Monoculture goals

There’s freedom of association in action.

I want churches to start banning atheists again.
Picture r/atheism.
“We didn’t want to go there anyway but I have rights!”
No, you don’t. You’d think libertarians would know this.

Japan, a matriarchy

It was all going well until the Chinese invaded.

Nobody wants to talk about it because they’re still doing it.

Now you have two races of “Japanese” women.

Guess which is real.

It still is women-led, but the men just pretend.

Men get allowances from their wives.

I wonder if the weebs will change their position on Japanese supremacy now?

In a race with low sexual dimorphism, I don’t think the matriarchy/patriarchy distinction can be made.

And it varies.

e.g. White Italian – matriarchy

White Greek – patriarchy in places, historically, modernity is a matriarchy.

Those are also very traditional areas.

This is not a coincidence, men in charge seek novelty and progressivism.

Patriarchal areas died out as men socially allowed themselves various self-destructive things, that ruined their societies (and no, they didn’t care) e.g. clubs their daughters would waitress in and strip clubs. Most modern societies are like this, being high-tech and based off America, which seemed initially matriarchal during ideas of a nation as a female (Columbia) extending to mother earth and Britannia while still in the Empire. This, until times of war led to gruelling taxes on some men. To justify this, the cartoon Uncle Sam was over-used for every shake-down and now all the men are in debt (national debt). Hey, at least you got a male-looking representative!

Why did GBP (Sterling) lose its eminence?

Another scintillating round of explaining things that are obvious to me but nobody else, supposedly.

I don’t want to do many Forex posts but I should fully explain myself.

Click to access Schenk_CNEH.pdf

Lessons for Americans.

TLDR: Stupid spending habits including war. Bleeding hearts lead to bleeding wallets.

” I think it’ll be down to crypto and Sterling (not biased, based on structural factors) plus USD if it gets its own structure in order (I live in hope with a bagful of monies) and maybe Germany’s DM once the EU goes tits up.”

Simply look at this chart.

France is screwed because Islamic immigration has turned Paris, its cultural and economic hub, into a gigantic mosque. They committed cultural suicide. They keep voting in more gibs (a French tradition) and their debt/GDP is 96%. They’re done, it’s over. There’ll have to be a civil war.

Japan’s debt/GDP will make your eyes water but the worst of it is the marriage rate. Their IQ means nothing, they’re dead. The cult of collectivist elderly worship means they won’t make the vital spending cuts to save the young and productive. 250.4% as of 2016.

The genuine forces of European might are Germany for pure productivity as you can see and Britain, in part for military might. Historically, we were the reserve currency. We exported language, culture and a sense of suicidal white guilt with a heady Savior Complex. Protestant work ethic isn’t a moral obligation.

Crypto is coming whether the People want it or not. I can’t really explain why, I think it’s stupid.
Never let it be said they passed up an opportunity for control or money.

USD is the wildcard. You could fix it, technically but there’s little incentive.
Most of the voting public don’t understand it isn’t just Russia breathing down your neck but the fatal ship of RussiaxChina, which I will dub Ruina. 

It fits, what can I say?

Raw resources are good but with a shit-tier populace, it doesn’t matter.
Look at all the resources in Africa untouched for millennia. The best capital is intellectual capital and national IQ correlates strongest to GDP.

Two demographic components hardly mentioned are critical, imho.

Population density of K-selected labour – hard-working, patriotic and local-buying. High IQ could be thrown in, plausibly, based on the fact they have high impulse control (grit, low time pref.). From an economic standpoint, kinda important…?

Racial corruption. Nobody wants to talk about that one so I’ll leave it to your imagination. Expected honesty, by contrast, with WEIRD nations and WASP types. You can’t trust a currency controlled by corrupt governments, especially supposedly Marxist ones – Marx was not a fan of wealth and capitalism, to capitalize on investments. You can’t trade with liars and frauds, the wobbly product quality at the very least will ruin your margins. Look up Asian export scandals, there are so, so many. Hey, if you like poison in your baby’s formula, you do you.

You have a better theory, go ahead, hit me with it.

We can make money, we’re in this together. I care when it buys me shoes.

Art that proves geisha weren’t prostitutes

Totally not, perish the thought.

Links are NSFW, in case you didn’t guess. Perverts:

I mean… you’d have to be so crass and uncultured to know about this stuff.

They needed to live next to the red-light districts because rents were cheap!

What is more, genitals are magnified and extremely detailed, with the almost shocking presence of realistic body hair. 

You’d have to be crazy to assume that’s erotic, right?
We can’t assume porn and prostitution were the aim here.

 Depictions of ancient legend and folklore are also common topics, with one of the most unorthodox prints on display by Katasushika Kyosai illustrating a woman being pleasured by an octopus.

