Liberals hate themselves

Unhappy, same thing.

Scholars on both the left and right have studied this question extensively, and have reached a consensus that it is conservatives who possess the happiness edge. Many data sets show this. For example, the Pew Research Center in 2006 reported that conservative Republicans were 68 percent more likely than liberal Democrats to say they were “very happy” about their lives. This pattern has persisted for decades. The question isn’t whether this is true, but why.

Trying to tear down the happy just makes you more miserable.

The guilt rots them from the inside, it’s great to watch, you can trace it on their features. First smug, then concerned, then doubtful, disillusioned, hopeless, angry, depressed, sullen.

So capitalists are smarter, happier, donate to charity more and are better-looking?

Shit, I’d want equality too!

Leftists, what happens after Revolution?

He knows more than he lets on.

It’s a funny question to ask them because in most bloody rebellions, they’re the kind of people who wouldn’t last five minutes.

So the only honest answer is: be buried.

The champagne socialists of the middle class have never been poor. Even that! They’ve never been hungry. They’ve never been without family support, friend connections from school. There’s always been that support network to rely on, someone who cares. Their political groups provide this alumni circle function, totally insular and exclusive. The activists among them have no poor friends. They might feel bad. Out of sight, out of mind. They don’t care.

Like Robin Hood, only the rich can afford to LARP as saviour to the poor.

Their predictions are wrong. It’s the public school man’s opinion of the public.

What don’t the poor have?

Someone who cares.

The people who claim to care about them really don’t.

Look at all the rape gangs as a prime example. Who are certain people paid to protect?

With the middle class, everything is about money.

You might say status but you’d be wrong. They’d rather take money than a boost in status. The money can be parlayed into status in part and the rest enjoyed.

I’ve seen this, I know that’s the way it happens.

The only Millennials dumb enough to invest in the stock market.

The only young people dumb enough to become lawyers, oblivious to the fact it’s only expensive work if you’re high IQ. Otherwise you’re another monkey in a suit… or a gorilla.

You see, these “revolutionary” people want the world to change.

Why? Well, they think their bubble is safe. They think the world changing wouldn’t affect their stock portfolio. I’ve seen and heard the whining. They assume everyone has money to invest (no normal friends).

They’ll be the most shocked of all.

Be careful what you wish for.

In a Communist society, all their savings are wiped out.

In a return to capitalism, the cronies steal their savings, all their savings are wiped out.

In a hard reset to fuck-all, ….. all their savings are wiped out.

Look at the comment section.

You’d think these Marxists were paid-up Tory members!

They believe, hilariously, that they have only money to gain.

They don’t understand their gains are ill-gotten and can vanish suddenly.

And they will.

They will.

SJWs hate the Left

The free speech Left.

That is waiting for you.

That is your ally.

That is what you’re left with, if it’s Just The Left. Domestic terrorism.


This is a step in the right direction, but fascism is more centred around the people and culture than a simple authoritarian system structure based on someone you can’t dissent from and vote out. We already have that with Juncker of the EU. Lenin, Mao, Stalin…. it isn’t rare.

Starve the beast. They don’t believe in property, they shouldn’t be given any filthy capitalist money. Let them set up an anti-fa commune and they’re free not to associate with evil whitey or whoever else oppresses them with civilization.

Neither group wishes to give up the freedom of association nor the right to life (and self-determination).

Necessarily included in the right of association is the freedom not to associate with others.  There is no right for any individual to join a particular association if other members of the group decide not to include them or to expel them on the basis that their membership was not compatible with the aims and interests of the association.

It’s about who owns the land.

You didn’t build that.


If you stole it, I can steal it too.

Are you sure you want to inherit this? Are you quite sure?

Watch it for five minutes. I bet you can scarcely struggle two.

What, would anti-fa support Trump defaulting on the national debt, since property isn’t a thing?

China owns your asses.

“As of the end of August, according to the Treasury, entities in Mainland China owned $1,200,500,000,000 in U.S. Treasury securities.”

check it:

That’s just embarrassing.

