They’re opening up the flight logs, are they?

CDAN drop ‘guesses’, reposting from AC comments many months back.



Angelina Jolie Illuminati ‘Sex List’ Leaked Online

It never used to have a context box.

My ‘guess’ as to one of the men:

Causes supported include human trafficking.

Age of consent in Serbia is 14.

“I am not even including all the producers and directors who are making thousands of hours a year of child porn by filming it in countries where the age of consent is ridiculously low and doing so with the full consent of the film commission in the government.”

Remember this next time some pedo says “but it’s legal there!” who do you imagine writes the laws?

Nephew keeps trying to be famous and is pushed despite zero talent – and does one-eye poses e.g.

and just attended his first Met Gala.

The uncle was in one of “Jeffrey”‘s black books but nobody mentioned it.

Except for me of course.


A link to Meghan’s charity directed to Gold Digger.

Who would do that?


State grooming of children into r

I noticed “early” (forced, aka socially pressured by ‘Sex Ed’ teachers) masturbation triggers menarche from certain girls at school. We all noticed the connection in them. This is a dark reason to “abolish” consent age laws, the ‘if it bleeds’ way of pedo-spotting.


For once, we cannot blame the French. Most child porn with white girls is filmed in Eastern Europe because they’re low IQ degenerates larping as trad. CDAN mentioned this. A lot of ‘sex tourists’ to Siberia et al are like Thailand in that children are pimped out, so treat anyone who goes there for ‘women’ with suspicion. 9/10, pedo proof. There isn’t much else to do there, they haven’t evolved like Western Europe (no opera, no good museums, art galleries) so keep asking the guy for what they did (day by day basis) and watch them get really, creepily vague and evasive. The age of consent is super low there so pedos calling it ‘hebe’ (where pedo means ANY minor) call it okay, since it isn’t like, against their NWO law. It’s technically legal. That’s why they go. “I didn’t break any law” – but they’re still a pedo and child rapist. It’s like Magic Dirt but with child rape. The floor isn’t lava, it’s a sex crime conviction.

But France is 15. The King used to steal children, they’d go ‘missing’ because the Police would snatch them up off Paris streets, rumours of purple baths.

Age of consent needs to match majority, the world over. We have the neuroscience now. Until all of Europe does this, we have no business sniffing at places like India (18) because our laws haven’t caught up with a deficit of needing to marry off children like an Austen novel.

UK’s age of consent is low as 13-14 for some acts, depending on how it’s enforced, look into things like the CPS and prior cases. The judge excuse is not ‘criminalising minors’ for raping minors but pedos can be young too and the younger minors still cannot consent, it’s the thin end of the wedge, yet a precedent. The moral trend of it.

Cuties is the real reason men rarely get custody of daughters. Most pedos overwhelmingly are men (and overwhelmingly attack boys for ease of access*) and without the wife around, incestuous rape is…. rampant. It’s a common pedo excuse (urgency, viewing humans as toys for ‘relief’ like a psychopath) and is used to attack boys in the middle east commonly, since they’re left unsupervised more than girls. MRAs do not mention this prevalence data informs a judge’s decision, the mother is bluntly safer. Being annoying is not a crime. That real rape risk (that childless keyboard warriors probably like..) and the probability of child murder in increasingly common stories about Dads Gone Mad, where nobody points out This is Why We Had Asylums. Get them before they breed. The risk of rape and murder is a bigger deal than a standard American attitude. Men also value their children less when they die (thinking Elon calling his wife’s tears about their dead son ’emotional blackmail’) since they didn’t actually produce it and it’s easy to replace (think the cucks who forgive terrorists who grenaded their daughter at a concert). Still we have rapists claiming parental rights when nope, those only come with marriage traditionally for a reason. The woman made the babies with her own body, so legally (fruit of her labour, capitalism) they’re her property, the children rely on her more for mental development (historically, men often died in war or left children orphaned in accidents – it wasn’t a big deal with extended family support). Unless she signs a contract consenting to share the kids with her husband they’re not his. Patriarchy was protecting the kids from incestuous rapists and pedos.

re the common complaint of MRAs: Personality disorders are RARE in women, like 1-2%. So they’re probably lying. If she has a personality disorder, he shouldn’t have gotten it pregnant or married it without filtering. Men are responsible for their own dicks. Wandering eyes lead to wandering dicks. Lechery is a sin, so all the guys watching Cuties for ‘research purposes’ are consuming child porn. That was the intent. You think Netflix stocked it by chance? “there’s demand” they’ll say

Intellectualization happened with anal sex first too, normalised by the fraud Kinsey, who fabricated much of his data.

