Link: Bring back dueling, quit whining

Words are only as meaningful as the actions to back them up.

If you compare someone to Hitler on Twitter, and you say you’d go back in time to kill Hitler (presumably before he did the job himself), how are you going to act on that?

This would silence the SJWs over night.

This would silence all the cowards who social signal (including some supposed redpills) in lieu of doing something. Who finger point and blame game. “It’s your fault my life sucks, I’m a victim, but you can’t hit me because… I’m a victim!” If they want to be a victim, I am happy to provide that service. They forget the true meaning of the word.

If you had to defend and guard honour like that, imagine how quickly the r-types would skedaddle.

After all, isn’t the very concept of being ‘offended’ and indeed, ‘offensive‘, directly tied to honour culture? If you choose to be offensive, you choose to defend that speech offensively.

How would your reputation look, based on your lexicon of actions?

It would be nice to see social signalling return to positive values, as was the case for the majority of history. Etiquette is a series of everyday social signals, after all. I think we all miss those small signs of regard.

Alpha males stand their ground

Of interest;

During times of r, guys like this really don’t stand out. They walk into bars, where guys like Mystery hold court with the ladies, and nobody will even notice them. At most a girl gives them a sideways glance before trying to catch Mystery’s eye. If they find out he is a World Kick Boxing Champion, they might give him a second look, until Mystery AMOGs them, and is back on top of the pack.

Wrong but whatever. Recollect, ‘alpha’ is actually short for Alpha Male Provider. You provide money and/or protection.

It doesn't take a genius to notice
The women on the prowl are themselves r-types, in fact, game only writes about r-type women, as has been implicitly admitted by such truths as “the best women are rarely in bars”. K-type women find men via their friends, socially, rarely bars or clubs. There are two parallel societies, I know this because I have seen both of them, and they are stratified by class. Clue: Anyone can go to a bar.

And we all know the type of woman Mystery ended up with…

Interesting also was the Muzzies’ actions. They attack women, in packs.

Sound like any groups we know? And they targeted white women, no matter what they were wearing. At first it looked like anti-white Eve Teasing but then became the Taharrush ‘game’.

They try to intimidate others into submission with flashy shows of what they could do, if they decided to.

The type of guy to ‘research’ alpha cues and other tricks and literally puff up his chest like a turkey before Christmas. Humblebragging online about AMOGing and what a ‘real alpha’ does? About as real as most tumblr stories.


It is all pompous bullshit.

‘Keyboard alpha’
All this fits impeccably well.

Once things turn K, they run – and they don’t just run off.

Already plenty are discussing leaving Europe (no reason given) and going to South America or Asia. Oh, r-types, how obvious are thee? Like a threat, failing to realize, we want them all to leave. All of them. Boys run from conflict. What remains are the Men.

They still need to perform some phony status-saving theatrics [signalling] to tell everyone how powerful they are – before they run away. Note that the pack leader will kill this guy if he can. But he isn’t a competitor, because if he was going to do it K-style, he would have done it there. Instead, what he is saying is, “I will wait for the free resources of killing, and then I will take it, with no risk to me.”

No, he meant, I will get someone else to kill you. That’s the MENA way.
Gang leaders are massive wimps, giving orders they could never carry out, or paying a hitman or lying to the authorities to get the death penalty in the Old Days.

For all the attention on women during these times, the slightly perverse enjoyment in their suffering, I’m looking at the males. These little tweaks and changes, the gammas who’ve gone conspicuously silent to revise their political position and the omegas rushing to get married (no seriously) despite warnings of a terrible economy to come, expecting the woman will support them.

There are even many women on social media exchanging information casually on anti-rape devices, primarily this one.

A lot of r-type men are outing themselves by objecting to this. They’re saying it breaches their human rights and is barbaric (as opposed to rape?). It doesn’t even break the skin, unlike rape.

This acts as an effective rapist deterrent by amygdala irritant. The trick lies in the secrecy, from the outside, a would-be rapist cannot know if it would hurt, as he intends to hurt the victim – until he tries.

In other news on the grapevine.

A lot of Germans are coming round to a Communist version of the Nuremberg trials. The police response? Destroying or simply failing to record evidence.

We’re turning back toward honour culture. Next up, duels.
This victimhood culture is actually a stepping stone – as the victims claim their honour is defiled by XYZ.

PUAs fail common definition of masculinity

K-types (selfless with societal investment) set the standard.

