Hep B and babies

It’s been a while since I’ve beaten the immunologist’s pinata.

Spoiler: Literal baby-killers.

Immigration is putting the most vulnerable in society at risk.

“Babies born from today in England will be given a routine ‘six-in-one vaccine’, health officials have announced.”
So much for consent. Really, 100% now? Who is this protecting?
“The deadly virus is deemed a ‘major global health problem’ and considered to be on the rise due to immigration, Public Health England has previously admitted.”
“Dr Mary Ramsay, the body’s head of immunisation, said: ‘Until today, only children at high risk of hepatitis B would be immunised. ‘All children will now be routinely protected against this serious infection, which is a major cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer in later life.”
Pathogenic cancer. As in, you can still get other pathogens or new strains of that one and get the cancer.
It’s common in homosexuals, hookers and drug abusers. The wages of sin.
“It comes amid serious concerns that the number of cases of the blood-borne virus are soaring, partly due to immigration. In some sub-Saharan African countries, one in seven is a carrier. East Asia and parts of Eastern Europe are also hotspots.”
You know what those have in common? Prostitution and rape. Maybe sort that out than band-aiding the problem.
“At the time it concluded: ‘Long-term infections in migrants are estimated to account for around 96 per cent of all new long-term hepatitis B infections in the UK.'”
So they don’t want to look racist. Great. Why were they let in?
“A quarter of mothers giving birth on the NHS are now foreign-born.” Way more.
“The World Health Organization recommended in 1992 that babies should be given their first dose of a hepatitis B vaccine within 24 hours.”
I bet they did.

I really question why infants without an immune system require sex worker shots.

“Fact: It is suggested that infants get the hepatitis B shot before they leave the hospital.”
Prime time to spring important decisions on a drugged-up mother. Assuming they ask.
“It is not required. Fact: You can work out your own vaccination schedule and guidelines with your pediatrician. Fact: Drug companies have certain vaccines with fewer additives and in single doses, consult your pediatrician’s office regarding their ordering. It is your child’s life, it is your right to know. Fact: An infant’s immune system is very weak at birth. The hepatitis B vaccine can cause serious reactions if the system is already compromised.”

System shock is common in infants, they can’t even handle a cold.

“Perfectly safe”, they lie at Public Health England.
“Conclusion: A systematic review of neonatal Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other unexpected infant deaths following the initial dose of hepatitis B vaccination should be undertaken at the international level.”
At this rate, they should rename SIDS to Vaccine Death Syndrome.

It’s hard to find studies again, for some strange reason. Why aren’t they conducted and published?

Especially proper controls, how funny. The scientism crowd doesn’t want to follow accurate method when it might show a result they disagree with.

Freud! Sexual theory, inversion

I think people don’t read Freud because they assume they know what he will say.

Stay tuned for traps, queers, degeneracy and genetic aspersions.

It’s like asking a Communist for a good book on capitalism. Psychodynamics is the natural enemy of postmodernism. Everything you do is loaded with meaning, nothing you say matters. It isn’t perfect but it has use. It digs down into motive, unlike, say, the gay triangle of CBT, where thoughts magically pop out of nowhere ~dynamic unconsciousness screams into the void~

“Degeneration.—This term degeneration is open to the objections which may be urged against the promiscuous use of this word in general. It has in fact become customary to designate all morbid manifestations not of traumatic or infectious origin as degenerative. Indeed, Magnan’s classification of degenerates makes it conceivable that the highest general configuration of nervous accomplishment need not exclude the application of the concept of degeneration. Under the circumstances it is a question what use and what new content the meaning of “degeneration” still possesses. It would seem more appropriate not to speak of degeneration: (1) Where there are not many marked deviations from the normal; (2) where the capabilities and the capacity to exist do not in general appear markedly impaired. 6  15″

Hello, DSM 5.

n.b. The ICD is the DSM only stronger. It’s a huge, honest list of insurance codes. They don’t pretend to care about you, pay the man and take your pills.

