Jackie ordered it

She mysteriously went away for a week and then Marilyn was dead. Divorce was social ruin for a woman in those days. JFK supposedly promised to marry Marilyn and she was happy before she died. Jackie allegedly said something like ‘I want that woman gone before I get back’ and she was. Then to pay for it, she later married yet another mobster. She was also an adulteress herself.



Born in Southampton, N.Y. on July 28, 1929 to well-heeled parents, the former first lady didn’t always shy away from the spotlight. During the first year of John F. Kennedy’s presidency in 1961, Jackie “made over the White House into a living stage,” according to journalist Hugh Sidey (per The New York Times). In 1962, 56 million people watched Jackie’s Emmy-winning televised tour of the revamped White House, an event that found her trotting out a “Minerva clock and candelabra” and a mirror that belonged to George Washington. Meanwhile, her singular style — pillbox hats, Chanel, and Givenchy — turned Jackie into a fashion icon.

The word “snarky” doesn’t spring to mind when thinking of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, but there could be real bite beneath her poise and primness. Once questioned about “what she fed her German Shepherd,” Jackie reportedly replied: “Reporters.” In 1966, an acquaintance allegedly asked Jackie if she’d bumped into “a tiny, thin, gay interior decorator” who’d helped arrange her apartment (per The New York Times). Jackie reportedly responded: “Oh yes. I did see him the other day. I almost stepped on him in the elevator.”

Her marriage to Aristotle — a man The Telegraph described as “short, pugnacious, but extremely wealthy” — wasn’t a particularly happy one. According to Time, Aristotle nicknamed his wife “The Widow.” After his 24-year-old son Alexander died following a 1973 plane crash, Aristotle reportedly called her “The Witch.” Time reported that Aristotle was “deeply superstitious” and irrationally “blamed her for the loss that broke his heart.”

Toadface monster.

The book claims Jackie was at her wit’s end over JFK’s alleged affairs, and Monroe’s notoriously sultry “Happy Birthday Mr. President” roundelay supposedly proved to be the breaking point. Jackie’s father-in-law, Joe Kennedy, reportedly “offered” to give her “a check for one million dollars” to prevent the divorce (per the Daily Mail). If the book can be believed, Jackie told Joe that amount would need to be kicked up to “twenty million dollars” if JFK happened to “[bring] home any venereal disease.”

Then why kill Marilyn?

To what extent did Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Marilyn Monroe know one another, if at all? In his 2013 book, These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie, author Christopher Andersen claims they were bonafide romantic rivals who indulged in at least one verbal sparring match. Andersen writes that Jackie perceived Monroe as a credible threat and “a loose cannon” — someone who could “go public” with her alleged JFK affair and “destroy her marriage” with the dirt (per The Telegraph). If there’s any credence to this story, perhaps Jackie had good reason to be concerned. 

According to Andersen, Monroe was prone to asking her pals: “Can’t you just see me as first lady?”

Elsewhere in the book, Andersen claims Monroe rang up Jackie at the White House one fateful evening and let her know all about the affair. According to Andersen, Monroe told Jackie her husband was eager to abandon his family and embark on “a new life” with her (via Inside Edition). Unfazed by this scenario, Jackie reportedly responded with withering sarcasm:

“Marilyn, you’ll marry Jack. That’s great. And you’ll move into the White House and you’ll assume the responsibilities of First Lady, and I’ll move out and you’ll have all the problems.”


“My understanding of it is that Bobby was the one who orchestrated the whole goddamn thing,” she told her sister-in-law the day after the party. “The Attorney General is the troublemaker here, Ethel. Not the President. So it’s Bobby I’m angry at, not Jack.”

nothing to see here

Why has everyone just LET THIS GO?

Of all the things to memoryhole.

These guys (like Jared Leto too) literally want a cannibal cult where women donate body parts.

In certain places like Germany it’s legal so a lot of travel to those places, and China due to the strong black market in organs. Any time a celebrity travels to China under weak pretenses it’s like spinning the wheel – pedo, cannibal or both?

