Right is the new Left

repost but a prescient one, evobio signalling:

And my theory is that in a world where the upper class wears black and the lower class wears white, they’re the people who have noticed that the middle class is wearing black as well, and have decided to wear white to differentiate themselves.

White people were increasingly blocked and stymied from progressivism/postmodern politics, so a surge against it was inevitable, as I imagined (e.g. best post). You can’t really replace us, we’ll just do something else.

Right Is The New Left

I’m annoyed by the fake Ks trying to pretend all the degeneracy isn’t cultural death, still. Have your cake or eat it, man up?

With friends like that (and a wealth of evidence to the contrary that some things are, in fact, Evil….) the true enemy is becoming a new brand of cuckservative, sneakier, faux patriots, a new fifth column, just as dyscivic and anti-natal as the last/Left.

Cultural Marxism is a cancer, remember: it mutates.

How to spot?


Anything to put white people off celebrating their own culture, privately, and forming in-group families and loyalties.

White people erasure

Listen, either it’s a racial group and forensics is real OR stop studying it and wondering why the thing you brainwashed people not to notice (white racial politics) isn’t something they want to notice.


Across the three tests, participants who were white and not white experienced the same amount of difficulty in identifying the common ‘rule’ that all three white actors were white.

I don’t know if this is funny.

“Everyone knows Hollywood actors are mostly white and that being white is the norm among film stars,” said Professor Hegarty.


Well, are they ethnic European would be a better question.

Policy Exchange Report: Natives don’t like being lumped in with minorities

press coverage here;

” only 25 per cent of white Britons identify as British. ”

“In contrast 64 per cent of white Britons in this report called themselves ‘English only’.”

“white Britons have sought out an identity for themselves”

So close. So far.

Edging closer to the truth is better surely? Right??

Article: Cultural Collapse Theory

A succinct summary of events we should be wary of. Give it a chance.

“All cultural identity will eventually be lost, and to be “American” or “British,” for example, will no longer have modern meaning from a sociological perspective. Native traditions will be eradicated and a cultural mixing will take place where citizens from one world nation will be nearly identical in behavior, thought, and consumer tastes to citizens of another. Once a collapse occurs, it cannot be reversed. The nation’s cultural heritage will be forever lost.”

It's cold on the front line of civilization

How do you judge your friends?

As I type this, I am listening to the thunderously loud, but nowhere near as soothing, drum and bass music through my neighbour’s subwoofers. I have work to do. It’s important work, or I wouldn’t spend my time doing it. But that sort of person, with no value beyond the consumerist society, a fuckwit they feed off, I cannot stand. Strange then, that one of my closest companions is from the very same town.

How do you judge your friends?

Most people go by class. I’ve always found that imposed system constraining. Second most common is selection by attractiveness (you’ve all seen it, the group of people who all fit as a cog in a system; the funny guy, the player, the kooky one, et cetera, like a microcosm of society). Then there are some, like me, whose criteria are a little more loose. I don’t give a fuck what sex you are, what sexuality you are, what you earn, what car you drive, how often you get laid. I judge, by opinion and humour. If you have an opinion that you can reason well, and enough humour to be a decent, considerate conversationalist, you’ve got my attention.

And my attention is appreciating in value every day, thanks to my efforts.

Sadly, this democratic method of friend selection rarely gets applied with most people in everyday life. Perhaps we’re often to afraid we’ll hear opinions we won’t like. But I’m not normal in this respect, because I love that aspect. The questioning. I’m an insatiably curious person, if anything could be said about me. I think if something cannot stand up to rigorous questioning, it doesn’t deserve to be in my thoughts. Our limited time here means you can either use it wisely or waste it like the rabble on the other side of the wall.

Society sees people as statistics. You’re more likely to get killed by a bee than a shark, unless you’re a pro surfer. So to a life insurance company, a part of that societal system, the network, an extreme sports guy who surfs is less of a risk than someone with an allergy to bees near a beefarm.

That ain’t fucking right.

People are not statistics, they are all unique. It doesn’t impart us anything special, as the guy I live proximate toward demonstrates. It is our own responsibility to rise ourselves up in value, to awaken to that precious knowledge that we require development. We are not born Great, none of us. Even the Masters of their respective traditions had to work at it.

That douchebag I mentioned will be good to society. He’ll pay for the raves that pretend to be an alternative culture, the drugs that keep governments in bribes, he’ll buy whatever useless shit they’re peddling this week, whether it be clothes with another guy’s name homoerotically inked across his chest like a signed love letter or low-quality, incredibly-high RRP IT. Why would any reasonable person do this?

Answer: Sadly, most people are not reasonable creatures. They do not question what is before them. They are the ratsin one of my favourite experiments which are presented with two levers: one for food, the reasonable choice, and one for a shot of endorphine (endogenous morphines – natural opoid-like brain drugs). They are the rats that continually press the second lever, for endorphines, until they die, from starvation. Creatures with a brain capable of great thought, acting purely on instinct.

Those bastards don’t deserve it. They don’t deserve the opportunities they pass up.