A momentary pause for memes that get funnier the more psychodynamics you know.


“Degeneration.—This term degeneration is open to the objections which may be urged against the promiscuous use of this word in general. It has in fact become customary to designate all morbid manifestations not of traumatic or infectious origin as degenerative. Indeed, Magnan’s classification of degenerates makes it conceivable that the highest general configuration of nervous accomplishment need not exclude the application of the concept of degeneration. Under the circumstances it is a question what use and what new content the meaning of “degeneration” still possesses. It would seem more appropriate not to speak of degeneration: (1) Where there are not many marked deviations from the normal; (2) where the capabilities and the capacity to exist do not in general appear markedly impaired. 6  15  That the inverted are not degenerates in this qualified sense can be seen from the following facts:  16  1. The inversion is found among persons who otherwise show no marked deviation from the normal.  17  2. It is found also among persons whose capabilities are not disturbed, who on the contrary are distinguished by especially high intellectual development and ethical culture. 7  18  3. If one disregards the patients of one’s own practice and strives to comprehend a wider field of experience, he will in two directions encounter facts which will prevent him from assuming inversions as a degenerative sign.  19  (a) It must be considered that inversion was a frequent manifestation among the ancient nations at the height of their culture. It was an institution endowed with important functions. (b) It is found to be unusually prevalent among savages and primitive races, whereas the term degeneration is generally limited to higher civilization (I. Bloch). Even among the most civilized nations of Europe, climate and race have a most powerful influence on the distribution of, and attitude toward, inversion. 8  20″

Nurture theorists got nothing on this man.

“Innateness.—Only for the first and most extreme class of inverts, as can be imagined, has innateness been claimed, and this from their own assurance that at no time in their life has their sexual impulse followed a different course. The fact of the existence of two other classes, especially of the third, speaks against the assumption of its being congenital. Hence, the propensity of those holding this view to separate the group of absolute inverts from the others results in the abandonment of the general conception of inversion. Accordingly in a number of cases the inversion would be of a congenital character, while in others it might originate from other causes.…..

The Relation of Bisexuality.—Since the time of Frank Lydston, Kiernan, and Chevalier, a new stream of thought has been introduced for the explanation of the possibility of sexual inversion. This contains a new contradiction to the popular belief which assumes that a human being is either a man or a woman.”

Unfortunately, Freud appeared to have predicted all this gender binary business.

“The conception which we gather from this long known anatomical fact is the original predisposition to bisexuality, which in the course of development has changed to monosexuality, leaving slight remnants of the stunted sex.”

Sexuality is fluid down generations. Evolution. No naturalistic fallacy about bonobos here, plz.

“Psychic hermaphroditism would gain in substantiality if parallel with the inversion of the sexual object there should be at least a change in the other psychic qualities, such as in the impulses and distinguishing traits characteristic of the other sex. But such inversion of character can be expected with some regularity only in inverted women; in men the most perfect psychic manliness may be united with the inversion. …”

Lesbian neuroscience testosterone studies. 2D:4D ratios. The homosexual male’s femininity is a parody, a social role. They had no trouble hiding it when it was illegal.

He did write a whole book on Leonardo assuming he was homosexual, the reason moderns assume it, so he may be slightly biased in favour of the male purely because his own mother abandoned him to a nanny. We call this attachment issues in child psychology but it’s essentially Freud Pure.

“The conception which we gather from this long known anatomical fact is the original predisposition to bisexuality, which in the course of development has changed to monosexuality, leaving slight remnants of the stunted sex.”

Kinsey hasn’t got shit on Freud.

“A spokesman of the masculine inverts stated the bisexual theory in its crudest form in the following words: “It is a female brain in a male body.” But we do not know the characteristics of a “female brain.” The substitution of the anatomical for the psychological is as frivolous as it is unjustified. The attempted explanation by v. Krafft-Ebing seems to be more precisely formulated than that of Ulrich but does not essentially differ from it. v. Krafft-Ebing thinks that the bisexual predisposition gives to the individual male and female brain cells as well as somatic sexual organs.”