*so male bonding time is actually more of a pedo thing, if the boy doesn’t want to spend time with his relative this should be respected, he could be being molested.

Objectification is what a certain religion has been training us to do by removing the old Film Code preventing sex scenes and topics like abortion in Maude (that were normal pre-Code!),

My List of Essential Pre-Code Hollywood Films

the Theatrical Censorship statute

abolished here:

and the training the voyeurism of porn (supernormal stimuli, like dopamine crack).

Like how most porn is depicting rape? What did you think happened to children kidnapped, once they grew up?

One argument they’ll use for pedophilia is that you’ve been endorsing trafficking by participating in it (also minors find themselves on popular sites ‘by accident’.)

But mixed race women are also likely pedos. Exh A:

Most of the time when you see the rare female pedo story, that’s why they don’t include a photo. MSM only pushes the even rarer white blonde ‘Aryan’ women, to forment anti-white sentiment among MRA types. They’re so easy to trick. Like sure some terrorists are ginger but…. most?

I still want answers

He¬†thought¬†that for years he was a victim of this regime, frequently described as the Fourth Reich, before he “woke up” aged 31 and remembered everything about mind control conditioning.

MK ULTRA is based on Satanism and encourages victims to self-destruct by switching around the pain and pleasure centres. Max said he was constantly brainwashed with¬†‚ÄúJust remember, pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain.‚ÄĚ

It supposedly works by placing images and memories inside your head which you believe are real before you start to “bleed through” and remember your actual life.

Bleed through only happens without reinforcement by a handler or group activity and upon certain triggers similar to the splintered mind of PTSD. If you believe PTSD is a natural occurrence. Personally, I’ve seen no evidence for this.

Do you think Hollywood actors WANT to have no love in their life?

Do you think they’re self-destructive by coincidence?

For someone to be a good puppet, you have to break them in certain places.

Why do they complain about fame and why nobody would understand?

Awful lot like cult members trying to move on.

Max thought that black magicians were top of the NWO, because they could manipulate electromagnetic energy to serve themselves.

Not quite but close, the manipulation of spiritual ties, to bind humanity’s energy to them. They NEED your attention to feed. This is why they allowed mass overpopulation in non-Europe, to raise energy to usher in the NWO officially, climaxing when they’re decimated a la Guidestones warning.

He thought they used rituals, sacrifice, sex and death to raise this energy then use it to create the reality they want. He also implied that there is a battle taking place between priests and scientists, who are supposedly developing technology to govern mankind.

If only they had a Grove of some sort.

He thought that there were massive underground cities under both London and Los Angeles built for this purpose, which he believed is where he was put under the MK ULTRA program.

Of course there are tunnels.

Probably for “trafficking” though.

Maybe the study of ley lines would show something up. The druids didn’t want England without cause.

I love how they tarnish him by mentioning the kook stuff over the Recent Events Have Vindicated stuff.

An article saying “don’t look in this door”. Huh…

In other recent news

Replatforming #8Kun and the Tragedy of #JudasAssChariot’s (@HW_BEAT_THAT) Bad Choices. @DigitalOcean #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

the usual shitshows

Why are modern men so incompetent?

At some point during adulthood, you must blame yourself.

Propaganda and Hollywood

The only Harry Potter film that admitted to making any money was literally about a terror cell pretending that killing the white guy was freedom fighting.

Most of the shit the elders of Millennials bitch about in that generation is priming from Harry Potter, which they bought us. It isn’t a kid’s fault they identify with fun magic bullshit because their parents statistically emotionally abandoned them and the house system gives a sense of family but also ‘school’ community over national and oddly globalist competition between ‘houses’ (typified and highlighted in GOF) which all have innate ‘abilities’ (“cultural” differences*), that magically get along and have the same goals.. the magical thinking of Communist resources was also implanted. …But they kept Christmas because consumerism, merch and to make it less obvious.