I often get asked, what is the meaning of life? Personnel at work and in my personal life expect that I will have some form of satisfactory answer.

When I am too tired to give a complete response I will simply ask this question: “Why are you here?

They will um and err and say they don’t know, it is why they just asked me.

No, I will say, you are here, now, in this moment, because this morning you woke up and had a choice. A choice to remain alive. (I recommend Albert Camus for more of that philosophical bent). So you are alive, now. Why did you do this? Only you can answer that, so why ask me?

Essentially, we are creatures that seek semantics. If anything makes us special, or powerful, it is this. That meaning, in my case, a lifelong quest for knowledge and improvement, gives us opportunities. Opportunities to not just be, but to become. More than this. More than a cog in a system. More than an instinct-driven rat that will always feel something is missing but never know why.

This virtual reality is enforced upon us. A world of the Fake: billboards photoshopped to death, music made to sell to the masses than to be good. I suggest everyone, for a time, unplugs from this. Switch off the TV. Switch off Facebook. Switch off your phone. Spend time with people, not Google.

Since when did doing something that depresses you, like watching the evening news for an hour of a weekday, ever become important enough to deserve that much time? They sell a fake reality too, you know. If they didn’t push the sense of impending doom, astronomical crime rates and homicides happening with rising regularity, they’d be taken out of the system. Deleted from the schedule. News nowadays isn’t informative, it’s entertainment. This is how low the instinct-driven horde has become: If it bleeds, it leads.

Don’t listen to it. The false notions of Self, the lies of Being. You’re better than this, to read this far. Become. Change. Discover.

Crucially, vitally; question!

The Fairytale of Fashion Week

Feathers aflutter, stilettos at the ready. No this is not The Sales at a high-end couture boutique.

This, is Fashion Week.

A time when every key capital city in the world is overrun with insatiable, lusting, rich women.

God help the guy who crosses these women though.

With their own terminology and clique uniforms, they judge all they survey: “Oh I ADORED that Chanel story, Largerfeld’s take on the glacier handbag was a masterpiece!”

Personally I found it tacky, like a child superglued feathers onto a box. Just because Anna Wintour approves of it, and it gets a whole page in Vogue doesn’t mean it’s good (hear me, fashionistas?). That shrivelled crow of a bitter cynic should crawl back to her cave. No need for fashion in the dark. (I saw The September Issue. Awful waste of time. 1 star for seeing her stressed.)

These fashionistas act like groupies at a rock show in the majority. Crowding outside venues, clutching totems of fashion power (Chanel 2.55 in Noir, anyone?), hoping to glimpse their idol, and -gasp- perhaps score a spare seat at the show?!

The rows of power are a game of fashion politics. Further forward, better, where you can see the models sweat and grunt from the front row? “You’re so hot right now.”

What such people fail to realise is the essential difference between fashion and style.

Every single item of apparel and accessory is in Fashion. Think about it. It’s on a constantly revolving conveyor belt of Time. Jumpsuits and camel are in, stripes are out, graphic prints are in, velvet, leather, even PVC.

Now they even have fashions for hairstyle and make-up.

Am I the only one who thinks the point of owning clothes is to look different from everyone else? To express yourself?

If you take someone else’s idea of what you should wear, without changing it or thinking for yourself, what is the point? You may as well be a mannequin for all that individuality.

Style is a timeless quality. We know when we see it. The guy in a leather jacket, the girl in a well-fitting jersey shift dress, these tools that we call clothes and jewelery are expressly different and kept on rotation so shops can sell us the latest look. If every shop sold every look, imagine how much less you would buy.

Adds up, doesn’t it?

I used to be a fashion-follower (fashionistas are too brainwashed in the Cult of Couture to realise their folly) and it was an addiction. It happens to men as much as women. We fall for ad campaigns and aspire to be like the beautiful god-like models, because looks are the key to happiness, right?

I lost so much money. When I had run out, I started to look around. Not only at the boxes of still unused formalwear, the boots, the watches but at the world.

We have Choice.

Now I base my fashion choices on what I like. I find it entirely of my own volition. I hate 9/10 of what I see in fashion magazines. Clothes are meant to make you look good, that is why we’re so selective about them. They make us feel better because we feel better looking.

How many items of clothing you own truly make you look better?That couldn’t be improved at all?

You buy things because they look wonderful in themselves: smart piping, designer logo/visible trademark print, shiny soft fabric.

Fashion can be art. I am a believer in that. But of the catwalks I see, almost none of it is.

It isn’t about “innovation”. No table skirts, or machine-sprayed dresses. That’s shock value. It is about a human being. Wearing something to cover part of their natural flesh and make them look beautiful.

That is art. It doesn’t require a certain number on the tag or the name of a person you have never met (and probably don’t want to, trust me).

Don’t fall for it. This fall, see past the labels. See past McQueen (don’t get me started), $$$$ supposed value, colours like Noir, Ivory, Toffee, Chocolate and the lies they tell you.

If Fashion is really your friend, it’ll stay with you even when you stop with the expensive habit of excessive buying.

