challenged the language and imagery used to portray women in the media?

CEOs, have you implemented the women’s empowerment principles in your own company?

And why would they do that?
Note how she doesn’t claim it will make them better off. Interesting omission. They hushed up on that false claim as they began to study it and they didn’t like the real-world results going against their dream. [see above Tobin’s Q]

What change have you seen?

Less money. More lawsuits.
They’ll call you.

Are you someone that has persauded men to become HeforShes?

Sounds like a transsexual thing. By someone, do you mean feminist or the hardcore SJWs? Weasel words.

-and collecting their signatures for our website.

We’ve seen. What a bang-up job they did of that.

Most media nowadays has a real brevity to bullshit issue

How many have you got?

You don’t want to ask that question. Wait… you don’t know. You really don’t know. Are you telling me you haven’t bothered to pull out a calculator once? You had the numbers before me. Nobody told you. Oh my God. Awkward.

Let them glory in their vices, we'll have the last laugh at the hags

We want to know.

They do. The UN already must. They didn’t tell you.

We want to hear from you.


One of the biggest pieces of feedback I’ve had … is that men and women want to help but they aren’t sure how best to do it. Men say they’ve signed the petition [over muffled laughter] – what now?

Here we go. This is it. This is the bold decisive action from a woman in your position of power and leadership. You may not be the feminist we deserve but… Be the feminist we need, Emma!

The truth is, the What Now? is down to you.

…………………………..wait, what’s your job again? ….Why are you even here?

Of all the anti-climaxes. You do the stereotypical female verbal defence mechanism of throwing the need for a logical answer back onto the persons asking the question, in a monologue speech in support of female assertiveness. I didn’t even know that was possible. You deflected with a tag question. To yourself, because the audience can’t talk back and give you that feedback, making the question rhetorical (and online there are no video comments, like/dislikes etc). You’re asking a rhetorical question about the need for and function of the very movement you’re meant to be promoting.

Ask Brown University for your money back.

What your HeforShe commitment will be is personal.

If we know one thing about human nature, men love commitment.

And there is no best way.

Is there a worse tactic than this? Give us a way. One single way to extrapolate from. Use your brain and come up with something. One thing. Is the best you can do to say: figure it out yourselves? Underwhelming.

Everything is valid.

Can I order this on a t-shirt.
It’s such a mindless, empty platitude it would sell like hotcakes.

Decide what your commitment is, make it public, and then please report back to us on your progress.

Like good little tin soldiers. Those are your marching orders.

-so that we can share your story.

Hang on, so the justification of this campaign is to gain information to justify this campaign?

I describe you, you hate me. Really, you hate yourself and everyone knows it.

We want to support, guide and reinforce your efforts. IMPACT 10^3 [lazy] is about concrete commitments to change, the visibility of these commitments and the measurability of them too.

We don’t care what you do for us, just do something for us, and then tell us what you did, and make sure whatever you do is really obvious and annoying to your friends and you measure it somehow for us, even in feels, to use it for some reason for this campaign that really needs you to do stuff for us because stuff needs to be done for us.


This is bringing back hard flashbacks of that classic study on automaticity. If you give people an order, whatever it is, if you give a non-reason as a reason, most of the time, they’ll still do it. Why? They don’t process the reason. There is no higher brain function and use of logic involved. They’re just following orders.

How has the campaign impacted me so far?

Well you’ve been getting paid, you’ve got more publicity than the last few years of your acting ‘career’ combined and numerous photoshoots.

I’ve had my breath taken away-

SOMEONE hire this girl a speech editor. CHRIST.
A domestic abuse case story …ended by the victim. The victim had the power to make the abuse stop? Bad example Emma. *makes cut motion rapidly*
Men in your life use a sudden excuse to talk to you and be your shoulder to cry on. Didn’t you stop to consider why?

Terrible attempt at “I have a dream”. “Economic and political parity?” Ah, when are you redistributing some of your wealth to me, from one woman to another? When can I expect the transfer? A tenner? How about some third world shithole, they could do great things with your millions? Oh, you want to keep all of your own money but lecture average people who are by definition poorer than you to give away theirs. That isn’t parity, it’s hypocrisy.

-This campaign and the result of it are a result of my incredible speechwriting skills. I know that it is not.

First instance of self-awareness. 4/5 in.

It is because the ground is fertile.

Sweeping statement. Evidence? No, I give up expecting any.

It is my belief that there is a greater understanding than ever that women need to be equal participants.

Let’s hope your understanding of that belief is better than your grasp of statistics.
How about the understanding in the past two centuries? In fact the first person to call for female suffrage was a man in 1818. When “Only 58% of the adult male population was eligible to vote before 1918.” Government source again: “In 1918 the Representation of the People Act was passed which allowed women over the age of 30 who met a property qualification to vote. …The same act abolished property and other restrictions for men, and extended the vote to all men over the age of 21. Additionally, men in the armed forces could vote from the age of 19.” Votes here with names listed: 385 Ayes to 55 Noes. Or how about when “the Equal Franchise Act of 1928 [stated] that women over 21 were able to vote and women finally achieved the same voting rights as men.”As wikipedia admits: The act was passed by the Conservative Party without much opposition from other parties.