I love to watch the self-proclaimed redpills get their knickers in a twist over findings they don’t like after tittering over feminists doing the same. It’s petty but it’s funny in a meta way.
The majority of men grow out of the stereotypical opinion that teenage boys have about notches and being a ‘player’. They value being respected more highly (at odds with that r-type narcissistic instinct).

Contrary to stereotypes about sexual performance and masculinity, men interviewed in a large international study reported that being seen as honorable, self-reliant and respected was more important to their idea of masculinity than being seen as attractive, sexually active or successful with women.

Patriarchs don’t respect the manwhores that might corrupt their daughters or cuck their sons. Most men are patriarchs compared to PUAs. The media portrayal of their lifestyle and social approval on reality TV makes them assume it crosses over to real life, when it doesn’t. Most people don’t approve of sluts, even other sluts. Let alone respect them.

inb4 ‘beta’ – those are the qualities of kings, real kings

The study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine included interviews with more than 27,000 randomly selected men from eight countries (Germany, U.S., U.K., Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and France), with about 16 percent of the men reporting erectile problems.

Spot the porn addicts.

Regardless of age or nationality, the men more frequently ranked good health, harmonious family life and good relationships with their wife or partner as more important to their quality of life than material, self-fulfilling or purely sexual concerns.

aka Most men are mature. They aren’t selfish. That’s wise. Happiness studies support that opinion.

Who knew the real men aren’t online bitching? Who knew?

There’s more to life, kids.

Link: Haidt on microaggressions and the Cult of Professional Victim Status

In brief: We’re beginning a second transition of moral cultures. The first major transition happened in the 18th and 19th centuries when most Western societies moved away from cultures of honor (where people must earn honor and must therefore avenge insults on their own) to cultures of dignity in which people are assumed to have dignity and don’t need to earn it….

…Campbell and Manning describe how this culture of dignity is now giving way to a new culture of victimhood in which people are encouraged to respond to even the slightest unintentional offense, as in an honor culture….

…On top of that, the incentives created by the culture of victimization give rise to competitive victimhood….

You mean Progressive Stack? The reason OWS was a stellar success?

Oh… of course. Hello Gawker

…victimhood culture causes a downward spiral of competitive victimhood.

Good. For us. Let them get progressively more useless until the collapse hits. Just stop everyone else from taking them seriously and swallowing taxpayer funds.

Haidt’s post:

Victim Culture. Heard it here first. Really the inverse of honour, so a Coward’s Culture.


Flower Power = Racist

We should do a series = Everything is Racist.


Symbol of French people, lilies and the Holy Trinity… according to a very detailed symbology dictionary on my shelf.

r-selection happens in free resources. Free resources condition one to ease, and produce amygdalae that are totally incapable of tolerating even the slightest imagined negativity. Finally, the incapability to tolerate even the slightest imagined negativity is the mark of an insane culture. Ergo, the r-selection of free resource availability produces insane cultures.

It’s like a reverse honour culture.
A dishonour culture.
A disrespek culture.

When looking at someone funny, or not looking at them funny, or plain not looking at them are cause for grievance.

what wtf blackadder

Notice they’re starting on symbols of aristocracy? Hm, I wonder why.

A critique of the F-scale (items debunked)

I was watching Millennial Woes take this, a test rarely cited in social psychology and never taken seriously. It’s precious how he frets and points out the intent of the thing (to take down The Man) which conflicts with its current application (as the Cultural Marxists who made this ARE The Man now and it undermines them).

Essentially, this test wants to demonise working class values as something insidious. Tradition and the proven way of doing things over centuries are evil because middle class intellectuals said so! But don’t trust authority!
The Authoritarian Personality can be identified by a desire to ban things, suppress dissent and control children via educational ‘programmes’ which brainwash them into the State’s way of thinking and subservience as adults. Wait….

putting phone down what shock surprise omg chuck bass gossip girl wtf no

Sadly, I must inform you the notion of an Authoritarian Personality is bullshit, however well it applies to SJWs. It’s a means of attacking one’s political opponents by portraying them as mentally ill via the backdoor of persona. A personality ‘type’ doesn’t excuse their actions, in other words.

For lolz and because I’m bloody bored, it’s too hot and there’s drilling work outside, I’ll go point by point and take the piss out of it.

If you want to score yourself before following along:
For lolz I just went with what felt juicy and got: 5.766666666666667
I’ll also breakdown the supposed variables.

Ready kids?

Obedience and respect for authority are the most important virtues children should learn.

Ignore everything your teachers tell you. Hate the State.