Sounds epigenetic.

“These centers develop first towards puberty mostly under the influence of the independent sex glands. We can, however, say the same of the male and female “centers” as of the male and female brains; and moreover, we do not even know whether we can assume for the sexual functions separate brain locations (“centers”) such as we may assume for language.  33  After this discussion, two thoughts, as it were, remain; first, that a bisexual predisposition is to be presumed for the inversion also, only we do not know wherein it exists beyond the anatomical formations; and, second, that we are dealing with disturbances which are experienced by the sexual impulse during its development. 11  34  ”

Number of abuse victims studies. Sheer quantity, cannot be ignored.
And have you ever met a gay guy that loves his father?
Fuck you, Dad!” the lifestyle crisis.

Traditionally, all fathers asked of their sons was to produce another heir….

crude compensation or coping mechanism
another thrilling round of-

“The Sexual Object of Inverts.—The theory of psychic hermaphroditism presupposed that the sexual object of the inverted is the reverse of the normal. The inverted man, like the woman, succumbs to the charms emanating from manly qualities of body and mind; he feels himself like a woman and seeks a man.  35  But however true this may be for a great number of inverts it by no means indicates the general character of inversion. There is no doubt that a great part of the male inverted have retained the psychic character of virility, that proportionately they show but little the secondary characters of the other sex, and that they really look for real feminine psychic features in their sexual object. If that were not so it would be incomprehensible why masculine prostitution, in offering itself to inverts, copies in all its exterior, to-day as in antiquity, the dress and attitudes of woman.”

The original ‘are traps gay?’

To round off by repeating one section considering our current knowledge of the microbiome and the possible role of Gay Germ theory.

“It has in fact become customary to designate all morbid manifestations not of traumatic or infectious origin as degenerative. ”

How about you read the thing before taking an SJW’s word for it?

Their definition of homophobia and privilege are also deeply Freudian.

Link: The transgender cult

The SJW cult anime branch, they think they’re female anime characters to begin with.

What do the Social Justice makers want? Agenda at end.


It’s a fetish. Blame tumblr.

The closest they can get to fucking themselves.

Little kids are told anti-science lies by teachers and others, statist child abuse.

The doctors and all those who approved should be sued, including the parents.


It’s genital mutilation.

And transsexualism, properly.

It was not uncommon, when all the young people would get together, to engage in group sex. There was group sex going on in terms of one guy having sex with one of the girls, and then the next guy having sex with the same girl. There was group sex going on in terms of one girl having sex with multiple male partners at the same time, multiple females having sex with each other at the same time.

You don’t expect to see a 14-year-old with 20, 30, 40, 50 or 100 sex partners. You expect that of someone who is more into the line of being a prostitute or something. And these girls were not homeless. They were not abused in any way. These were just normal, everyday, regular kids.

but sure encouraging promiscuity culture politics as normal in Sex Ed isn’t gonna screw them up medically just look at the rates of STDs and mental illness!
look how WELL we’re doing!

and the solution they propose?

more, harder and faster, typical porn addicts

no wonder movements for polygamy (read: orgies), sex positivism (public sexuality) and transageism (pedophilia) are coming into the fore

all those groups coalesce as one vision of the future

where is your God in this

unless his name begins with an A

it is a basic fact of incentives that if you give someone contraception, they will be more likely to use it, by doing the things that require it

underage people do not need contraception

I repeat

minors (children) DO NOT need contraception

if they could get pregnant, do you really think this would continue longer than, say, 9 months?

minor point: minors do not have sex, they cannot, minors are only raped, possibly by other minors

i don't even whatever

the endgame?

why ruin the kids’ lives? they hate the parents

well, what do parents want? grandchildren

the CM agenda is apparent if you really look: They’ve successfully made new homosexual recruits because sexuality is a behaviour and has nothing to do with the psyche (that’s why penguins can have a sexuality, identity is nothing). This has also broken nuclear and especially religious families up, fed the state money for new mental illnesses including the promiscuity-caused or causing issues, and worst of these, it has genocided these heterosexual kids by making them infertile. They are the new eunuchs. They have been sterilized, by the Left, and can never be ‘breeders’ now. It’s a eugenic operation.

