Video: Aziz the Creep

Your skin colour isn’t a pass on abuse of power.

He’s always been a two-faced creep, like most male feminists, and especially those who aren’t white, but spend all their time bashing white men. It’s so you abandon the men and he can predate on you.

Yes, shephard, leave your flock. They don’t deserve you, they’re independent and responsible for any situation they’re in. This type also lie about what a situation is until you get there, common in Hollywood. Whatever happens, they can play the Psychic Card i.e. you should’ve known what the situation is without me asking you.

Victim blaming, you’ll notice. Offers don’t work like that.

You don’t go on a date unless consent is given, that’s kidnapping, so how does less consent go here?

If men want us to trust them, they can’t call us stupid when that backfires.

He was bitching Jennifer Lawrence ignored him and his texts (asking her out) and the public pressure from his status made her cave and appear with him in public but she friendzoned him like he deserves. He still attention-seeks with her like a puppet. Stay in your lane, grossboy.

How long until James Cameron or Steven Spielberg? Are they too big?


Sparkle all sequins

This needs to become common knowledge and it hasn’t.
“There are more people coming forward who say this now former B+ list mostly television actress supplemented her income when she was starting out by meeting men for money and being a sugarbaby.”
Don’t let me down, internet.
Let’s hope Phillip is choosing the music.

One of the true CDAN blinds.

At least buy better hair, it’s what your kind are normally good at?

Also shoes that fit.

You know, hookers always have the worst taste in footwear.

I guess because they spend so little time on their feet?

The Valley is close to Hollywood for this reason

“Many participants don’t seem the least bit embarrassed, much less ashamed. On the contrary, they speak proudly about how they’re overturning traditions and paradigms in their private lives, just as they do in the technology world they rule.”

We are living in the end times of something, no?


nb They “rule” nothing, bankers do. When easy credit goes, so do the orgies.

“How could it be anything but weird and dramatic and people on the edge testing everything?” On the one hand, he said, “if you thought like everyone else, you can’t invent the future,””
Talk about false equivalence. Abnormality is not deviance.

Putting the ritual into hazing ritual.
I don’t remember the part of consent law where you need to drug unsuspecting people first. It’s in the rape law, though, very common there.
I’ll enjoy watching their collapse.
So proud they do it at night and in secret. Hmm.
“Rich men expecting casual sexual access to women is anything but a new paradigm.” This is why we haven’t gotten a decent new technology in decades. These fuckers.
Predators are common and the motives always sound the same: wah wah entitlement, the world owes me for being amazing. From the people who made social media.
Who wants to tell them that cliques always collapse? It’s ugly.
– From the people capable of having a social life that isn’t degenerate?
“In fact, these guys even have a term for the women who pursue them: founder hounders.”
It’s quite the opposite. They have to invite the women, don’t they?
“When I ask Founder X whether these men are taking advantage of women by feeding them inhibition-melting drugs at sex parties, he replies that, on the contrary, it’s women who are taking advantage of him and his tribe, preying on them for their money.”
Yes, because any rational person would see sex and cash as interchangeable.
Unless they hand the women cash after to keep quiet about being abused, I’m not buying it.
Tribe. Yes. Tribe…
Also, Founder X?


The first rule of Fuck Club…….. the second rule, if it’s your first night…..

