Hymen myths debunked by scientific studies

Stop embarrassing yourselves.

“Conclusions about women’s and girls’ sexual history are made in some settings based on assumptions about the hymen, a small membranous tissue with no known biological function, which typically occupies a portion of the external vaginal opening in females. Clinicians, however, continue to refer to changes in the hymen to assess for a history of consensual or nonconsensual sexual intercourse. We reviewed published evidence to dispel commonly held myths about the hymen and its morphology, function, and use as evidence in cases of sexual violence.

An examination of the hymen is not an accurate or reliable test of a previous history of sexual activity, including sexual assault.

How do you even measure it? There’s no normal, even with a microscope!

Sounds like a fun wedding night.

This is just more anti-white stuff intended to make us distrust one another.

Clinicians tasked with performing forensic sexual assault examinations should avoid descriptions such as “intact hymen” or “broken hymen” in all cases, and describe specific findings using international standards and terminology of morphological features.

aka do your job, don’t be subjective?

Broken doesn’t even exist, it’s a membrane that’s already perforated in almost every case it remains. Labour doesn’t remove it. Passing a whole human through it.

We call on clinicians to consider the low predictive value of a hymen examination and to: 1) avoid relying solely on the status of the hymen in sexual assault examinations and reporting;

Pedos must love this myth so as to get away with it.

2) help raise awareness of this issue among their peers and counterparts in law enforcement and the judicial system; and 3) promote fact-based discussions about the limitations of hymenal examinations as part of clinical education for all specialties that address the sexual or reproductive health of women and girls.”

Words like intact assume they even have one (were born with one) or if they do it didn’t degrade over years (time, poor vascular supply and the weight of blood) or that they knew, magically, the prior shape of common perforations for that particular woman. A nun could have no hymen or one simply worn naturally in the teens as the body GROWS around it, it erodes regardless of the existence of men, sorry. Because it’s baby tissue. This is ridiculous. Also, with childhood sports, who’s to say what a young virgin has is the same as what she was born with? The common report anecdotally is a sudden feeling of change but not even pain, a quick “what was that?” like a sudden paper cut in cases they even remember. A lot of women aren’t even sure. Perverts lie for their sadistic fetishes of damaging women, it’s a disturbed mind who wants to cause someone internal injury (when it isn’t actually internal to begin with). Stop listening to idiots.

“We concluded that an examination of the hymen is not an accurate or reliable test of sexual activity, including sexual assault, except in very specific situations. Clinicians who perform forensic sexual assault examinations should avoid descriptions such as “intact hymen” or “broken hymen” in all cases, and describe specific clinical findings using specific medical terminology.”

Apparently faking it in ancient times with chicken blood used to be common up until the 20th century (when they used tampons with no issue). Can we please stop treating men like idiots, scared to know the truth? It’s like kissing gets you pregnant, that’s the level of dumb.
If a woman profusely bleeds, that is vaginal and indicative of male error. Anything approaching that blood supply is impossible beyond the vaginal “canal”. Literally. A man should only commence once the woman is wet or sufficiently relaxed (fingering is not a recent invention and recommended to pregnant women to reduce REAL tearing – in labour!). The female sexual response cycle STARTS with lubrication, there’s no excuse not to know that. The hymen never actually goes away, after labour it’s just reduced and shrunk back. A literal whore would still have a hymen if born with one – or “reconstruction” surgery wouldn’t be possible. Plenty of girls have no difference post-coitally in their hymen – porn is fake. As a membrane with common natural perforations, it’s ELASTIC. To use a word like “tearing” is not even wrong, medically. It has the property of elasticity. If it remains during childbirth, shut up if you think your dick will ‘destroy’ it, that’s embarrassingly naive.
Does eating remove the similar structural membranes above and below your front teeth? Of course not? The one under the tongue? No. SAME THING. Medically, the same structural production, that’s why you have it.

This is as silly as judging men by their ball seam or if one is higher than the other. Leave people alone with their perfectly valid anatomical differences!

It varies greatly in shape. Its elasticity increases after puberty so that it may allow penile penetration without rupture and bleeding.

Note: it’s always elastic, it only increases after puberty.

Conclusions: Hymen is not an accurate indication of virginity. Knowledge of the hymen
anatomy and its abnormalities is essential to eliminate the misconceptions about it.”

And if the tampon=sex losers try to intrude on this topic, I’ll find you and beat you to death with my stiletto.