I once asked someone who claimed to know a lot about cannibalism what humans supposedly taste like. I guessed chicken. Not like chicken. Supposedly like bacon but better. So the bacon meme of a few years past was supposedly originally their joke, like the pizza meme about little girls. Apparently modern humans are too salted in our diets so … salty. This doesn’t apply so much to children so they don’t need to soak the meat to take out some salt. I can’t un-know it so now neither can you. I was the Will Graham of this situation, full of nightmares about things I wish I didn’t know. But for context, I believe that girl completely based on the ‘pork’ rib bit, which is too random to make up alone. She’s telling people so he doesn’t kill anyone. Brave woman.

It is NOT a fetish because it isn’t sexual, unless you mean sexual sadism. In short, they don’t cum at the thought. Not a fetish. They don’t want to pretend a rack of ribs is a baby, they want an actual baby. There’s always an attempted normalisation with ‘BDSM’, which they’ve taken pains to make seem fun over decades, so women are pinned or captured easily, to be abused.


Red flags: They joke about eating you and ask if there is a part of yourself, like a small toe, that you wouldn’t mind giving up

Moving the goalposts, predatory tactic. They want the victim to offer themselves up, psychopaths enjoy the power.

Men will also brag about loving the ‘taste’ of women and make out it’s a fondness for oral. Yes but also no. Mentions of body parts being juicy, mostly T&A.


Somebody screen grabbed one of his tweets. It said something about his son pulled a knife on him when he said he (referring to son) was so cute he wanted to eat him up. Armie thought that was funny enough to tweet about it. That kid has seen daddies peculier menu choices.

Is he sexual with his son or, Occam’s Razor, it isn’t sexual, it’s literal?

The doctor is naive. The man clearly already has a taste for human flesh, they pretend they’ve never had it before to make obedience more probable. The victim feels more comfortable if they think they’re special. Similar grooming pattern to a pedo. Lookism is real. Ted Bundy was hot.

Cannibal: I want to eat people.

Doctor: Oh, metaphorically.

Cannibal: I want to know what human flesh tastes like.

Doctor: Oh, like a sexual fantasy.

Cannibal: I want her rib.

Doctor: In a manner of speaking.



This reminds me of why I never got the hype around cmbyn he played a 24 year old man who PREYED on an obviously immature 17 year old boy and it’s suppose to be “romantic”.

I’m sure his son is fine.

This is why I hate MRAs. Why does he get ANY custody? 9/10 the abusive parent is the father. Even after the toe sucking. They’re leaving boys and girls with abusers because they hate random women. Abusers want to continue the cycle.

Seems the good Dr. minimized this because some merely fantasize but haven’t acted (as of yet) upon verbal relating. If someone mentions a curiosity about the taste of human flesh, that is a definite red flag, that should be reported to a forensic psychologist.

The doctor has failed on this, if you cannot confront a horrific topic seriously you have no business being a therapist. For the sake of his children at least, do not jest. Imagine his kids will see this. I seem angry but it’s like, I understand this and it’s righteous anger. Some things we don’t joke about, giving random people PTSD is one. Humiliating your son in public another.

I’d ask what he ‘imagines’ people to taste like, you can tell pretty quickly who’s done it before, like men with rape or choking murder ‘fantasies’. They get oddly specific. If someone had a ‘curiosity’ for burglary and suddenly they buy a crowbar to ‘see how it feels’…… that is premeditation and preparation. Curious people do not have preferences e.g. body part, cut of meat, preparation. Psychopaths are big on rehearsal. I knew a guy who’d buy cow parts and randomly practise butchering them, calling them like people, noped the fuck out of that situation I can tell you. He’s tall and handsome and many moons later, still single. Wonder why. That isn’t even my top ten weirdest friend. But he was in the arts. One art display in a public showing had an eyeball. He did not warn me about this. Like, an actual eyeball. He’d made it look human. Apparently his parents supported his ‘art’. He thinks it’s deep. Same exhibit had lots of food including grapes. I still can’t eat grapes because he proudly compared them to eyeballs. No words.

comments I found elsewhere

He also said he cut the heart out of a living animal and ate it while it was still warm??? Hollyweird

Coming of age ritual?

