Enoch the prophet


 As Mr Heath has put it we will have no “first-class citizens” and “second-class citizens.” This does not mean that the immigrant and his descendent should be elevated into a privileged or special class or that the citizen should be denied his right to discriminate in the management of his own affairs between one fellow-citizen and another or that he should be subjected to imposition as to his reasons and motive for behaving in one lawful manner rather than another.

Freedom of association was first to go.

We all become Beige Borg.

We, the People, don’t answer to little Hitlers with satisfying clipboards. Do not allow them to presume any moral authority over you. You needn’t answer any interrogations from a person who is not A your boss on a B work topic. Just laugh at them, we aren’t in Kindergarten. People don’t all pretend to get along for teacher.

They’re hot headed bigots, freeze them out. It’s the ONLY thing that works, according to experiments [1]. If you thwart them and they have nothing to work with (nothing you said to twist), they leave.

If they had such great insight into Task X, they’d be doing it themselves and have no time to nose in your business. We won’t be judged by bossy little snot-nosed incompetents.

“Who are you?” is the rhetorical question we ask these people in this country. We’re allergic to the pushy.

1 Many people of my acquaintance pooled together to study this problem we all had. We either gave Them a little something, some crap to chew on or absolutely nothing. Blank stares, errs, umms, whats? Total thicko brick wall.  Putting them on D by asking painful amounts of basic questions about what they were doing and why. Then we swapped to the other “team’s” strategy for another few months. Giving them nothing worked, giving them something gives them an excuse to intrude elsewhere (right to privacy is considered waived and data protection laws are violated), come back later when someone else played bored and dumb…it just didn’t work. Lots of hassle. Like feeding a cat.

They want you stupid because stupid people aren’t a problem. Practice a glazed expression and an apathetic shrug. Thinking ability and caring too much about politics flags their radar. You are numb.

You’ll know if you’re talking to one of these people because they can’t make small talk without some hateful rant about Trump/Brexit/Putin. It reminds me of Tourette’s but signalling politically.

Don’t feed the trolls on social media and they turn on one another. It’s great. If all classic liberals to right stopped feeding them, they’d die in a couple of years. It’s already partially gone, I’ve overseen it. It’s like suspecting everyone and then your spouse of demonic possession. They’re insane. Let them death spiral. LET THEM.
Superstition is their religion and it will kill them. In the Puritan Age it would’ve been witches, in the Nazi era a Jew under every cup.
If they didn’t self-destruct, they would preferentially hurt others. Say nothing. Explain nothing. Let them stew in ignorance until they try to look it up for themselves. That or look at themselves and their hideous face in the mirror.

These people are just politically motivated, malicious stalkers.

Sexuality is discrimination

Common sense but yeah.

50 points to Doctor Otto Obvious.

Discernment is a gift of perception, the biggest contributor of intelligence. To not notice something is to be dumb, dense and stupid. There’s a false perception there’s nothing there e.g. race. It’s conformist, you’re not supposed to see, Asch’s lines. PC is a status signal, how much can you afford to pretend the danger isn’t there? It’s a cultural game of chicken.

It’s an inverted prudence, what is prudent socially is politically correct but what is prudent for the individual and its success and survival is denial of PC. As celebrities go down one after another for betraying the ingroup, the societal priorities will shift. Even the Boomer concept of playboy in James Bond is no longer respected, he’s a thug in a suit. History is grinding it down to throw it away.

Do not feel sorry for these outdated people, they wanted a false reality. They are pretending to be and stay ignorant in the internet era. They won’t look around them. They had a lot of thanatos, they wanted danger. Don’t be stupid, don’t help them, do not be a martyr. If they had absolute power, they’d shoot you in the head against a wall for denying the Party Line. You owe them nothing, wherever they live. Be totally passive, the way they’ve been. When they have any problem, do nothing, be useless.

They wished for this world.

Let them have it.

They’re starting to go after celebrities now for not dating minorities.

BNW, this is worse. Peer pressure rape, yay, how liberating.

This is all the entitled do, rape. To forcibly take.

To take away your choice to say no, I don’t want this.
To take your money or property for their use (criminal conversion).
To take your body and autonomy.

Invasions are a rape, including the sexual but by no means limited.

Who has the most rights? Who has the most legal power? Not the natives? That’s called oppression.

US rentseeking and corruption


hmm did not know nice surprised hot


And we all know which wing the rentseekers tend to be on.
They aren’t anybody’s friend unless they can make money off it.

Fine if it’s some LBGTIDGAF, but children? Mental health? Those are the preserve of conservatives.