A potentially serious short-term problem would emerge if China decided to suddenly reduce their liquid U.S. financial assets significantly…. The initial effect could be a sudden and large depreciation in the value of the dollar… and a sudden and large increase in U.S. interest rates … The dollar depreciation by itself would not cause a recession since it would ultimately lead to a trade surplus (or smaller deficit), which expands aggregate demand…. However, a sudden increase in interest rates could swamp the trade effects and cause (or worsen) a recession. Large increases in interest rates could cause problems for the U.S. economy, as these increases reduce the market value of debt securities, causing the prices on the stock market to fall, undermining efficient financial intermediation, and jeopardizing the solvency of various debtors and creditors. Resources may not be able to shift quickly enough from interest-sensitive sectors to export sectors to make this transition fluid.’”

China’s gonna stab you to death with a knife that reads MADE IN AMERICA.
Was the iPhone worth it?



Debt as % of GDP


You are producing less than you owe.
Recession doesn’t have a concrete definition but that should be it.

And from NASDAQ’s site, conspiracy truther alt right site that it is. #fakenews

I know this and I’m barely paying attention. Why don’t you?

Click off the hentai porn and onto some numbers.

The leftist dream

What they claim it to be. It’s a dream because it’ll never happen.

It’s like letting a 12yo fly a plane.
A hairdresser perform surgery.
They think running the world is less complicated than these skills.

Worse, they think the poster children of politics are the real leaders.

Useful idiots, indeed.

The real dream? Chaos.

correction ohuhno idiots

By valid, do you mean illegal?

Behold, our moral superiors!

R-types are violent rapists

Since Brexit and Trump’s election the pretty veil of Lefty sweetness has totally gone.


Would-be, at least. Is this not incitement?

I’ve seen a lot of this …hate speech…

This is what they think of their fellow citizens, this is why they’ll happily betray and see us women raped.

They held up signs about raping Melania. They think it’s funny. There’s your ‘male feminist.’

They don’t belong in a First World democracy.

They are not humane.
They do not believe in equality or rights. 

They are not liberals, but they are the Left and it’s been that way for a while now.

The left always go fascist eventually. Famine, gulags and death squads.

Pro-abortion children’s propaganda

Children’s Book About Abortion: My ‘Sister Is a Happy Ghost!’

But remember, only the Nazis did propaganda and if you call it Sex Ed it doesn’t count as grooming nor political.

How is this not grooming? I dare them to distinguish it in practice.
Asking them to celebrate their own death and robbing them of a childhood free from adult concerns.


We need the Old Testament God, full of wrath and revenge, Jesus won’t be enough.
They don’t need a peck on the cheek so much as a punch in the face.

>Killing murderers? Rapists? Stoning adulterers? No, evil. Death penalty for crime? Inhumane.
>Killing Sindy’s baby brother? Killing grandpa because his medical bills are expensive for the state? A-OK!

Seriously where is God in this. I’m turning redditfag.
This would’ve been some Monty Python shit in the 70s.

The toddler author was as innocent, and therefore deserving of a voice, as their dead sibling.

Women used to lose most babies to disease and, being humane, grieved the loss. Now we can prevent most disease, they seem to kill them out of spite, because they want a ‘freedom’ to fuck without reproduction, a responsibility attached to the right, when that is the literal purpose of sex. Enjoyment is secondary, even men can ejaculate without orgasm. QED. The body would not allow us to have sex without the possibility of reproduction and you see this with many diseases that prevent enjoyment as conception odds go down, as well as common aging, where men can’t get it up and women can’t do the various things required either. Doctors fix enjoyment complaints by replicating fertility. When we call someone sexy, we refer to perceived nubility.

The soul only exists when it’s convenient to the atheists.


There is a side nobody has pointed out, so it falls to me.
These people don’t know kids. In an age that celebrates self-harm and practically speaking, gives kids extra affection for it, telling a child being dead is fun and desirable and preferable to living with their whore of mother will cause…. suicides. Yup. Once again, liberals causing a social problem and making it worse.

However, I would fully support this book on condition, if the cover was an HD, full-colour picture of a late-term aborted fetus, and they changed the title to Look at what Mommy did to me.

Subtitle: But I’m sure she loves you.

If they can admit that to themselves, go ahead. Look at what you did and look the child in the eye and tell them it was right.

Price listings for the body parts of the supposed non-human homo sapien on the back cover.

Yet we bury miscarriages and still births.

This is why aliens hate us.