If you go to his IG back to may 2014 he has a photo of a license plate that has a sticker he’s showing that says ‘id rather be eating human flesh” on the sticker. These weirdos always leave a post somewhere on their social media trying to fly under the radar

oh yeah, he’s NEVER done it before…..

What did you expect from literal Satanists?

and it’s killing the manosphere online as a safe haven for jaded men because they deliberately conflate unproven to mean false, while moving the goalposts of evidence for anything a woman says. There are practically books of testimonials about ‘anger issues’ re these guys. Do you need ten women? A hundred? I thought the West had a justice system, even Sharia isn’t that skewed. What’s with the hypoagency of saying a grown man shouldn’t rein in his own behaviour?

Top comment:

Manson: “I held a gun to her head and made her swear she loves me.”

Audience: “Wow! So intense! So hardcore!”

Manson’s Ex: “He held a gun to my head and made me swear I loved him.”

Audience: “She is LYING!”

The Satanism is not a joke, how long until people figure this out? And I thought Alkaline Trio were obvious. Eat the pain also applies to their private relations, all Satanists are sexual sadists, who admire Marquis de Sade and his literal tortures of women as if it were artwork. It’s a belief system of misogyny and putting women in ‘their place’ by literally breaking them, a cowardly thing. They daren’t act that way against men. They hate happiness, happy families and who’s required for that? Non-sexualised mother material. MM used to offer random people to see that ex-gf stripper’s chest (without her consent). It’s all about control.

I’m curious to see if Johnny Depp speaks out against his friend’s admitted domestic violence, considering recent scandals.

If not, we have to assume the blind about rapey Halloween parties was true, that Kate Moss was likely the one covering (models are brainwashed by the Game to think it’s normal) and Amber wasn’t completely lying. If it was mutual abuse, that would explain why he never left her. Sadists prefer victims who present a challenge and put up a fight. Plus the band name, Hollywood Vampires.

Which I know nothing about, obviously.

Still nothing new about Chester. Poor guy.

Jared Leto is a total pedo, hope that doesn’t apply to JD. I was invited to a 30S2M gig and didn’t wanna be in the same vicinity as that weirdo, especially since I look young. If they don’t distance themselves openly, we’re forced to conclude they tacitly agree.

I looked up re the blind about Brazil filming (and underage ‘spas’) and the ages of consent were different, off by a year, so I really hope that wasn’t John. Blind said 14 I believe, internet said Brazil is 15.

“instead you’ll taste my pain” “always out stalking prey in the dark I hide” “they say I cannot be this”

Why do we look for good in evil?

This goes a way to explaining the sympathy for the devil phenomena. I guess we’re all a little hybristophiliac, because we want to believe pure evil doesn’t exist, everyone must have a kernel of good to redeem them – or show mercy to us. It’s selfish. We evolved to seek mercy where overpowered or overwhelmed by people or places we don’t understand. We regress to a child, easily soothed or visually distracted and stimulated.
I have a minor interest in film theory and the psychology of evil. Zimbardo is a hack though, his book is useless. Don’t bother.
Hollywood covers the allure or seduction process to evil as a destination better than science. Quelle surprise.
It’s interesting that most people assume nice people are bland. I’ve not seen this. There is always a Shadow Self. Mine is particularly un-Christian, due to my overt conscious Christianity. Nobody likes looking at theirs, so blatantly edgy people put us off, seem to be faking it like a porn orgasm. Predators make themselves uncomfortable, spurring their acts to relieve ‘boredom’ or irritation. A chill predator is a patient wolf, in the zone. They cannot be normal, with mundane irritation and I believe we sense the difference between nervous systems. Their frustration is physically distinct from the rest of the species. Their sensitivities make them charming or artful, but it’s shallow. Most don’t develop it. There’s no slow-bleed of emotion, just rage and emptiness they carp and cavill about. Most predators aren’t deep, they just think they are. Film gives them the illusion of depth and a rich inner life that rarely exists. They’re wild without wit.
The Devil’s main sales pitch is sympathy, woe is you, wrath is sold as justice, vindicated by personal exception (folly). Visually, there’s a visual catharsis to revenge, explaining the serial killer trope. Cultural Christianity makes us believe we can be their personal saviour. But the Bible never tells us to save people, help but not save, since human(-human) mercy is false, prideful. I have a lot more in common with that character than I’d care to admit, but it’s usually love of the arts and presentation. If he were real, we’d probably be friends. This is the disturbing detail, the path not taken. Evil is a destination, and we could go there any time we like. That’s the lure – and the horror.

