UK Schoolgirls turning K

As the populace go more K, the cuckservative Tories go r.

Point: Prisoners are getting iPads, hardworking white schoolgirls do not.

The politician’s response?

“It’s a fair point, there has to be equality in the system.”


Wrong answer.

Notice the demo, WWC?

(trans. White Working-Class)

The most under-served by multiculturalism and Left wing spending policies.

No coincidence, that.

This state of amygdala irritation is simply the beginning.

I saw it coming and I still don't care, funny really

The accurate answer is Human Rights Legal Funding.

Without this, they’d be breaking rocks. Rightly so, in many cases.
The modern UK prison is better than a 4-star hotel.

She’s right, the people breaking the law are being rewarded. We’ve noticed this for a few years now but are recently speaking up. This isn’t a work of Orwell, the criminals are not the victims.
Those working hard are being actively punished, if you look at the funding. Follow the money.
By the time they’re in prison, it’s too late to be a good citizen.
You’re supposed to punish those people to fix them, that worked.
The final straw being the end of a rope, that worked.
Recidivism rates show soft rehab doesn’t work. HBD y’all.
Make them break rocks for a few years and maybe.

Slightly OT

but there is a ‘discussion’ (gossip that might become a thing) that since the elite struck capital punishment off the books without a vote or really public approval, it might come down to the referendum in the coming years.

There are even polls checking sentiment.

How do you think these girls would vote?

Same goes for disarmament.

These speculations are from the same source as I heard about the Brexit referendum in about …2010. Shall we say these votes might occur in 2022-24?

Video: How to get revenge on the Left

#1-#1,000 pieces of advice = Don’t take pity on them.
Write it out a thousand times to get it in your head.

Turn your attention to your own and you will never run out of worthy people to help. Take pity on people who don’t deserve their lot, for the people who did the right thing and tried to be good. Save charity for good people. Bad people making excuses deserve the scorn of reality hitting them upside the face like a shovel, this is the ultimate justice and divine karma. Who are we to question the wheel of fortune? Exclude them, as rabbits fear this above all else, and mock them if they seek to emotionally blackmail you (how DARE they) after treating you like dirt when in power.

I would like to share a quote.

“And now, they find their Day is over! their power gone! and the throne of this nation possessed by a Royal, English, true, and ever constant member of, and friend to, the Church of England! Now, they find that they are in danger of the Church of England’s just resentments! Now, they cry out, “Peace!” “Union!” “Forbearance!” and “Charity!”: as if the Church had not too long harboured her enemies under her wing! and nourished the viperous blood, till they hiss and fly in the face of the Mother that cherished them!
No, Gentlemen! the time of mercy is past! your Day of Grace is over! you should have practised peace, and moderation, and charity, if you expected any yourselves!” ~ Daniel Defoe