Could death stump Trump?

“The news comes as Britain was revealed to be among the countries which are “high on the target list” for aggression from the group, the European Union’s law enforcement body warned.”

What? But there’s a Muslim mayor? If zero Muslims end up in the casualties, then forewarning must spread through all mosques in London. Good enough reason to shut them down.

I’ve seen comments of this flavour for a long time now.

“Trumps’ first act should be to destroy Mecca.”

Israel would be pleased.

Let’s say Islamic State (call a thing by its name) DO manage to take out Trump.

What would happen?

They really think Trump is the bad guy, that this is a movie and there’s just one guy laughing. Nope. His power-plays are out in the open (see the genius masterstroke of him v China recently, why should they profit from disemploying Americans?). You know where you stand with Trump. He’s the open guy. The nice guy. He’ll screw you but he’ll warn you first.


What if Trump were assassinated?

I saw this theory first going round on tumblr, probably because I spread it. Anon boxes are gravy.
Why did Trump take so long to announce his VP? He hardly seems the indecisive type, does he?


Here’s /pol since I love luring tumblrinas onto /pol.


Meanwhile, India is dealing with its Muslim problem using some kind of registry system. We’ve had that for years, it’s called a census. Biding, waiting to act upon it. Why else record religion, seriously? India wants to deport them. As if they’re going to flee resources easily. It would be better to pretend there are no more resources.

Maybe Trump can plant some Tradescantia, where Mecca once stood.

Islamic State planning European slaughter in 2016

They want a war because a book told them they’d win.

This was before AK-47s were developed.

They forget we didn’t start the past two World Wars, but we certainly finished them. Two for two isn’t half bad.

Not to mention who beat them back at every Crusade or we’d be speaking Arabic now.

There was also the honorable mention of Vlad the Impaler terrifying them away from European borders. It may be time to revisit psychological methods.

How’s the 30 year drought going? When the Left brought up global warming as the reason for the exodus, this is what they meant:

It appears more like a punishment on Syria for allowing IS, or a Biblical plague of famine.

Rising population and dwindling water supplies will affect millions of people and exacerbate conflict in the region

That’s a great water supply chain you got going there, it would be a shame if somebody…. stopped it. And you’ll need to stop taking American medicines and using kuffar Jew technology. Including water purification technology developed by White Man’s Guilt. Mmm tastes like cholera. Hope you like plague.

See The Lion for how this might play out. You keep slapping the Patriarch, the cradle of civilizations and you’d better run before he stands up.

Islamic State hate the West for existing

I love correcting idiots on this.

“They hate us for what we’ve done to them.”

“Make them look bad by existing, yes.”

“No, the wars.”

“When? Do you count the Crusades, where they tried to invade the West, cos they fucking do.”

“We shouldn’t have invaded them though. That makes us just as bad.”

“That’s why they stopped. We didn’t start shit but we sure as shit finished it.”

Or the short version:

Sorry for existing. 

blackadder I know sarcastic

Link: Why the liberal arts academics should be Islamophobic

……The later and more warlike Koran was written at this time, and the verses enjoining Mohammedans to live in peace with Christians and Jews were overruled and reversed. Mohammed fought battles each year of his remaining five years of life: his immediate disciples carried out his will and wish and habits in his name after him.

So the tactic was established: approach in peace, preaching peace, when you are weak; make treaties when you gain political strength and need allies; betray the treaties when you gain military strength and no long need allies. The same tactic was done again and again, with astonishing success, for centuries.

Taqiyya – it’s considered noble to lie. Lies upon lies.
We’d be speaking Arabic now if our ancestors had fallen for it.
The people who sling the word ‘racist’ in response to sane caution of men whose religion tells them to cut your head off should be done on hate crimes for willingly placing civilians in such danger.

Within twenty-five years after the death of Mohammed, the southern and eastern reaches of the Byzantine Empire, all Christian lands, and all fertile, were reduced by terror and sword to a wasteland.

It’s almost like the backward belief system of a violent desert tribe, not intended to run a civilized society. Almost.

The Jewish colonies of Yemen were conquered. Libya and much of Egypt to this day retains this character. All seven of the Churches mentioned by name in the Book of Revelation were conquered.

The Mohammedanism, like the Stalinism who came later, demand history be abolished, and are responsible for the burning and loss of nine tenth of the known lost ancient manuscripts of history. The destruction of the Stone Buddha statues in Afghanistan, or the famous museum in Babylon, was not a mistake or the act of some odd extremists: it is a central part of mainstream Sharia.Christian churches and relics are destroyed whenever they fall into Mohammedan hands: to this day, the Church of Saint Sophia in Constantinople is used as a mosque, in triumphant mockery of the defeated Christians.

I still get upset about the libraries.

You have no doubt heard that there was a Golden Age of Islam, where Muslim scholars preserved the works of Aristotle and the ancients, invented the zero, or made great strides in astronomy and mathematics. This is all an outrageous lie, the precise opposite of the truth. There were certain Spanish scholars, mostly Jews and Christians, conquered by Muslims, but who preserved the ancient texts despite the Muslim program of destroying them. The Byzantine Empire preserved what we have of ancient learning, and scholars fleeing the downfall of one Byzantine theme, province, or city after another in the relentless onslaught of Mohammed reintroduced them into the West. The Moslems not only were not the preservers of the knowledge of the ancient literature, they were the main force destroying it……

Europe fed the slave trade of the Moslems for centuries. Our boys and women were routinely captured, sodomized and raped…….

A turning point came for the artsy fartsy types when they saw the Guardian video of ISIS smashing priceless historical artifacts with hammers. They’ve gone very quiet on the subject to me since.
There was a woman who worked with or for Richard Dawkins a while back, and she was complaining that she couldn’t discuss Islam in class. A class about religion. Muslim students would stand up and practically stamp their feet in a tantrum, call her names and expect her to shut up. She was complaining about the future and wondered what hope there might be for the subject and logic in light of this suppression (good, now she knows how those evil Christians felt when she was shutting them out and mocking them).

The wheel is turning and while those who made us their enemies in the culture war are cracking under it, I feel no need to save them myself. What do you mean, Our People? That would be a White Guilt Saviour Complex and we all know that’s evil.

Jaqen is 25% of the reason I watch this show

UPDATE: Found it!!!!!!

It’s ripe for mockery. They caused this. They wanted the culture war that’s suppressing them.

“By the time I arrived at a slide calling religions (Richard’s fault!) ‘Viruses of the mind’, the lecture hall was looking rather empty.

The cartoon was worse. As I have often done before, I suggested that one final trick of a desperate religion (I didn’t say quite that this time) is to forbid laughter.

Vox Day would love this.

“Was I a coward to apologise? Were my attempts to be reasonable the best way of engaging them or just plain cowardice?”

“Walking miserably up the High Street I felt profoundly depressed at the state of the world. I could cheer myself with the thought that I’d learned something. I learned that Islam has yet another nasty meme-trick to offer – when you are offended put your hands over your ears and run away. This would be funny if it weren’t so serious.”

I think it’s fucking hilarious.