“Homophobia” (homoaversion) 36% genetically inherited (heritability study)


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 Genetic modelling showed that variation in homophobia scores could be explained by additive genetic (36%), shared environmental (18%) and unique environmental factors (46%). However, corrections based on previous findings show that the shared environmental estimate may be almost entirely accounted for as extra additive genetic variance arising from assortative mating for homophobic attitudes. The results suggest that variation in attitudes toward homosexuality is substantially inherited, and that social environmental influences are relatively minor.

Aversion to walking public health risks is like avoiding zombies during an apocalypse, it’s just common sense.
Add to this how many cancers are pathogenic (some caused by STDs or physical contact) and it becomes evolutionally intelligent.

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Their entire legal premise is a lie.
The opposite force is heterophobia and the lesser term heteronegativism, because sleeping with somebody’s bisexual husband or wife is grounds for a stabbing.

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