Literal psychopaths

Misogyny is a known trait in this type. If God is dead, this type of person killed Him.

The murderer lied about being her “boyfriend” too, these people belong in asylums.

We really do live in Satan’s realm.

Like, the murderer actually thought having any kind of vaguely sexual claim to her would make decapitation more okay. The idea that learning some cheap lines would ‘save’ such monsters is baseless and asking for the insanity to be turned on the silly men offering non-solutions.

Ironically, they complain about pretty women existing (online or just anyway) and then never question their own complicity in seeking them out. The degeneracy is an exchange – you perving over women for hours a day is on you. That is a choice. If ‘thots’ exist, it is only because you feed them.

Assuming there’s something evil about a woman for basically not being fat i.e. attractive, is utterly ridiculous. The atheist contempt for nature’s beauty continues. They actually think porn is real and women are like that. How long until this is connected to porn?

Shallow men, shallow women

“Part of being a man, is having a woman. A Woman, if you can’t do that, you are failing at manhood.”

100% true.

The opposite sex isn’t the enemy, you need them.

Those groups are narcissistic overall, too selfish to be in a relationship with anyone!
They hate people who are happy because it reminds them how miserable they are, that’s why they misuse cuck. A cuck is a man who married a tart and tries to pass her off as better. A cuck can also be a woman whose husband has been the town bike and keeps cheating on her.

Nobody cares if you actually want to be alone. It isn’t a great loss to the world.
It’s okay.
But it’s like the woman who ignores you, you don’t notice and then she comes up to you and tells you she’s ignoring you.

Bitchy female tactics don’t work on females.
I don’t want to screw the Mean Girl.

The men who blame women, well, if it’s natural, it’s always been true. In which case, you just hate women. If it’s their choice, why do you want them? Why do you choose to reward them with attention?
Men complaining about women doing the same things they do, is like old people complaining the young men aren’t respectful. It’s always happened. Every time thought this. It’s in various ancient texts.
This time period isn’t that special and neither is any individual. Sitting around passively is ying, it’s what women do. An effete man is like a little boy. They might want to help you but it won’t be an even power dynamic, it won’t be respect, it won’t be attraction. It’s cleaning up your mess. If your life is a mess, clean it up. At least try? Even your own mother wouldn’t be expected to run around after you as a grown man.
The worst MGTOW just want a Mommy figure they can screw… Freudian issues attract nobody normal.
Sometimes they over-estimate their attractiveness (refuse to date their level) – that isn’t Incel. That’s a choice.
Improve yourself and stop obsessing over porn, it isn’t real.

I saw one guy moan about how a girlfriend cheated on him. I pointed out no, she didn’t. He didn’t want her, he hadn’t married her, she owed him nothing. The offer of monogamy and exclusivity and loyalty comes from the man first. He rejected her first. He…didn’t take it so well. He didn’t have a rebuttal but he insisted I was mean to look at it so coldly. …If I walked into a shop and said Where’s my order? and I didn’t place an order, I’d look like a prize fool.

Cheating is a legal term. What did she cheat on, exactly? Empty words? Not even a verbal proposal.
These guys act like a girl committed adultery (Biblical sin)… you weren’t married? WTF?

And if there was fornication, you can’t slap her with the Bible, without hitting yourself too.

Your degeneracy has no right to be respected. You knew it was going nowhere.
Do you really owe a repeat one-night-stand an explanation?

“I’m happy!” the bitter middle-aged men posting on youtube comment sections tell us.
Then why are you here, telling us?
It’s like vegans who make their diet their life.
Not doing something is the focus of a loser.
What is likelier is “I can’t attract what I want but rather than accept my level, I’m going to ragequit dating”.
SJWs do that too, the drama would be perfect narc supply for both of you.
Don’t marry the sluts, m/f, how can that possibly end well?

They have player burnout, that’s the term they use. They’re used-up husks of their former self, they wouldn’t want themselves (sexes reversed) years before. Sexual satisfaction for men suffers with every woman they bed, they make themselves inferior husband material. There’s so much to compare with that by the time they burn out of the pussy parade (it isn’t a choice, it’s aging), they expect some obedient sex slave of a wife to rub their feet.

Their ancestors would spit on them, it’s so denigrating to expect that servile attitude to a spouse, one of the most beautiful connections in life.

They were a sucker. They bought the societal lie they needed to run up debt on clubbing and sex was the ultimate human experience. You’re a casualty of the Sexual Revolution, boys. Grow up and admit it? It’s love, without love, mankind has nothing worth living for and you couldn’t convince a child otherwise.

But…. they’re ignoring us, and we should care.

You attract what you are. If you always attract flies, you’re probably full of shit.




as an ex-church ex-pentecostal MGTOW who has heard all the chuch BS hearing you quote the bible just makes me mentally switch you off

I wonder why that angry one’s single.

Low IQ men are easy to spot.

Wait, there’s more!

He goes on

The psychopaths in the pentecostal churches just want to force men to do the right thing and marry the stupid nasty devious fem in the pews. I decided I was not going to do that when I was fifteen.