A person who has bad manners, habits, and breeding can hardly expect to get along with decent people.

Ghetto culture. Telling people who disagree with you to “kill themselves”. Those who indulge in typical clubbing habits (drinking, drugs, promiscuity).

If people would talk less and work more, everybody would be better off.


The business man and the manufacturer are much more important to society than the artist and the professor.

We can eat and live in African-American Studies. Who needs whom?

Science has its place, but there are many important things that can never be understood by the human mind.
For information on irreducible complexity as used in Systems Theory, see Irreducible complexity (Emergence). “Why Science Is Not Necessarily Self-Correcting”
Can a human-agent process explain everything in the Universe? Logically it cannot, as every process has a limited scope smaller than the Universe containing it (U-1).

Every person should have complete faith in some supernatural power whose decisions he obeys without question.

This is simply ludicrous. Praise be to Odin! Hail the might of Zeus! Is everybody supposed to follow the same power? Is it implied they are the same? Which one is correct? There is only one God, and his name is Ankou.

Young people sometimes get rebellious ideas, but as they grow up they ought to get over them and settle down. 

Statistics suggest they do. They realise they can’t really change the world and the hormones wear off. Their rebellion gives the rest of us a headache, what of Mill’s harm principle? Have they no compassion for our nerves, and how they get on them?

What this country needs most, more than laws and political programs, is a few courageous, tireless, devoted leaders in whom the people can put their faith.

Structure behind politics? A driving, truly democratic force? How terrible. Honest public servants, perish the thought.

No sane, normal, decent person could ever think of hurting a close friend or relative.

Might I introduce you to the legal theory of criminal law? Or the Common Law? Or most laws, actually. Liberty extends to the end of your fist. This sentence is triggering and appears to justify violence against nagging women.

Nobody ever learned anything really important except through suffering.

Does everybody need to self-improve? Yes. We are not born perfect.
How do we come to the point where we wish to self-improve? Suffering.
What might a person do with their suffering? Let it kill them or let it remake them.
Positive psychology and positivism support the latter as an ideal of mental health.

What the youth needs most is strict discipline, rugged determination, and the will to work and fight for family and country.

What country? Patriotism is evil.
What family? You empowered our parents to abandon us.
What work? You gave the jobs to foreigners.
Where are we going? You don’t wish to change a thing for the youth.
You have no vision to provide us.

An insult to our honor should always be punished.

Ignore how honour culture is an evolved response to pressure and threats that the State cannot completely remove and honour for one’s family, country and very identity are crucial to have any stake in them enough to produce. People who go around giving lip should get a fat one, they goad and lie. Do you think half the nonsense we hear nowadays would be said by feminist “men” if duelling were legally accepted? If you cannot back it up with actions, it is a lie. Social species punish liars.

In the long term, will failing to defend yourself draw more criticism? (Always yes). Then honour is prudent, a means to nip conflict in the bud while nascent.

Sex crimes, such as rape and attacks on children, deserve more than mere imprisonment; such criminals ought to be publicly whipped, or worse.

I would put this to male feminists and watch them sweat bricks.
If rape is the worst thing ever, isn’t it worse than hanging?

 There is hardly anything lower than a person who does not feel a great love, gratitude, and respect for his parents.

This used to apply to parents because they were generally good people who sacrificed much.
Do modern adults who procreated deserve the term parent? How much parenting have they done? How well are their children raised? Do they put the children first?

Most of our social problems would be solved if we could somehow get rid of the immoral, crooked, and feebleminded people.

Prison IQ is very low too.
Conjugal visits have rendered it moot, if their genes are still in circulation and their children financially supported, they are not being imprisoned, this was the true purpose of the punishment to replace the death penalty. Genetic isolation.

Homosexuals are hardly better than criminals and ought to be severely punished.

For spreading HIV? Knowingly infecting people? This suggests it is a choice to be homosexual, how times change.

When a person has a problem or worry, it is best for him not to think about it, but to keep busy with more cheerful things

You mean rumination. That is the thing you mean.
Empirically proven to make things worse:
By problem, it must be unsolvable. Which would cause rumination.

Nowadays more and more people are prying into matters that should remain personal and private.

Sex selfies. Sex tapes. Most things to do with sex, actually.
Private opinions getting people fired.
A group of nosey people looking to “out” various things about people they dislike.

Some people are born with an urge to jump from high places.

Is this a metaphor?
Literally true, all of us are.

We termed this experience the high place phenomenon (HPP) and proposed that it stems from a misinterpreted safety signal (i.e., survival instinct).

