Link: Selling cuckoldry to wives

omg I heard this was real but really? What’s the point of being married, then?

aaaand of course it’s written by a dude

an “expert”

Men are trash. Trashy men. That kinda “man”. Who DOES that?

I am so disgusted but clearly Hollywood’s been warming up to this.

I was researching vintage wedding advice for a friend and this kept coming up. Completely neutral ‘marriage advice’ searches. “Hotwifing” is adultery, it’s disgusting. R-types need to take their shitty pair bonding to the divorce office or better, never marry. There was also a lot of random “femdom” kink, which appears to be related. While possibly harmless, what’s to stop any of that turning abusive? Especially in divorce court.

“My male friends don’t wanna sleep with me”

There’s a simple test to see what the men around you (really) want.

Tell them outright you’ll never sleep with them. Proceed to never flirt with them ever again. Do not acknowledge any overture.

NB. You may use a timer to watch how fast they disappear when they realize you’re serious.

Unless you look like this, in which case they'll stick around to bask in your glow and try to fuck your friends instead.

Unless you look like this, in which case they’ll stick around to bask in your glow and try to fuck your friends instead.

If they see you as a guy, that is a problem if you develop feelings for one of them. You will be an unusual case of female friendzoning. If they don’t see you as a guy, they have thought about fucking you. At least once. Men don’t consider such things seriously. It’s prime daydreaming material. They have probably thought about positions and kinks and how much you’d do too. However, any straight male with a semi-attractive female friend will have thought about sleeping with her. They have. Ask them. Credit the honest ones. This isn’t a flaw with men, it is a feature of their sexual strategy. It makes it easy for we womenfolk to get their attention. As for holding it, you’re on your own. Get some good LTR game and learn to be a conversationalist. Have interesting hobbies that mark you out as better than other women. Read real books.

Few women would dare take this test. They know the result would be a net loss of attention and we can’t have that now, can we?

No? Excuses? Exactly. What a surprise.