Link: There is no innocence under the law of karma

Untrue on the titular point, there is physical innocence and over-reliance on the assumption of making amends, but a good read on how divine justice might work.

Not my usual post but on a path less trodden.


Video: Social karma

Who wants to marry the bitter people, blaming the opposite sex for their issues?
Who wants to go into business with gossips and idlers?
Who wants to be friends with the people who will never change, whatever the evidence?
Who will stick around when the backstabbers are left all alone?

I call this social karma.

In old age, a person who suffers, generally speaking, deserves it.

Why didn’t you save more money?
Why don’t your old friends wanna hang out?

They’ve had all this time and squandered it utterly.

A topical example I can see coming are the Champagne Socialists expecting Mummy and Daddy’s inheritance. These people always vote far Left as humanly possible, support mass immigration and base their non-job career choices on the knowledge their parents will leave them with a fortune.

Except, they won’t.

Most of their parents are frittering it on holidays and cars and that materialist BS. The apple doesn’t fall far.
And even if they do inherit something, how much tax will they pay? It’s just over 50% here, what with estate and sales taxes, not inc VAT.

They attend demos with signs and scream TAX THE RICH.

Dipshits, you are the idle rich. You are an heir. 

What isn’t taxed away (the tax regimes they voted in, beautifully), they will also fritter away in a few short years, well before retirement age, because they have no idea what the value of money is, how to use it, invest it or earn it. They’ll end their lives poor. Odds are, they’ll be working in shops alongside the immigrants they voted to let in. The ones renowned for being difficult to live with.

Don’t pity these people, it’s physics. They create these circumstances, you can create others.
Action, reaction. They slowly but surely ruin their lives.
Others are more obvious about it, stealing, cheating on loved ones, but in general they all end up alone and fully deserve to be.

The girl who used to be hot in school is an early example. You will see these people gradually get their comeuppance in the most unexpected ways. Truth is stranger than fiction.

My advice?

Enjoy the show.

ah yes toast drinking damon ian nodding

In general, everyone likes those who treat them well, and deserve to be treated well in kind. This type do well.
Overall, those who behave badly and live with a mind to manipulate or hurt others fail at life.

Video: How to get revenge on the Left

#1-#1,000 pieces of advice = Don’t take pity on them.
Write it out a thousand times to get it in your head.

Turn your attention to your own and you will never run out of worthy people to help. Take pity on people who don’t deserve their lot, for the people who did the right thing and tried to be good. Save charity for good people. Bad people making excuses deserve the scorn of reality hitting them upside the face like a shovel, this is the ultimate justice and divine karma. Who are we to question the wheel of fortune? Exclude them, as rabbits fear this above all else, and mock them if they seek to emotionally blackmail you (how DARE they) after treating you like dirt when in power.

I would like to share a quote.

“And now, they find their Day is over! their power gone! and the throne of this nation possessed by a Royal, English, true, and ever constant member of, and friend to, the Church of England! Now, they find that they are in danger of the Church of England’s just resentments! Now, they cry out, “Peace!” “Union!” “Forbearance!” and “Charity!”: as if the Church had not too long harboured her enemies under her wing! and nourished the viperous blood, till they hiss and fly in the face of the Mother that cherished them!
No, Gentlemen! the time of mercy is past! your Day of Grace is over! you should have practised peace, and moderation, and charity, if you expected any yourselves!” ~ Daniel Defoe