Lies porn told you

Tasteful controversy. Nice.

I find it odd we fixate on the likes of Bond girls (Mary Sues mostly) when Bond is psychologically more disturbed than a woman trying to choke him with her maternal thighs or whatever. He’s the active party, right? You could accurately describe his adventures as The Wandering Ballsack. It’s the height of 60s Boomerisms, all he does is consume and fuck around. Nobody talks about it in the context of psychiatric issues except Craig who brilliantly, when asked if there was anything real men could learn from Bond and apply in their life, replied “No. Nothing”.

Bond is the epitome of a vapid man, who only cares about cars, clothes and indulgence. He’s late-stage Roman empire. This isn’t fucking Shakespeare.
Craig couldn’t be more different from him in real life if he tried;

Bond was skewered greatly by early seasons of Archer, Bond is so weak he can’t stop drinking “or the collective hangover might kill me”. Is bravado now the substitute for genuine toughness in men? Apparently so.

It makes memes like this really fucking cringeworthy.

It hurts to read this shit. All he does is shoot things.

Bitch, he couldn’t turn up to an office job at 8am sober.

Except for token gay subplots stinking up the franchise, am I right?

If that rings a bell –

Two can play at that fucking game. Hurts, doesn’t it?

If your role model has a completely hollow life, what the hell is going on?

I air-punched at him sticking up for himself in this one:

Amazing quotes from the man himself:

“Let’s not forget that he’s actually a misogynist.”
“I still think he wants to f*ck anything with a pulse.”
“…I don’t give a f*ck.”

He’s 100% English, we hate Bond as the American’s ideal of what a man should be. It’s Hemingway with a different accent, remember he shot himself. It’s a suit and a penis, how insulting. Fleming knew his audience were gullible for some vanity and validation and this was in the 50s, by publication date, supposed heyday of the real thing? We love Craig because he gets how ridiculous it all is. There’s practically a fourth wall break and a wink.

He’ll brain a guy with a kitchen sink and smirk at the camera.

The smirk isn’t “I can get away with this”, it’s “can you believe idiots look up to this shit”?

You can easily live like James Bond these days if you get into a lot of credit card debt. He’s Zoolander with flashy murder gadgets. He’s a massive special snowflake, the world needs him, specifically, to save it. Why not #006 or #008?

In general, in real life, most men aren’t special. They can’t even save themselves from a death spiral of degeneracy. It’s ancient wisdom the wastrel (hedon) has a wasted life, male or female (before you ask).

A role model for men is not a narcissist who goes around shooting people, that’s a TV news story set at a school waiting to happen. Nowadays Bond would be social media famous like old unhinged RDJ and on a public sexual harassment watch list. This guy literally interrupts a woman in her hotel shower, (he broke in) you’d never see that scene play out the other way around. My personal favourite is the almost autistic scene where he looks in on her getting ready, what if she was replacing a tampon or something?

Who looks up to a guy like that? Seriously?
Craig is sick of being treated like a massive jerk.

Could you imagine the boundaries he must have with other men?

There’s no way he wouldn’t be bisexual, don’t lie to me Hollywood.
A man who screws anything that moves is bisexual, it’s a fact.

He doesn’t even hit on a man, not even for work purposes to get info?

You go guy, right?

Statistically, it would be mostly Bond Boys, actually.

I picture Milo in the role, he fits well.

Male honeypots aren’t sleeping with women.

Oh but Monroe’s glamour is tacky, are you kidding me? At least nobody took that seriously, it was fun play acting. If you listen to her interviews she was intelligent. Picture up top, reconcile with her infamous, “If you aren’t committed, don’t bother” speech. These guys twist it but women know that’s the rationale. Women know their worth. Men are wasting their time on external objects and bullshit posturing, while calling the women superficial. I don’t know a single woman who wants to go into debt for a slightly shinier car but okay.

Too white?

Is it because he’s too white or too male?

Quick, hint you’re bi!
I don’t even like him and I think that’s ridiculous.