Yes, decisions made age fifteen are famed for their deep wisdom.

How can a woman be both stupid and devious?

If the thug so-called pastors want to talk to me they risk being reported to the police for stalking and harassment. I would love to put some of them behind bars. And your assumptions about what women all the MGTOW want is ignortant, retarded, complacent, and counter-productive.

Pass this little baby a dummy.

You clicked on it, bitch. It’s like a vegan on a BBQ video. What is your life?


I’m 30…oil field worker …near six figure salary…I’m mgtow all the way and loving every minute of it. Go ahead and man Shame’s music to my ears

I wonder if he wants attention….

We don’t care how much money you have if you’re too stupid to realize life is a marathon and not a sprint.

How old is the oldest MGTOW? Because

I’d have questions.

I would post a tiny picture of a noose hanging from the end of the red line but it would be tacky and I assume you know the statistics on bachelor suicide. When they bitch about male suicide, they never bring up marital status.

Married men are happier, live longer and don’t kill themselves.

Yes, women are poison.

Remember his point about taking responsibility as the #1 masculine drive?

MGTOW is not the flip side of feminism, that would be the Incels. MGTOW are men who recognize the dangers and injustices men face in in our gynocentric/feminist society, and act accordingly to protect themselves. I would argue that most MGTOW would love to have long term relationships and a family, and are more than capable of achieving those things, but the risk is simply too great these days. Don’t blame men for going MGTOW, blame the system for forcing them into this position.

Low IQ, what ya gonna do?

“Social Justice is not the flipside of MGTOW, Social Justice are the women who recognize the dangers and injustices women face in our patriarchal society and act accordingly, to protect themselves. I would argue that most of us would love to have long term cohabitation in sin and deliberately become a single (unmarried) parent and are more than capable of that achievement but the risk of abuse is simply too great these days. Don’t blame women, blame the courts for not believing female victims.”

I mean.

Let’s be logical for five minutes, it might hurt.

You want more women to have children, yes?
You want more mothers. But you don’t want wives.
What makes a single mother single, is that the father didn’t marry her.
He won’t propose. By supporting this, you’re supporting the deliberate creation of more single mothers. For which, the taxpayer is responsible.

We won’t cuck for your sperm farm, hunty.


MGTOW saves lives.

Did not… do…. the research.

He goes on

” It’s not about realizing how modern laws and media and society brainwash women to be crazy and drunk with power.”

He would deny being a misogynist. Women can’t be sane but he doesn’t hate us.

Watch the r-type try to force you to qualify to him like any kind of moral authority.

If you show me

We can show you a noose?
Statistically, you’ll need it for when you either top yourself or start kidnapping schoolgirls.

a virtuous woman

says the degenerate

who actually

passive-aggressive creep

will be loyal and honest and love me, personally, I


would gladly have some kind of marriage vows, absent of state authority ruining the whole thing.

What’s wrong with protecting women from abusive husbands?

Or men from wives?

It’s called a commitment, not a half-arsed certificate.

It isn’t like buying a dairy cow.

They’re treating women like an arcade toy. “If you find me this thing, give me this object”. It seems to be autists angry that women don’t want to put up with their mental condition and don’t have to. There are pages going into this abuse from Aspergers husbands, they’re like sociopaths.

And if you are picking on incels, that’s just punching down.

Guys who laugh at rape all over the place and fantasize about young girls?

Yes, we’re bullying them, guys.

Note the gaslighting. Great catch.

I understand the way you see it


See, he’s a man so they can’t insult his intelligence or appearance.

~entitled shrieking from the MGTOW~

Congratulations, the SJWs win for every man that no longer wants a family because he’s scared of women. Fewer husbands, wives and kids, they win.

They want the Gender War, don’t give them it.

and grew up with better moral standards, but today it is very easy to be incel. Just be a nerd that is shy.

People who want to be manwhores but can’t… merit anything but contempt?


I got married young.Age 20. Wife ran off with a doctor soon after. Didnt see it coming.There were no warning signs.They like that money and material things.

Married too young. Moron.
Marry 24+, divorce rate drops for both.
Ah, but they want barely legal flesh, don’t they?

Another! It’s like spot the vegan!

MGTOW don’t diss other guys for dating,

have you read this comment section?

so why do people have to bad mouth us?

They’re actually worse than the SJWs.

The SJWs know they’re ill and take meds. These guys try to convince the whole world it’s crazy and they’re (tic) fine.

It’s a personal choice based on one’s own unique experience.

Using the same lines over and over?

And what experience? You believed a lonely sad blogger’s tale of woe and decided to ruin your life based on works of fiction (or adventures in Asian race-mixing, when they turn out to have been faking the obedient routine and we’re shocked, I say, shocked!).

Most of us just want to be left alone and have no drama. We don’t go around crapping on non MGTOWs.

They don’t even see how stupid they look


Shaming language against men. Sad. I hoped for better.

What’s your excuse? Are you on your period too?

Men can never be wrong. Shame should be illegal. It’s okay to cry as Barney said because words hurt.

I love those comments in particular (they copy and paste) because they are shaming themselves?

Nobody is allowed to disapprove.



looking for the wrong kind of women eh?

easy, yes

well the right kind are like 1% of girls aka the equivalent of a unicorn

He knows unicorns don’t exist, right?

Good, don’t look for us, never look for us, you aren’t the 1% of men. It is pointless.
This is never, ever brought up. Hundreds of times I read that because the low IQ aren’t original, not once. What is the male unicorn worthy of such a woman?


You don’t get it. Do some more research on it.

Blogs don’t count.

And the “research” I’ve seen on their sites is wrong, twisted or made up.
Literally, they say something very opinionated with no study. Because the studies say the opposite.

He goes on

I don’t agree with all of MGTOW ideologies


but they have alot of strong arguments to their physiology. I don’t expect anyone from another generation to understand. You haven’t dated in 33yrs. Time has changed. MGTOW voice is getting louder each yr

tfw to intelligent

A man claiming to be elderly also joins in, but to sound like a 23yo as if his wife were in that age group.


I’m 70,

I don’t believe you.

and I agree with what your saying… separated at 47, divorced 2 years later,


3rd wave feminists are a cancer on marriage, and after 17 years looking, in coffee shops, church, office, and dating sites, I’ve given up and gone MGTOW…

You aren’t good enough, the one woman was a fluke.

Did you…. try self-improving? Lowering your standards? …Like the pastor said?

Who wants a 47yo divorced guy? And now he’s 70 and more sour? Sign me up.

It’s like corked wine if we’re keeping that metaphor, the toxic one that’ll make you sick.

I don’t hate women, but I can’t say that good women are laying around like Rubies on the ground, waiting to be picked up…

I wanna leave you and all I did was read this comment.

I picture these guys in the old folks home, still determined they didn’t waste their one (atheists) life being bitter ragequitters. It’ll never stop being funny.

This one doesn’t understand words

So true, it is easy for a man that has been married for over 30 years to make assumptions, heck, even 10 years for that matter. These guys should try to remember the old adage “do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”.

Being bitter and alone isn’t an experience.

Oh, shit.

Most MGTOWS do not hate women. It is a natural response to the Jezebel spirit that most women are possessed by today and the State’s desire to make slaves of men through the divorce/family courts. Until the states get it through their heads that what they are doing to men is a crime

Upholding the law. STFU.

I’m embarrassed for you.

At least the SJWs rally together and go on marches, not one from men!
So most men agree with the system!

there are going to be a lot of crazy women running around and less children.

Fathered by people like you, excellent. That is eugenic.

It is necessary. This country USA has sinned against God and especially men and the day of reckoning has come. We’ll see how powerful our country remains when men decide to no longer participate and be made slaves.

America has never been a powerful country, you can’t even invent your own language.

You’re still a slave to Uncle Sam with your taxes.

Destroying your nation because you can’t get a woman is total, ultimate omega move.

If I had not gotten married I would have had a lot less heartache and been much happier I know

bitch’s intuition?

and more money in my pockets

I don’t think he knows what a marital union is or the male gender role.
The male gender role is to provide, if you won’t you aren’t a man and shouldn’t have taken on the duties.

Your bad decisions had bad consequences. Were you threatened with death to marry? no

instead of lawyers and Jezebel stealing from me. I was married 16 years and tried to do it all the Christian way.

Nothing about this guy is Christian, he sounds consumed with greed, envy, wrath and pride.
The Jezebel spirit isn’t exclusive to women…. demons prefer men?

Stay single men in this backwards generation.

I regret that post. It was clearly a joke because more sexual predators and psychopaths are men and some borderlines are men too but… obviously they missed it.

You’re an atheist cultural death cult, you don’t really believe in this stuff.

A guy with a Muslim sounding name complains

Having a woman these days is like letting a robber into the bank vault or an abusive priest near some children.

Totally balanced healthy adult.

One voice of sanity

Why do people feel they need to fit into a label and words for group to be in?

Because they’re little kids and need a clique.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

A guy with a pathetic name says

You have an incredible disconnect with reality.

Projection, I love it.


Its 2018 and they’re still using the “man up” argument to deflect your attention from observable reality.

i T’ S    t H E    c U R R e n t     Y e a R

Be a man. Grow up.
Get married. Breed.
Not the same thing. Low IQ QED.

You know who love Pajama Boys and hate the term “man up”?

Male feminists. Go join your people.

They tell happy men their wife is a whore and manage not to be shot between the eyes.
They should be grateful.


What’s this? More shaming language against MGTOW and now trying to equate them with incels? Nice try. Go ahead, shame away. I just don’t care.

See? Copy/Paste.


Responsibility without authority is slavery. You are telling men to become slaves.

No, it’s called being a grown up and paying your dues?

Prissy little nancies.

“Why do I have to move out if I can’t get a mansion!”

