Comic: Traditionalism is the future

“I had a comic I cannot find for the life of me, each generation was passing on a scroll but the 20th century refused it and wrote their own.”

Guess what.


As written in Empire and Economics;

the anti-dote to the modern and postmodern cancers is Traditionalism.

There’s no way around this.

The only question left is which form plus details.

Belief and Moore’s paradox

I saw someone point out that PC is mostly Moore’s paradox denying reality.

In case you want to read on the topic of Moore’s paradox.

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“As Alex Byrne (2005) puts the point, our epistemic access to our own beliefs is both “peculiar” and “privileged”.”

I’d relate this to thought-terminating cliche.

White people + danger + Adam and Eve

An example of how criticizing white people can be funny (because it’s true), fine (because it’s put in a polite way) and not anti-white.

I’d argue that adventuring spirit is the reason we had Empires.

And for That’s Not Sexist Because It’s In the Bible.

I already know this but it’s well put. I find it funny when fake manosphere Christians bring up Eve like that’s a real point. Are you missing a rib too? And Lilith is Jewish. There’s no such thing as Judeo-Christian because Nietzsche came up with that to trash-talk two religions at once et cetera et cetera…

It’s good to explain to these people what really happened – according to the Bible they do not read except in snippets on wikipedia.

A man did something he knew would make God mad – and the woman got blamed for it. I’ll take World History for $100.

Based on a literal reading of this fact, women can educate themselves with as much knowledge as they want with God’s blessing aka only men are forbidden from knowledge. Probably because you know, what they do with it.

~nukes going off in the distance~

So, if we’re being pedantic like many male theology students, Christian only universities should be women’s only universities, right?

Or do we only apply the one-sided stuff when women get the short end of the passage (like explicitly mentioning female virginity because it was written by horny men)?

Double standards are fine if there is a sound reason given at the same time (so in this case, in the Bible, preferably same gospel). In that case, I think it’s presumed men would be virgins upon marriage based on the rarity and expense of prostitutes. Nowadays all you need to do is buy them a drink.

Yet it never mentions whether it was OK if she lost her virginity to the man she was marrying….

hmm did not know nice surprised hot

It kinda reminds me of the hypocrisy (always wrong) of the hijab/niqab/burka – if it’s really about modesty, the men would wear them too.

Like old nun clothing, matched up to priest clothing. Fair standard. No free rides here, sinner.

Pretending to be an expert doesn’t make you one, says Common Sense, also science

The redditfags will be so disappoint. [Did you hear the latest theory that SJWs are trying to turn reddit into an exclusively SJW site? and they expect it to retain any creativity? let it crash and burn]

New research reveals that the more people think they know about a topic in general, the more likely they are to allege knowledge of completely made-up information and false facts, a phenomenon known as “overclaiming.” The findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

aka Being a Filthy Fucking Liar.

Expresses my feelings on this issue
Try debating with a reddit atheist, it’s the same tired arguments ad nauseum and they genuinely believe they’re being original. I didn’t even start off religious (I was reading Kant gimme a break) and these people convinced me to take up spirituality out of spite.

bored have you heard enough listening tired no please stop go Lestat IWTV

As expected, people who saw themselves as financial wizards were most likely to claim expertise of the bogus finance terms.

I have tried this at cocktail parties (oh really? that’s funny because I made it up). Their faces are priceless. Only do in front of an audience of people they want to impress after the little weasel tried to outwit you in front of them first.

“The more people believed they knew about finances in general, the more likely they were to overclaim knowledge of the fictitious financial terms,” Atir says. “The same pattern emerged for other domains, including biology, literature, philosophy, and geography.”

dis gonna be good anticipation pull up a chair listen watch

“For instance,” Atir explains, “people’s assessment of how much they know about a particular biological term will depend in part on how much they think they know about biology in general.”

Explains all those newfangled sexualities we keep hearing about.
As if there can be any such thing as a new sexuality. Note it’s self-perception and desirability bias likely heavily factors in (narcissists) over genuine meta-cognition, which is humble and seeking.

The research team warns that a tendency to overclaim, especially in self-perceived experts, may actually discourage individuals from educating themselves in precisely those areas in which they consider themselves knowledgeable—leading to potentially disastrous outcomes.

They don’t want anyone capable of outing them.

For example, failure to recognize or admit one’s knowledge gaps in the realm of finance or medicine could easily lead to uninformed decisions with devastating consequences for individuals.

My default response to enquiries is “I don’t know” 10/10 because I’m lazy. If they know I’m lying, maybe I help. Maybe. Because honestly, I’m not a public service.

“Continuing to explore when and why individuals overclaim may prove important in battling that great menace—not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge,” the research team concludes.

Littlefinger would own you at Rock Paper Scissors

Littlefinger has all the answers. Littlefinger will never tell.

That’s why no one else knows the answers. Nobody can kill him.

Why Street Smarts beat Book Smarts


“Some information, while useless under most circumstances, can be found to hold immense value under other conditions. Having knowledge of hunting, skinning and butchering is useless for most people – until, of course, they find themselves in a situation in which they need that knowledge in order to survive.

That’s where information holds its value – when it is necessary for survival. Since surviving is becoming less and less of an issue for people every year, the only other true use of information – arguably an even more important use – is to give people the opportunity to thrive.”


The goal of book learning is to provide information. The good reader applies that information. If the book is false or misleading (see: the $200k Modern College ‘Experience’) they are doomed to fail in the real world. By design. The system doesn’t care once you’re pumped for cash and gone.


Buy the  expensive textbooks (HBS etc) secondhand and go to the cheapest possible college to get your credits. Read free online resources. There are alternatives to college. You can hack the college system to graduate early and painlessly (they won’t tell you about, obviously).

Take the Pirate approach to life and learning and I swear it gets better