The translation of the accompanying text would make even the most hardened viewer blush, once again showing the British Museum’s commitment to a non-censorship policy.

Since we (((all))) know only white women can be whores, huh?

Love hotels totally aren’t an Asian thing.
LBFMs? Never heard of ’em.

It is still indisputable that these pieces are works of art, and the second section “Masterpieces of Shunga 1765-1850” goes on to reveal even more elaborate works. Hand-scroll for the Four Seasonsby Tsukioka Setti is a mesmerising piece of work painted on silk, celebrating the different phases of a woman’s sexuality. The use of gold leaf and even iridescent inks to enhance the presence of bodily fluids is something that seems so alien to traditional European viewings of art that it is both shocking and liberating.

Madonna/Whore also plays into Yellow Fever versus non-Yellow.

Did the children they bear come into being by magic?

Glorify mistresses all you want, there is sex exchanged on one side for money on the other. Okay she’s literate, but so were courtesans. They provide literally the exact same role as European courtesans, and your cultural chinoiserie won’t change that.

Asia was always more degenerate than us, just look at the art. Worse on torture techniques too, than the Medieval Europe era. Men can get tea and conversation from other men. There’s only one thing they’d pay a beautiful woman for in excess…. it isn’t simpering.

And if you think the art had no influence either way on actual behaviour… nothing can cure your stupidity. Europe had chamber art, same function.

“Ukiyo-e expert Gina Collia-Suzuki, in a recent brief but strong blog entry, attacks this notion, asserting that geisha of the Edo period absolutely *did* engage in acts of prostitution, though it should not be confused for being a part of their primary profession.”

Same with courtesans, male ones were primarily entertainers too.
But are entertainers paid that much, to exclusively socialize with only the richest?
Wouldn’t sexual exclusivity make a little more sense..?

“Collia-Suzuki also claims that Mineko Iwasaki, the geisha whose life, revealed through interviews, was the basis of Arthur Golden’s novel, was essentially lying when she denied that the mizuage ceremony involved the selling of a geisha’s virginity for money.”

It’s embarrassing we pedestal anyone like this.

I’m not disrespecting anyone, I’m being accurate.
I don’t want to post all of these because that isn’t my type of blog but…

So respectful!

They’re just wrestling, right? Totally innocent.

JUST KISSING – what any sane person would conclude.

Her legs need to be open because all that silk is hot and she’s just… ventilating… yeah… sexy ventilating…

 But in actuality, the centuries of shunga speak for themselves, offering a joyous and sensational viewing experience.


They speak louder than any weeaboo on the subject.

There are so many more links on this topic but honestly, this is so obvious that I’m embarrassed I have to post about it. Are you new to the internet?

Link: Is the Japanese IQ advantage based on diet?

It would be Omega 3, not 6.

I vaguely recollect reading about a study I can’t find, that said when children have higher omega 3, their IQ is boosted but if the ratio is tilted to higher omega 6, it depresses IQ. I think it was a study on breast milk?

One of the many reasons maternal IQ is so important.

A father’s health is important prior to and at conception.

I’d like a follow-up study on white diets because ours is almost wholly omega 6.

Omega 3 is naturally found in breast milk. More important than saving for college.
I understand that some mothers can’t breastfeed but they should try.
Breastfeeding and Other Early Influencers on Children’s IQ
I believe the study was about one of these?
“Was it the breast milk? Some studies are starting to focus on the nutrients, such as the fatty acids docosahexaenoicacid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA), present in breast milk, but there’s no solid evidence that these are responsible for enhancing neural connections or promoting development of cognitive regions of the brain.”

There’s no solid evidence that smoking one cigarette causes lung cancer, either.

When you push whites too far

Someone’s seen this classic.

What’s the opposite of white guilt? Whatever it is, America had it, once.

They literally invent new forms of war every time you fuck with them.
European Civil War is a hobby. WW3 will just be World Civil War. It’s 4th generation.
There’s a definite strain of rage, whether it’s MAO genes or something else.

Nobody talks about Napalm and I think that’s a shame.

Who could look at OJ and think Imma murder the fuck outta someone with this.

Madmen, that’s who.
It’s strange to watch non-whites poke the polar bear with a massive military budget.

Even Saints have a limit on their patience.

America doesn’t lead the world

What leaps out to you, from this?

What is Japan doing?

What is Japan NOT doing?

Japan was mocked and derided by Western liberals for being culturally homogenous and racially pure. They have a notoriously hard immigration system… and economically, the place without parasites will thrive in comparison to those who invite them.

Expect this connection to go unnoticed in the MSM.
But the Japanese know it, good for them: