SJWs are witch-hunting liberals

control freaks don’t stop

they go after everyone eventually

told ya so

listen to this

That email is the mask drop of personality disorders. I’m surprised they didn’t tell him to kill himself, that’s what these losers usually do.

Being a professional = Being a “Nazi”.

Wow. A clear example of the PC Code.

Useful idiots love to dehumanize, because dehumanizing is evil and you should be punched for being a “Nazi” because you triggered our Hulk RAGE.

if they could line up all the people they hate against a wall and shoot them, well, eventually the Left does this

historically, hence

“Liberals get the bullet first” – Marxists

That’s why the Nazis were Left. First thing the socialists did was lock up the Communists, they knew.

The purpose of the “warning” email is clear: if you won’t toe the Party Line, you deserve whatever we do to you, you have no human rights. It’s gaslighting, like the domestic abuser who says “you deserved it, you made me angry”. They don’t expect you to believe it, but their defense will be moralistic and oppressive (because they believe they invent good and evil, it’s narcissism).

I’m pretty sure a lot of these men/women/neither have a full suite of mental problems and use it as an excuse to crusade. It’s Crusaderism. There’s the sadism of crushing anyone who displeases you.

Because badfeels should be outlawed?

No, you are responsible for your own feelings, snowflake.

Gay men can be homophobic, according to an SJW.

Sure, it’s political, it definitely isn’t a religion!

It definitely isn’t a weapon to crush people they hate, obviously not!

Trying to ruin someone’s reputation and livelihood is illegal. It’s social and financial murder. Go after the witch mobs in court. It’s the ONLY way the control freaks will stop – if they lose control. These laws exist because reputation is important, it must be honest. The malice of the SJW will destroy themselves (but who cares?) although it’ll take civilization down with it.

Witch hunters exist. Enforce the law.

Roosh V fraud? and OT: Game footage illegality

h/t Bob:

I’m not saying it’s true, I’m saying it would make logical sense. He hated London, remember?

Includes this video;

Misconception: You don’t have to explicitly say you’ve had any form of romantic relationship up to sex with a woman for it to be within illegal territory. With all the EU law on top of national law, which Americans don’t understand at all, the mere inference e.g. picture use, mention by name, would be enough in the context of such websites. American “jokes” only fly in America, about Americans. In Europe, they might get you arrested.

I do find it slightly disturbing that he is obsessed with women of my race and totally ignores non-white women (pedestal anyone?).
From a woman’s perspective, women of that level never fall for a pick-up unless they want to aka whores. I can tell they are not whores (women can tell). This top-tier band of women are so used to being hit on, it bounces off. I’ve seen this in person and asked about it, they find the whole concept tiresome and slightly sickening to the stomach. Not to mention dehumanizing. However, lying about a woman’s reputation like this is in fact slander and libel, so I wonder why he would be so stupid as to try that on. Is he one of the people who naively believe the internet doesn’t count? How long before women like this band together with SJW money to sue him? A matter of time if the allegations are in any way true. Reputation is dead serious legal business, a woman’s sexual history is no joking matter and no one could say he didn’t deserve it.
I have encountered many Arab men who’ve done this, the classic trick being photoshop girlfriends. I just wish he’d stick to lying about his own race, since he is a realist. The demographics of the PUA skew heavily toward Arabic men. However, they seem to have an almost predatory focus on European, white women. This is the secret reason SJWs are bothered by them so much, cultures value white women and feminism especially.

Slightly OT.

I have seen Game recordings filmed in London and been horrified. That is illegal and could be used in court as evidence of harassment, so they shouldn’t be doing it in self-interest either. Either they don’t know it’s illegal, or they don’t care and I don’t know which is worse.

Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980 restricts these rights where the use of the highway causes an “obstruction” to other users rights of free passage. If you are considered to be causing an obstruction then there is a risk that you will be stopped from filming.

Literally stopping women (something even the police don’t do) would count.