*The noticing thing has to be channeled SOMEWHERE. Also the Everyone is Equal conclusion like some abilities aren’t weaknesses or just… mediocre humanity. Liking food and being a good friend is just average white bitch bullshit, Hufflepuff!

If Black Pilled attacks the sacred cow of the “Everyone is Hitler/Voldemort crowd”, it’s indefensible.

You could do a series. The triggering would be so immense, the Guardian would be forced to comment.

The Left is repeatedly exploiting their construction of a quantum child – whether a person below eighteen is a “child” for pearl-clutching purposes depends entirely on whether a pedophile was involved. If a pedophile can be seen, they were “very mature for their age”.

In the last book/film, everyone makes a big deal about how Dumbledore practically raised Harry like a tiny magic atomic suicide bomb. Leaving him with the Dursleys (a “mystery” in fandom) gave him a sense of victimhood and oppression, it’s painfully obvious viewing as an adult if your IQ registers above the level of a gnat.

Like the military, break them down to build them up. Now he hates the nuclear white family.

5th column or 7 Satanic pillars of whiteness? Why are the “horcruxes” culturally important historical items? Priming: destroy your history.

Why aren’t they based on selling your soul to the devil? They don’t want you to believe in him, the white man is the devil stand-in, complete with red eyes. Watch Voldemort’s monologues with no context, he’s mocking the fact Dumbledore’s hiding behind a child. Blatantly true. This FB series is really a prequel about him without making him interesting, the narrative has shifted where white men aren’t allowed to be intelligent or charismatic.

You never hear Voldemort’s perspective, not once in all those books, because his character is logical and it’d be more persuasive… plus Jo is a shit writer who ripped off multiple scenes in the Worst Witch but genderbent the main out of sexism to sell books for PC shekels.

Harry Potter is a religion replacement, subverting national icons of old Empire strength e.g. boarding school, medieval Christian decor, it even pushes multicultural “dating” and out-breeding for vague comments about magical ‘strength’ (curiously eugenic vigour argument) again and again and again, to the point old fans are now feeling vaguely disgusted (Cursed Child’s fan reception was a rejection of all this mixed race bullshit). It internationally invites non-Anglos to culturally appropriate our symbols as ‘fandom’. It’s common to hear such bullshit statements from foreigners living in England, (who moved BECAUSE of HP) who genuinely try to claim socially that they’re “British”… because they drink tea…. that’s the level. That’s how stupid they/they think we are. That’s what they think our culture amounts to… signalling.

The transphobia of cannibal stories


I’m not even surprised any more.

What are you people on?

And didn’t the cannibal of the Hannibal books end up snagging the detective bird anyway? And making her a cannibal? Did they run away together or am I mis-remembering?

A heartwarming tale of gaslighting, murder and cannibalism indoctrination.

Obviously Hollywood had to adapt the series.

Ed Gein and Gary Heidnik were real. With womb transplants, expect a lot of women to go missing or have organs robbed.

Freudian issues and autogynephilia go hand in hand.

Owning Ed Gein

Just a Boy and his Mother: Ed Gein

You have to be pretty special to get a mention in American Psycho.

Like the gay propaganda about how happy (not suicidal and diseased) they are, there’s tranny propaganda encouraging women to trust them. Despite crime stories against women.

At best, the normalisation with musical numbers is the sneaky fucker strategy. At worst, they’ll rape you like the female prison psycho or by their forum activity, wanna steal your womb.

We look at them with increasing skepticism, especially as they go after children.

You can fake all the flamboyancy you want, your “femininity with a penis” will never out-weigh the kind of feminine real women have. Interesting to note which is shamed and which celebrated. They actually think they can best women, at being women. The gay guys tried to do it with mannerisms and appearance, rather than butchery of anatomy and nabbing model contracts.

Nothing to see here

Newsweek has always posted random stories trying to moral relativism literal cannibalism

Though accusations of cannibalism have often been falsely made to demonize groups, it isn’t absent from human history.


“it isn’t absent”

So then it isn’t defaming them, it’s literally accurate.

As you can see moral relativism can only be used for good, not that good means anything….

my fellow savages

[And it’s literally demonic]

We suspect that we could adapt to human flesh if need be.

Reject “we” for this exact reason.

That’s one plan for famine, don’t delude yourself otherwise. If you disagree, they’ll eat you.