You don’t have one, you don’t have an opinion on what it’s like to have one. That’s called a fantasy. That’s what the mansplaining thing is actually meant to be, originally. You don’t know what periods or childbirth are like either. Appeal to ignorance plus strawman, formally. Studies say you’re wrong in your claims, medical studies such as the next one. Guys on forums lie. Blind leading the blind. Stop thinking you have a valid opinion on the medical experience of the opposite sex, you’re just idiots. Or closet trans-somethings. So nuts.

This doesn’t account for other period stuff like heavy periods (blood is heavy) or exercise but for the pedophiles reading, you are also wrong.

“External genital inspections were performed using a colposcope with an attached 35-mm camera to document the appearance of the hymen. The presence of notches or clefts was recorded during the examination, and photographs taken at ×10 magnification were used to take measurements of the width of the posterior hymenal rim.”
“Posterior hymenal notches and clefts were more common among girls admitting past intercourse (13/27 [48%]) than in girls who denied intercourse (2/58 [3%]; P = .001), but the mean width of the posterior hymenal rim was not significantly different between the 2 groups (2.5 mm vs 3.0 mm; P = .11). Two subjects who denied intercourse but had posterior hymenal clefts described a painful first experience with tampon insertion.”

Who’d be dumb enough to believe a dick would disturb a woman’s natural body? Especially permanently? Women evolved to reproduce. To give birth. They sexually selected penis size. A penis isn’t gonna damage it.
There is no rule, the remnant structure is too unique.

No significant difference with a close-up camera magnified at 10x.

Studied by medical professionals comparing to teen virgin controls.

You are wrong.

You are literally just wrong. Please stop. The stupidity is painful.

At most, half a millimeter diameter difference. That could easily be a rounding error. Pervs BTFO.

“Conclusions Deep notches or complete clefts in the posterior rim of the hymen were rare in girls who denied intercourse.

Still naturally occurring though, plus maybe sports as hidden variable. Again, there is no rule, no norm. What, do we keep women under lock and key from birth until marriage, getting fat with no exercise, for a minute or two on the wedding night that the husband wouldn’t notice if he were pure himself? Are we meant to encourage white men to defile white women for pleasure? To hurt them deliberately? I wonder who’s behind that.

This smells of gender war propaganda to make men distrust their spouse and destroy the marriage. Who’s paranoid enough to screw through a blanket? Which group has notoriously promiscuous teenage girls? Stop projecting.

Most importantly:

Subjects who admitted past intercourse still had nondisrupted, intact hymens in 52% of cases.”


Multiple bouts of intercourse most likely, yep, I’ve heard this commonly from women surprised they didn’t “change”. Porn lies to you. Dicks aren’t even that big by circumference, especially compared to a baby. The domination pain element of this topic from some deviants is highly dehumanizing to wives. She isn’t broken, you just made a sacred union sanctified by God, this is so blatantly wrong as a way to discuss conservative sexuality.

Most women lie to men on the medical side because most men are too triggered for the truth.

The toxic ones lie to men for gain. Educate yourself, as much as I hate typing that. In modern times men shouldn’t be scared to frankly discuss periods with their woman either, the purpose of which is to pass what look like clots (uterine tissue) not the vaunted ‘blood’, you need to know this if you intend to marry and especially if you want to be present for a birth. No more hiding!

It’s deeply paedophilic to obsess over a structure that’s only fully “intact” in literal babies.
“Girls who are diagnosed with imperforate hymen as babies most often have surgery when they are older and have just started puberty. The surgery is done in early puberty when breast development and pubic hair growth has begun.”

To see if it naturally perforates by then. Usually it does.

“The vagina is separated from the SUG by the hymen. Its origin is not entirely clear.”
Protecting babies from microbes. That’s it. Remember, humans didn’t evolve in clean houses.
The guys making a big deal of this will likely get tricked by some nutter (serves you right) or are closet paedos. This is a creepy thing to think about for any length of time. There isn’t even a normal and a literal microscope can’t detect post-coital change in most cases. ANY change. No, looking isn’t the same.

repost, different site:

“Conclusions about women’s and girls’ sexual history are made in some settings based on assumptions about the hymen, a small membranous tissue with no known biological function, which typically occupies a portion of the external vaginal opening in females. Clinicians, however, continue to refer to changes in the hymen to assess for a history of consensual or nonconsensual sexual intercourse. We reviewed published evidence to dispel commonly held myths about the hymen and its morphology, function, and use as evidence in cases of sexual violence.