“In their online profiles, men are all but saying, “Hello, would you like to come up to my loft and see my stock options?”’ I used to think they were smart. They take options instead of money?
This is going to be a laughriot.
“once men like this land a woman, they are quick to throw her back.”
Emotionally disturbed manwhores. Insecure attachment, impossible to please. Yes, it’s the women at fault, of course it is.
When that attention dries out, some will inevitably kill themselves. I couldn’t say the world would lose much.
The idea that a man needs to sow any wild oats is such a loser Boomer paradigm. Note how many of these males are Gen X, Gen Y is more rightly disgusted at these habits.
“The claim of being stalked by women often becomes an excuse used by some tech stars to justify their own predatory behavior.”
They chase the woman and whatever happens, including nothing, claim she was stalking him. Crazy bitches don’t get believed.
“why do I have to compromise?” These people claim to be better than you. It’s like toxic Boomer on steroids.
They honestly think they can control or keep another human being. Sad!
Pride comes…
Leto is such a creep (PSA).
“In the Valley, this expectation is often passed off as enlightened—a contribution to the evolution of human behavior.” You are a bonobo in a hoodie. You are backward.
Truly evolved men wouldn’t need to leverage their power to screw people from work.
‘I should be able to have sex with a woman because I’m a rich guy.’ Similar to the logic of GHB druggers and date rapists. They tell themselves it’s a safe situation and the woman chooses to be a target because she’s the defective one.
“It’s way better than a swingers’ club would feel because this is at a home and you are surrounded by people you know.”
How is that not a swinger’s club, at best? Joke’s on them, your microbiome will carry those diseases and impair you later.
I’ve heard of swingers who work exactly like that, the keys in a bowl type. Their cancer rates merit study.
“They talk about diversity on one side of their mouth, but on the other side they say all of this shit.” Male feminists are the biggest misogynists going, yup. Their act goes that they can abuse a woman as much as they like and call her empowered for it.
I find it funny they use the word commitment when asylums used to take perverts. And as if there’s any such thing without faithfulness.
So self-aware they fund artificial friends, this is pathetic. You wanna be self-aware? Put down the drugs.
“we’re all cool about sex” scene.’ Cool? How old are you?
“Crawford can’t even count the number of men who’ve told her how lucky she is to have so many eligible men to date in the male-dominated tech scene.”
Interesting gaslight, fending off nascent lawsuits.
Peter Pan fuckboys hardly count as good, eligible MEN.
“the party scene is now so pervasive that women entrepreneurs say turning down invitations relegates them to the uncool-kids’ table.” Your money will last longer than theirs.
Not doing it was a thing.” Cult says what?
Independent thinkers, heavy on the peer pressure. Aha.
“They talk business at these parties. They do business,” she said. “They decide things.”
But there’s no pressure or abuse of power.
This is part of the reason frigid is really just a way for evil men to criticize the few good women left. What else would they have?
Respect should also mean the right to turn something down and have that be respected. Consensual connotes a right of refusal.
“Over time, I realized that it’s false advertising and it’s not something women should think is a way to get ahead.” Yes, they lie. Like most predators. If they want to work with you, they will?
“If you do participate in these sex parties, don’t ever think about starting a company or having someone invest in you. Those doors get shut. But if you don’t participate, you’re shut out. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” People who sleep around are generally untrustworthy. These ‘open’ people won’t be public about it. Hmph, cowards hiding behind liberalism.
They’ll die poor so who cares?

If a person has no conscience, that applies to their working hours too.

Your damage control sucks

and what’s the excuse for hosting them, love?

Still yet to be impressed.

God, I hope so.

One more thing to add to my bonfire of hate.

Weinstein was one of many

Hollywood is full of connoisseurs like Weinstein, men whose erotic imaginations are fueled primarily by humiliation, who glut their sensibilities with the most exquisite refinements of shame. A journalist once told me about visiting another very famous Hollywood producer—you’d know the name—who exhibited for my friend his collection of photographs of famous female actresses—you’d know their names, too—performing sexual acts for his private viewing.

There are videos.
I mention this because many of them were secretly filmed or filmed under false premises, as auditions.

As with Weinstein, this man’s chief thrill was humiliation, and the more famous the target the more roundly it was savored: Even her, a big star—these people will do anything to land a role; they’re so awful, they’ll even do it for me.

Sexual sadism, common in rapists.

‘Member Hillary’s rape enabling?

Makes a lot more sense post-Weinstein, I’ll bet.
Never let this die.

There’s your rape culture. The upper-middle screwing everyone else.

“Clinton was honored by the Children Defense Fund in September 2013 for being “a tireless voice for children.”

You couldn’t make it up.

Say… is Hollywood paying their “fair share” of taxes, like, ever?

Q. to Mr Clooney.

You shouldn’t be asking actors and actresses how much they make, but how much their productions paid to the taxpayer watching them.
“Michael Moore sued Bob and Harvey Weinstein for creative accounting to deprive him of his share of profits for the film Fahrenheit 9/11. Eventually, Moore reached a settlement with the Weinsteins and the lawsuit was dropped.”
“A WB receipt was leaked online, showing that the hugely successful movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ended up with a $167 million loss on paper.”
Where do you think Rowling got her fortune?
They actually take taxpayer money in credits.
Why do you think actors are so wealthy?
If actors didn’t have unions, they’d be poor – but unions are nationalistic and exclusive. One rule for them….