Child abuse and homosexuality, microbiome, gay germ, male slutting and pedophiles

Okay I had to post this one thing, just this one thing.

Watch the lengths they’ll go to. Now it’s sure, there’s a link (under-*)reported by the victims themselves between being raped as a child and being ‘gay’ as an adult, but we can’t prove causation. We’re not, like, social scientists.


*all sexual crimes are under-reported.

As for saying there’s no link to orientation, well, technically that is true because orientation theory is Victorian bullshit picked up by Kinsey to justify University expenses on rentboys. Yeah, gay ones. Twinks, apparently.

Fact: Nothing in the definition of homosexuality (<3%) mentions age.
From the only study I can find to dare measure this, mentioned here with other data, ~30% child abusers are homosexually-oriented (quantifiably, their proven targets/victims were the same sex). That’s a whole order of magnitude at least, it’s significant. Nobody studies it. People who moan about this fact and worse, try to suppress it, are more offended by truth/facts than they are about rape. I said it.
Orientation theory means nothing without behaviour. If the facts are denied, the distinctions cannot be made. Orientation theory is unfalsifiable, identity is a self-involved delusion. It’s magical thinking to believe asserting X makes Y more likely in the outer world. If you didn’t feel attraction to A, you couldn’t sexually perform.

I love how they believe criminal lies where sexuality is involved. The pedophiles have a vested interest in getting a reduced sentence.

Like, rape isn’t about attraction but they magically got an erection.

Like, they didn’t choose the kid based on the sex, but they did choose that kid/s and none of the opposite sex. If only they cared so much about the child’s choice (always no, they are legally incapable of consent).

Are we meant to believe psychopaths when they say they’re harmless now? Why do these people (who rely on the consent of pedophiles to make their living interviewing them) lose all rationality when dealing with the consequences of other’s sexuality? It’s like they’re incapable of admitting there’s such a thing as bad sexuality. 

They sympathize with the monsters (Real Victim card). The maternal (often paternal) instinct is misdirected to the adult criminal, instead of the formerly innocent child whose life they ruined. This is why pedophiles pretend they are still mentally children (diminished responsibility, lower sentencing) but it doesn’t occur to a child to have sex, let alone rape. They pretend to be scarred and traumatized themselves, yet somehow believe in spite of that claim causing the same suffering in another is justified? GTFO.

Feminists are happy to blame men for plenty of things, but remain strangely silent on pedophilia, which explains Rotherham neatly. The stark majority of pedophiles are men, well over 90% (similar to rape rates), and I haven’t seen MRAs try to deny this fact while casually decrying (exclusively female) feminist teachers as child abusers.

omg really wtf go away no audrey

r u bein serious rn

Maths says you’re wrong. The male teachers, on solely the basis of sex, are more likely to fit the forensic profile of child abuser.

And where the admitted link between homosexuality and former abuse as a child is concerned, it’s like they all magically forget another known admitted link in behaviour called the cycle of abuse. As if pedophiles don’t recruit. What do they think half of grooming is about? One half, making the kid think they wanted rape and other half, cultish indoctrination.

It isn’t an argument that goes both ways like how they twist it in academese. A recipe bakes a cake, the cake doesn’t unbake the recipe. Nobody is saying all homosexuals are pedophiles, but by definition, if someone meets a rare (1-3%) criterion for the criminal profile of a pedophile, they are statistically more likely to be one. The same as how a drunk driver is statistically more likely to kill someone. A male fan of Celine Dion is more likely to be interested in man-meat.

Still, no one looks into the microbiome and how it informs sexual behaviour, because Gay Germ Theory is crazy, right?

