Comic: Switching out labels in Silicon Valley


Created sentience in meatspace? -FAKE!

Created sentience on a chip that is somehow and for some reason constrained to the exacting limitations of meatspace? -Plausible, wow, but how would we know?

~Descartes facepalms~
~Occam cries~
~Karl Popper punches a wall~

The real question?

Does a lack of common sense count as retardation?

[evidence points to yes]


Can the autistic go to Heaven, if they get over themselves?

[no, because they can never get over themselves]

You know what atheists hate?

Not God, nor the idea of someone judging them #fuckyoudad

It’s the concept of Hell. It’s the concept that someone knows what they did and won’t let them whine their way out of it like a child.

Jacques Barzun on the epistemology of science

If they leave college thinking, as they usually do, that science offers a full, accurate, and literal description of man and Nature; if they think scientific research by itself yields final answers to social problems; if they think scientists are the only honest, patient, and careful workers in the world; if they think that Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Lavoisier, and Faraday were unimaginative plodders like their own instructors; if they think theories spring from facts and that scientific authority at any time is infallible; if they think that the ability to write down symbols and read manometers is fair grounds for superiority and pride, and if they think that science steadily and automatically makes for a better world — then they have wasted their time in the science lecture room; they live in an Ivory Laboratory more isolated than the poet’s tower, and they are a plain menace to the society they belong to. They are a menace whether they believe all this by virtue of being engaged in scientific work themselves or of being disqualified from it by felt or fancied incapacity.

The Human Conceit

It’s like a social justice stereotype before they started labelling themselves ecowarriors.
If there’s any justice in the world, these social butterflies will die from chronic conditions caused by backbreaking factory work where their inane repetition is a valuable asset.

Article on the future of humanity.

Titular term is personal label, derived from philosophy but used by others too, see here: and it’s also known by other terms including anthropocentrism aka why monkeys are better than dogs.