Trump supporters better people

For their society.


I want a Ghostbusters parody of SJWs hunting down white people.
One of the characters is called Django.

Meanwhile, in the Glorious U of K.

My knowledge of the Koran is rusty, but as part of taqiyya, they’re allowed to play friends right up until the day they break down your door in the night, beat you and slit your throat, as happened in places like Yugoslavia. Why do you think the mosques are importing firearms? To use on their neighbours in a Western-tech ethnic cleansing of the West.

I believe one of the phrases is “you may smile at the kuffar but in our hearts we curse them”.

Khan’s threats aren’t fooling anyone, even normies are now double-taking. Nobody really trusts the press anymore (see GE polling vs election results for proof).

The most concerning feature of the rumours is a series of uniforms going missing.
In a terrorist attack or time of civil unrest, who do you run to? Police, ambulancemen, soldiers.

Correction, it’s We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.

When you shake a hand, there could still be a knife in the other.

Jahiliyya means their laughable impression of cultural supremacy, expressed in mosques and political positions of power. Khan’s election consolidates this. I fail to see how starving your own people of water due to stupidity and abusing the vulnerable counts as ideal.,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Friendship_with_Non-Muslims

Facebook is censoring Mohammed images

Even though it doesn’t say anything about that in the Koran, and no, I’m not calling some desert-dwelling paedophile a “prophet”. He hardly predicted the Crusades, did he?

“The Quran does not explicitly forbid images of Muhammadwikipedia, home of SJWs

The court also said if the ruling was not adhered to, Facebook access would be wholly removed in the country, according to Hurriyet Daily News.

And people wonder why he’s called Fuckerberg.


New Islamic Caliphate wishes to punish hypocrites before Jews

“The greater answer is in the noble Koran, when Allah Almighty speaks about the near enemy.  In the majority of verses in the noble Koran, these are the hypocrites, for they pose a greater danger than the original infidels [born non-Muslims, e.g., Jews and Christians].”


Everyone complaining about Halal meat in the UK

what did you expect? Really?
The purpose of religion is conversion.

High time preference people need to go away and leave us in peace

Some people are only starting to care about religious intrusion now it’s taking their bacon away at Subway.
Better late than never I suppose.
No mention of Kosher, which is equally vile and cruel.
The biggest problem with both is the issue no one will discuss: it’s religious SACRIFICE.
You’re eating a ritual sacrifice. If you’re not that religion, that’s a problem.