An examination of the hymen is not an accurate or reliable test of a previous history of sexual activity, including sexual assault. Clinicians tasked with performing forensic sexual assault examinations should avoid descriptions such as “intact hymen” or “broken hymen” in all cases, and describe specific findings using international standards and terminology of morphological features.

We call on clinicians to consider the low predictive value of a hymen examination and to: 1) avoid relying solely on the status of the hymen in sexual assault examinations and reporting; 2) help raise awareness of this issue among their peers and counterparts in law enforcement and the judicial system; and 3) promote fact-based discussions about the limitations of hymenal examinations as part of clinical education for all specialties that address the sexual or reproductive health of women and girls.”

The sexism of circumcision



“Circumcision purifies and refines. It forces us to make a sacrifice. Removing the foreskin diminishes the pleasure and enjoyment of intercourse.1 We sacrifice such pleasure and proclaim that, on our scale, Divine instruction is a greater priority than self-gratification.2


Males could have been created without the foreskin, yet G‑d wanted us to remove it ourselves. This was to demonstrate that as we complete the physical appearance of our bodies, so can we perfect the contours of our personalities and the shapes of our souls.3″



Midrash Tanchumah, Tazriah 5 and Sefer Hachinuch, Mitzvas Milah (The anonymous author, who identifies himself only as “a Levite from Barcelona,” was a student of the Rashba, Rabbi Shlomo ben Aderet, in the thirteenth century). Our sages further taught that circumcision is an offering to G‑d that, like a sacrifice, atones for inherent human weaknesses (Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer, ch. 29).



Classical Jewish thought has long maintained this position. However, contemporary scientific studies on this matter have failed to produce conclusive evidence either way.



Maimonides in his Guide for the Perplexed, v. III, ch. 29. See also R. Bachye on Genesis 17:13.


Sacrificing your own kids…. but not to Moloch, don’t be silly!


This work involves both milah, cutting the thick foreskin, and priyah, ripping open the thin membrane, which on a spiritual plane alludes to the subduing of our material desires.25 Afterwards, one must perform metzitzah (sucking out the blood), thus removing the excitement generated by material things from one’s body as a whole.”

Doesn’t sound Satanic at all…. they totally don’t need that spiritual energy…. but ‘priests’ need to do it, not surgeons or anyone with medical training and pain relief.

I covered previously studies of the medical damage involved, ripping out nerve bundles.

As a consequence, a husband cannot emotionally bond with his wife (Jewish men are oddly notorious for cheating) nor the wife with the husband (see satisfaction studies).



“How we relate to G‑d affects how we relate to other people. That is Hosea’s message – and vice versa: how we relate to other people affects the way we think of G‑d. Israel’s political chaos in the eighth century bce was intimately connected to its religious waywardness. A society built on corruption and exploitation is one where might prevails over right. That is not Judaism but idolatry, Baal-worship.


Now we understand why the sign of the covenant is circumcision, a commandment given in Tazria. For faith to be more than the worship of power, it must affect the most intimate relationship between men and women. In a society founded on covenant, male-female relationships are built on something other and gentler than male dominance, masculine power, sexual desire and the drive to own, control and possess. Baal must become ish. The alpha male must become the caring husband. Sex must be sanctified and tempered by mutual respect. The sexual drive must be circumcised and circumscribed so that it no longer seeks to possess and is instead content to love.”

Anti-men rhetoric, you again…. Is that ish like Ishtar?

Whereas Christians see husbands AS alpha males…. as does biology, because the alpha male is part of a monogamous breeding pair with an alpha female. There’s no such thing as a single alpha male.



The foreskin of the male reproductive organ effects his experience of marital relations in two ways: it increases his gross sensual pleasure and decreases his sensitivity to his wife by insulating him from her to a certain extent. By removing the foreskin, the experience of marital relations becomes for the man less of a narcissistic indulgence and more of a true spiritual coupling between him and his wife. Once the spiritual dimension of marital relations is allowed into the picture, it enhances the physical dimension as well. The sages of the Talmud therefore state that ideally, at least, it is the Jewish couple that experiences the truest enjoyment in marital relations.”


Satisfaction studies have disabused them of this notion.


“As originally created, the physiology of woman was such that she did not have a menstrual cycle, and the process of conceiving and giving birth did not involve any bleeding. Nor did she bleed when she first engaged in marital relations. These (as well as other) facets of life were introduced into reality as the result of the primordial sin.”

Myth, that isn’t how hymens work. Some women aren’t even born with one. You might as well appeal to humours in healthcare. Not even wrong. Why is it always a man talking about female anatomy and periods? Sit down, shut up.

It isn’t even the hymen capable of that bleeding, it’s the friction of the vagina (and its heavy blood supply) that is capable of bleeding profusely (in virgins or non-), which must be worse/more likely when the man has no idea how to make her wet in the first place (inexperienced or incompetent lovers) and has no foreskin to reduce friction naturally.

Satan really is deceiving them.


When a man has been circumcised of his gross sensual approach to marital relations, he retains more control over his sexual passion, and is thus less likely to succumb to them. His circumcision thus helps him not engage in forbidden marital relations, including relations with his wife during her period.”

If blood is the issue, he couldn’t screw his wife during normal spotting or pregnancy spotting, nor if she were ‘bleeding’ miniscule amounts (no blood supply) from the hymen as a virgin.

Wrong, again!

Frigidity isn’t possible with women, but the impotence (ED or whatever other term) does occur in mutilated men, as you’d also expect with mutilated women.


They hate their sons, duh.

“Circumcision is a tangible reminder to all men that they are the masters of their bodies, that they are in control of their sexual urges.”

Gaslighting from a mother who hates you but likes her own prepuce where it is. It’s funny their demon is a sexy woman (Lilith) not a part of Christian lore. They are not master of their body, their mother is. Maybe Freud wanted his mother to get his foreskin back.

“Cutting back the foreskin represents tapering the self-centered nature of lust. It’s not only about me, but about another person’s dignity and desires. It’s not all about the pleasure that I want, but about the pleasure that G‑d wants me to have.”

This is written by a woman. Clearly.

“Perhaps this reasoning behind circumcision can account for the Talmud’s statement that women are born naturally circumcised. Generally speaking, a woman’s nature is not to dominate someone whom she desires. Studies show that female sexual predators make up such a small percentage that there is little known about them as a group.1 Although women may have many imperfections, it seems that they are naturally less in danger of violating the dignity of others through their lustful impulses.”

Then why are most rapists circumcised, when it’s measured?

“Both men and women are entrusted to serve G‑d with dignity and consciousness. At the core of this service is the challenge to infuse meaning into the most mundane aspects of our life. To imprint the covenant on our physical body. And perhaps it is in this arena that women are naturally gifted. This gift of “natural circumcision”—the perspective of fluidity between the holy and the mundane—empowers (and obligates) women to become leaders. In the era preceding the global redemption, when the schism between what is worldly and what is G‑dly will vanish, feminine leadership is vital.”

Women also have a prepuce. It evolved in both sexes for biological purposes, including pleasure.

Does she own shares in a lube company?

She basically admits that partially castrating men keeps them in line as husbands (less adultery, in theory*) and makes them less masculine (well, yeah). That isn’t FOR them….

*Since they can’t bond with the wife, they seek other people.

Also, the American divorce rate is tied to circumcised men. As they get older and “need” Viagra (like Israel, how odd!) they start to doubt the wife’s attractiveness, as does she, causing separation.

A guy says about “rupturing the hymen” as women’s circumcision in the comments…. no. Not how it works. In the rare cases a woman has no gaps in hers, it must be surgically perforated to allow menstrual blood out. It goes from an antibacterial barrier for the safety of a baby to ….a more flexible antibacterial barrier. It only disappears from easy sight once a woman has given birth for the first time. Even in virgins (say a nun), it does break down over time, it isn’t just exercise, time itself thins it because, again, no blood supply. 

That’s why surgeons can cut it with a scalpel to release old menstrual blood and the girl won’t bleed to death.

It’s kinda like those extra fingers that naturally drop off.

Women aren’t even born with the same thickness of membrane, it ages uniquely between women, so this discussion is really stupid. Women aren’t all the same, medically!

Link: “How do I know if I’m a virgin?”

Don’t laugh, it’s a good question. No judgement here.

I was linked to this by a girl concerned about an arranged marriage.

It’s accurate.


I’m posting it here because there are many attempts by ‘men’ to lie about ‘deflowering’ girls, describing levels of blood loss that would cause her to pass out and require a transfusion in A&E. Or they give vivid, almost Mills & Boon level erotic descriptions of what ‘breaking’ her felt like.

go away leave ew eurgh gimme space tony stark no gross

They are lying. 

It just makes you look bad and worse, ignorant of basic anatomy.

Trigger warning: the gore women have to put up with for life but men get all squeamish about because you’re softer than us.

Less known is the fact that ‘inadequate’ lubrication (caused by the man being bad at it) can cause microtears from the friction in the vagina (internally) and that may be causing the blood sometimes seen (still, not much, barely like ‘spotting’ for a period, don’t look that up). That’s a reason to be ashamed of yourself, not proud, and certainly never bragging, pay her medical bills and spend the next year minimum making it up to the poor girl, since it can cause serious scarring, increased risk of catching STDs by the internal wounds and fertility issues (this also happens in rape, so yeah, be very very nice since conditional instructions are a basic part of consent).

This video gets all of it right bar one thing.

Virginity does exist. That’s an SJW lie. Simply the common premise based on a Hollywood trope is wrong. The anatomical one. Virginity isn’t anatomical. No animal has anatomical virginity to my knowledge, that wouldn’t make any evolutionary sense and they would’ve gone extinct. The cellular shedding required of the reproductive tract would build up and cause a lethal infection.

Virginity is behavioural. More specifically, an omission of behaviour. Hence, men can be virgins.

It is cruel and evil to base a test of human value on anatomy, that nobody can help. Imagine if women judged men entirely on their foreskins. Imagine it. You’d be pissed. Imagine if you could be killed for lacking a foreskin. Whatever the reason you don’t have one. This is one of the rare times the broken feminist clock is right, that’s barbaric.

So why do we women have a hymen (some of us, others aren’t born with one)?

It protects the area during development. You know how little kids tend to stick any random object up their nose?…. Yeah…..

I’m not completing that sentence for you.

How could we prove that hypothesis?

Easy – does it thin over time? As in, it becomes less protective the likelier you are to require the tract for reproduction?

YES! And nobody seems to mention this. It thins over time. So an adult virgin woman may look anatomically indistinguishable from a massive slut of the same age. The only thing that really wrecks a hymen, stretching it or changing blood flow patterns until it recedes? Child birth.

So really it has nothing to do with sex per se, but whether you’ve pushed another human out there. Which is… fair enough, actually.

Swedish feminists are trying to rebrand the hymen and lie about virginity


I went looking for this material because I came across a discussion including the term ‘corona’ and wondered how on Earth I could fail to know a part of female anatomy being both female and a studier of (real) anatomy.

Often known by the established term “hymen,” the vaginal corona is the subject of many myths and misunderstandings. The most important of these is the notion that a person’s vaginal opening is covered by a membrane that ruptures with, or is “broken” by, vaginal sex. This is incorrect. There is no such membrane.

It is literally right there.
You can touch it and break it.
Denying reality, as usual.

RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) wishes to dispel the myths and promote knowledge of the true facts. Our aim is to give you a more accurate idea of what you will find just inside the vaginal opening.

That sentence makes no logical sense. If it’s inside the opening it can’t be a closure membrane. And true facts? As opposed to which other type?

At first it reads as semi-legitimate talking about the natural variance from woman to woman but then it starts the long drive into crazy town.

Since the vaginal corona isn’t a brittle membrane the sensation when you first stretch out the mucous tissue folds – whether you’re inserting a tampon, masturbating or having insertive sex – is a highly individual experience. Some people feel no pain at all, while others, with a thicker vaginal corona, have reported some pains. There may be minor ruptures in the mucous folds that hurt, and sometimes there may be a little bleeding.

I hope I don’t need to point out the many contradictions therein.

Can the vaginal corona “break” when you ride a bike or a horse?

No. Since the vaginal corona isn’t a brittle membrane, physical exercise doesn’t break it. The vaginal corona is located 1–2 cm inside the vaginal opening – in other words, entirely within the vestibule. A whole bunch of things (vaginal discharges, hormonal changes, menses, masturbation, sex) can wear the corona away more over time, living your life among them, but that’s not about breaking anything.

Doctors the world over would disagree with you. Tampons and horse riding are the top reasons it can be partially stretched (as they admitted) or completely torn. Using pseudo-medical terms like rupture doesn’t change what physically occurs.