Then again, The Royals do it. Markle will fit right in.
St. Apple is on there.

Oh, but “drama is under-funded”, the Guardian constantly cry.

Well, maybe they could fund themselves out of their profits.
Like every other company.
Over 1,700 results.

Meanwhile, on the topic of fucking up schools, Tories value French over engineering, deliberately ruining the working class by treating them like the middle-class. This way, they can hire foreigners at slave wages with no guilt because the natives “don’t want to” do those jobs they aren’t qualified for.
“The school is considering whether to lose other subjects such as engineering and construction from its options for 14- to 16-year-olds.”
Why is there a shortage? We need more actors!
“Where are these pupils going to find that freedom of expression elsewhere?”
….Literally anywhere? Going to the local theatre as a hobby? Community theatre?
I know enough people in theatre that this line was unintentionally hilarious. Shakespeare in the park? YOUTUBE? Like teenagers need an excuse to show off. Technically, live video is performance art. They now stream theatre performances live so you try to deny it, Cumbersnatch.
A teacher from Rotherham (no shit) says
““In my area, school is often the only place children have access to art. They aren’t from families who will go out to a gallery. They can’t afford to go to the theatre. The things that are being removed from them are vital – this is their only access to experiences that are going to enrich their lives.”
They could stop subsidizing theatre tickets for everyone and just make them free to children.

Why is America taking all the engineers for Silicon Valley?
Why can’t Britain compete with its own industry? Since we invented it?
It’s a mystery, folks.
The middle class mocks how classist this prole-funded hobby is.

You may recognize this author.

More incest than Game of Thrones.

Comic: Assault and attention

No, it isn’t a witch hunt of alleged abusers because it isn’t one group, a collective, it’s only a temporary cluster that actually slots into guilty/innocent. A group would be abuse victims and statistically they make the bulk of accusers (liars of both sexes are rare and should be punished). A witch hunt requires the party is 100% innocent at all times. This is mostly European history so can Americans stop murdering our historical term. This English term doesn’t just mean scapegoat, it’s very loaded and again, even scapegoats if you look at the history, are blemish-free.

It isn’t just men, it isn’t just straight men and it isn’t just public figures.
That’s kind of the point here.
Anyone can be a victim, anyone can be an abuser. Is it anyone’s fault for the prevalence data? Only the abusers.

Should the courts handle it?


Will they?


Arbitration agreements aren’t meant to apply to criminal abuses but I’m sure some American will write it in.
It’s making headlines because it’s been known for a fact for many years.
That’s the shocking part. Should it be? No. It should’ve been carried to justice soon as it happened, but there’s no deadline on justice. There shouldn’t be. The victims, male/female, old/young, have to live with that. In the First World, we try not to let criminals get away with it because they’re rich and powerful (even niche industry power).

We have an opportunity to prove ourselves and predictably, the shallow internet narcissists are making it about them. You people make me sick.

There’s no way to win.

If you have a nervous breakdown, your testimony is crazy and can’t be trusted. (Sorry, are we under Sharia law?)
If you keep calm, you must be lying (that isn’t how body language or liars work, genius).
I would call them Freud wannabes but he was smart and actually over-diagnosed abuse because he had a soul, he had a mind to help and didn’t want to miss anyone in need.. They are technical bigots, not caring for the truth if it leaves a bitter taste. They’re always playing Cynic, the chronically miserable bring it on themselves.
Does theft cease to exist because of insurance scams?
Each case should be considered individually and anyone who thinks otherwise has no human compassion and can go to Hell. Gaslighting is itself a form of abuse and compassion isn’t one-sided. Could there be false accusations? Given the circumstances, no, and if so, the litigiousness of America will ensure they get plenty in a lawsuit plus extensive media coverage. It hasn’t happened because the only ones outed were open secrets, protected by their power. The story isn’t abuse, that’s sadly common; it’s the fact the beautiful people suffered it too.

Hardly the same as everyday assault but we assume celebrities are protected.

Sneering at them because they have something you want is low.

Be hopeful!

Any abuser can be brought to justice. This is great news for everyone.

It is also a good sign the gaslighters, presuming insanity of people they never met, are scared. They should be, there’s nowhere to hide their despicable games on people.