Illegal thoughts

If you expect you know what I think about this, you would be wrong.

I am not an easy person to second-guess.

History is not a science, as many are falsely led to believe.

It is a matter of reconstructing unreliable eyewitness testimony with presumptions and secondhand reports.

New evidence changes it all the time.

If science can be questioned openly, there is no reason to deny history and give it a religious status.

Blasphemy is not a crime in this day and age, nothing else should be either.

If something untrue is claimed, it is easy to provide counter-arguments.
This is possible even when both sides are wrong, as happens in academia.

The general conclusion any sensible observer would make is that they cannot answer her claims.

By imprisoning her, this will cause intelligent people to seek out those claims, to see if they can indeed be debunked.

This was not a smart move. It is illiberal in the extreme, she is basically prisoner Zero in the concentration camp, ironically. Remember, the first prisoners were there for thinking illegal thoughts. They were kept there until they could be released in a body bag.

For instance, the six million lie has already been debunked many times by scholars.

This includes the intellectually honest, Jewish ones.

The New York Times 1989

AT Auschwitz, it is inscribed in stone: four million people died in the Nazi camps.

No, they changed the sign.


And they don’t discount illness or injury, as you would expect with a murder wording.
Auschwitz was a hospital camp, lot of those.

“As you say the figure on the plaques was dropped from four million persons to 1.5 million. 
In the meantime there have been further revisions downwards, and from quasi official sources.
I’m certainly not an expert on this like some on this page claim to be but one such reduction was in 2002. The managing editor and prestigious journalist Fritjof Meyer of the newspaper “Der Spiegel” wrote an article (in another paper) stating that the figure was a lot lower. He reckoned it to be between 700,000 to 950,000. So the trend continues. 
One wonders whether this trend will progress to even lower figures in the future. ”

How is questioning, the business of history, considered illegal?

History is often re-categorized many times also. Technically, all deaths during a war are war deaths. To splinter off a portion doesn’t make sense. How can one calculate this? Especially on almost non-existent, easily forged documents? The Soviets were known to be lying, it was later found. To deny one death occurred a particular way shouldn’t be illegal, it’s basic forensics. What is the meaningful difference of one, to two million, to over five million in reduction, when all are statistics in history’s books? It’s totally arbitrary. And isn’t it a good thing that fewer humans died?? The numbers fluctuate on many events for many reasons. Bombing dead, for example, can only be estimated since some bodies were never recovered.

When do they ironically round up for imprisonment all those who disagree with a false six million narrative?

Even the locations themselves deny this now, shall we round up all the administrators, tour guides and visitors too?

This is literally the dumbest thing Germany could do.

Nothing could induce a rebellious youth to read the newly re-published Mein Kampf more.

Don’t listen to me, listen to this guy from 1989.

Yehuda Bauer, left, one of the foremost historians of the HoIocaust and a sworn enemy of those who deny its reality, says that the number of victims was less than half that.

Very Nazi-sounding name.

Why is Mr. Bauer, the Director of the Division of HoIocaust Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Contemporary Jewry, insisting that far fewer people, including far fewer Jews, died at Auschwitz than is commonly reported?

“A historian’s first duty is to tell the truth,”

Mr. Bauer said. And in this case the truth is horrible enough. Exaggerating the number of dead at Auschwitz, he said, “would only be grist for the mills of the deniers of the Holocaust.”


Video: I’m not sorry

Sorry for what? It isn’t a crime to be white.

You can only be sorry for doing something wrong.
I’ve done nothing wrong, so …
Being something wrong is dehumanization. Itself, a wrong.
No guilt from this one, thanks. The Original Sin isn’t whiteness.
Anything less than healthy self-possession is emotional blackmail. Gaslighting to instill self-loathing and reduce ingroup trust and prosocial behaviours.
Nobody should feel guilty for existing.

Especially when their culture and peoples have contributed so much to an ungrateful world.

I don’t go to any other country and tell them I know what’s best for them. Infantilisation, stonewalling, derailment, plenty of common abuse techniques are used on this topic.

Either we’re better – in which case, privilege, and you should avoid us.

Or we’re worse, in which case, you shouldn’t be spitting on us, pitying it, but again, avoid us and don’t invade our homelands.

Finally, history is meant to be discussed, compared, contrasted, claims weighed and such. It isn’t a faith.

Most whites aren’t even German so this Holocaust guilt is bullshit. If London expelled the ones currently here then maybe you’d have a case, perhaps.

Black man Holocaust mashup

I wonder if the black one knows about black genocide and the wealth inequality of the Jews that continue to this day. He probably does but I’d have mentioned it.