Are survival instincts evil? According to this scale, yes.

People can be divided into two distinct classes: the weak and the strong.

Literal truth, science does this. Pick a measure, any measure. IQ, height, bench press, muscle mass, beauty, creativity. Social species have hierarchy and social dominance. Get over it. We compete for mates.

Some day it will probably be shown that astrology can explain a lot of things.

Talk about a wildcard. Yet –

Wars and social troubles may someday be ended by an earthquake or flood that will destroy the whole world.
This questionnaire does not hold up well to the science.

No weakness or difficulty can hold us back if we have enough will power.

If you dream it you can do it! $1m a year on a Women’s Studies major!

It is best to use some prewar authorities in Germany to keep order and prevent chaos.
[You’ll have to pretend it is 1946 when you answer this one.]

State intervention never fails the People.

Most people don’t realize how much our lives are controlled by plots hatched in secret places.

Brought to you by Chatham House rules and papers nobody is allowed to proof before they go to press.

Human nature being what it is, there will always be war and conflict.

Human? Try mammal.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

If you disagree with this, you have no common sense.

Nowadays when so many different kinds of people move around and mix together so much, a person has to protect himself especially carefully against catching an infection or disease from them.

HPV wildcard.

The wild sex life of the old Greeks and Romans was tame compared to some of the goings-on in this country, even in places where people might least expect it.

Do slaves have a sex life? More of a rape life, don’t you think?
Let’s see – more of every perversion, as the Internet provides evidence… encouraged as hedonism is glorified.

The true American way of life is disappearing so fast that force may be necessary to preserve it.

That’s right, if you fight for your home, you’re racist.
It might as well say that come on.

Down to variables;


The Middle Class are the ones pushing this BS now.

Authoritarian Submission

Follow the leader – they are leader for good reason.

Authoritarian Aggression

Punish defection. Standard game theory. Norms must be protected.


Anti-“intellectual” aka irrational

Superstition and Stereotypy

Fatalism and external locus of control – like blaming the System and successes for your personal errors.

Power and “Toughness

Who wants to be weak? Strength is desirable. Everywhere.

Destructiveness and Cynicism

Misanthropy because humans are human.


That… isn’t what…. that word… means. <insert Princess Bride meme here>
Is power abused? Duh. That is what all conspiracy theory is based upon.


Which wing obsesses over that, huh? It’ll remain a mystery for the ages. Pushing the subject on the innocent is such an evil thing, after all…

Liberals hate honour culture

Because it involves backing up your words with actions.

As if South America is a model for anything when history is the biggest honour culture sample of all. And it worked great, peace for centuries within a nation. Handily, left academics have no reputations in the real world, preferring to shun the society they pretend to study (and bitch about it behind its back, like a teenage girl). Biting the hand that feeds… and writes your pay cheques.

You can read between the lines on this one, it’s a negative example.

One redeeming paragraph;

After all, there’s nothing inherently wrong with honor or reputational concerns. They can encourage people to treat others with kindness and be respectful of boundaries. In fact, in the control conditions of Nisbett and Cohen’s experiments — where there was no prior insult — Southerners tended to act in less aggressive and more courteous ways than Northerners.

You neglected to mention that earlier, it changes the experimental condition of the entire thing.

For an American example if you must, look to the Wild West. Contrary to stereotype, few people died in that honour culture from shooting, when guns were new and everyone had one, because no one started shit they couldn’t back up. Duelling and small fights make larger events rare. Unlike nowadays, where school shootings are commonplace because people let it build up until they explode.

…it’s not unreasonable to picture a world 25 years from now where the meaning of honor has shifted to encompass backing down from violence and seeking help for mental health trouble.

Completely out of touch. The opposite: defending and protecting, self-reliance.
In that event? Cui bono? The writers of the studies for mental illness (psychiatry) and mind’s psychology, these people. What a coincidence.

It ends covering its arse;

Ultimately, we’re still a long way from understanding enough about honor ideology to easily alleviate the problems it may cause. While researchers have made great strides in linking honor concerns to a variety of different outcomes, more must be learned about the specific cognitive processes, emotions, and individual differences that determine whether an abstract endorsement of honor norms will lead to a specific behavior. Perhaps one day the aggressive pursuit of honor or respect will be so farfetched no TV writer will consider it worthy of their attention.

Notice the common barrage of inference it’s a bad thing? Not just bad, EVIL! Every evil. “All of society’s problems.”

Honour culture? Used to be called chivalry.