Bail-in is the new bail-out

I was going to post about this months ago but it isn’t corona-related.

Link: How the NUS wastes your money

Had to.

Notice Labour didn’t want to scrap tuition fees only for the poor…..

Here’s inflation tax too.

Does America have one of these?

If there’s inflation in the good times, imagine the hyperinflation during the bad?

This is the real student loan

Minimum wage and the rise of the machines

You can only command a price if your labour is worth that price.

It’s supposed to be a starter job on the bottom of the career ladder, to motivate ambition.

Reminds me of this anti-inflation advert.

UK Inflation calculator

This is atrocious and should be demanded in schools.

I chose to look at % of inflation according to a WW2 year, I chose 1943. Nice and snug in there.

Over 4,000% inflation since then.


Before this, I chose to look at the value of a single British pound coin, also in 1943.
To purchase the same goods now, you would require over £40. 

Don’t we already have hyperinflation?

Am I missing something obvious here?

How is this not?!!

happy bateman

At this point, I’m officially out of ideas.
The deeper I go, the greater the mess.

Anyone else hear the distant thunder?
Oh wait, that’s jackboots.

I’m not fiddling the data here by cherrypicking a year, I chose one late on purpose.

Look at the charts elsewhere!


Now if someone could map these onto a Left/Labour red or Right/Tory blue government, we might be able to spot a pattern. Re Whose Fault This Is.

Video: Why hasn’t the economy collapsed yet?

I wish we had a UK version of him.

Our system is so incestuous and messed up we can’t even pay him to consult on it.

Basics like, where are most of our laws made? Nobody is 100% sure. Probably about 70% EU from the data I’ve seen. Do they really count? Nobody knows. What happens when the blimp goes bye-bye? Your guess is as good as Merkel’s. Who will join the planned EU army? Aliens?

We have various players like IMF and Deutsche Bank and then there’s radar black spots like Switzerland and whoever knows what the hell they’re doing, Europe is a big banking mess.

However, the points on inflation and Millennial expenses and Government programmes translate well. It reminds me of Stefan’s dour presentation on the British economy from the “there will be no recovery” series. I wish they could team up on that, can you imagine?

There is no free money.

I’ve tried to explain to Millennials, and that generation will be easiest to wake up (tuition fees), that every £1 spent on an immigrant (or foreign European) is one taxed from them. They don’t believe me. These people also pay into workplace pension schemes they won’t be able to cash out and bought Facebook IPO stock, so I wasn’t surprised by this. The cumulative effect is one of a serf class, where they restrict their own lives – moving out, marriage, children, to fund those who have all those things handed to them because otherwise the council workers will get called ‘racist’ and these people act like babies, incapable of self-sustenance and refuse to put food on the table.


The people doing this will probably be fine, that’s the part that gets to me.

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