The various myths and the incorrect assumption that there is a covering membrane have given rise to expressions such as “breaking the hymen” and “deflowering.” These usually refer to a person having their vagina entered for the first time, either by themselves or by having sex with a partner. What’s actually there is the vaginal corona,

But you said at the top that the corona is just another name for the hymen, so breaking the hymen still happens, whether you call it a rupture or not, and it’s still “actually there”

consisting of elastic folds of mucous tissue, which can’t be ruptured or broken in one fell swoop by a penis or any other object inserted into the vagina.

Yes. Yes it can. Ask a straight man, that’s kinda what the penis is for, evolutionally, to gain access to the vagina.

When the mucous tissue is stretched, minor ruptures sometimes develop and may smart a little. These soon heal, usually within 24 hours. The folds of the vaginal corona are located 1–2 cm inside the vaginal opening, so penis length is irrelevant.

Penis length is irrelevant only if you are a lesbian.
Either these breakages “heal” or “wear away”, which is it? You can’t have both. One is up, the other down.
Anyone using the terms partner (instead of man/woman) and this, new, “corona” – feminist.

Virginity is a vague concept based on perceptions and myths, chiefly concerning female sexuality, that RFSU (or Scarleteen!) would not wish to endorse. For one thing, virginity is often associated with a heteronormative view of sex restricted to vaginal intercourse between man and woman (in other words, insertion of the penis into the vagina). For another, in many languages and cultures, virginity is synonymous with innocence, the opposite of which is guilt. There is no guilt involved in having sex, and no need to feel guilty about it. [DS: I could think of a few examples.] What’s more, such myths are used against women in particular [victimhood bells ring out]; for instance as an excuse for spreading rumors and committing sexual assaults.

We sometimes receive questions about how to know whether or not you are a “virgin.” You are the only person who can decide that. [not a gynaecologist?] Different people have different ideas about which sexual acts constitute a “loss of virginity.” Some people restrict it to vaginal intercourse [often correctly], while others count other activities as well. [those people are not hetero and will presumably never have sex with the opposite sex but the idea of being even technical virgins forever is too mentally scarring for them so they say ‘me too’!]

The worst part is the poor women who will believe this out of innocence.

Is it possible to see or feel whether a woman has ever had sex?

No. Looking at a penis or a vagina, it’s equally impossible to tell whether that person has ever had sex. Neither a gynecologist nor a sex partner can tell whether you’ve had vaginal, oral, anal or manual sex (unless you have become pregnant or contracted a sexually transmitted infection). No one else can detect whether you’ve had sex.

Actually you can contract STIs without having had sex, little known fact. Using infected towels on the privates or unclean speculums, for example. If a woman’s hymen is completely intact (as it has always been, that individual shape or thickness), it’s highly likely she is a virgin, although it may heal back to its former state at first, another little known fact. But hey, they said there’s no such thing as a membrane and why would they lie to us? It’s just a medically validated self-evident part of anatomy. Some women have very little there or it’s easily broken with other activities or over time (see above) so you can never be 100% certain and you really need to trust their word. You should be able to tell from the fact they have no idea what they’re doing.

Can the corona be stitched up?

Surgery on the vaginal corona rarely solves any problems, [reduces the number of honour killings] first because outcomes vary, and second because it helps to maintain patriarchal structures and a prejudiced view of women and their sexuality.

Seriously? Seriously.

Let’s see who these people are. The same Swedes with the ever-rising rape rates, which cultural beliefs brought this about?

RFSU’s mission since the organisation was founded in 1933 has been a desire to change people’s lives for the better. RFSU is a non-profit organisation independent of any political party or religion. We are dedicated to promoting a well-informed, open-minded attitude to sexuality and relationship issues. RFSU is founded on a firm belief that sexuality and relationships are central to the individual and to society. By informing and educating people and shaping opinion, RFSU aims to break down prejudices, overcome ignorance and improve sexual health in Sweden and abroad. RFSU views sexuality as a matter of individual liberty and human rights, in which all of us have the freedom to be ourselves, the freedom to choose and the freedom to enjoy.

To put this achingly simplistically, virginity is when you’ve never had sex. The first time you do, you cease to be one. That is final. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

I remain unconvinced and unimpressed. To me, a corona is still either a cheap beer or this

It means crown in Latin, they want to rebrand it because hymen doesn’t make them feel special enough.