The Devil makes evil accessible, so we have five year-olds clicking onto porn and seven-year old rapists. This is the dystopia. Corruption everywhere.

We have the concept of false modesty and political false mercy, including converting ‘sinners’ and various ists and isms, are religious and fundamentalist in instinct. If you’re better than Jesus, walk off a pier and prove it.

We have a mutant Christianity, why not a mutant Satan?

Netflix wokewashing

Isn’t a black guy creeping on a minor ‘problematic’?




Our culture is not a costume, stop fetishizing it/us. Throwing on a cravat doesn’t make you a gentleman and wearing a long dress doesn’t make you any less a thot. The white fever is disgusting.

The ‘historical expert’ tumblr bitches on youtube are marxist agents. I don’t discuss someone without reason. Youtube is pushing them for that reason, while white-run channels are pushed down. The Cold War psyops was Red Scare, this is Purple Hair Scare.

Spot the common denominator, gatekeeping white people from discussing our own culture.

and Darcy made his fortune off of black people so


depp again

It’s cute how Americans always assume one celebrity has to be a virgin Mary type, Johnny was trashing hotel rooms while Amber was in primary school. However, that doesn’t excuse the abuse on her end, which was probably much worse. Yet he knew she was like this when he married her, they’d been dating for years. I just hope the truth comes out but Americans shouldn’t expect it to flatter either party. This reminds me of that old fandom drama where it’s team This or team That and one party is Satan and the other practically Jesus. Identification is a defense mechanism, stop it. Celebrities aren’t you or your friend. He went on massive benders when she wasn’t around, come on. Rockers gonna rock.
I like the guy but he’s no angel.
I like the idea of cancelling cancel cults but …they still wanna cancel Amber, when it isn’t even necessary because she had no career anyway…? Seems like they just hate women, let her suck. Let her suck in her films.

I do wonder how the Bro Code lot will handle his ‘betrayal’ when he goes back to her (overtly or covertly) because I heard (as others also reported) that he wants to.
Mobs turn. Personally, I support Johnny but he knew she was a snake.
It would be the ultimate cuck move. Taking her back would be like a public admission he was just as bad.

I hope he doesn’t think he can ‘rescue’ her.

Potter gossip

h/t Vox, I hadn’t seen this blind.



“Our former actor said there were only a few older actors who took part, but they were some of the worst.”

I know two things.

  1. Ralph Fiennes is a monster. He also raped the young teen daughter of that theatre hag he shacked up with, and later lived with her as an adult. Pedos exploit trauma bonds. Listen to him talk about and act in the deflowering scene from Invisible Woman, he knows an awful lot about virgin teens…?! He also hates kids more than Planned Parenthood.
  2. David Thewlis has nothing to do with this, imho. Yes, he’s lefty but he’s nice, realistic PC. Yes, I’ve met him. No creep vibes whatsoever. Very protective of his daughter. Just seems to wanna do his job and go home.