Half a decade of film down the drain and you know Witcher’s probably going to be more of a disappointment than Lord of the Rings. It’s just spells and tits, boring!

The Yen casting will be the decisive factor and anything less classic beauty + vampish than Eva Green tier is wrong. No way they’ll live up to that complex gravitas in the books or they’ll make that Triss slag the main female lead based on changes made in game 3 and ruin everything.

2020 release? I smell Production Hell.


that’s all I want, Hollywood!

(sounds of ugly crying)

Witcher’s gonna suck

Why did people like GOT? It was basically 100% white. Spot the trend.

And that’s without factoring in the yuck factor of HerpesMan.

The man with the charisma of a tree stump.
Living proof that men can coast on looks, too.

Hard pass, I think. It’s like the new elf in the Hobbit, sign of suck.

His career will go down in flames eventually. His paranoia‘s already talking.

I’m suspicious of anyone cast in a leading Hoewood role in the past 10 years.

Deeply suspicious. Balls-deeply suspicious. Something’s not right there.

Most public midlife crisis on Earth

Elon Musk smoked weed live on the internet during explosive interview with Joe Rogan

Two possible options 1. they’re trying to destroy him (and it’s working, he’s a joke now) 2. he’s always been an idiot and this is just the real him imploding. I think both is the good answer.

Grow up, for God’s sake man.

Too late or too early to call the crash and burn?

He’s already got the burn.

Go fuck then marry another child bride before calling people pedos based on where they live, Mr Hollywood.

He looks like such a twat.

I told you about the Burning Man side. What a loser.

This guy’s supposed to be a role model but he’s just like the rest of them.

Anyone up on their science knows the stuff rots your brain, that’s why they pushed it on black people. I guess he doesn’t notice at this point.
“Musk said he “almost never” smoked.”

More lies.
I want to be Russian so I can spit on him.
What’s next, a live feed of one of his hosting orgies? (Wait, that’s been done).

No, it won’t distract us from your decades of propped-up socialist failure.

I feel insulted he thinks this will work. Get your company to make the shit you promised, druggy.

Younger women are always trouble

What do Jezebels do?

“On Monday, Musk said that he’s working on a deal with the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund, justifying his tweet about taking Tesla private.”

House of Saud confirmed.

It’s so cringe. I like Banks now.

“better off hiring an escort”

You tell that truth, girl!

It gets better.

The next Stories she posted involved calling out Musk for having family wealth “rooted in emerald and ore mines in southern Africa during apartheid,”

Find me a rich Valley ((douchebag)) who didn’t have a rich family supporting his “genius”. Meritocracy my ass.

accusing him of benefiting from racism, doing “nothing” for Africa, being a “fake ass Libertarian shit bag,” and a lot of pretty insults about both his and Grimes’s looks. And she claimed that Grimes begged her to come to Los Angeles to work with her.

She is now my favorite black girl.

Possibly forever.

It’s true, it’s all true. Musk had a story about his father showing him an emerald on a private plane. He went from privilege to privilege. Look at the schools with these douches. No rags to riches. The apple doesn’t fall far on that line, I’m telling ya.

Don’t let the Jews get away with it.

What do you think happened to Tupac? He was a POET. Who’s the one group rappers aren’t allowed to diss?

Pretty sure Grimey is the contractual sex slave girl of gossip blogs.

Men with normal sexual tastes don’t need NDAs.

He still sleeps with failed Stepford Wife #2 according to someone who lived in her apartment complex so run bitch, run!

It really is like Get Out.

Yeah, he must be on roids because he has woman hips.

I’d noticed that too. Specific eye shape. Reptile confirmed? Or is that just the Yid?

She could be sensing the psychopath, it’s a chill of sensing a predator, I’m pretty sure for evolved reasons there are more Jewish psychopaths to survive the migrations. This was discussed elsewhere online but I can’t find it.

Blame the victim is common in predators.

He says stupid shit all the time.