The inequality the Left complain of is greatly caused by the cascade of their rentseeking ‘charities’ (where they happen to pay themselves, because they’re so selfless).

Link: Plausible reasons behind Trump’s success

Plausible reasons behind Trump’s success

To those ignored, suffering people, Donald Trump is a brick chucked through the window of the elites. “Are you assholes listening now?”

Class Revolution.

What all those socialists in ivory towers WANTED.

Yes it’s a response to classism, an orderly protest and what happened? These people are so spoiled, they caused public damage. It isn’t coming out of Democrat’s taxes because they don’t pay any! You really think RDJ payed full tax on his billions? The welfare family looting together, shooting together?

These people were anti-white, virulently, so the natural reaction to this, equal and opposite, was to vote in the whitest guy they could find.

It’s also a response to racism, true. What a lot of people don’t know is that class is the polite term for the genetic caste system of proper marriage. Take the blue-bloods of Europe.

Hey, if you wanna understand any revolution, look at the French. The rich die, the poor win. This is a death of relevance and they should be thanking the proles’ mercy. This is gonna escalate because they don’t get it, these people have the power. They are the ones that mean those Hollywood celebrities get that big paycheck, they grow the food and work in the factories and protect the country. They are your bodyguards. Your police, your army, your admin.

In the immortal words of Fight Club:

Do not fuck with us.

The mobilization of this force without a word of consensus has shit up the Emperors wearing no clothes. A sense of injustice and personal slight. Nobody asked what was triggering to the majority. Their impotence is visible for all to see. They never had power, it was an illusion gifted by all those working hard beneath them. What was it Romney said? 47% of parasites, wasn’t it? Say, in a democracy, that’s a mighty fine number.

The rest have been patiently listening as they got in from overtime.

They’ve been degraded and told to hate themselves, their children and to love their would-be murderers, rapists and thieves.

Reminds me of a song

fuck you I won’t do what you tell me

If they were the Joker, they’d be burning that pile of Clinton cash right about now.

It isn’t about the money. It’s about sending a message.

If this is ignored or worse, further doubled-down like typical SJW short-sightedness, other measures will become necessary and they’ll like those even less.

Identity politics say to love everything except your class and country.
We noticed. We’re upset.

Begs the Q. You can tell millions of Americans are thinking…

Then what the (beep) are you doing with our money?

Update: I read his other article, some thoughts.

Why should we help the outgroup?

Every SJW asks that we waste OUR finite precious life on THEIR emotional fulfillment. Why?
They act like they can’t do it alone. Why need us? Why force us by various intrusive laws?

Why is there no logical reason to stand up for that question?

There are two types of poor, remember. For a modern example on another topic, Cindy who got hooked on coke at parties isn’t the same as a crack baby that had no choice. You are responsible for YOURSELF and your ACTIONS. That is individual agency. The system isn’t supported to support personal failure. You were raised with Don’t, you were warned, you were told and it wasn’t personal or trivial, it’s because a society is built on resistance to the entropy of social and cultural degeneration caused by those individual actions in large numbers. In short, no, it’s not about you. The civic is good for everyone, literally. If you think it’s hard to follow the rules, it’s harder to live in a society which has rejected them. Your reward for stupidity is the consequence. Other adults are not here to bail you out. We’re your peers, you are our equal, you said.

Why should we help the outgroup?

History shows it doesn’t work, it leads to blame and war. Ingrates ruin everything. They destroy what they could’ve never built, see post-apartheid Africa, if you can peer through the smoke of that smoldering crater. The people who complain about the problem e.g. ghettos, are the people making the problem. It’s them. It’s the same demographic of people. The people living in Saudi Arabia make it a sexist shithole. The bad teachers make the bad schools. There is some kind of genetic determinism in this. HBD shows a consistency of personal success over many generations. Why? What are we supposed to do about what all the social engineering has failed? How is another group supposed to discriminate against part of a group (the problem) without the rest acting on ingroup loyalties? Stereotypes, again. Based on reality and human nature, which is timeless as it is irrational bullshit.
Look at what a person looks down on. They’re the opposite. They hate the poor? They’re rich. They hate the straight? They hate the successful? They hate the white? (Culturally, they’re probably not white).
Society’s standards are not a bad thing, either. That’s the secret to your progress – higher standards, not lowering the standard hoping that eventually, there’ll be no losers in a zero-sum game (who gets that house, promotion, partner, dollar). Meritocracy isn’t a promise of equality, it’s a promise of a chance at the hard work to become successful. You’re given a position in the race, not the medal. Some would fail even in a competition with themselves. I know the canned reply “You don’t know what you’re saying” typical gaslighting used to dismiss the range of points. “You mean my point, not your point.” Also gaslighting, red herring, derailing etc. We are not the same person and your views, moral outgroup, do not match mine. Having successful ancestors isn’t a crime, you should be shaming the people who have centuries of charity money chucked at them and still haven’t stopped raping little girls. In fact, those toxic memes are now spreading to the west with multiculturalism, which causes the low trust where nobody wants to help the outgroup anymore. It’s a feature, not a bug, a self-correction. Look at the consequences of a society that lived by their principles, it amazes me how many atheists want funerals. Why do dead bodies have rights in a secular society? Aren’t they just a clump of cells?
It’s easy to think we’re all equals when all your friends are the same. You don’t socialize with people who’d kill you for trying.
Dependents are not equals.