My guess for the boy is the Draco guy. He’s a douche IRL but semi-good in music.
Jason (played Lucius) is a cryptoJew and creepily, smarmily nice, so take that as what you will. You never hear a bad word about him (weird) and he openly despises Trump for no reason. No reason at all. Watch him on Youtube. I think Jason protected him, but maybe enabled others to be…? They’re eerily close. Jason was also in Peter Pan as Hook. A weird choice.

I said this didn’t just happen to girls, pedos are usually bi. They’re opportunists, boys usually fight back more. I wonder if the pedo-defenders will try to rationalise this? I guess not.
I know people who worked on Potter, as extras or otherwise. Extras travelled in packs.
PACKS. I swerved being an extra myself. Could have.

“Please not Gary Oldman.” Could be, he’s violent. He beats defenceless women. Is friends with David, though, as he told me. Maybe professional friends?
Chris Columbus has always been a massive notorious pedo. that’s why he wanted Ralph. Also zoomed in on Harry’s pain scenes.
Ralph famously made a weird comment you can find online about “humiliating a boy”” in his graveyard scene.

Chris Coulson is gay but I don’t think it’s him.

“As for the “older men,” my heart sinks at the thought of Alan Rickman being part of this, which seems quite possible.”

There was Philosopher’s Stone footage online where the boys were oddly discussing rape in a joking tone before an age where we learn what sex is in school.

“Kenneth Branagh, Richard Harris, John Cleese and a bunch of others.”
Kenneth is very fond of the backdoor, slept with Hiddleston didn’t he?
Harris, no idea.
Cleese, no. I don’t believe that. They cut his screen-time in later films, he is not favoured.

Rowling is friends with Marilyn Manson and uses a real demonology summoning circle as a kid’s necklace. I covered this.
Depp used to be friends with Manson, I think that messed him up. I don’t think Depp is one of them, just a mess. Know people who met him entertaining kids for free in hospital (all above board, parents present). Seems to be trying to feel better about involvement in that industry. Just loves the job. Creepy band name though. Then again, I like rock and posted a photo of him here once, so I can talk. He moved to England very recently, I know exactly where. The actual house. He wants to avoid Hollyweird. Maybe they threatened him?
Hurt did a lot of work on kid’s films, like a LOT, including for the BBC (Merlin) and I believe Doctor Who (I suspect anyone who worked on Who). Who conventions are full of kids and I know at least one former Doc was being creepy to attendees (a 18yo girl I knew but still).

The crossdressing Oscar Beasts guy is 100% gay but also loves his wife. IDK how. Premium beard?

Pretty sure Daniel was raped but he’s Jewish so could’ve been family-approved. Anyone who gets naked on stage has some issue. It should be illegal.

Rupert could be the one, nice bloke but hates acting now. Did lots of kid’s films.

“And depending who the other “older men on the set” aside from the actors were, maybe because they aren’t suicidal enough to name names.”



Is that enough naming names for you? Weird incesty fucking family, like Jolie. I heard rumours the only woman he’d ever love is his mother.
He’s called Ralph the Rake by other creeps (boys will be boys bullshit) and orders random theatre workers to fuck him during intermissions. Claimed to be a ‘sex addict’ that one time (no such thing). I think he is actually possessed. I don’t think he’d mind.
These people piss me off muh ‘nobody naming names’ we DO you don’t LISTEN. And unless you were there you can rarely prove it.
Did any of the kids say ANYTHING nice about Ralph as a person, literally EVER?

Did any of the adult cast? Or did most of them seem scared?

By process of elimination….

Does Hollywood love the guy? Does he keep getting plum roles? Is he friends with Harvey? In Epstein’s black book? Did Spielberg praise him as ‘sexual evil’? WTF does THAT mean?

In addition, sometimes the women are among the worst. ‘Blind’ said ‘adult’, not men. Mostly men, sure. I know HBC famously shagged Ken.

If ‘Rafe, actually’ wanted to suicide me by now, he would have done.

Mostly I just avoid plays he’s in. They’re shit anyway. Diverse cast.

p.s. Emma’s feminism is sincere, she’s trying to stick up for the boys.

