Need a decade remix next year

Literal time traveller.

How did it get worse?
Youtube? Instagram? Cunt Island?
Denim’s back, 90s tat, “street wear” is still in, bloody neon and graphic brand names like those huge LV bags, the only thing out is mustaches but not entirely.

Hoping for a rise in vintage that isn’t rubbish.

I guess we’re just not throwing out clothes the way we used to, various trends linger on for years.

Even the Crayola tights are in this year.

America is not immune.

Hipsters inconvenienced

by their own petard
for once

Taking plastic out of cafes is like taking aluminium out of fast food.
It ain’t gonna happen.
This won’t last. They celebrated the poor tax on plastic bags (so much for helping the working class, comrades) but they don’t like it up ’em.

“That is all well and good, but according to further investigation by Reason, these “strawless lids” are kind of too good to be true because they increase the chain’s plastic use. By their calculations, this switch actually adds between .32 and .88 grams of plastic per drink, compared to the weight of their current plastic lid and straw combo.”

Capitalism wins …again.

And sippy cups are what babies use, making the safe space memes almost -too- easy.

Put some clothes on, men!

Stop walking around in your underwear and expecting us to respect you!

You must really hate yourselves to go round looking like that.

If we treat you like dirt, you can’t really blame us. You’re indecent.

Er, that’s the historical norm, actually…

The world isn’t like America, we actually have a history.

It’s funny to watch the repressed bi guys say how pencil skirts are the instrument of Satan but get oddly wriggly when men in skinny trousers are around.

See something you like?

They wouldn’t last a month in a corset, which are easier to wear for men by far.

Well? Don’t be sloppy.

What, you think only women had to be shapely?

Iron Man now black girl

Magically smarter than a white man twice her age captured by terrorists.

dean that's enough no more internet laptop shut no no no nuhuh supernatural

But the plot to bring her in is grasping at straws, technically she steals the suit.
Why do I get the feeling they’re raping the genderbent tag on tumblr for plots?

It’s like black Hermione but instead of blackfacing the magic character it’s the IFLS ‘magic’ of space memes.

Don’t they get offended by the tokenism?
That they need the cultural welfarism of pinching famous white characters?

Tony is a whore. He isn’t a nice character. An alcoholic, compulsive lying, drug-taking, sex-tape making whore.

I know what the core fanbase will do. The one that put up with making Fury black, with making Spiderman black, with making Ms Marvel Muslim etc etc.

They’re taking their most famous property and ruining everything about him for a quick buck. The original fans won’t stick with it. Iron Man became the most popular character in the lineup because he’s a white man. It’s easy to project onto him. Is it too soon to call Disney’s decline? I don’t think so.

Geek/comic stuff isn’t cool anymore, it’s too mainstream; it’s slowly slipping out of focus for fantasy.*

I think this is the SJW Entryism event horizon for Marvel. How can anyone take them seriously after this, as if Rescue bossing around her boss and lover wasn’t humiliating enough? Kirby would be spinning, you could power a Tesla off that thing.

*Proof, you say?

They’re riding the comic gravy train because they’ve run out of ideas.
A lot of it is based on merchandise, they used to be limited to children but now grown adults are buying up toys like kids.
Adjusted for inflation, most of their biggest successes are behind them. Originally, Iron Man was the big winner with adults but now Avengers tops the list and they’ve never been able to top it.
Who’s the main character of both films?
Keeping up with the pace is a full-time job, it’s too much.
The death knell is that the original, cool people aren’t going to SDCC anymore. Pause and think about the implications. It was commercial before, at this point it’s a massive toystore. Hipsters hate everything about what these conventions have become and they dictate what is fresh, not the TV/films/ad people.
The type of people who go to these things nowadays are tumblrinas who think it’s okay to show actors gay porn and start groping them. The little kids with parents get a pass. If it were exclusive, it’d be more intimate, quiet and like the pre-screened check-in at the airport with virtually no lines. At this point it’s a club everyone has discovered, I’ve held my tongue for a while but all the worthy people (not there for attention) mentally checked out a few years ago. You go there now if you make more money than it costs, but it’s an endurance, not a pleasure.
“Even if I do get in for free, I don’t want to go anymore. It’s too crowded and too frustrating. It’s not fun anymore,
and that’s fine.”
Sign of the times? Comics themselves are effectively worthless, as we all knew deep, deep down.
Trends are not an investment. Wine, real artwork and property are an investment, people will always need those things.
“But there just aren’t any buyers anymore.”
It would be funny if it weren’t sad. They bought the tulips. That’s why comic sales have dropped the past few years, people weren’t buying them to read them.
“A recent piece on the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch website was especially enthusiastic about comics as an investment strategy, calling them “more predictable than stocks” and “recession-proof.” Old comics, the author suggested, could even save your home from foreclosure.’
oh no oh dear hides facepalm double
Can you say bubble? If everyone tells you to do it, the strategy is dead.
““We’re seeing the worst falloff of Marvel and DC sales in the store’s 38-year history.
Both companies are losing established readers who no longer feel that the company’s output reflects the sort of comics they enjoy….As recently as five years ago, there were no Marvel Universe titles that sold in the single digits for us. …The most disturbing trend involves established readers who have sufficient disposable income that they can afford to buy what they like to read. …When a dedicated DC customer who was buying EVERY New 52 title in 2011 and 2012 is now buying no DC titles, or a dedicated Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man/Thor customer has dropped all of these series, it’s troubling.”

