Hyperinflation has no formal definition

It’s a pace, a speed. There’s no specific, precise way to define it.

Inflation at 7% now but RPI including rents is 9%.
This is the Boomers treating their mortgage (debt) as a pension (asset) again and bumping up rents to make up for their rank speculation and buying high. Exactly like I said in my UBI prediction post, that upon inflationary pressures, Boomers would increase rents on nubile citizens by exactly the same amount as the UBI, out of spite. There must be rent control to stop the Boomers but that won’t happen. Guess we’ll have to put up with rampant homelessness and child abandonment because Barry the Boomer wants a cruise with his clot shot!
Due to contracted domestic demand, price must come down. Working from home, who needs to live in cities?

I’ve talked about deflation and hyperinflation before, years ago, for literally years. Look around.
Deflation typically precedes hyperinflation for a short while we might be seeing that now in some areas.
But a stark deflation is called a Depression. We need a Depression, it’s cutting out the tumour early.
Hyperinflation is letting the banker cancer infect the blood and brain then trying to salvage it by randomly hacking. This kills the patient, taking generations to recover we don’t have, in fertility terms. There’s no cushion to land that demographic blow.
Let the speculators suffer and the stock market and bankers die.
Naturally, they won’t do that.
Sunak wants to bail out his crony friends or he wouldn’t be in office. Enslavement to Jewish crypto it is! Britcoin isn’t British, the Bank of England isn’t English, it’s a banking dynasty, a family that bosses around the Queen. The BOE is a private entity, not nationalised. As the ultimate pump and dump of white chumps, this is part of the 5-part supercycle. Specifically, part 5. I’d love to see Clarey cover that. Never heard him discuss supercycles. Rigged.

Since the banks control everything, house always wins because when mortgages are foreclosed on, “banks” own it. When companies lose loan money, “banks” own it. These banking scum have jewed us into selling them the whole country from under us, but ignore the fact that every civilization in history has hated them, even amongst themselves. Overlook how the Bible bans usury for very sound financial reasons and there’s been no Debt Jubilee, like, ever. Banks love hyperinflation, look at what they did to Germany. Pimping out the wives and kids to pedos. Rape gangs are already doing it. The People love deflation, as long as they weren’t greedy. Fuck gamblers loaded with debt “buying” to let from young people who can’t afford to start families. Anti-social wankers and intergenerational blood traitors. The “fuck the future of the race, I got mine” Boomer. The “I’ll be dead by then, LOL” Boomer. Yes, perhaps the hippy ones will be dead: because every young person will personally hunt them down for sport.


Without immigration, there’d have been no demand for BTL and prices would have dropped, permitting recovery in family formation and birth rates. This is part of the reason why immigration is unnatural, in addition to invasion by economic force.

A short ditty:

Their egos are in outer space

they betray the children of every race

Can you guess who I mean, Zoomer?

Yes I mean the Commie Boomer!

Oooooh, oooooh, the Beatles are fake and gay

boooo, hoooo, bank inflation rates on the way.

They’ll never learn, living in their McMansions

until it crashes down from immigrant standards

they’ll tell their grandkids to just get a job

just not Pablo the Gardener or the nanny and her blowjobs.

Fuck the Boomers, the hippy scum

(We know there were other ones)

but generally their generation is toxic

from John Lennon down and his race-mixing dick.

We’ll write the history books

and you were literally the worst ever

from the rampant child murder

to cooking the books and digging in your hooks.

Spoiled brats with wrinkly asses

taking SS, Medicaid and evading taxes.

Bootstraps, my white privileged butt

your parents left you the world and it wasn’t enough.

Generation Leech

eager to preach

the glories of famine and hero worship of creeps.

We don’t trust anyone over 60

that ‘Sex Ed’ isn’t biology

keep your Viagra dick away from our kids.

Stop tirelessly corrupting the young

then wondering where the suicide comes from.

There’s nothing to learn from you

except the opposite of what to do.

We respect your parents more than you

because they never made adultery cool

what absolute fucking losers

no wonder you’re dying of preventable cancers!

Look son, it’s degenerate man!

Pissing away his savings as fast as he can!

Respect your elders but earn your respect?

You destroyed the best country, get rekt.

I call it Hippy Scum, if someone wants to make a rock version, I approve.

Occasional shouts of DIE HIPPY SCUM DIE are acceptable in the background, if not encouraged.

How hyperinflation happens

This guy could show Graham Stephan a thing or two. Like putting information over clickbait.

The money won’t disappear. They don’t want it to.

Audit the Fed and then rule it a criminal institution and let it go bankrupt, not America.

Government buying all the private loan debt (Boomer debt) is called Communism. That will also never happen. The only way to jubilee is 1. repudiate odious debt and aside from the above, 2. make it legal for people to declare bankruptcy to discharge ALL such debts. If people want to drop it, they can, they just cannot KEEP the asset/s they haven’t actually paid for, which is fair. A total bail-in bail-out type set-up as he posits would punish all those who didn’t go into massive mortgage, HELOC and CC debts.

Historically, a small slight deflation precedes hyperinflation.

The banks don’t want to cancel debts for the People, why would they? They want everyone to foreclose on every single asset, so they own it all. It’s a huge game of monopoly.

How to kill a nation (hyperinflation)

One of the UN definitions of genocide is oppression, because economic oppression (measures) reduce ability to procreate.

Third World rulers, Third World results.

Boris wants to extend emergency powers to force more lockdowns and also push UBI via desperation caused, so you need Fedcoin suddenly. The Green Deal will destroy England, and let’s be honest, only the English work. Scotland, Wales and Ireland parasite from the English worker. Meanwhile, Sunak has married into deep state via a billionaire’s daughter but we’re supposed to think he’s oppressed because his skin is brown.