I refuse to watch Stranger Things because it’s based on a murder case.


I covered the Crowley passage that talks of young boys.

~waits for Qfags to catch up~

“At his death penalty sentencing hearing, Echols’ psychologist reported that months before the murders, Echols had claimed that he obtained super powers by drinking human blood.” possession

Winona defended this guy. Johnny hates her.


Since I’m here –


1 – Paltrow or Angie. Probably Angie. Depends who was there. Powerful men? Yes. If not, Paltrow.

2 – Emma Watson, 99.9%

“or any bad habits” hid her smoking for a long while

She also stripped for an entire rugby team (who signed NDAs) so I assume drugs were involved.

3 – Sean Penn

4 – could be literally most of Ho-wood.

Molech altar, based on the one I heard they trashed in a museum?


Brazen bullshit. Simps4Satan

Supposedly they think their drug-induced hallucinations are ACTUALLY talking to Satan. I think it would be sold as a history thing, maybe set in Canaan?

Do it Tara

Do it Tara, become a legend.
I believe in you.
comment “Imagine going down for MBB! If you’re gonna risk it all pick a looker at least.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Count Jerkula is Henry. Weirdly defensive of all pedoposting?
“She probably purges to stay skinny and pretty, so no gag reflex. Just open throat, if you can reach it.”
…How would you know?
[also, HC couldn’t reach it]
>also calls the solid 5 MBB ‘pretty’… er no
“English antique dealer i knew did a vagabond around the world trip when he was 20, in 1968”
Based in England. Your broker dad or one of a thousand male relatives?
“Would be the only reason to visit France, other than to conquer it
Only an Englishman would say that.
“Ugh. Being slandered by someone who doesnt even understand the words they are using. Sad start to a Saturday.”
Denies definition of pedophile as adult attraction to minors.

Also reads like the spelling and vocab of his social media posts, he always likes referring to the weekday for some reason. Drops his capital I’s historically but retains the full stops.*
Typical rapist’s virgin shaming but only when calling for anti-pedo justice:
“If i was in my 40s with an intact hymen, i’d also be bitter about a rich 16y/o catchin dick like shit catches flies.”
She was 15 at most, nice goalpost move. Still illegal, still a pedo. People aren’t jealous of pedos or bitter about their victims, you sick “hebe” fucktard. But Cavill’s a literal psychopath so he would rationalise it…
It is you, isn’t it hen? He thinks 40 is old (for action films) and keeps getting insecure about hitting it, increasingly paranoid. The Botox is making him look like a waxwork.

Did not comment on the Tara blind (legal reasons…?)
nb Millie is often referred to as an ashtray (especially by people like Cavill) and your Youtube comments to that effect will be removed…

Would like to point out, I got there first.

Sometimes I best Enty. Not often but… sometimes.

*and too many dots, I do the same thing. Old IRC habit. e.g.

“In this here photo only one of the Cavill men was a father. Now…. a few years later, only one isn’t!”

Please never breed, you pedo rat bastard.

In a cover family he’d probably rape his own daughter.

bold – Also calls people ‘bitter’ instead of jealous, thinks it makes him sound posh.

Enola and Pedo Holmes

Finally, a Mary Sue that’s autistic. Makes sense for that trope.

If it were a boy, everyone would be talking about the autism.

Enola’s mother raised her to be an autistic rebel. Naturally, her hell on Earth was being sent to a finishing school. Now, this school is supposed to be super evil, but it is shockingly progressive in its own right. There are black and Asian girls attending this 19th-century bulwark of Victorianism. We get to see Enola not fitting in and being taught useless skills like embroidery, eating with a spoon, and embroidery…

Henry Cavil on the other hand was poorly cast as Sherlock Holmes. He’s too pretty for the part. Holmes is gaunt and hawk-like. And while I’ve very much liked Cavil’s performances before, he was just wooden this time out. It felt like the director didn’t want to work with him. Which means he thought that Cavil was wrong for the part too. So who thought he was right for it? Well, two of the producers are named, Millie Bobby Brown and Paige Brown. If a teenage girl and her mother had some say in casting, it might explain why a profoundly handsome man who was completely wrong for the part got hired.

