Video: The psychological idea of God

Convert an atheist to hierarchical norms today!

See: Why mockery?

Signalling is Freudian signifiers.
>Checkmate, atheists.

People who claim Freud was wrong about sexuality still get the most ripe interpretations of inkblots despite sleeping around. Stop flirting with Wicca and commit to Christ.

egocentrism is fine, a weak superego is terrible

A lot of supposed nihilists are just Freudians with no clue how to interpret.

Speaking of impossible memes (because you find nihilism to have meaning) – cognitively.

How is a meme qualitatively different from an idea?

Meme is such a pretentious way to discredit any faith by coaching it in pseudo-Darwinian paradigms. Thoughts do not guide behaviour, it is values and those arise from cultural principles. Religion shows the shifts in paradigm of cultural dominance over time.

Today my pill is so red it shifts into the UV spectra.

Iconography is not the territory.
Virtue signalling is the modern Pietism. These basic bitch Pharisees.
Remember to self-flagellate with your Father’s disappointment today!

Better-looking embrace inequality

The series of five studies conducted by Neale and Belmi, with participants that included both men and women, has important implications for research on inequality. If you believe you are attractive, you tend to think you belong in a higher social class yourself and believe, accordingly, that hierarchies are a legitimate way for organizing people and groups. You also are more likely to believe people lower down in a hierarchy are there because they deserve to be. The research also showed that self-perceived physical attractiveness mattered more to people’s perception of their social rank than their self-perceived goodness — qualities like empathy and integrity — did.

Good luck ironing out that kink.

They're so stupid it's a laughriot

The lookism people have a point. Both groups.
And a love of competency is natural too. If you have a bad leader, they don’t last long.

This research is the first to draw an explicit connection between people’s perceptions of their own physical attractiveness and their attitudes toward inequality and hierarchies. Among other things, it helps establish how malleable people’s views of inequality are.

No. No they aren’t. That’s the point. You can only boost your looks (SMV+MMV) by 2, 3 points maxed out.

Inferior v Superior People


They are anti-evolution, in my opinion. Especially the evolution of humans (a SPECIES, not a ‘race’) and our psyche. They want the power of an adult with none of the responsibilities, an intellectualized infantilisation exercise. ( narcissist r-types: ) They are calling for a cull, a genocide on a racial level (beige people) but on an intellectual, emotional plane as well. Giftedness genocide, I think of it, much like mass immigration is a form of cultural cuckoldry, they wish to use humanity as the melting pot and petri dish for their ideology, they’re more authoritarian than Hitler. They are naïve enough of biological determinism (they refuse it exists, honestly, ask them) to expect humans are tabula rasa and can be totally rewritten. They don’t want to simply kill people (#killallmen) they wish to do something far worse – strip us of our humanity and individuality. Evolved differences? Let’s scrub those nasty things away with science! and play God. #Frankenstein

Communists fail when they misunderstand human motivation. Reaction formation, idiots. Behavioural psychology, conditioning, feedback and response loops IN THE BRAIN.

One of the most common examples is a woman who is envious of another’s beauty, such as in the fairy tale “Snow White“, in which the Queen is envious of Snow White’s youth and beauty, and seeks to kill the young woman in order to once again be the “fairest of them all”. ~ anti-feminism propaganda before it was a thing

Human value is relative to the competition. In bowing to the Third World from fake white guilt, the Original Sin of Whiteness, they become the slaves to the people outcompeting them for those plum jobs, even in STEM. They are losers whining about the need for a social species to rank by hierarchy because in each category they fail.

As I said in a ROQ article, social justice is anti-social revenge.

“Vanity well fed is benevolent. Vanity hungry is spiteful.” ~ Mason Cooley

They have what used to be called vainglory, and it is futile. It attempts to bring down others by falsely boosting the self. Identity politics.