I’m happy to report that for a few years now I have in fact been ahead of the trends. I wore stripes, grey, berets and toffee colours, and many more trends before they came back in. Even neons for nightclubs.

Catwalk shows should be taken as a form of entertainment. If you went to a ballet show they wouldn’t expect you to walk out wearing tights and a tutu, would they?

Sugarplum fairies are fairytales. So is the vision the Fashionable sell you. This is a mass cult that often in jest cite The Fashion Gods. Too seriously taken, for fabric.

Government Lies, Control, Greed, Street-Smarts & Education


The establishment is there to do two things: to keep us compliant so they can control us, and so they can make money out of us whenever possible.

If you don’t believe me, look around you. The government frequently lies; adultery in contrast to their apparent morals, immigration figures that hide how they clog the already packed system, secret bribes, expense accounts, stealing from unused private bank accounts, CCTV in areas with no crime, global warming threats that lead you to believe the world will end tomorrow, charities that guilt-trip you like modern-day con-men.

And look, give us money and all those problems will stop!

It’s magical thinking. Africa is still poor. It wants to be poor. It’s government wants it to be poor. They take your “contributions”. It happens the world over. Stealth taxes (“Green” and VAT?), rising regular taxes, bad government investments. It happens with companies too, but companies can be held accountable much easier than an establishment that changes its face every few years.


They’re the people that tell you who you are. What clothes to wear, what words are acceptable to use, what music you should be into, what newspaper you need to read, what books to read (and those banned because your fragile mind can’t cope), what food groups you should eat, how much you should eat, where you can achieve the “perfect” body only 1% of humanity has naturally. Most of the time, I bet you don’t notice. The Top 10 lists? They’re selling you stuff. The drinks on display at clubs? Advertisements. What the “cool people” drink. Haven’t you tried it?

What? What would you want if there was none of that? If there were no adverts?

You don’t know, do you?

Find out.


I might seem like a rule player. To even those closest to me, I buy into this system completely. I did well at school, didn’t get into trouble (on record, that doesn’t mean I didn’t break rules), and I buy things that aren’t strictly necessary. Appearances are just that. Like book covers. They betray nothing of the inside if you wish it. I am a deceptive cover. My writing is in a language you probably don’t recognise: freedom. You can learn it, if you try to understand. If you look around for yourself.

I don’t make a big thing of being anti-authoritarian, a rebel, because these things get you noticed. That is not good when you rely on invisibility for optimum chances of survival.

I play the system, by being exactly what it wants. So who could suspect it’s me screwing it behind the scenes?

There’s always a way to do this legally, by the way. The establishment makes it thus, so they can use the same methods.

When the timing is perfect and my way out cleared, I will escape.

I will be free to be myself, away from the constructed fairytales of consumerism and expectation.

A Greater Cause

My challenge then will be the escape of others. This cannot be the future of mankind, this generation with more money than all those before (accounting for inflation) must learn why they end up with nothing by the next pay-check. Cheap furniture and dinner parties to impress neighbours you secretly hate must be exposed. The whole circus of exploitation, capitalism and lies with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against capitalism. Only when people use it incorrectly.


It’s a fact that even Marx didn’t believe in communism, ask any unbiased expert. He knew it was “unworkable” but he thought it was a nice idea, a theory.

The facts are that everyone isn’t a politically-correct (how that phrase exists is proof of something), equally talented and hardworking member of civilization. We are all different. Communism wouldn’t work because everyone, being human, would want a free ride. Someone has to pay for the rides, people. At least half of us, if you think about it.

Capitalism allows opportunity to earn your own ride. Just because it doesn’t let a lazy  hitchhiker on isn’t a reason to dismiss it. In fact, that’s why I love it. The lazy and stupid, the undeserving criminals who steal and drug-deal to children, they will never get as far as their intellectual and really street-smart superiors. That is the way it should be. Even without society, that is the way nature works. The best get ahead. Liberals and communists can’t question nature.

I’ve worked to get where I am. It was too easy to be a teenage parent, with a record and no education, ruining chances of something else. I am proof, along with many others, that we choose our destination in life.

I won’t take the excuses of the undeserving. Street-smarts are being able to quickly and efficiently work your way out of any circumstance, playing the system (which is easier the higher up you’re considered when you start). Street-smarts are not the criminality that idiots use as an excuse for their acts as a way to bolster their rep, a street cred with value only on the same street of similar idiots e.g. those showing off ASBOs. Everyone laughs at these so-called “gangsters” because this is true. They’re too dumb to know about it.

I suggest their punishments become more severe, but no, communists and liberals want unbridled equality, human “rights” even in the face of inhumane crime.

Just, isn’t it?

I believe that if you deprive another person of a vital right e.g. to be unharmed, then you should lose yours. Tighten up the prison system, give their Sky TV to an orphanage. Care about the people who deserve it. Who need the best first chance at life.

I know I have blind-spots in my intelligence. Among them are music, language, grammar, occasional spelling errors, lapses of memory, mental arithmetic etc. But I know what counts, what makes a difference to my life and how to get where I want to be. I’d rather that than a dead language and expensive but useless “education” any day.