Ashkenazi tracked to Turkey

Have you noticed three facts about DNA testing?

1.a lot of Jews are funding collection and keeping the data (FROM anyone else)

2.they admit they want to use it for ‘medical research’ (vague AF)

3.they also fund immortality and generic ‘health’ programs including GE

GE= genetic engineering if you’re not up on terms.
Including designer babies, which recently became legal in the UK with 3-parent precedent.

The paper in the Guardian about youthful blood should’ve really spiked your interest.
The Boomers will do anything to stick around kicking, they funded all this sci-fi research from the beginning, they intend to cash out.
Why ask young people exclusively to donate blood, that doesn’t make any sense. Surely all blood is good, it’s the same blood. Unless they don’t want it for transfusions. Read the terms carefully. And there’s never enough. Sounds like a sample, rather than a legitimate use.

Rhesus research is right near the top of that list of topics but I don’t know much about it.
There’s a lot of misinformation which doesn’t rustle me whatsoever.
I do know it’s most common in Whites (primal Europeans), much like the longevity studies focusing precisely on NW Europe and especially Italy (it isn’t the diet, saps) but so is Rhesus-neg. There is no such thing as coincidence in conversations of genetics and genealogy.

What’s unusual about the history of NW Europe?
It invented basically everything, in historical terms it’s the most eugenic population.
Italy for artists of the Renaissance, France for philosophers, Germany for composers and writers and Britain for scientists and inventors.

Look up anything I just said. There are too many links to post and obviously some are too dangerous for the uneducated masses so I’d be linking to a paywall. Did you know you can pirate academic papers now? I don’t think you should, but academia has been screwed along with Hollywood.

Video: Questioning any Jew = anti-Semitism

And it means you must believe in lizard people, while we’re packing that strawman tight.

I like the part where he rubs his hands.

Have you noticed that fidgeting is a trait in liars?

I keep trying to link these things but the sites involved won’t let me embed. Other people sure, but not me.


One Jew speaks for all, right? Totally logical, huh.

Is it really unbiased to conduct research apparently hostile to the motivations of your group? Especially since you’re hostile of their motivations before you even know them? Are you Jewish or not? He tries to claim Jew but not Jew, my fellow white but better? It’s confusing to watch.

I like it when they vaguely refer to sacrifice considering the amount of slaughter in the Talmud.
How about you quote from the Talmud about gentiles to prove how peaceful it is?

That’s what Muslims do and we all know how nice they are.

This misuse of the term scapegoat also needs to stop. Scapegoats are innocent, love. Are Jews somehow superhuman Chosen People, blameless and spotless and incapable of doing wrong?
Equality means you can call out anyone on their BS. Anyone. Your religion is no more an excuse than a Christian, while we’re talking Judeo-Christian mythos.
Does every group have unfair stereotypes? Duh.
But everyone does, so making this all about Jews… doesn’t work. Special pleading is a fallacy.Like Jews are the only put-upon, oppressed group.

Except, the data says they’re privileged. Really, really privileged. Like, substantially more likely to be a member of an elite profession or group, privileged. Undeniable privilege. Can we not question authority now?

Aren’t you liberals? Why censor random internet bullshit, if it’s ridiculous?

Why not blonde jokes and porn?

You wanted identity politics and you got it. Asians are now replacing Jews on campus. Always marrying those with power, Jews are now predictably marrying out to Asians instead of Europeans, see Zuck himself. If you keep bringing up Judaism, people will assume it’s relevant.

Zionism is completely separate. Criticism of Israel is different. One is an ideology and a domineering one, the other a state that governs people well or badly.

You are not without sin because of who your parents were, especially in discussions of privilege. A better question would be to ask the Jews making you look bad, why they’re doing it?

Ah, but you can’t even openly question your fellow Jews, can you? Telling.

Guess it’s back to non sequitur and ad hominem. It won you the last few elections, right?

It’s a bit like the race card. If you keep playing it, the term eventually means nothing.
You can’t even admit if it’s a race, religion or both. You treat it like both so other people follow. There are rafts of DNA studies to support this. Don’t be anti-science.

Nobody is exempt from questions of privilege.

Justice is blind. We don’t give a shit who you are, we care about what you’re doing.

Jews caught playing both sides

It’s so blatant.

You imported and voted a Muslim into Mayor of London.

You’re fucked.

We gave you everything including shelter and you imported the people who actually wanted to kill you.

Bear in mind, most Jews live in London.

Goldsmith lost.

You wanted to make Muslims the victims.

Fools. Now we all go down together.