Cohen, huh?

Don’t be paranoid. Be an easy mark but don’t be paranoid. Trump has Jewish grandchildren and there’s a Jewish guy still releasing blackmail material on him because he didn’t do exactly what his group wanted. That is amazing. He must feel like consequences don’t apply. Sweet privilege to have.

As for the daughter, she isn’t just a stupid weakling who refuses to leave a cheating husband (Jewish men always cheat), she’s vain too.
His daughter is fugly. Behold her real face.

That’s her real nose and it’s smaller than Michael Jackson at present.
Most necessary rhinoplasty in human history. There are porn stars less plastic than her. Please stop giving fake people attention. Everything about her face was made to look more Aryan (cheekbone and chin implants!), then she has kids with a Jew. There are issues with her, you can’t tell me otherwise.

She even got a regular black woman’s mouth reduced, it was definitely an Aryan motive and not a Hollywood one.

How is plastic surgery still legal? Allowing people to chop up and kill their own flesh isn’t mutilation?

Part of her is dead in the trash somewhere. That is freaky.

Lying about financial capital would get you arrested, what about erotic?

Played both sides

The historical fact is that there is no question whatsoever that George Soros genuinely was a Nazi collaborator as a young man. He is a self-admitted Nazi collaborator, who freely volunteered that he found the experience to have been a positive and exhilarating one. Any claim or assertion that he was not a Nazi collaborator is a deliberate falsehood and should be called out immediately. The absurd thing about this historical revisionism is that in addition to all of the existing video evidence, the Hungarian government, which is obviously no friend to Soros, possesses all the relevant records.

Those whom the gods love die young.

He’s the poster child for Jewish privilege, it’s the one reason he didn’t swing from a rope.

Nowadays he wouldn’t get away with it of course.
Nowadays we have DNA tests. Real ones.

Maybe that’s why Jews own Big DNA.

Israel digs its own grave

You import people who hate you, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Guards lose to Mob. Ask the French King.


The highest IQ of a century ago didn’t breed! How many kids did Einstein have? Three, married twice. To my knowledge, his line is gone now or very dilute. Kids of divorce don’t breed much either.

Edison, white, had many children. Two wives, no divorce. Six kids. His line is pretty much long gone too. Only one of those had kids. One out of six!

You could be full r and have a thousand kids. If they don’t reproduce past one or two generations, it’s over.