Not that I think DC is doing any better. New 52, really?
Retconning the backlog people loved? The USP? For real?

Why do hipsters have beards?

Actually a very good question.

TLDR: Because they feel emasculated. 


A beard is a complex social signal: a man feeling powerless, as if he has no future, wishing to signal virility but closed off from proving himself by the hegemonic culture, no rites of passage, it’s a sign of Letting Oneself Go, and from this, rebellion against capitalist norms (cleanliness required to work with machines safely, get hired at an interview being well kempt and not being shabby, self-respect), a sign of testosterone in an age of estrogenic influences, a traditional marker of solidarity in the working class (shaving instruments were expensive and a Good Shave a sign of wealth), mild competition and aesthetic expression regarding type of beard etc etc.

Rich men don’t need beards, at most they’ll have stubble from travelling but be embarrassed of it. They find them too grubby, in my experience (do any of the Royals have one)? It’s viewed, here, as a Middle Class Scourge, because they aren’t imitating anyone in particular. It’s an image. The urban social climbers think it’s authentic and rustic and very Countryfile.

This impression carries over to business. Bearded men are seen as deceitful, note the stereotypes about types of beard and various character flaws. It can obscure or alter identity, make you hard to really see, who can trust that?

They are hiding something: their insecurity. 

Men are being outcompeted by women at school, at university, in academia, in the workplace, in Government and so forth, what’s one visible thing men can do with their appearance, that women cannot take from them (as they, silly, see it)?
With increasing androgyny, this is like, the ONE thing, they’ve got. Same problem with lad culture (really Eurotrash Ibiza club culture from the 90s, spare us), which has mistaken physical maturity (fucking, drinking, drugs,  swearing/being rude to all women as a form of underclass ‘humour’) for social or intellectual maturity (and respect).

A clean-shaven man doesn’t need to look like a furry animal to show dominance and a masculine nature, he has the real-world power and adult behavioural abilities in reserve that requires no display or show of symbols. In fact, counter signalling is their game.
It’s like the guy in credit card debt who buys a sportscar versus the millionaire who buys a secondhand moderately nice car on equity, because who does he need to impress? 

The blokes who say women are attracted to status? Ever notice they don’t have any to speak of?

The hipster hackers of Mr Robot plus Tumblr’s opinion

which is always fun and grotesquely wrong. Spoilers ahoy duh.

I haven’t criticized the media in way too long. This cannot be tolerated.

just getting that now rlly slow on the uptake moriarty

It’s too hipster for my taste. Too many tropes, too many clichés, rather insulting actually, to real hackers; I know I guessed the twists from the first episode and I’m no brain on these things, and the reviews going on and on about how “authentic” it is really give it away to me as Gen Y hipster fodder, they’re trying to make this our Fight Club, complete with grating hashtags at the bottom of the screen you’re supposed to respond to like Pavlov’s dog.

I can see you trying all the way across the Atlantic.

I can see you trying all the way across the Atlantic.

Which makes it fun to make fun of, cos projection. As TLP says, if you’re watching it, it’s for you.

It’s like a pastiche parody, a mishmash so hastily thrown together to please a demo. It’s selling you non-conformity. People are buying. People thinking they’re too smart to do that, who like the show and the message, and just mindlessly promoting it.

laughing rdj crack up

Even me with this review, I guess. I’m selling out guys. Buying a place in Miami.


You know he’s edgy bc he’s wearing a hoodie.
Really? Nah. It gets in the way of typing. When I see someone wearing a hoodie with the sleeves rolled up, however, my eyebrow hooks up at the rarity of the sight and I’m like
I wanna know that person. That person in particular.

Trust in the wisdom of the secret race of sleeve roll people.

As this sweet, sane Tumblrina (they exist) points out, the best thing about the show isn’t the main character (too whiny to carry it, the Millennial personified in self-loathing) but the Swedish Patrick Bateman. Yes. He needs a lot more screentime. I miss him when he’s offscreen. Of course, she doesn’t realize he’s a literary reference so most of his character doesn’t make sense to her.

Why did no one slap her in this scene? Just tying her to a chair. No actual beating, like every male counterpart?

To the rest of us who read books that aren’t in the YA section, he’s a joy to behold.

The guy deserves a spinoff. Watch it for him.

Redux: An Open Letter to Feminists Pushing In On Fandom Fun

formerly on ROQ, April 30, 2014, archived here:

go on moss popcorn

Hi, I see you there, over by the yaoi table. Brightly coloured hair to make you look interesting, long sleeves to hide self-harm and fake glasses or an ironic t-shirt. You’re new here. We can tell you’re new because you complain how we do things.

We don’t care about you. We’re here for the convention.