Appeal to Authority is not an argument

Let’s go through a handful. I’ve had a spike in traffic this past week from people too spergy to know sarcasm when they see it. I don’t mind accommodating humourless prigs but then they try to order me around like I should seek their approval and that’s… that’s a thing, apparently? Mrs Grundy supported Hillary, they’re just projecting onto us as the Cause of their Problems (but what of the Final Solution)? I’ve seen them in the past week blame black people, white people, men, women, gay people, straight people, illegal people, dead people, Obama, old people, young people and Third Party voters, for their failure. It isn’t about any of us, and the divisive tactic is hardly surprising, it’s totally about them and it isn’t cricket. Trying to order your fellow voter around is what deservedly keeps losing you elections and referenda. The people saying we’re equal shouldn’t be patronizing or hiding certain material we supposedly aren’t smart enough to read and question. The real world isn’t a safe space. The opposite of democracy is tyranny, where you must vote for Saintly Candidate or Satan wins and Armageddon happens (concern trolling).

  • You aren’t 100% totally serious all the time, therefore, I can ignore you!


  • It’s art if I say it is, and if you don’t like that comedian you have no right to judge.

Let’s break out the rape jokes. Or maybe some of Eddie Murphy’s 80s materials on homosexuals.

  • You aren’t legitimate.

That’s the point. That is quite literally the entire point. Either I’m right or wrong. Nothing to do with approval or consensus. I’m not being paid. I don’t run adverts biasing me. That is quite literally the point and I’m impressed to see people who try and turn those into a bad thing. Calm down, everyone knows most blogs are crap. If I’m totally wrong, why does it trigger you? Only the truth smarts. Ah, but you see the hit count, don’t you?
It bothers you I don’t need to show my tits like that tramp Laci Green to get people to listen to me.
Listening to a woman? Based on her…. her, opinions?? No sexual appeal whatsoever?!

Aaaaah feel that, savour that? It's being right

Shocking, I know.

  • I can discredit you personally based on Opinion A. No person worth listening to would hold Opinion A.

No True Scotsman would reject free beer.
What genetics?

  • Obviously socialization factors are important.

Not as important as genetic ones. The harder science wins.
Also see the reproducibility crisis for how the sociologist’s fallacy works out.

  • Your opinions are mean.

Have you looked at the reasons? Nobody likes being mean.
I’ve even tried sympathizing with parts of Marx, but nobody Leftist complains about that….

In a democracy, most people will think you’re wrong. Deal with it.

  • You used a word I didn’t like (ex: usually cuck).

That’s the purpose of an insult, well done, dear.
We wouldn’t use it, if it didn’t work.
If you feel it applies to you, perhaps examine why?

  • Why don’t you show your face?

Monstering mobs, the scummy people who come after entire families and other large groups. From the people who want me to show my face. Also I’m not vain and text is easier to search.

  • I can’t tell if you’re joking.

It’s an intelligence test. You fail.
You aren’t tall enough for this ride.

  • Why did you do this? All this.

Don’t you support a woman’s right to independent thought if she isn’t left-wing?

  • You’re a terrible person.

You come to my house…

  • How dare you question Government/company/charity/campaign!

Who’s the conservative now? Look at you far-left liberals defending The Man. Warms the iron of Horseshoe Theory, dunnit?
Never question your betters, is it? Know your place? Is it, perchance, the kitchen?

  • You shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion (if it’s different from mine).

This is the internet. You people adopted it, mine made it worth inhabiting. I thought everybody was entitled to an opinion?

  • You’re (dehumanizing insults).

I thought we were equal, comrade?
Dehumanizing makes you like Hitler. [that was sarcasm]

  • This is wasting my time.

You act like I care. Your time, your business. However, if you were half as open-minded as you like to signal, you would read around from time to time, as I clearly do. You all have exactly the same brainless objections, thinking you’re so clever. It’s like the redditfags who parrot clever-sounding words and phrases “correlation is not causation”. You have plenty of websites of your own. This isn’t your safe space. You don’t own everything.

  • Why can’t we talk?

You mean, why can’t you manipulate me with feeling?
You can open up a Youtube channel for all I care. Talk to them. As it is, I’ve progressed through those simplistic arguments years ago and it takes up too much time to explain to ingrates who come here in droves every so often. I don’t owe you a reply or recognition. This is not a milquetoast cocktail party.

For the serious audience that tries to think independent thoughts:-

Why do so many young people now think Appeal to Authority is an argument?

Are they still brainwashed into obedience from school? It’s like crimestop. There’s no such thing as a dangerous and unacceptable idea. If others want to self-limit, sure, that makes it easy for the rest of us. Less clog in the drain.

The internet is a swirl of ideas. You don’t get to pick who gets to post. It’s democratic.
I mention things because they seem interesting, not necessarily true, I don’t presume. They are intended to challenge you. If you cannot reject it, there must be some truth to it, however unpleasant.

For people bitching about the ‘truth’, because I use that word in the header tongue-in-cheek, as if parts of it aren’t subjective in places (the personal is political places), they sure don’t sound like the moral relativists… Your truth is not my truth. Our experiences differ and the evidence says at least one of us must be wrong. Common sense, surely?

You don’t expect me to do time-travel telepathy do you?
Let’s write all the opinions I don’t have for some reason, held by a person who’ll read this in the future and doesn’t really care about objective truth. OK.

They want to feel secure that their opinion is politically correct, the latest evidence be damned, and to feel safe, ignorant (nothing ‘mean’ in their pure little heads, they don’t feel the full spectrum of human emotion like the proles) and comfortable in those opinions, unthreatened by people who don’t even take selfies and post hashtags to Twitter. Oh, the horror!

It’s the adult equivalent of ‘I saw one thing I didn’t like (inevitable with honesty) so lalala I’m not listening to all the rest.’

Edging closer to the truth is better surely? Right??

There are no excuses to ignore valid evidence. I’ve ceded plenty of times my opponents had a point. Derailing and straw-manning to totally different points isn’t fooling anyone. The truth is not simple or easy and never nice and PC. PC is a facade of lies to deliberately hide the truth e.g. beauty is on the inside, reject computer models. We oppose the intellectual dishonesty, as did your fellow pinko George Carlin. Classic liberals are thinking this has all been taken too far in the name of coddling adults who expect respect without comporting themselves above the level of a temper tantrum. The people in this part of the internet know all about logical fallacies and SJW tactics. Name the beast and it can’t bite you, we’re immune. In fact, we should thank you, because if you didn’t set so many people against you with your repellent personalities and rude discussion disruptions, over many years, we would never be replacing traditional media. Infiltration doesn’t work either, since our debates tend toward cerebral theories you either get or you don’t. None of this is our fault, we leave you to various fruitless campaigns and it’s impressing nobody to start on people who for the most part mind their own business in their own parts of the internet.

One rung up is the fascist temptation to censor. Liberal until tyrannical. Hey, I want all those people I disagree with to have free speech. It’s free comedy. I link to them. I say, there, look, go and see for yourself I’m not making this up. They really are that dumb.

You can’t discredit someone who doesn’t value your opinion. We just laugh at you. It’s like a schoolgirl starting a rumour, it changes nothing and you’ve proven you don’t have a substantive reply. Is that the best you can do? Is that your level?
You can’t de-legitimize someone who seeks a totally different metric of legitimacy (nothing to do with traditional authority or MSM/Baby Boomer approval, more like a Wild West anarchy approach to the truth). Sometimes it’s rude, to shock people into waking up and smelling the shit around them. The new rebels are right-wing, get over it. It’s been fifty years of Red, you’ve had your time. The pendulum is swinging back, various elections are proving it. Either stick around and learn something or go back to your bubble and keep wondering why your polls are out of touch. I won’t start on the economic models and QE out of clemency.

  • Why can’t we open a dialogue?

You don’t want open debate. If you were ever capable of following the rules. You platform ban people in public for trying to dissent. You try to get them arrested for peaceful protest.
That isn’t liberal.
You want to preach, except there’s no basis for this. There is no legitimacy. If we’re all equal, you have no more value than I do. Including moral authority.
It’s like an atheist in the pulpit. You’re what’s been dubbed many things: the New Church Ladies, cultural regressives, rabbits, degenerates (happy to sin, like Satanists), all sanctimonious and Shame-on-You-ing. This is why you get nowhere and nobody listens to you. We’re all adults here. You have no right and to put it in your lingo, you speak from a position of privilege. Or at least liberal privilege. You demanded identity politics and now you have it. You can’t complain you got what you wanted, now it’s all people see because you told us to.
Think of the rich celebrities in gated communities telling all the poor people they’re bad and need to reject the segregation of gated communities. People are not stupid. They’re angry and totally validated.