Well, actually


And it’s not just the skin that envelops the male sexual organ that’s inhabited by microbes:

can you say weeping sores?

researchers continue to identify bacteria that dwell within the urogenital tract, a site once considered sterile in the absence of infection.

A short, sharp HA! in your general direction.

Some of the anaerobes commonly found on the uncircumcised penis and on occasion inside the male urogenital tract are the same species associated with bacterial vaginosis (BV) in women, said Liu, lending support to the idea that male and female sexual partners share genital microbiota.

Dare you to study homosexual partners, considering the infamous hatred of condoms.

If you find no connection, I’ll do porn.


There is active change with every sexual partner. Proven.

“We know that it is not sterile, and some scientists think that some of the bacteria found in semen may be involved in male fertility issues.”

Mother Nature hates r-types, male sluts too. Cite Darwin now, wife-fuckers.
But why only study men? Surely the MRAs and MGTOWs want equal science funding to know how their bad lifestyle choice is making them infertile?

Kevin-Hart-Really-o rlly lies

Right guys? I mean, you can’t only want the science that makes you look good and avoid what triggers feelbads, that would be sexist. And the male version of Trigglypuff.

In fact, there is an observed connection between circumcision and homosexuality, from people who oppose it.

Almost all of the surveyed men who were predominantly or exclusively gay were circumcised. This does not imply that circumcision tends to predispose men to homosexuality!

It literally does. If you have evidence against, go for it.

There were two factors at work here. In the Net group gay men were mostly North American, and therefore likely to be circumcised.

That can be controlled for but assuming it was because you didn’t express otherwise, the prevalence still suggests a link.

Among the Australians only half were done as infants (the same as for our sample as a whole) – but most of the others had later had to be cut, because of infections under the foreskin. Gut bacteria are the commonest cause of these infections, and anal sex (in the pre safe-sex days when this survey was done) is one way these bacteria can get under the foreskin. So it is infections, rather than preference, that accounts for the scarcity of uncircumcised gay men.

This whole paragraph.

Okay, but no big studies, you say? Nothing recent?


Gut Microbiota Linked to Sexual Preference and HIV Infection

cracking up dawn french

I wonder why that wasn’t featured on I Fucking Love Science.

It’s about science, and fucking, and they love both those things.

Sex, hormones, and the microbiome

The microbiome — the kilogram of microbes that each of us carries around — has been shown to be involved in everything from obesity and type 2 diabetes to behaviour and sexual preferences.


Imagine taking a course of antibiotics and suddenly finding that your sexual preferences have changed.

Imagine if a specific infection reaches the brain during childhood pre-pubertal development #gaygerm

“This idea was dramatically confirmed when he gave the insects a dose of antibiotics. Immediately, their sexual bias disappeared and they were just as likely to mate with flies from either group.”

What if the lower number of gay people in modernity is due to all the antibiotics in the food?

Wouldn’t that be ironic?

sensible chuckle

You wanted ‘clean’ food, right California?

“It’s possible that the bacteria influence the levels of sex pheromones that affect the fly’s attractiveness, either by producing those chemicals themselves or stimulating the fly to do the same. That’s not too far-fetched: bacteria can alter the smells given off by many animals, and smell certainly affects sexual behaviour…. Antibiotics brought the levels of these chemicals down to similar levels.”

But remember, questioning the Pink Mafia makes you anti-science.

The science is settled TM.

For the MGTOWetc who’ll dispute any of this and continue to misuse Muh Evolution as if they were born with XYZ and choice never factors into the matter of sexual consent (scoff).

In any case, the study suggests that you can’t understand an animal’s evolution simply by considering the evolutionary pressures that act on its genome. You also have to consider the genes of the bacteria and other passengers that live inside it, which also create variations in its behaviour and affect is chances of survival. Sharon calls this the hologenome – the combined genes of a host and all the microbes it contains.

yup damon ian somerhalder vampire diaries hot duh yes uhuh

Enough for one day. Back to melting in this heatwave.