Join a Marxist group.


Several times in my life I have had a woman I trusted burn everything to the ground and leave me with nothing because I wasn’t perfect.

Yeah, that was why.

Can’t be that you’re a whiny little kid in a man’s body?

But thanks to women having the vote, they have social policies to support them, they don’t need the men

Vox Day is married, he’s trolling you on The Vote.

If women lost the vote you’d have to go down the mines. National debt won’t pay itself. Men would be on the hook for 100% of everything. And you think that’s better for you? Do you know what percentages are?


“Be a man!” That’s a lot of shaming language.

Tone police. Are you gonna tell him off for swearing too, matron?

Shame is an emotion you feel and should feel.

it’s called a C O N S C I E N C E

If someone said “Be a woman”, I’d be confused because I already am?

It’s cute they think they never have to stop acting like a modern spoiled teenage boy.

I don’t have a problem with woman, I have a problem with the government, and their willingness to help woman destroy men.

Most politicians are male.

I don’t want to live at the mercy of a woman’s whim’s.

Did you select a woman and propose to her?

You can say all you want about “good woman”, all it takes is one bad day and you’re future is out the door.

Yes, that’s how it works.

Because this is the best Joker comic

They’re actually just trying to be a jerk …to another man, the way they would a woman. That is unhinged. They can’t argue, that’s a serious personal flaw.

If I replaced women with men, they’d call it sexist. They’re just like the SJWs.

Nobody gives you rights, they’re NATURAL RIGHTS.

Universal suffrage was a correction of outdated pre-industrial law based on taxation. Read a real book.

To shut women (and poor men) up about various war protests over a century using their tax money, they got the Vote, whether they preferred the untaxed cash or not. Then WW1 and 2 happened.

The bad career choice one is funny. Whatever you do, they hate you. Now they’re turning onto other men, good men, better men, men of achievement and happiness. For trying to help them.

Nearly done

You state MGTOW is not good for men. True. What’s far worse is being used and abused by women and the legal system

If the only abuse you suffer in marriage is legal and in divorce, you are lucky.
“Divorce is ha-ard!” they whine.
Divorce isn’t meant to be nice. Ending No-fault divorce would cause more cases to go against men because many are filed for cheating. Fine, I’d be happy to finish no fault – because someone is always at fault.. but it gives men an unearned boost. They are so short-sighted, it’s almost sweet.

This last one confuses criminals for normal men

There’s a lot of truth in a lot of these comments. I divorced in ’05 after 7 years of marriage. But what really showed me was 2008-2009. There was about 10 highly successful men I knew at the time that lost their businesses. All ended up in divorce. All these men lost everything. They lost their families, kids, homes, etc because the women couldn’t take losing their financial security. “For richer or poorer” only applies to men it seems.

Provider not thief.

You don’t just lose businesses like the TV remote. You gamble. You lie. You steal and cheat.
Anyone would leave knowing he’s probably now in massive debt and will harm the children (school fees?) by staying yoked. Men have one job – finances. Be good with the family finances. You want your gender role, you can keep your gender role.

You cannot complain about your gender role.

For richer, for poorer doesn’t cover – lying and deceiving and going into debt on your joint credit (hers too!) so he could make a quick buck and lie to her about how he got it. That has a name and it’s called fraud. Those women were betrayed. Imagine if she had a secret shopping addiction and while thinking before he had $2 million, and planning his life around that, he was actually $780,000 in debt. That is disgraceful. Divorces used to occur all the time because the husband was lazy, a drunk, abusive, cheating and humiliating her or a criminal. Read up. Marriage isn’t an enclosed pen where you can now treat them like dirt and the law fails to apply.

“Incel pedophile”

“Incel pedophile.”

“Incel pedophile.”

“Incel pedophile.” 


“Incel pedophile.”

I feel like the only person who isn’t surprised.


“The incel mantra is that women, particularly beautiful women, owe them sex.”

They need hookers. /s

Just get tumblr uggos to join, they’ll still magically claim nobody wants them.
Apparently, beggars can be choosers.

They’re complaining society doesn’t let them be degenerate but degeneracy is evil?

“Discussions career dangerously into violent misogyny and rape fantasies; whereas women are taught from childhood to blame themselves for feeling undesirable,”

to self-improve, something they refuse to do

if they pulled themselves together and stopped treating virginity like cancer the stink lines of desperation would go away and they might find somebody to love (but no, they wanna pump n dump because they think that’s normal)

Guys on the internet lie about the sex they get – Cpn Obvious

“these men think their virginity it is the fault of women.”

and a fault

Porn addict rationalization

The fact a man’s balls are so readily available during rape to twist or to crush with the fist and rupture, means that evolution gave women natural defenses against rape.

It’s just science, goys.

Postmodernism is stupid. Status signalling is for beta twats.
Yet everything modern I do is moral and natural, even the anal sex (but it’s gross to a man) and I am alpha, greatest status signal based in scientism of them all!

What naturalistic fallacy?

What is this, the naturalistic phallus?