Brexit news

Forgive the formatting I’m writing from a swish bar.
“Cleese accused Mr Juncker of “threatening” Britain and branded David Cameron’s attempts at reform a failure as he revealed he will be supporting Vote Leave on June 23.
He also said Britain had been “swimming against the tide” in its bid to bring about change in Brussels, where bureaucrats had taken away “any trace of democratic accountability”.
The actor then dismissed claims Britain would struggle to set up free trade deals after leaving the EU, writing: “There’s been trading for millenia…I can’t see that stopping.”

boom suck it
“The warning comes as a Foreign Office minister warned Britain will be completely powerless to stop the creating of an EU army.”
They’ve already started blaming us. The EU is selling assets to pay its debts and the member states are rebelling. It’s already over.

When will they announce the EU Army tax? June 24th?
What about EU Army Conscription? I hope Owen Jones will sign up, with all the other pro-EU luvvies. You wanted these rulers, you fight for them. Nobody else. Don’t expect others to die defending your non-cause. There won’t be mental illness exemptions, they need able bodies. This could end up backfiring on them beautifully. Let them make this bed for themselves, ask them if they’d be OK with joining an EU Army. And what about national armies? Won’t they be competing to suppress dissent in a foreign nation? Doesn’t that include dissent from domestic militia?

First the EU will suppress crime, then the natives of the countries they invade. Including local monarchy, military and citizenry. The Left always show its totalitarian face eventually.

There wouldn’t be a Europe if we hadn’t saved it countless times.

Good. They want to go? We don’t have to support their NHS or free University education. Yeah, they get it free unlike us.

But there’ll be no buyers. It’s like art collectors, they never expect to sell it out because they know they bought it at the top (we have property auctions now). It’s a Ponzi. Sure, let ’em buy. Suckers. When the economy tanks we’ll buy it back for cheap. There’ll also be less demand from foreign renters. Go right on ahead, morons. You have no use for that space. It’s dead weight to you.

We aren’t angry about the times they listen to us. We’re angry about the times and fact they don’t have to. That they can take our money and ignore us makes us an EU colony, a vassal state with overseas sovereignty. If Parliament can be over-ruled, what’s the use in having it? There’s a doctrine in EU law called supremacy. Member states as we’re called, object to this principle. Where do they get the right to order us around, if we’re all equal? They didn’t invade us, they don’t own us.

Btw, they’re building ghettos on green spaces now.
“On the ITV Ten O’Clock News that followed, Allegra Stratton, the Political Editor challenged Mr Farage’s figures, and said that the correct figure was in fact a home every six or seven minutes.”
Yes, that makes all the difference.

They're so stupid it's a laughriot

Reality pops all their bubbles eventually.
For people who aren’t class traitors, we see they’re replacing us. For labour, votes, charity and ‘culture’.
The people who sneer at us for our culture are apologizing for the Islamic ‘culture’ that led to murder of their fellow gays. We think they’re crazy and no longer want their approval because obviously they side with the bad guys.

Even the Labour leader, a Communist, privately wants Brexit.

His speeches are sarcastic.

‘Labour is betraying its supporters by campaigning to stay in the EU, with freedom of movement “undermining pay and job conditions for the very working-class people we should be representing.”

Ms Hoey added: “Uncontrolled immigration is fine for the metropolitan middle classes as they search for a good-value nanny or a competitively priced cleaner. But outside London and the big cities, this abundant supply of cheap labour is not necessarily a guaranteed boon. It can be a curse – driving down wages, taking jobs from the locals, as well as putting pressure on schools and health services.”

She continued: “It is not anti-immigrant, xenophobic or racist to point this out. It is common sense, and it is what Labour MPs in those areas should be doing.””

Whatever happens, this vote is too important to allow.

Either 1. it’ll be rigged, 2. they’ll ignore it as a protest vote because referenda aren’t legally binding because 3. according to Parliament, they altered the law so this referendum cannot be recounted a second time. For example, if people thought it was rigged.

TLDR: No recounts allowed.

The Left is eating itself.

Leftist parents house refugee, attacks 10yo daughter

Ask yourself: if they care so little for their safety of their little girl, why would they give any more of a damn about the rest of us in the same country?

Deluded and dangerous.

Picture is unrelated.