r-types r-r-r-roaming

“Extraverts”, “refugees”, narcissists – all will experience a hyperactive social drive.
This is why your civilization had the death penalty. When times like this come around, they’re happy to kill you. They think they’re immortal.

Italy: Migrants in Naples Ignore Coronavirus Quarantine

For them, empathy is an act, a status signal to consolidate power.

Kids could be dying, dropping like flies… but they wouldn’t legally be as free to publish about that.

This isn’t just about Boomers and medical conditions. It’s a testament to the low trust (high narc) society.

e,g, Russia is wise to the evil of China.

Russia Has Recorded Zero Coronavirus Deaths

“temporarily banning Chinese citizens from entering the country.”

You’ll find it’s impossible to hate the Chinese enough, it’s the secret to success in life, according to some very successful people.

I owe them a lot for letting me in on the real Secret.

We don’t care about Timbuktu or Japan, we don’t care about Korea or the Philippines.

It’s always, ALWAYS the Chinese.

MIT Scientist Claims Coronavirus is a “Deep State Fraud”

If China say it’s over, that means it’s worse. My guess is cranial type.

Former Supermarket Boss Warns of Potential Coronavirus “Food Riots,” Army Patrols

“I’m not sure the government can guarantee all food supply in all instances.”

China is still buying up our food. I posted about this a year or two ago.

Our domestic food supply is insufficient for the current population. Ban shipping of it to another continent, you’ll have to eventually.

Social workers brainwash, sell children


Italians are reeling from the revelation that a crime ring, which includes a mayor, doctors and social workers, had been brainwashing children to say their parents abused them, so as to easily sell them on to foster families.

It’s still trafficking, whether or not Jolie’s doing it. Actually, especially then.

Selling a human is slavery.

Better life was the excuse for all slavery ever – no.

and genocide, see e)

So far eighteen people, including the mayor of the town of Bibbiano, near Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, have been arrested.

They were suspected of working together to brainwash the kids, who were taken from disadvantaged families under false pretexts, into believing they’d been abused at home. This was later used as a justification to seize the children and, basically, to sell them to foster parents at a high price.

Stealing from the poor and working class, likely for Satanic orgy rape or something on par with the ‘King’s’ purple baths. Why weren’t the McCanns thrown in prison? Why keep the other kids? They were middle class, hence protected.

The psychologists at the Hansel and Gretel Association in the town of Moncalieri, near Turin, have used a variety of bizarre techniques to achieve their sinister goal.

Grooming, gaslighting.

They relied on persuasion to make their victims believe that their parents hurt and sexually abused them; showed fake, childlike drawings with added sexual details and even enacted plays, dressing up in scary masks to represent their moms and dads as being vile and dangerous…. The people to whom the boys and girls were handed over reportedly included sex shop owners, persons with psychological disorders and parents whose children had committed suicide. It was under this ‘foster care’ that at least two of the victims suffered actual sexual abuse, according to reports.

The criminal organization was busted by police as part of an operation codenamed “Angels and Demons,” which was launched in late summer 2018 after an unnaturally high number of child sex abuse reports were spotted as coming from an area in the Reggio Emilia province. Those arrested, as well as 27 others under investigation, have been charged with mistreatment of minors, violence, abuse of office, fraud and falsifying public records.

Our own Parliament admitted social workers have lied on record, same people who tell sex slave rape victims they were ‘asking for it’ and leave them to sleep outside in the cold on park benches, telling others they were hookers.

“Hotel workers”


Notice how a woman can’t quietly drink at a hotel any more? Every drink may be drugged.

While every man may not be a rapist, a certain level of paranoia is prudent.
If they target you, that’s pretty much it.

The victim blaming in these common cases makes me sick. It’s such a Just World fallacy where men expect if they were a woman, they’d be too smart to get raped… it doesn’t work that way. Predators target. Men are typically much stronger and in groups, impossible to resist. It’s so horrifying they shut their brain to the possibility, that life is really that dangerous for women, that what they most fear about prison is quite a statistical reality for the sex most rapists choose.

I think the real fear of rape is the only reason feminism is clinging on.
After all, the men won’t protect us.

I’m avoiding the internet until this wedding farce is over.

BTW, the father was never going to make the trip. It takes weeks to learn the cues and get the tailoring and co.

It was all PR to make her look doting.

Instead of a callous bitch.

They’ll say the mother or someone doing it is a “powerful feminist statement”.

Usual BS.

I looked up the news in Windsor. To see how very safe it is.

Lots of rapists.


It’s a new thing.

There might even be a rape gang.

Rapists are pairing up!


“Maidenhead” lol

They’ll spend so much on security for an American nobody cares about, meanwhile the white women are meant to just get raped and get over it.

No security money for them.

This seems to be a pattern.

No justice, certainly no real sentences. No deterrence whatsoever.

They also stopped giving out rapist descriptions, which would help women avoid the monsters.

Of course, you can guess why.

Italy marches, remembers why it had a military

You’re open to invasion.
Technically they’ve already been colonized by the EU.
They are quickly realizing that.

The whole purpose of the EU was protection and prosperity.
Small hiccup – it’s run by communists.
They’ve reliably run it into the ground and refuse to protect “their” people.
Because they’re not.
They never expected to speed up the plan this quickly. We weren’t supposed to see.

Number of MSM stories I have seen?


Oh, but here’s a fucking frog. That’s important.

They use a frog, to hide how they’re boiling one.


Meanwhile, it’s fine, it’s all fine.

The EU isn’t run by people who are good with money, they just got it started, with stolen money.