According to Darwin, the antisocial rapists are prone to natural selection, not sexual. If it were sexual, that would be rejection… and damn, if that ain’t what we see.

Remember ladies, avoiding men with rape fantasies just makes you a bitch!
Displeasing any man, at any time, is proof you’re the problem!

Actually, women exist in archaeology prior to men. They didn’t bother to check?

Parthenogenesis. Men are the aberration, the mutants. Read a book?

Technically, humans are determined by woman. Women do not need men or their cells to reproduce themselves.

Ah, sweet, sweet womb envy.

All their shitty skyscrapers crumble but our bloodline is pure.

I hope artificial wombs come in because they’re so confident men would do better out of the situation where women are no longer vulnerable and therefore dependent on them. They really believe female dimorphism doesn’t reach the brain. Women are just like men but with a uterus. I guess neuroscience doesn’t exist, go home and be the best (opposite sex) you can be! Men would magically gain the mothering abilities of a female brain, which doesn’t exist. We’re all the same.

The fact you can grab a man’s beard means Mother Nature says he is meant to go down on you.

Next they’ll tell us pubes are a sign a woman is “too old”.

Pedo slavers waiting to happen. Ironically, they’ll get plenty of rape in prison, where they belong.

cough cough “incels” aren’t what you think

Because to get laid a lot you have to lie to women. Tattoo that on your brain, because it’s true. You have to tell what what they want to hear. And since so many women are greedy, lazy, envious, vain children, you have to appeal to that.


Making women chase men, which we aren’t evolved for, leads many stupid women to chase short-term gains with men who have all the style and none of the substance. We haven’t evolved to read these cues but the most r-women do not care anyway. It’s temporary and driven by social factors (didn’t happen before the Sexual Revolution).

I’ve mentioned before about the must successful PUA I know. (I will again repeat he ruined his life because of it). He was good-looking and fit (also necessary) but more than anything else he lied to women. He said he told them “what they wanted to hear.” That’s a direct quote.

..My friend, who is cowardly, impulsive and imprudent (what PUA isn’t?), really did a number on his life. He whined he “got a taste of my own medicine.” To him women were Narcissistic Supply to fill the void were his character used to be.

You can’t just wreck the other party’s pair bonding, it also ruins your own.

So-called player burnout is just that. Fried circuits.

To the extent where they can’t even pretend anymore. Like a candle wick that’s strong at first, gets weaker then totally goes out. Maybe they don’t have an identity any more or maybe they never did (male borderlines are under-diagnosed and mostly very slutty). It is important not to conflate groups of like pathological behavior.

I think a lot of male virgins who believe things they read online inaccurately view these men as happy (nope! find a happy one over 50! they disappear from 30-40) and compare it to their own depression (caused by lack of emotional intimacy and support networks, so you don’t see it in women as much).

Men need the financial backing to marry and have kids, the ones who want this can’t really afford to. This is generational to Millennials and Z. But those ones aren’t going out killing people.

They can’t fulfill their gender role but neither can women (that comes after marriage)…

Virginity isn’t a character flaw though. It never has been. There are many reasons, some good and some consequences of anti-social personality (preservation on the part of others).

In fact, the virgin by choice (celibate) men I’ve seen who had emotional (and cultural) support were happier than married men (no dependents in a crap economy versus a neuroprotective effect from marriage),

who in turn were far happier than the desperate (can’t get any or can’t go without any, in their head).

America’s culture is poison to character, it treats virginity (a consequence of religiosity) like a disease.

The problem isn’t continence.

Abstinence is not a problem (lower age at first sex actually predicts bad life outcomes) and Gen Y sleeps around less than Gen X and Boomers if you care to check. There isn’t more sex going round but it’s like seeing only a handful of super-rich mega-corps, the few sluts that have always existed have ample opportunity (but most of them are ugly, look, they learn to lie because of it).

Slutty men don’t invest in their children/relationships because they can’t. It’s proof of inferior quality. That’s why humans have a deep-ingrained visceral disgust to irresponsible people. Trivers proved that parental investment is evolutionally selected. They’re anti-evolution, the spread betters.

As for those men who are interested in romance… well, the word Incel doesn’t exist because some guy got bored and decided to make something up.

miss you man

And the Manosphere does seem to be obsessed with sex, which means many are not getting much – or any.

Why sleep with a man who doesn’t want to marry you, that you don’t want kids with and when you can’t afford kids yourself for the time he bails like a big chicken, since nobody puts a shotgun to his back for the sake of the kids? Women have no impulse to sleep around, look at the ratio of m/f hookers. We have hardly any sex drive. How many non-pedo female rapists are there every year? Chastity is a good thing, remember? A virtue to be encouraged? Good on a personal level and an economic one, it’s better for society than having another kid the State has to bail out.

They’re thinking of all women like the whores they view in porn. No. Those women are acting (lying) to men and they lap it up. Where they expect those things from normal women is messed up.

That’s not normal, either. And the first time I read the word “incel,” I thought, what the hell is that? When I found out what was, I thought, “Oh.”