We don’t care about your opinions as they pertain to anything other than the material at hand. You don’t play Dark Souls? Well I guess your opinion on it is worthless. You haven’t read the “A Song of Ice and Fire“? There goes a whole conversation I wanted to engage in with you, out of the window, like Bran. Oh, I could go there and try to include you anyway, but you’ll accuse me of “trolling” (since you’re new to the surface net too) or ‘shaming’ because you don’t know what you’re talking about and I’m smart enough to notice: You’re a fake. Here for attention of you, you, you and whatever ‘issues’ you’re pushing to chew our ear with. Your intent is deceptive. You are a liar and a peddler. There are fakes in each hobby coasting along on false appearances and wow, just wow are you all about appearances.

You’re talking to people who immerse themselves in a fictional world as a hobby. We ‘go’ here to chill and forget about our everyday for a while. Exceptions have unhealthy obsessions requiring professional intervention and we avoid them overall. We don’t give a fig about real world woes while here and we resent being pestered/patronized with them by whiney losers who pretend to be our ‘friend’ (social manipulation) and pretend to be into the same stuff (a mild form of lovebombing) to then try and segue into an indoctrination on your pet policies (a cult of permanent irrational anger). You’re like a pusher on a street corner and we will never buy it. We’re too smart for you to convert to The Cause. I don’t care if you think Wonder Woman’s costume cut is sexist. She isn’t real! We get that, why don’t you?

You’re confusing fiction with reality or deliberately lying. If you think ‘solving’ fiction will solve your reality problems, you are deluded. Fiction per se is harmless and the purpose is entertainment. You have a monopoly on higher education, isn’t that enough? Regular people aren’t as impressionable as you. We have the ability to dissociate from viewing an act and carrying it out. Or does watching Girls make you a slut?

You take the fun out of everything. Nothing is allowed to be fun or funny. You squash what’s original or creative until it’s bland and mediocre. Why aren’t there more fat superheroes? Because superheroes are about idealization. Wonder Woman is genuinely Rubenesque because Rubens portrayed feminine curves in a flattering way. He didn’t glorify fat as beautiful, he glorified and sexualized the opulence of wealth, the one percent of his time paying his commissions, and fat was fashionable among the richest who could afford to waddle among the starving peasants. Your understanding of history, as everything else, is backwards.

You complain with the expectation that other people (usually evil men) will fix your problems for you. How is that either strong or empowered? You want “feminist” videogames? Make them! You can’t program? Learn! You won’t buy comics or games that don’t appeal to your ideology? No one does! If you aren’t consuming the products, the producers have zero reasons to care what you think. Become a productive member of the society or shut up.

We’re here to have fun and you’re pushing in. You’re trying to take away our release. Imagine if we shut down your activities on tumblr. You’d be on the warpath.

If you want to be accepted by us, you need to do two things.

  1. While at geek meeting places, talk about nothing with real world implications. We will never care.
  2. Realize no one cares about you specifically, we are defined by collective knowledge and channel your focus into the book/game/manga material of your choice. If most of your statements start with “I think” or “You should”, we will reject you. This has nothing to do with what you are, THAT IS THE POINT.

What do you know? What can you give? What are you doing?

If you cannot handle our subculture, you know where the door is. We call your bluff. You don’t want to leave. You want to control us. You want to be Queen of the Geeks. It would massage your bloated ego. You want to be accepted and adored without putting the work in and consuming the material. It takes years of moderate effort to become a real, true fan. You are a fake. You are posing for selfies with our stolen symbology, declaring to speak for us and deigning to speak down to us and it is offensive. We were bullied at school for that hobby, you didn’t care and now you appropriate it for yourself? How dare you.

I, and my fellow fans, pray that geek stuff is falling out of fashion. Why? We won’t have to put up with you people. You fakes and phonies and brats, who stamp your foot when you don’t get your own way. An entire subculture that existed before your birth isn’t about to change because you raised ‘awareness’ of ‘issues’ aka raised your voice. We respect creators and contributors. You are a hater and a parasite.

We know you’re a marketing gimmick, a wealthy demographic on Mummy’s money, a social construction with no authenticity and you hate that we can tell. You hate that we test you. You hate that you fail. You can’t even make it among us freaks, huh? The people you still bully and tease within our own ‘safe spaces’ for the lifestyle you are attempting to emulate. Hurts, doesn’t it, when we reject you? We don’t expect you to know everything, but we expect you to know some things. Some basic things which allow you into our club. You choose to remain ignorant. You can’t come in.

When we do fall out of fashion, as it’s inevitable, where will you be? Will you publicly and loudly proclaim you’ll stick with us? Will you bet money? Your precious reputation?

Or will you slink away to the next thing NY scene kids and Hampstead hipsters decided was alternative? Creeping like weeds, worms or leeches.

We all know what you’ll do. Every subculture dreads your plague. You’ll probably flip us off while leaving, saying how you never wanted to be accepted by us “losers” anyway. You were just kidding. You wouldn’t be seen dead with us before our subculture got on TV and billboards. We remember. You have no loyalty and you will forever be chasing happiness. We pity you. Leave us to our bliss.


A real geek, who happens to be a girl and who works in STEM. Take that, bitches.