Guardian: Eastern-Europeans defending themselves from invasion now worse than Hitler


popped up in timely response to this

You spoiled little wretch. People like you don’t deserve to live in the First World.
I’m not usually one to pearl clutch over the Holocaust or other manmade disasters (as you all know) but….

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The same peoples who died by the millions during the Holocaust and Holodomor.
Little Black Book of Communism people.

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And of all the things you could call them? Really?

Formerly I was rather neutral on them as a group (some hard-working, some criminal nomads) but the Left can’t stand that solidarity from white people, can they? The EU pushback terrifies them, go straight to Godwin and collect £200. The thing they fear most is a wall, a real border. So I think I’m on the EE’s side from this point on. Purely based on their enemy.