The Left is dead. Its globalist spin, the rampant supranationalism post-war, is a cultural artefact of the 20th century Empire-building, the ‘Unions’. Accurately, wing politics is dead too.
It’s now about issues and identity. National and genetic competition (what you dub inequality).
Get over yourself.

This blog and those like it are not for you. They are not for pinko approval, Princess.

Finally, the best slight because it exposes you for who you truly are.

  • You’re crazy.

You’re gaslighting me. Typical mansplaining. It’s never the women who try that means of dismissal and self-doubt.

Someone who doesn’t hate themselves irrationally for being born, or being white, or whatever else, it must be triggering to you.

In your language of child memes.

“Why aren’t they listening to us? We called them crazy Nazis, didn’t we?”

If you don’t see the problem in insulting people you need to persuade, you’re retarded.


Real retards are actually very nice people with far more common sense.

Study admits inequality based on class divides

It also explains why The Left hate the nuclear family. It reminds me of the HBD finding where success retention by SES (proxy for class) remains constant in family lines through the centuries. The losers stay losers, the winners remain winners.


We’ve found the piggy in the middle missing variable.

Note: this disproves hypergamy, actually an argument about social mobility, so don’t expect the manosphere to cover it. Like covering the hatefact that married men are happier and live longer, they haven’t the balls.

Better-looking embrace inequality


The series of five studies conducted by Neale and Belmi, with participants that included both men and women, has important implications for research on inequality. If you believe you are attractive, you tend to think you belong in a higher social class yourself and believe, accordingly, that hierarchies are a legitimate way for organizing people and groups. You also are more likely to believe people lower down in a hierarchy are there because they deserve to be. The research also showed that self-perceived physical attractiveness mattered more to people’s perception of their social rank than their self-perceived goodness — qualities like empathy and integrity — did.

Good luck ironing out that kink.

They're so stupid it's a laughriot

The lookism people have a point. Both groups.
And a love of competency is natural too. If you have a bad leader, they don’t last long.

This research is the first to draw an explicit connection between people’s perceptions of their own physical attractiveness and their attitudes toward inequality and hierarchies. Among other things, it helps establish how malleable people’s views of inequality are.

No. No they aren’t. That’s the point. You can only boost your looks (SMV+MMV) by 2, 3 points maxed out.

Video: The injustice of forced redistribution

I can’t recall who said it (probably Uncabob?) but there is a sexual marketplace advocacy for this (rape) among supposed redpills despite how they also maintain that men don’t need women (sure) and he/someone dubbed it Affirmative Action for omega males.

That’s what all this is.

The entitlement of ‘positive discrimination’ based on victimhood claims. 

Ok, let’s assume the world is against you since your very birth. In every way.

-So fucking what? We don’t owe you anything.

Do you owe ugly girls anything? No.

If all the women stayed at home in the kitchen, who would the manwhores sleep with? If all the women became state prostitutes like the Nazi brothels, who would they have children with? They don’t even know what they want or what’s good for them, it’s such r-selected delusion we can’t help but laugh.

That’s why the manosphere will fail in changing the morality scales (men are already at an advantage in the SMP historically), victim status is like a game of dodgeball with razorblades and your opponents are self-harming emo kids. Add to that the practicality, that whining about your suffering makes it worse (rumination) and further lowers your social status (if you can’t fix your own life, why should we listen to you?) Measuring your life by the metric of notches is juvenile too. Like people are baseball cards. I bet the same guys calling for ‘free pussy’, in effect, also don’t want to pay for the consequences via tax. In fact, I’d bet they all minimize their tax contributions, illegally.

Think about it – cavemen had one woman. They were happy. It has nothing to do with masculinity. It’s a marketing gimmick to get you to prove something with signalling.

Footnote: It’s a little-known fact, but every British person can do a Victorian accent, sometimes a few. We practice them at school reading Great Expectations etc. aloud. I’m secretly hoping it comes back into fashion.

End Mancrimination Posters


I don’t know whether to laugh that they’re accurate or cry that they’re necessary.

clapping in a snazzy suit

I know the men’s rights movement get a bad rep, but would you reject any legal favours they win for you? Exactly.