Ever, Emma? Ever?
There’s your ‘political parity’, you don’t want to see it.

 In our homes, in our societies, in our governments, and in our workplaces.

Weasel use of the collective pronouns. Like the patronizing ‘We’.

And they KNOW, that the world is being held back in EVERY way [name one], because they are not.

Again, prove my opportunities statement false in the First World societies aka civilizations. You can’t. You don’t even bother pretending to prove that claim which dismisses the entirety of feminism up until now, you just say: You know. Oh, you KNOW. Vaguely paranoid assertion. Generic You. Switching to they is an us v. them confrontational paradigm assuming the audience agree, when you just said you want peace, harmony and men working with for women, did you mean as servants instead? Is that your idea of equality for women? If women=men doesn’t that go both ways? And it’s a black/white fallacy to throw one group up against another like the only options (they/we). If they did hold you back, how are you able to make this speech at all? You speak nonsense. There is no sense in it. You can’t be consistent for five fucking minutes??? [4:35]

Right side of history‘ myth tied to Marxism’s ripoff of misread Hegel. History isn’t teleological [1][2][3]. If you’re so sure you’re going to get your own way eventually, you wouldn’t be pushing so hard because it’d be like gravity, effortless. Your very actions betray insecurity in your ideology.
Ten Tell-Tale signs of Deception:
I won’t bother to apply that to this. Check most of them, inc. #3 “Answering questions with questions

Women share this planet 50:50.

Ah. Oh. Uh. Um. No.
I see what you did there. Women like to claim minority status when it’s a mathematical status.
Women are the global majority.

Lots of pink, very little green.


“In a study around 2002, the natural sex ratio at birth was estimated to be close to 1.06 males/female.[5] In most populations, adult males tend to have higher death rates than adult females of the same age (even after allowing for causes specific to females such as death in childbirth), both due to natural causes such as heart attacks and strokes, which account for by far the majority of deaths and also to violent causes, such as homicide and warfare 6] resulting in higher life expectancy of females.”

I guess that information wouldn’t sound as good in your speech, would it love? No, say the populations are equal mathematically, without support from the actual maths.

 And they are under-represented.

You believe. It’s an ever-moving goalpost.
You want more women to make a different choice. One you haven’t actually made yourself e.g. to board a company, go into STEM. You wanna force them? Forcing women to do what you want? That’s the only way it can happen. And you wonder why the term feminazi exists. Comments on #womenagainstfeminism?

Their potential astonishingly untapped.
Stats from your own Goverment yet again: Whereas in full-time, men earn more but in part-time, women earn more in £/hr. [chart] Why? More women are in part-time work. [chart] Men work more overtime so their full-time pay is bound to be higher for literally more hours of productive work. [chart] What equality, you say? This equality. [chart] And this equality: “At the same time (2013 Quarter 2), the Labour Force Survey (LFS) indicates that the UK workforce consisted of approximately 12.8 million men (51% of the employee workforce) and 12.5 million women (49% of the workforce).” If anything, women earn more than men for contributing fewer productive hours. In that sense, they are untapped.


See where the % change in earnings for full-time women was higher than men and the ‘All’ average of both sexes combined? Let’s look at the inequalities in part-time.

Part-time women earn more per hour than part-time men. [8.4 to 7.95] Women in part-time work earned more per hour than the sexless average of 8.29 would suggest they should.

“The mean weekly paid hours of work for full-time men were 40.1 hours compared with 37.4 for women. For part-time employees the mean weekly paid hours worked were 17.5 hours for men and 18.3 for women.”

Where men earn more: 556.0 median gross weekly earnings for full-time men in 2013 for 40.1 hours of work.
Where women earn more: 164.3 median gross weekly earnings for part-time women in 2013 for 18.3 hours of work.

a) Men earned 13.86 per hour weekly. b) Women earned 8.978 per hour weekly. Where each in their category earned more than the opposite sex under the same conditions. Simple explanation? Male overtime for (a) [chart above]. The female earnings exceeded men in part-time work because they worked longer hours than their sex competition, behaving like men in a! It comes down (result – amount paid) to N hours that are chosen to work, irrespective of the sex of the worker (proven in b) or the type of work employed (ft/pt).

Untapped = lazy. Women are 49% of that workforce.

To bring HeforShe into its next phase.

What phase?
What was the phase before?
What are you doing aside from passing the buck for feminist failures?
She does the question thing again. MLK didn’t say “What’s your dream?” Why make a huge mistake once when you can make it twice?

We want to know and we want to hear from you.

That can’t have been it.
What a gigantic waste of time covering this has been.

Taken to its logical extreme, a serial killer could daub HeforShe on the walls of his victims in blood and they’d wanna know about it. That’s how silly this entire thing is.