Video: Cuck Whedon and the Dollar Signs

Don’t give them traffic, watch this video. Or any but the official one.

These people LIE – FOR A LIVING.
Excuse me while I cancel my online Marvel subscriptions. Digital comics, check, racist cartoons ripping off mecha anime, check, sexualisation of Black Widow films, check, sell my merch on eBay, check, sign up to DC and buy everything, check, change all my review scores, repost and reblog the various scandals they’re covering up ScarJo’s old nose….

Read about Blackface Jr and how he defended Mel Gibson.

Hell, now even I wanna vote Trump to piss Cuck Whedon off.What’s he gonna do, ragequit disappointing kid’s films?

Yeah that's.... actually what we pictured.

Yeah that’s…. actually what we pictured.

He isn’t even fronting his own video.

All they keep doing is throwing the same Ad Hom BS, his hair, his skin colour (irony) but white Americans are sick of being the butt of jokes. It’s like everything they throw makes him more powerful and nobody gave a shit about his tax returns until some normalfag on reddit was dumb enough to suggest they’d throw the book at e.g. Trump for doing the same thing as Emma Watson in the Panama Papers leak (sorry). These people use slave labour on their sets, in their homes and watching their children. They are not moral paragons. Fascist fist in a silken glove. How dare they try and tell you who to vote for? Was the balls-up of Civil War not enough? Not in the comics, we already have the shitshow of Civil War II.

Worst of all, RDJ is a billionaire too. He is literally in the same yacht.
And Republican!

They’re going on about minimum wage, I have an idea. Take it out of white actor’s salaries. They’re all paid too much off objecitification of women, sexualization of youth and glamourization of violence. They hate guns but they pack on their bodyguards meeting 11-year olds. Call it a Social Justice Tax, they said rich people needed to pay more, right? You first, and publish your tax returns first too. And white straight men banned from Comic-Con, can you imagine?
How dare they release this while the bodies of NYC are still turning cold? What about those grieving families, you sheltered little shits? They’re honestly trying to call him a world-ruining disease? Disease, with the way Clinton’s going, really? Isn’t that anti-Semitic too since Trump has Jews in the close family and they used to be compared to plague-carrying rats out to infect the world? Reminds me of Labour over here.

re nuclear war, this woman is a sociopath, she has laughed on tape about allowing an adult man to rape a girl, and she said recently

“I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran. In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.”

She’s a warmonger like Obama and possibly has dementia ffs.

This is like a popularity K/O for RDJ, most people are not tumblr. He’s the only important person here. It’s like Hiddleston’s Taylor t-shirt, his star will wane from now on. I know a lot of political neutrals, veering left culturally, and even they’re turned off. One said “hasn’t the latest comic propaganda been enough?”

Our communities? Our America? WTF, America. They dare try and give you a civics lesson with kid’s movie stars? What’s next, putting a little moustache on Trump to twirl?
…I don’t know what I expected.

You know what? Most Trump fans aren’t even real conservatives. Not the economic and social kind. They just hate what the Left has become and the way it screwed the poor, black or white. I saw a Soros riot tonight and it’s so plain to see. People want Trump for cultural Conservatism, to have an America to talk about. United. Not ghetto, divided communities, plural.

Right-wingers OWN the topic of low time preference.

“Help protect this country from fear and ignorance”
What about child rapists and public terrorism? Not the Casper-White Bogeymen, Messers Patriarchy and System-Haunted Racism?
This is like something from Idiocracy, for real.

Why didn’t they wear the fucking capes too?

Update: forgot top-rated reactions.

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Joss Whedon is into femme BDSM and other Issues

Every project includes a minimum of one female of precise Type, shoehorned in no matter how much it jars. Preferably, the entire project and plot is shaped around them and their humiliation (physical and verbal) of the men. Let’s go through a few character profiles and see if you spot a pattern. Or skip to the bolded conclusion at the end.

Yes, that is a whip.

Yes, that is a whip.

spoilers ahoy, duh

Buffy – the prototype plot

virginal schoolgirl (alarm bells should be ringing) develops special powers and uses them to beat up men (evil vampires) every night

She sLAYS them

She sLAYS them

She has a gang of orbiters including a lesbian and a sexy father figure character whose title is Watcher. For her. Out of every girl in the world. She defends her lovers when she acquires them as if she were a jock with ‘roid rage.

You don't own him, he isn't a puppy.

You don’t own him, he isn’t a puppy.

She discovers some vampires can be good (in bed) and spares them until she finds something better and they leave town on her orders. She saves the world multiple times despite being a complete ditz with emotional instability issues and has a literal death wish. She chooses to die to protect the world and runs her mouth for entire episodes on how she wished she had stayed dead. This happens twice.

Zombie Jesus: Feminist Edition.

Zombie Jesus: Feminist Edition.

There’s even an entire musical number on it. It is psychologically disturbed. Naturally, she beats up demonic entities, who all happen to be male. All the evil guys are male, ever. Spoiler: Any female evil isn’t really evil, she was forced or misled or is doing it for a secretly noble reason. I’m being serious, those are the plots of Whedon stories. He can’t even get Monster of the Week right.

It’s times like this I feel the Borderline Personality criteria were based on this type of crazy bitch. One episode, she’s in an asylum. Prima role model.

Sure, great characters.

Sure, he’s a ‘genius’.

Now you have the gist plot-wise and the appeal to loser men and feminists, his female characters and co. display…


And the fans wonder why Firefly was cancelled.

And the fans wonder why Firefly was cancelled with hipster dialogue like that.

Superhuman Power

TK is sexy now. As are death threats?

TK is sexy now. As are death threats?

Sexualized Baby Talk

And she's one of the best characters, trust.

And she’s one of the best characters, trust.

Leader, minus the dirty work

You can tell she's cool because she's got kooky hair.

You can tell she’s cool because she’s got kooky hair.

Sexually dominant female

Notice she's of questionable race, vaguely Asian for the fetishist in the target male demo!

Notice she’s of questionable race, vaguely Asian for the hentai fetishist in the target male demo! Plus spaceships!

Body part humour

This is where hipsters picked up their ironic sense of humour.

Is this musical intended for adults? This is where hipsters picked up their ironic sense of humour.

Disrespectful Attitude towards men, as a good thing

Why did no one slap her in this scene? Just tying her to a chair. No actual beating, like every male counterpart?

Why did no one torture her in this scene? Just tying her to a chair. No actual beating, like every male counterpart in an interrogation ?

Never gets hurt

This scene made no sense.

This scene made no sense.

Of course, search all you please for other examples of Girl Power in Whedon’s work (i.e. women fucking over/fighting men and always metaphorically winning) but you’ll notice the Strong Female Character wins in the literal sense too. Black Widow closed the portal in Avengers preventing further invasion (Freudian vagina joke?), Stark’s sacrifice meant nothing to the plot (one pump chump?). Snuck that one past the fanboys, didn’t he?

like I believe that tosh

Stop asking awkward questions.

Stop asking the awkward sex question.

I theorize this exertion of domination over men enjoyed by the beta/below demo of his works are a means of projecting the alpha qualities they subconsciously wish they had themselves and rationalizing them as a sexual release. Psychologically, it makes sense and explains why certain Modern Males like “bitches”. They’ve been trained to.