Our ongoing research with butchers in England suggests that they easily adapt to working with animal parts that the average consumer finds quite disgusting.

See the brainwash? Minty fresh.

Humans are not food, you fucking Satanists.

To any who push cannibalism: YOU GO FIRST.

As with any of this predatory bullshit. The r-types’ weak amygdala is the closest thing to evil you’ll find in biology.

Note: they don’t explicitly say it must be post-mortem. They’ll go after veterans and children having limbs amputated, any vector of profit for hospitals. They already sell baby back ribs. Part of the push for “organ donation” which, as previously covered, is just state enabled murder, medically.

You already have baby parts for sale openly online from the Moloch Chop Shop.

The Morlocks are aptly named.

Couldn’t paint ’em a darker colour, eh?

“Food supply, they’re human beings?!”

“Who are you to question…. 800,000 years… of ‘evolution’…”

Muh appeal to evolution, naturalistic fallacy, here it comes.

This’ll be Dawkins’ next tune after the pedo comments. Rationalization is a defense mechanism, a sign of faulty reasoning.

Quick power level check:

We are not a cute little insect . Humans are higher beings, spiritual beings (they know this) and all demonic practices are the same snare: to cut off your connection from God, to make you do one thing to mute the Holy Spirit within you. Ignoring the cricket, crushing the “superego” of the super-intelligence above us. It must be a choice to lose your humanity. Satan knows this. Look at the offer to Jesus. Seduction is the method of evil because it baits you to the hook of Satanism, whether they’re aware of it or not (look at the debauchery of clubs). To worship an idol like the Devil or “money” (the Devil in disguise), you must first reject God and isolate, weaken your gift from him. Satan exploits greed in a moment of weakness, uses your body’s instincts against it. It’s predictable. Temptation must be based on the physical to impair the spiritual sense of right/wrong, good/evil, God/Satanic. The conscience is not a physical thing really, it’s something we tune into like a radio signal via the soul. Psychopaths either have a broken antenna or no soul = subhuman. The seduction is always the same, a way to cheat. Promising ease and sloth, “fun” as the Boomers saw it. Rootless trees may feel liberated, empowered and free at first, but then they fall: wither and suffer and slowly die.

That is occult wisdom but not Satanic. They are not the same. It seems obscure but easy to understand once explained. Nothing dodgy or alluring about it at all. It promises hope. All you need do to strengthen your bond with God is ask.

That’s what I did.

Then I kept practically tripping over valuable information.

Our holy day has been changed and the name perverted into solar ‘deity’ worship, like the mad French King. Sun-Day. Idolatry. I’ve already explained how the ‘wages’ of sin are the karmic result of downloads from the spiritual ties or ‘ties that bind’, most intimately and deeply in immoral sexual acts. These parts of the Bible are seldom explored by the deceivers, they don’t want you to know. If you knew you’d make better choices, avoid disaster and the degeneration that follows sin. This is the reason why, the missing link. They want you to fall so they can save you. Like with this huge population, low food issue.

“”You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father He was a murderer from the beginning”

“abstain from every form of evil”

“And manifest also are the works of the flesh, which are: Adultery, whoredom, uncleanness, lasciviousness,” promiscuity/fornication is whoredom, adultery is mongrelizing

However, this would explain the motive for causing most of the world to over-breed.

Boycott Witcher

I assumed everyone already knew about this.


The Voat page went down so no-go there, sorry.

Because the voat page going down isn’t weird at all. Pizzagate thread.

He’s cold, ice cold. Stone cold psychopath type, people who grew up with him think he’s changed (by fame, leaving old friends – they wouldn’t keep certain sexual exploits a secret so he chucked them beforehand, calculating) or was weirdly polite but nah. That’s like serial killer polite.

Could be boys, girls, both.

Know he used to be into edging, sometimes in a mirror.

Veeeeeeeery into BDSM. Very violent. Marquis de Sade violent.

Wants muscles purely to pin people down, willing or not.

Since it’s Asians, guessing adult ones didn’t look young enough for him anymore.

Source: Well… I have his gamertag.

GSOH though, totally un PC. Like 4chan on crack. Oozes charm (in person, awkward AF in interviews – you can’t mirror a camera) but it’s 100% fake, capricious too. His ultimate role is often joked to be his fake personality. He doesn’t have one, empty. Mannequin man.

Signs were there