Hetero and homo health compared for first time


If you factor in their small numbers in general pop., the negative outcomes in homosexuals are even more powerful. (It’s a statistics thing).

“Although differences in people’s health based on their race and ethnicity, sex and income level are well-documented, less is known about how sexual orientation may be linked with health.

“It does seem like sexual orientation has an independent influence on disparities, and adds on top of any disparity that the person is experiencing,” Dilley told Live Science.

It is difficult to pinpoint what’s driving the differences in health behaviors such as smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as health care access and psychological well-being among homosexuals and the general population, but social stressors and barriers to access to health care could be among the underlying reasons, said Kari Greene, another researcher with Oregon Health Authority.

“There’s certainly a lot of social stress for people who are living in places where they are being treated unequally based on their sexual orientation,” Greene said. “We also definitely have unequal access to health care benefits, for people who are living in places where health care benefits are not translated to same-sex spouses.”

Last time I checked, hospitals don’t refuse to serve gay people. If you want specialists, you pay for specialists yourself.
By social stressors, do they mean other people? How the hell is other people an excuse for poor health? Excuse me, I’m not really fat and borderline diabetes, it’s other people’s fault.


Video: Tumblrisms: Cis-Scum

A useful guide to that term they keep fucking using as if it means anything in real life.

It was censored removed from the guy’s Youtube account, check that out too! He does a whole series, it’s just peachy.

This stuff is being taken seriously, we need to study up on it.

John Money, the allegedly abusive sexologist who changed academic, clear sex terms to ones of gender, also had some supportive views on paedophilia, thinking it was a normal outcome, but that heterosexuality was a social construct.