Apparently the internet went down for a little bit and now they’re programming the msm news with reports of aliens being possible. We made contact in the 60s, get over it. Tesla called them but by the time they got here, he was gone. I’m sure that isn’t a cover for China testing out their 5G switch as a prelude to potential EMP action, at all. Sure, little green men, not the people who bought the internet connection, okay. Because aliens can attack instagram but not the nuclear plants.
That makes sense.

The Raven of Zurich predicted the Great Depression


Everyone likes the moneylender until they realise he’s the slaveowner.
Neither borrower nor lender be = don’t sell yourself into slavery.

I hope the salt of the earth on fixed incomes are okay. Considering carers are on slave wages one quarter of minimum wage (like <£2 per hour against the legal min. of ~8.50) I don’t know how the Left isn’t up in arms…. oh, wait, they hate white people. So expect white people homeless, immigrants in all the hotels with swimming pools (check our news). When property taxes shoot up, nanna will be kicked out (they once imprisoned an old white lady for not paying 15p council tax*), to be replaced by a brood of incestuous immigrants. What “justice”. At least they didn’t call her racist. That’s the true evil, not an invasion and genocide.

The banks will own everything, so are we self-governing or owned by the private owners of the banks? Invisible slaves, invisible prison.

I hope the Marxists, be they Boomer, Millennial or Zoomer, get what they fucking deserve.

*white people’s assets are seized by the Marxists to pay for their care (TO EACH ACCORDING TO NEED – COMMUNISM), but who is paying for the Marxists, the immigrants AND the prisoners?


This also prohibits elder whites from sheltering their own kin. It isn’t stupidity, it’s definitely malice. It’s been designed to fail like this over decades. I don’t go on about fixed incomes like pensions for fun, it’s proof positive they planned the destruction. Salt of the earth, old people who remembered WW2 and carers saving the system over 100 BILLION a year. Pity you can’t find money out of the immigrant swimming pool fund to pay them MINIMUM WAGE like human beings. This weakening also prevents those groups from rioting. How convenient. The welfare state including the NHS would’ve collapsed decades ago if carers had the ability to strike – without being charged with murder.

Congress in 08: Boomertown. National debt is fine and Israel is our greatest ally. Banks are too big to fail. The “by the time that happens, I’ll be dead” race traitor.

Find every anti-racist of your acquaintance (but especially the Boomer) and ask them about hyperinflation due to the Marxist spending spree of governments and private banks. Who should pay them back? Either way, make a mental note to never help them. They caused this. Repeal the act of ’65, America. There’s a billion Chinese that can immvade you otherwise.

Fed’s plan: hyperinflation

He puts references in the description.

e.g. http://bit.ly/TheMoneyGPSSources2020

Fiat isn’t money and it isn’t debt, it’s death.

They’d rather kill the population than screw over their other private banker friends.

Like yeah, you’ll be a millionaire, but it’ll cost half that to buy breakfast.

No more private banks. Nationalise them. Nationalise them all.

Usury is a sin, thou shalt not steal.

America can’t afford more socialism

Note the rounds of 19th century and early 20th century immigration led to debt spikes?

Third Worlders in the First World are just economic parasites. It’s IQ and high time preference.

Spoiled privileged Yang truly promises a Boomer bailout of mortgages via a blisteringly obvious planned rent hike* (since all the poor would suddenly be good for it) and you don’t need extra ‘money’ to end the welfare cliff. It’s a pen stroke away to step the payments down gradually.

America’s net worth is negative too, more socialism will cause hyperinflation – and then, invasion.

People ate leather sofas in Weimar Germany and licked wallpaper glue.

Allegedly they ate babies. This would be mathematically worse.

What’s to stop the sneaky QE of UBI leading to price raises across the board from all sectors? Especially food.

Nothing. That’s what.

People are celebrating a termite in their savings.

UBI: It’s the missing link between inflation and hyperinflation.

The ‘basic’ is a clue. It’ll go on basics – 1. rent, 2. food, 3. medical.

“Universal” – you have no choice whether to go into debt. No choice. But rich people will get a bailout, no means testing. Fair? About inequality? No and no.

The distance between the poor guy with $0 and the rich guy with a million will be exactly the same if you give both two grand. Perhaps higher, because increasing monetary supply directly causes one thing.

Prices will rise. Regardless of specific agents e.g. landlords.

So spending power of the poor guy will decrease.

Go ahead, vote for it. I wanna see what happens.

You cannot consider income without expense.

It’s an equation, it has two sides.

If only there were an economic law to explain this concept, of supplying and demanding…

*The average hippy American Boomer seriously considers their house their pension. That is factual.

Map the top chart onto spending power, I dare you.

Tell Yang you’ll have UBI under one condition: rent controls. He won’t do it.

UK Inflation calculator

This is atrocious and should be demanded in schools.


I chose to look at % of inflation according to a WW2 year, I chose 1943. Nice and snug in there.

Over 4,000% inflation since then.


Before this, I chose to look at the value of a single British pound coin, also in 1943.
To purchase the same goods now, you would require over £40. 

Don’t we already have hyperinflation?

Am I missing something obvious here?

How is this not?!!

happy bateman

At this point, I’m officially out of ideas.
The deeper I go, the greater the mess.

Anyone else hear the distant thunder?
Oh wait, that’s jackboots.

I’m not fiddling the data here by cherrypicking a year, I chose one late on purpose.

Look at the charts elsewhere!


Now if someone could map these onto a Left/Labour red or Right/Tory blue government, we might be able to spot a pattern. Re Whose Fault This Is.