In accordance with Data Protection legislation (Data Protection Act 1998) consent should be obtained from any individual who is the focus of a video recording in order to process his/her personal data fairly.  Where a recording involves individuals other than the main players, then, in some circumstances, the images of other individuals may constitute personal data and the data protection regime may come into play

Where consent has not been obtained, the filmmakers must decide if they can still include the image or whether they will need to take steps to obscure the individual’s face…

…Filmmakers should carefully consider whether there are any defamatory meanings implicit in their footage. If there are then identifiable personal images should not be used without consent….

Filming women for what would legally be considered sexist purposes or to imply she is easy (as the focus of a Game attempt) would be included in this.

Where possible, obtain written consent from anyone shown on camera. If an individual is the focus of a particular shot or video then consent is essential. If you have captured an individual in the background of a shot and they are clearly identifiable, you will also need their consent. Remember that even if someone’s face is obscured, they could still be identifiable in other ways (i.e. through their car number plate).


You should not use images of an individual in a manner that could be defamatory and lower their reputation. Avoid all manipulation of an image that suggests a context or meaning that was not part of the original image and do not associate an individual with a negative or damaging story unless such association is accurate and truthful. Remember that what you might think of as harmless could be very damaging to a different person’s reputation (i.e. the head of a bank wrongly associated with a story about credit card companies charging excessive fees).

…Laws in Europe prohibiting the photography of citizens for public display have delayed the release of Google Street View in some countries.[9]

Literally, Game videos (filmed in the UK at least) shouldn’t exist. Even private use (fap videos) would be dodgy, let alone the retarded quality to “Let’s publish this on Youtube because that must be fine”! The very reasons for filming are the ones the laws expressly forbid (i.e. seeing the woman, hearing the woman).

Persistent or aggressive photography of a single individual may come under the legal definition of harassment.[4]

There are also copyright issues, especially if the person you film is much higher in status (which you may be unaware of), because they are contributing to the value of the copyright which you distribute and without a model release or some such, it’s also grounds for a civil suit.

Extreme example;

A right to privacy exists in the UK law, as a consequence of the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into domestic law through the Human Rights Act 1998. This can result in restrictions on the publication of photography.[28][29][30][31][32]

Then there’s the idea of a private conversation in public (including content i.e. one’s personal life). Essentially, these “players” are being total fucking idiots. The burden of proof is civil, 51%.

There are also use of likeness laws and tying them to a product (a man’s Game or Game website/books count) as commercial purposes behind the video, which also go ahead without consent. Even researchers fall afoul of this law but the Universities somewhat protect them. Somewhat.

Personally, I would sue. And I’m generally tolerant of men making fools of themselves in public.

Free: The SJW attack survival guide

Click to access SJW_Attack_Survival_Guide.pdf

Free to download, a cropped version of C7 from SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day.

well done damn bloody well good job IT Crowd

Freely share and distribute with those who might fall afoul of the Thought Police (basically everyone).

dis gonna be good anticipation pull up a chair listen watch

Projection, envy and monstering (character assassinations, slander)

yes nod sup Lestat IWTV film uhuh I know

This is exactly what they do, I’ve found recording their lies and inconsistences to be especially helpful. I have a particular distaste to the religious examples, but it does befit the CHINO.

For example, narcissists always project to me that I am;

  • arrogant – when I’m among the most humble people you could ever meet, I don’t think I’m that important at all
  • mean – when I’m trying to give them advice to make them happy after being very patient or simply stick in my position on a topic and refuse to “see their (wrong) side” aka fold and agree obsequiously for their ego
  • and the best of all, stupid, and they pretend to mock me – when I disprove their vapid points on every count and everyone else is, in fact, laughing at them.

It’s one of the best ways you can tell you are truly intelligent, because a stupid narcissist will always think everyone else has the accusation of stupidity as their greatest weakness as well. They will state the opposite of the truth, making up character flaws, trying to cause doubt which develops into a neurotic complex (if you believe the best thing about you is the worst you will believe anything else they tell you), perhaps a condition they fuel up to suicide (why they say “please kill yourself”). They’ll bitch about you behind your back, but that’s a sign you’re doing something right, as they wouldn’t dare confront you to your face, like an adult.