I figure it just doesn’t mean “involuntary celibate.” It means “ignored, ostracized, not touched because many girls consider me repulsive.”

Undesirable men used to die in bar fights, sports and wars.

Wannabe cads are being rejected!
Women are massive sluts and love cads!

Pick ONE narrative and stick with it.

It’s almost like they’ve deluded themselves into thinking porn is other than entertainment, that it isn’t fiction. Why would there be a demand if those things were obtainable in real life?

Rather than be less repulsive, they’d rather blame the opposite sex for having the biological discrimination necessary to avoid the nuclear genetics themselves. I’m thinking of fat acceptance for some reason.

They are socially unpopular from certain personality traits they refuse to seek help on. The sexual stuff is a consequence of childhood social mal-adaptation and dysfunction.

Reminder: He pre-empted Gorilla Dick’s prediction.

Individual men and women are not equipped (neither by instinct, nor – in modern societies – by training: quite the opposite) to make wise choice of a husband or wife, unaided.

Individuals are seldom validly able to choose their own spouses in isolation from a community which provides reputational background knowledge on the other person and is or her family, over a period of time – and which takes into account long term aspects.

Because of these things, the Manosphere is going nowhere until it gives up its adolescent beliefs that Alphas/Betas/Gammas/ Omegas really exist. Or that a “Dark Triad alpha” (a narcissist/psychopath) is “the perfect man.”

They insult cave men too. Cave men were mostly great guys, civilized. The reason we’re here discussing this.
They don’t know alpha is a breeding pair, FFS. Read more.
Psychopaths have average or below IQ, as you’d expect in a case of brain damage. Hannibal is fiction, very few are above-average. Yet they lie and say it’s higher, that they’re all in that group (the narcissism).

Any philosophy that splits people into “all-good” and “all-bad” will never last. And that is why the Manosphere, for all the good it’s done, will never last and ultimately will be absorbed into something else and changed into something more realistic.

True, it’s like people who type r/K as a hard and fast thing. It isn’t. That’s why it works. I joke about it but I fear people might miss it. To writ: There are good r-types (I’m thinking classic liberals who love their country and want to keep it free) and bad K-types (although rarer, say CHINOs).

We don’t see many virulent Ks because we live in a time of unprecedented r-selection.

We don’t see many Ks at all. They did exist but hanging used to deal with those too.
So we see many virulent r-types and r-traits but it’s a modern thing by social condition for the most part. K hasn’t the chance to show any negative manifestations since it’s so smothered e.g. many wars are likely under hard K, for pride.

I don’t think he’d be surprised by all these nubile female murders. Spiteful men have always existed, we just called them cowards. Like the men who murder their own children to hurt the mother. Men without a stiff upper lip to get over minor or imagined slights (or the common difficulties of everyday life) act like a savage. They snap. They’re just weak (and too weak to seek treatment of underlying issues). In their mind, they’re killing the Patriarchy they can’t afford to join.

“If I can’t have you, no one can” to a happy lifestyle. This is why women got the creeps, fyi. If women are expected to avoid threats as much as possible (it’s never 100%) we can only do it safely passively (avoidance) and with many false positives (rejecting anyone who pings a threat) – to be on the safe side.

“Because for whatever reasons, both systemically and individually, men think they’re entitled to having sex with women that they want to have sex with.”

Entitlement: I deserve something because I want it. No.

“give your possible rapist/murderer a chance!” Shaming women for healthy sexual disgust.
Give the fat/ugly girl a chance then! If they’re desperate? No? Still not attracted?
But she has such a great personality! She’s such a nice guy girl!

It’s about other men. They’re killing off the potential mates of their competition.

They’d love to kill these self-proclaimed “chads” but men would fight back.
Either way, this is why killing is in the Bible and the 10 commandments. There are people who, if their life sucks for reasons they are responsible for, will end it but not without bringing down the happy, adjusted people around them.

So-called incels want to behave like animals, total bonobo mode, but can’t for some reason. Those have always existed, they’re called rapists. If we didn’t have DNA tests, a lot of them would. You can see in their discussions on their forums they have no moral problem with rape, that’s pure r.

They’d happily enslave all women to them, sexual slavery. They literally call for a rape culture. That’s why no sane woman wants them (they only pretend to be romantic, like a pedophile baits with candy, as you can guess, they’re sadistically abusive but in the honeymoon idealisation lovebombing phase) and they don’t pass on their genes. Because women aren’t falling for it.

Women are sharing information IRL on how to spot them. They can’t stand it.

Women are dumb but… not falling for your shit? This is a mantrum. Well, narc rage, technically.

These guys seem to prove the superficial “men only want one thing” with a caveat “and if they don’t get it, they will hurt you.”

Stop taking rejection personally. It probably has nothing to do with you. post/86878546927/on-nice-guys-and-the-friend-zone

See how many of these you can read through.

Incels are bachelors

Single, unmarried. It’s their choice.