I can explain that actually. Here’s three thousand words on the subject.

Stage mother has been pushing her on pedos ever since that rapper when she was about 11. What, who do you think tipped off the gossip sites? Santa? Ho ho ho motherfuckers.

He wouldn’t do a series because he’s still angling for Bond after WB fired him for being a full pedo in China. They’d been paying him to attend conventions full of teenagers. Hardly the publicity they’re seeking.

People start work at the age of majority, eighteen, so what else could he mean there?

He might come out as MGTOW at some point to explain why he won’t marry but he’s such a notorious predator of anyone under 25 in London (North West, to be specific) that he’s had to seek other hunting grounds due to smartphones, in backwards countries. He still has a mews in Kensington though. He’s paranoid about being called a rapist* (SJW stare rape comment) because it isn’t exactly hard to find women he’s raped (like actually raped, violently**, including buggery) and he paid off a Canadian woman for giving her a disease in court (herp). That’s a lot for a man known to wank himself off (edging, particularly) in a mirror for hours because he’s a Patrick Batemen level psychopath. I know people who were friends with him. He dropped them when he took the ticket. No guilt.

You can tell he’s one of Them now because the Guardian suddenly likes him: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/aug/13/henry-cavill-superhero-curse-better-look-like-superman as does Netflix, who jumped at the chance to hire him after hearing he’s a fellow traveller from China. He’d work in any project the CCP want now (and never speak against them) or even spy for them because he took their blackmail offer of his pick of minors, girls, for preferred treatment in that huge film market.

if you’re reading this hen, go ahead and sue me you little bitch, I haz receipts, I’m willing to put this in the Mail, they’ve copied me before

The 4th wall problem is actually a pretty easy fix. Just give Enola her own Watson. Instead of explaining things to the audience, she could explain them to her plucky friend.

But if they cast a girl Watson she’d have been prettier than pedo ashtray Millie. I’m no oil painting myself but DAMN I look better without make-up and that’s saying something.

I see better leading ladies in the street, where she belongs with her creep mother.
I mean, they photoshopped the fuck out of those posters, didn’t they? You still can’t make a silk’s purse out of a sow’s ear.
Naturally, all the men involved have been lobotomised to make Mary Sue look smarter. Don’t bother.

*”Well, I don’t want to go up and talk to her, because I’m going to be called a rapist or something.'” Rape involves the peepee henry no.

**He always keeps the shoulders bulked to pin them down. He goes on pick-up forums to discuss getting them to pass out so he can go in the back door, since he doesn’t actually like adult women. Rejected Tom Cruise, too old. Slept with his married personal trainer he keeps gushing over to this day, because that’s what heterosexuals do. Big on prostate stuff.

He pings like a pinball machine, see gif. Extremely self-closeted. Without the muscles people would notice. Brothers all married with kids by now. He’d marry a manly woman like Clooney did, if any. Pros: hate feminists, goes on 4chan but /hebe (as he identifies, because pedo sounds mean) as well as pol. Ask his opinion on age of consent, I dare ANY journalist.

“But, that said, this year in particular, there seems to be a serious lack of black guys and girls being nominated.” A problem you’ll never have, Woody.

His family know what he is and cover for him because he’s Oedipal with his mother (catholics) and his father is handling his finances (like Britney).


He dumped the teen he was openly screwing because she committed the mighty crime of being ‘too old‘ at the haggard age of turning twenty. He clearly took the Cabal ticket, shills for Huawei : http://www.henrycavillnews.com/2016/07/the-most-beautiful-woman-in-my-eyes-is.html

14 is his ideal age, he’ll settle for 15. 2019-2004 = 15
It was illegal, folks..