I know I am not any of those things because super-empaths, Nature’s mirrors, really like me, they find me chill and serene (unlike the narcissists, who sometimes try and call me angry, piping-hot with rage, when I’m more, at most, like irritated at a buzzing fly in my face).
It’s difficult to take those people seriously when you’ve been told by some expert authority figures (many in psychiatry) how one is the complete and total opposite of these flawed, pathetic creatures, and how refreshing that is. “Too honest” is my fave. As if that’s a real thing.

Think of it from their perspective.

They want to be positive things A, B and C. Desperately. Their whole life has been leading up to it.
They come across someone who is A and it irks them. They make snide putdowns about how being A is “fake” behind their back. Fake nice to their face.
They come across someone who is both A and B. This angers them and they try to bring this person down to their level of misery by turning their greatest strength against them – you’re not *really* AB, they’ll say, you’re the opposite, the universally hated XY, and you should feel guilty and hate yourself for being those things.
They come across someone AB and C. Rage fires on all cylinders. This person must be destroyed, or if not, cast from even their peripheral vision (i.e. urgh, I’m trying to forget <person> exists). They become bitter, vindictive, spiteful, and if this is responded to accordingly by the victim, yes, they are a real victim to this damaging monster, it should show up to their friends as an alarming lashing out. The narcissist will blame the victim, of course, it was their fault. They are normally the opposite (a sort of reverse projection again to look saintly). If the friends help purge the evil influence, which makes them act in a way that scares their friends, they won’t be angry anymore and need to take it out on anyone (including, the friends who refuse, implicitly). This causes monstering. “Nobody likes you”, “The world is a terrible place with you in it”, and “kill yourself” are all the things they believe about themselves. They have no logic behind them, unless it’s twisted beyond recognition.

If you happened on this page because one of these is after you, you have my sympathy.

You are the Victim. You can’t handle them. You must kick them out of your life, which revokes their power to ruin yours. When you’ve made it clear it’s over, they will expect you to crawl back (they’re narcissists) over the broken glass they made with your own pain. If you still have friends in common, the best revenge is to let those friends know how happy you are, since the narcissist will fish for this information.

Article: How to avoid a SWATting

SJWs (short for Social Justice Warriors) are comprised of pedophiles (Lena Dunham recently admitted to being a child molester), thieves, criminals, and murderers – and those are just the women who get to appear on television. Indeed, one SJW reporter, writer Robert Caruso, has told people he hopes that everyone in an entire town  is raped and murdered.

These people are insane. If you engage with an SJW, expect the worst. They will lie openly about you. When their lies do not shut you down, they will involve the police. They will file false police reports against you.

A graduate student and aspiring research scientist conspired with another SJW to “dox” me – that is, she posted my address along with a picture on my website. This “dox” was coordinated among an interesting case of characters…………

Thankfully, in the UK, we can prosecute those who doxx under the Data Protection Act, incitement of hatred, various forms of hacking, computer crime laws and libel, if it includes character assassinations which are provably false, “A defamatory statement is presumed to be false unless the defendant can prove its truth”, and malicious with the intention to ruin someone’s career (corporate law, provable loss of earnings, Excel etc) or personal life (a human rights issue). Some of those are criminal, others civil, you notice how SJWs never fuck with people who can hire a team of lawyers to defend themselves?

Character assassination is an attempt to tarnish a person’s reputation. It may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument.

… One of the earliest signs of a society’s compliance to loosening the reins on the perpetration of crimes (and even massacres) with total impunity is when a government favors or directly encourages a campaign aimed at destroying the dignity and reputation of its adversaries, and the public accepts its allegations without question. The mobilisation toward ruining the reputation of adversaries is the prelude to the mobilisation of violence in order to annihilate them. Official dehumanisation has always preceded the physical assault of the victims.[1]

#killallmen ring any bells?
The worst SJWs are the type of people who would happily have you shot in the back of the head into a mass grave for disagreeing with them, they cannot stop vindictively lashing out at people and feel the need to justify it over and over. Never forget that. As for the rest…

And you wonder why nobody takes you seriously.

And you wonder why nobody takes you seriously.