Female longer legs more attractive

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Again, duh?
It’s like the male height preference but in women, it’s an indicator of genetic health.
It’s also class based. Upper class women have longer legs, if you studied it.

It’s culturally well-known here, and you can often spot a woman’s breeding by her legs.

Mini-skirts weren’t showing off the legs or skin, it was all about the bloodline.


Better parentage (father’s side usually), better legs.¬†Lower class women miss this entirely. They show more skin – of stubby male-looking legs. It doesn’t work. There’s also a good way to spot men dressed as women since cellulite is a secondary sexual characteristic of women only. Smooth muscular legs are the preference of homosexual men.

I’d be interested to see a study of short female legs and female ugliness and also short female legs and fertility issues e.g. IVF use. Logically, there should be a connection.

Legs are marker of femininity


It’s a sign of fertility, healthy growth and good genes.

Plenty of thriving conservative societies allowed the legs to be shown while the other areas remained covered because it’s subtle without being sexual.

A leg man is always a classy man. I have observed this to be an upper class behaviour. (Lower class, A, middle class T).

Naturally, I would say that, having an A+ pair of legs myself.

Dean Winchester is a legend