Rich v. Poor America

The inequality thing isn’t wrong.

The causes attributed are.

Class is a major HBD factor.


For example, show me a rich Silicon Valley douchebag who didn’t have a rich parent. Who didn’t go to a good school and various special camps. Is it really merit and American spirit if they moved up just one class from the middle? Based on investments and decisions their parents made?

Video: White Pride (and the coming White Minority)

We’re already a minority globally, whatever finer data suggests. We are a minority.

We used to constitute about a third of the planet at the Turn of the Century and now we’re what… 10%-15%? Depending who you count. Going purely by memory. I think that counts as minority, globally. Otherwise, black people certainly aren’t because there are more black than white (8 children per woman has that effect). They take about a billion in Africa alone:

White people are literally a minority, get over it SJWs:

White people are literally a minority, get over it SJWs:

1900: 1.6 billion people global. At least a quarter being European (and Europe being at least 99% white).
Certainly, nowadays Asians are the majority race, if you want to start on anyone (and they’re buying up Africans African resources). The thing about marching 2×2 and never running out of soldiers. Thankfully, they’re better imitators than innovators and lack the creative spirit to overcome us without sheer volume. Credit though, they can ace a test.

Suck it up.

Suck it up.

But hey, at least they'll be around to spit on our graves!

Note: we’re the only race to die off. But hey, at least they’ll be around to spit on our graves!

In 2013, Africans outnumbered Europeans 6:1, and we’re supposed to be paying them?

If you want some Afrocentrism conspiracy theory to laugh at, this is why we needn’t fear their population boom, a levelling event is close at hand (Ebola was almost it):

In conclusion, fuck foreign aid.

In conclusion, fuck foreign aid.

Redistributive socialism (rich progressive taxation) has failed

Wasn’t it Wilfred Pickles who described redistributive socialism in this way? – You collect in everyone’s money and divide it out equally. Then, when the reckless and the feckless have spent theirs, you collect it all in again and divide what’s left out equally. Then, when the reckless and feckless have again spent theirs, you do the same, over and over again.

Socialist ideology is based on the premise that everyone has equal talent and intelligence and that everyone is responsible and honest. As already said in the article, this has been proved to be unrealistic, time and time again. For a current day example, look at the present condition of Venezuela.

Idiocracy will make people uglier, too

Thought-provoking article.

The result of this confluence of factors is simple:  The current amount of beauty is a bubble, it will pop, and the world will get uglier.  There are cynics who would say that with our government subsidized high carbohydrate diets and sluts with short hairdos and tattoos aplenty, the peak of our beauty bubble is already in our rearview mirror.  They may have a point.

Facts: beauty is rare (minority) and proportionately esteemed, beauty is based in fertility cues and lead to objectively better outcomes on all good measures, European fertility is infamously sub-replacement thanks to feminism. We acquired the term “good-looking” from the association between handsomeness and civilized behaviour.

As earlier;

But not so fast.  Blue-eyed blondes with heart shaped asses are not an infinite largesse bestowed upon us by a higher power.  We are all of woman borne, and if you understand heredity you understand that beautiful girls must, on average, have mothers that were also beautiful.  That is to say, to keep this current beauty spigot flowing the world needs beautiful women to have daughters.

Nature is self-correcting. The slappers, as we call them here, likely gained those looks by genetic randomness their improper behaviour doesn’t support, since the most beautiful women tend to be least promiscuous, as they can demand commitment from men and need not lure them in with sex as an easy bait. However, they are smart enough to use this value to lock down a good man while in low notch numbers. Sluts hate them for this, they get the big prize, so the sluts try to argue their experiences of being used up like a sex toy were positive.

I know it’s anecdotal, but I’ve seen most sluts are 4-6, tops. I am being kind with that estimate.

The article is correct, there will be far fewer beautiful people in the future, male and female. Good-looking men are cautious with contraception and are putting off conceiving too, perhaps indefinitely. There are no rewards for the old family model. On an infinite timeline? A recursion.

Thousands of winters of scarce, sparse prey and harsh terrain culled a significant percentage of men.

This would probably be a few recessions without welfare keeping the r-type brats in iPhones. More and more people, competing against fewer and fewer beautiful people (and notice the right-wing tends to be hotter than the left? no coincidence). The effect is threefold: 1. ugly women try to promote ugliness as a new standard. 2. most men go without and stay at home with porn. 3. beautiful people interbreed, creating an aristocracy, as they make more money, keeping child N small because they’re usually k-types. Or as point three is known now “growing income inequality”.

The ugly women went barren and beauty flourished.

Notice these strong, independent women aren’t going to sperm banks en masse? Seems men aren’t so replaceable. They can’t chase the Government if their welfare check stops. Children are a burden to them.

By decoupling sex and reproduction, it is selecting for those who really want kids.  Will beauty survive?  We’ll have to wait and see.

I believe it will, but it will take a long time to recover and lessons will be learnt e.g. feminism is for ugly women to drag down pretty ones, while faking the signs of the pretty and denying the very existence of pretty.

And what of designer babies? No one, and I mean, NO ONE, will choose ugly ones. We’ll soon find there’s a beauty standard to white, blue-eyed and physically fit. The Viking marauders chose to rape the best and stab the rest, what we see in modernity is the fruit of their eugenic process, and extremes of cold in Northern Europe are a great survival test for good genes.