On the other hand, I’m still pissed off with Cappy for this one he did while I was off demurely sipping tea –

Psychology has 3 problems

1. liars are allowed to push their politics i.e. feminist psychology, really. It exists. We acknowledge the problem and are presently pulling out the SJW weeds.

2. aimless idiots are allowed in and prefer soft course material over brutal reality aka science. (I believe this is the bone of contention).

3. anything claiming to be psychology is considered it. Most of the present material is a liberal art but it’s tarring the real scientists with that brush to say it’s a stupid subject when there are highly scientific branches vital to an aging population (neurology, gerontology) and our technological needs (computational neuroscience, possibly AGI).

The Keynesian Sexual Marketplace

I don’t accept the “social-sexual hierarchy” and the classifications of Alpha/Beta/Whatever because it goes completely against my experience.

I have never met an “alpha” because they don’t exist – at least the commonly-accepted definition: “The alpha is the tall, good-looking guy who is the center of both male and female attention. The classic star of the football team who at a social gathering like a party, he’s usually the loud, charismatic guy telling self-flattering stories to a group of attractive women who are listening with interest. However, alphas are only interested in women to the extent that they exist for the alpha’s gratification, physical and psychological, they are actually more concerned with their overall group status.”

That’s a psychopath/narcissist and they should be referred to as such. As for someone fitting the entire definition – they don’t exist.

The PUAs I’ve met have been cowards and douches, every one of them. In fact every one of them has been the bottom-of-the-barrel…..

I must admit, the Alpha Male seems like the Knight of Old, you hear a lot about them but you never see them. In practice they’re as real as a unicorn and I’ve noted a trend where PUAs go around calling other men ‘alpha’ when usually the man in question is repellant to most sensible women (aka not sluts). If they can’t mentalise a woman’s attraction mechanisms well enough to know what we value, it’s no wonder they fail. A site called sluthate make the very good point that Game doesn’t work with women unless you’re physically attractive, and physically attractive men are usually naturals at working with the attention they get or refuse to whore around (they do exist, but when they get married such men are dismissed as beta inferiors regardless of the woman in question). Choosing to wait and marrying his Helen of Troy do not make a man weak.

I must laugh when they call themselves Lone Wolves, because in nature, lone wolves don’t get laid. Their species avoids them and they usually end up dead, without having passed on their genes (as most players refuse to have children, as if arrogantly denying the world your genetics is such a great loss when you have achieved nothing with them).

Personally, I like the scale but it’s a social scale of dominance and applies to both sexes (as both exist in the social sphere and sexual power is rarely manifest). It cannot be sexual because women are just as shallow as men, the PUAs get us wrong there. All of us care about appearance and health (including no STDs), their denial of this is adorably childish. We use the 10-scale too. The exception for famous aka rich men only applies to gold-digging sluts (not most women).

The myths of the PUA and Manosphere get their wires crossed and you couldn’t honestly follow them all without going insane, it’s guesswork. It’s one way to go Dark Triad though, I’ll tell you that. Except you rarely see middle-aged players, do you? Young nubile women begin to see them as “creepy” and men do age out.

From what I’ve observed, the promiscuous of both sexes age out and either give up and marry or form a diminishing series of meaningless attachments which leave them more hollow and empty as time goes on. Male vanity from the supposed harsh truth-tellers deny this occurs as if living alone at 30 is the same as 40, 50, 60, 70….

Castes of the West

Fine breakdown of the social strata.
By my use of the word strata, you could place me presently, but you’d be erroneous to trace my background (hint: dirt poor). That is the problem with these structures, no account of mobility (trajectory upward or bankrupted).
I would like to make a distinction between rich and wealthy.
The rich need to work. That’s it.

Western culture IS the best

Or to put it another way;

Europe ist besser

Early 1800s.
Culture A was creating Science and steampower.
Culture B was still dying of leprosy and exorcising demons.
Culture C was still doing raindances and eating one another.
Historical facts: ruining liberal wetdreams since forever.