This is normal. This is the historical norm. If you don’t marry, you have no right to sex ever.
If you want to be a degenerate, you shouldn’t expect society to approve or support you in it.

Why must I keep explaining this to dopey Americans? That is what marriage means. It’s a sexual bond enshrined in law for the protection of both parties, although we should bring back other, older laws to protect it further e.g. false light, breach of promise, criminal conversation, alienation of affections, abandonment charges.

You could get an arranged marriage to a desperate third world woman or save up and pay for it. You do not, so you don’t really want the sex. Nobody is entitled to sex, and that’s one of the reasons birth control shouldn’t be supported by taxpayers. Some societies pay for hookers for the disabled, it’s absurd. Maybe you could move there and feign a spinal injury. Instead of nagging like a petulant child that no woman wants to go near you, you could try to grow up. It isn’t about the sex? Nobody in this life can demand love and affection from anyone else. Coincidentally, you’re often the same group moaning that feminists must earn respect. Everyone must, including you. If nobody respects or likes you, you can’t force it and have only yourselves to blame. Why didn’t your incompetent parents tell you this?

There’s a simple way to relieve yourself but if you’re porn addicted that’s a separate issue and real sex between people who like one another isn’t anything like porn, you’ve been training your brains wrong.

Other humans do not have a right to consent unless they also have a right to reject. It’s part of freedom of association, it isn’t even sexual. Hollywood tells you everyone else is having sex. No and it’s envious to resent the world for this mistaken perception, simply look up life partner count stats and drop it a few points for lying. All women are not hookers and even hookers where they exist are not free. Stop being so entitled. You’re not entitled to date a fat woman and they’re not entitled to you either. Without this element of personal choice and mutual exchange, there is no relationship.

You wanted to be single. Lone wolves don’t get laid. Pick up a book on it. You chose the life. It’s defined by celibacy. Celibacy is the proper term for what you are if you don’t ‘get laid’, what are you? A tea tray?! Your personal issues with horniness require professional intervention when it becomes a warped identity and net obsession. Get your hormones checked at least. What you urge has nothing to do with sexual status, show me that documentation to prove otherwise. The ‘sowing your wild oats’ thing is another internet myth shared by sad men grunting into cameras about how the whole world hates them but owes them… doesn’t it have that right to dislike them? What are you adding to it? You have all this opportunity and you’re no better than the Muh Dick rapefugees.

Entitlement is ugly in both sexes. You don’t deserve jack shit. You never did.

Ask yourself, how crazy do you sound like, trying to insist on something nobody can force?

There is no Affirmative Action for sex, you’re a desperate degenerate. h/t uncabob for pointing out that’s exactly what they want, state-sponsored fuckathons. You have two hands.
Manwhores aren’t better than you either, they just like to tell you that. It’s a lie.

Source: The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement

As for the genetic dregs, those existed in every society. Why should they breed if nobody wants them? Sexual selection is an evolutionary pressure test, it exists for the collective good of all. You couldn’t impress those women’s families either, so what exactly are you advocating? Bride kidnapping?

Men with social problems make terrible fathers if they did breed, those issues are more common in men.

Monogamous societies still have rites of passage and rules of courtship to prove you earn a wife and are capable of supporting a household as its head.

You don’t want to do that? You don’t want to grow up. We don’t see 13-year old boys demanding free copies of Hustler because they have ‘urges’ so obviously, society must tend to them.

The standards of humanity in all time periods won’t be dropped for your magical snowflake American fatasses.

Be a man and you will attract a woman.

Not that you should really care about such an arbitrary definition of a rite of passage as sex. Does a dog become a man after it ‘bangs’? Or is this a red herring, a distraction from bigger crises and problems like a good job or buying a house? Is a virgin unworthy of respect if they do good in the world, compared to a Kardashian? You should be against virgin shaming, not self loathing.

Drop the bitchy personality, it doesn’t even get women ‘laid’ and to be honest, it’s effeminate, gay men do it.
Do straight women want teh gays? No. Not the sane ones, at least.

Don’t be this guy.

They’re not even good friends. Women get the creepy friend pretenders all the time, some are tough to spot and assume their ‘trick’ of being a totally different person will magically make you grow sexual feelings for someone acting about twelve. It’s the sneaky fucker strategy in humans and unlike in fish, it doesn’t work.

It isn’t the fault of half the world’s population if you aren’t desirable. If you were desirable, you still wouldn’t be entitled to a sex buffet. If kings have to ask consent, you have to take No for an answer too.

Cut out the entitlement, you’re fucking pathetic. Actual men with accomplishments would agree. Stop wasting your life being a bitch or go gay, they’re never short on options.

You aren’t married? Why should anyone sleep with you? …. Why.
You hate marriage, kids, women in general? Don’t be shocked if we can sense this and run like the human plague you are. Don’t base your life on something dissolute and meaningless as orgasms.

Will the entitlement ever end?

Whatever happened to your rights ending at the end of your fist? They’re so easily triggered. They’re like the critics of The Kiss (1896).