I don’t know what to say about this otherwise. It’s also difficult to hear anything.
“You was oppressin’ the German, you was oppressin’ him!”
I think the guy in glasses got a very hard reality check there about the unity of diversity.
You know he’d want the black man arrested if he could. That way he’d win the argument, in his mind.

“I’ve seen it! I’ve seen it!” I doubt he saw that Holocaust documentary by the Jewish guy who interviewed the Auschwitz people that admitted, on camera, the ‘chambers’ were built after the war.

You could point to a common kitchen knife and claim Jack the Ripper used it, doesn’t make it so. Burden of Proof.

This type of thing is often what happens when factions of identikit Leftism meet.
One party shouts, the other cries, then they swap. Like a hissy fit from adults.

They’re trying to outsignal and rentseek so I think the black guy wins.

Who is the victim here?

Check today’s Prog-Stack.

Schindler’s List is in the fiction section, people

Owing to the resurgence of the same stories, I’d like to point out a few things.

Small opener to this well-known photo, since a picture can tell a thousand lies.
You can look up the aerial details elsewhere.

“Since when was history proven through a novel?”

Mass Effect real, confirmed.

The false dichotomy reminds me of superhero films. You have the Hero team (entirely Jews, it seems, in all these movies, despite how the first inmates were political prisoners aka ethnic Germans) and the Villain team, complete with the same ‘scary’ outfits when it makes literally no sense. It’s like wearing goth boots to the beach. There were many designs and re-designs of the Nazi uniforms over the years like any country with divisions and changing executives. Those outfits were barely used. Yet we see SS uniforms when it’s completely factually wrong because… it’s stylish? Because it’s, as Spielberg called it, a ‘sexual evil‘? WTF is that? It sounds like black comedy. Fiction is no documentary.

The strangest thing I’ve ever read about the Holocaust, which was taken as fact and never allowed to be questioned by anybody, was that a man claimed to survive fatal gas. As in, no oxygen, like the others in the room, and no brain damage, miraculously. Does he have non-human lungs? Did he close his gills? How many times, did this man claim to survive the gas chamber method? No less than six. Six times. Tell me, if you take the worst view of Germans imaginable, and say that, yes, these were death camps, intended solely for execution, would they not have shot him in the head after the first time? Buried him alive? Hanged him? No? Is this not common sense to anyone else? German efficiency. It is not America.

There is one woman who claimed to survive practically everything and live with Anne Frank. Frank was in the medical facility (Auschwitz-Birkenau, which took the very old and very young, and had the most active hospital [1]). Frank also died of typhus, not gas. Ironically, the gas would’ve killed the typhus.
They’re still rolling these people out, new stories like a grislier Anastasia, even though it’s starting to look frankly absurd given the ages they must have been, to be present.

Nowadays, there are probably only a handful of Nazis in the world. And a horde of swastika fags, clutching their false notions of superiority as something you’re born than something you do.

1 Yes the people supposedly going around murdering everyone employed doctors to keep them alive. Reality bites.

“ST. LAURENT – As an 11 year-old boy held captive at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War II, Moshe Peer was sent to the gas chamber at least six times. Each time he survived, watching with horror as many of the women and children gassed with him collapsed and died. To this day, Peer doesn’t know how he was able to survive. “Maybe children resist better, I don’t know,” he said in an interview last week.”
“The room fell silent as Olsson told of witnessing firsthand the horror of the “death factories” created by the Nazis. She told stories of German soldiers being ordered to shoot babies in their mother’s arms-killing both mother and child-to not waste two bullets. She spoke of seeing the Angel of Death-Dr. Josef Mengele-and the hospital where he experimented on young Jewish children by infecting them with diseases such as tuberculosis.”

Do you really think they’d let anyone see these things, secret things, ‘war crimes’ [2] committed by the people who didn’t connect Hitler to this in any one document… and let her live?

2 No such thing at the time, really.

I was told to watch the film and a couple of others by a Holocaust professor to ‘get a feel for what it must’ve been like’ so they definitely know what they’re pushing. Even putting it in black and white makes it seem more authentic, like WW footage. We associate B/W filming with truth.

If you were Spielberg, and you knew you were ripping people off on the facts of the matter, ignoring the possible extent of the ruse (this was prior to the Internet’s success, you had to trek to the library and order things in), would you include a cheeky wink and nod to this deception? Would you include an Easter Egg for historians?

Or maybe an entire scene?

Where’s the scam?

You’ve been staring right at it.

Fun fact: The devastating Ralph Fiennes later got an Oscar nomination for playing a Jewish Holocaust camp survivor. Way to play both sides, almost admire it.

Update: To trigger some people who don’t use their eyes, remember the woman who played Helen? No?

The character that created a thousand lesbians.