It’s a fine example of the new, hipster misuse of the word degenerate – applied to anything prosocial and harmless that provokes envy.

You know what is degenerate? Wanting a woman only for sex and never wanting to marry and reproduce. That is subhuman, that’s the level of a dog in heat, except the dog understands experienced feedback and No.

You can have as many degenerate little orgasms as you like, but you can’t force other people to like you, male or female.

We used to ban PDA and media portrayals of physical affection (ah, but they never wanna do that!), and men also had to marry. Trust me, you don’t wanna go back to those archaic dictates.

Men wore high heels and makeup first. You still can. You can also tell off couples heavy on PDA but they’re cowards.

We used to have precise clothing laws.

Women will always look like women (secondary sexual characteristics) because they’ll always be women, and hence attractive to men whatever they wear. What about female incels? They must exist. For their feelings, let’s ban all fit men from showing off their biceps.

Nobody wants to see your gut or your hideous beard, adopt a hijab, I demand it.

It’s vapid to only want sex. If women were sluts, they would be sleeping with you. No such thing as a choosy slut. As for ‘giving them a chance’, oh, like equality of outcomes? A pussy isn’t the lottery. Keep your balls to yourself and understand the line of exhibitionism.

There has never been an affirmative action for sex. It isn’t something you deserve, this isn’t a lollipop at the dentist.

Why do you feel entitled to sexual favours? Isn’t that a personal weakness?

Forced marriages (forced sex = rape) didn’t operate to a higher SMV woman, they’d be shocked and repulsed by their own level. Learn to suck your own dick or go gay, those are your options. Most gay guys close their eyes and pretend it’s someone else, appreciate the ‘feminine peen’.

God forbid you grow an adult personality and come out of the egocentric toddler phase.

Typical r-types, embittered and with only two approaches – the lying way (nice guy routine) and the Fine, I’ll force you way. The r must stand for budding rapist.

So-called Incels: memememememememe mememe me

…Why am I single?

You whine like a baby. I hope nobody wants to fuck that.

These “men” are the result of parental incompetence. Possibly schizoids so terrified of intimacy they spend all day fantasizing about being a manwhore and projecting that whorishness onto women. Typical NPD raging too.

They aren’t losers because they’re men. They aren’t even losers because they get no sex.

Also, get? Phrasing.

They’re losers because they aren’t men and finger sex (sorry) as the problem.

Wrong one!

They’re male bunny-boilers, that much is clear, so possibly male borderlines. There’s quite a range. Wanting someone to die/get raped/be scarred/permanently unhappy is beyond bullying. Envy is evil. Spree killers are just signalling they’re dead-ends, and the worst choice of mate – rejecting suspected ones becomes justified.

If your response to rejection is pathological, rejection will increase because you’re the problem.

There’s no such thing as an “incel”

Dear Americans who can’t English

Celibacy is voluntary, that’s the point of it. It’s always a choice, that’s baked into the definition.
There’s also no such thing because nobody is entitled to sex.
It’s the new Forever Alone meme, mutated into a whiny complaint. They tell people how desperate they are for any wet hole (but no homo because beggars can also be choosers) and wonder why nobody is into that.
This term is a nonsense, an oxymoron to deny reality of their situation and make out it’s some new tumblrism identity, to feel special about themselves. You’re just single in a dry spell, get over yourself. Unless you’re married, you have no conjugal rights.
If the feminists started claiming this and demanding the guy from the Notebook slept with them, they’d dogpile on laughing at them and saying it’s the new self-descriptor of the cat lady who marries herself. Essentially you’re so r-type you’re asking for AA with sex. Like free brothels. Can you not find enough octopus porn to slake your postmodern lusts? And why should any man or woman (it could be either, both have orifices) serve you, if you don’t want to marry them? What kind of degeneracy is this?

TLDR: Incels advocate sex slavery, wonder why unloved. Same guys to openly call women ‘females’ and wonder why nobody wants to spread their genetics and the guys who spend all their time bitching like women and wonder why only masculine feminists are interested in them.

If either sex became state prostitutes, it would be men. Guess you can’t turn down any of those feminists or lard-asses at the bar. And you’ll have to pretend to like it.

Celibacy is also an oath, something you are bound to by conditions or principles and religious. Atheists cannot be celibate.
Someone who has engaged in premarital sex/fornication cannot be celibate, it relates to virginity. A period of celibacy is a misnomer, unless you mean the condition will be met by marriage (they never mean this). They want physical intimacy without the emotional (so Millennial it hurts). Words have meanings and while you’re complaining that feminists misappropriate terms like gender or problematic, maybe crack open the dictionary on the terms you use as well.
Now. Who wants to help me off this high horse?

Brought to you by People Who Know What Words Mean.

Get someone to buy you a dictionary for Christmas…. oh wait.

p.s. Inb4 other men are getting laid. Other ‘males’ and mostly ghetto trash. Also doesn’t make it right. On the subject, today’s youth have less sex than their parents so science says you’re wrong.