Sex Bias in the US Code 1977

Snopes link a suspicious dead end.

Click to access cr12se9.pdf

But the Left loves women, it just wants them to have no legal recourse to the “she consented” lie of rapists (before DNA it was ‘I never touched her’). Because all women are presumed hookers and have no right to refuse, according to the likes of Ginsburg. Libel of a whole sex.

(This also applies to men and children).

If you want to track when the 50s high trust society died, this document

There is no libertarian argument for prostitution because if you can buy a person (as long as you call yourself a ‘customer’ – renting, or ‘pimp’ – owner/master), the Government already owns you and can therefore order you to do things as your pimp. Anything. The trauma, drug addiction and suicide outcomes of prostitutes prove it is to be discouraged severely on a medical level. 

This claims to be all about “opportunity” (p.102 on the doc, p.109 digital) but the purpose of the law is protection against predators.
If it doesn’t do that, it’s invalid rule.

Monsters wanting to remove the shackles of legal consequences from other monsters.

The law doesn’t give you rights, merely enforces them, we have natural rights.

To claim otherwise is to dub women or whoever else less than human. Only non-human animals can be owned (or rented), so arguments for prostitution (rich people rape) are actually anti-Darwin.

Men who think to defend this don’t realize, rape of men happens all the time. Even prisoners of war are usually forced to watch the rape of others before it’s their turn. Most rapists make absolutely no distinction between male and female, young or very old, you must assume you are next in these acts of precedent. Because you are.

Serial rapists happily rape the disabled, elderly, babies… dogs….

you think they’ll care you have a dick?

inb4 “there’s nothing wrong with it”

Plus, if you had a son, would you like your son to be a prostitute?

early p.98 is funny because it’s such a strawman

  • spending money isn’t illegal
  • spending stolen money is – because it’s stolen
  • sex isn’t illegal
  • buying/renting a human is illegal, whatever the purpose*

Don’t play dumb, scum.

According to B, as an owned human in a “prostitution” ring, they’re already kidnapped. Anything that happens to them …is already illegal.

Sex isn’t illegal. Raping a (sex*) slave is illegal.

Paying their owner isn’t less illegal.

And furthermore, it’s a market exchange – using public currency.

Totally the Government’s (and Tax Man’s) purview.

Game of Thrones Libertarian Edition

This is far too kind.

I want to see a version with OPEN BORDERS FOR WESTEROS.

Because Dothraki aren’t rapists, you bigot, it’s their culture and the Golden Company are just doing the jobs Westerosi don’t want to do.

It’s amazing to me how many supposedly big-brained intellectuals completely miss the point of libertarianism.

Open borders because, for some reason, some strange reason, libertarian societies cannot meet their own demands. Far from admitting that’s the same failure as Communism, which has at least been tried (and seemed to work, for a little while) they see that as a success. The noble loser? Globally, it fails on human nature too, just like communism, since most humans aren’t 128IQ autistic middle-class white men.

IQ shredder, whatever you want to call it. It’s a dead theory.

Prior to libertarianism, bringing in hostile foreigners to replace the native workers was correctly named treason. A leopard cannot change its spots and we have DNA now, the days of “we’re all the same” fairytales are dead.

Libertarians want loose borders but locks on house doors and cars, I’d rather the reverse, personally. How about respecting the property right to native homeland, ya dicks?

You cannot have free trade without open borders. It’s the polite term for pathological capitalism, screwing the ingroup so a particular master company owner can make 13% extra profit to evade from national tax coffers. You can’t have crony capitalism without two-faced “libertarians” playing both sides.

What libertarians lack in character they make up for in obnoxiousness.

You shouldn’t need the State to impose, enforce or enhance your INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS but okay, I’ll let that one go. Some day.

You know where you’re most individual and snowflake? The forest! Go fuck off and larp like a pagan instead of acting like you know what a society or civic duty to it are. Society bribes libertarians to leave it alone.

They want to spend tax money other people pay, they’re basically Democrats.

I’ll stir the pot a little and say that neither Darwin nor anyone else care what these bachelors do as long as it’s far away from the tax money of everyone else, ironically, also to add that degeneracy isn’t a human right nor, technically, a legal one.

Can we set up a pleasure island facility for libertarians a little like Pedo Island but they can also never, ever leave or post online again? Death by hedonism should be legal, the State should provide the morphine for that particular suicide.

Note that they only exist now we have the medical structures to baby them. Oh, the irony.

Thankfully, that’s going away pretty soon. Like, this half of the century.


Freedom to fail in a libertarian society means letting them die from STDs including syphilis, that sends you insane, minor injuries from hunting like animal bites, drug overdose and picking a fight with someone who looks like a pussy but isn’t, which if it’s a libertarian starting it might actually be a woman. I would support this freedom to die without any state or social group coming to their aid. Then again, libertarians have never bothered to read what eugenics actually was – all the freedom stuff but also the responsibility stuff too.

In sum,

Society will assist you with prosocial decisions

…and leave you to suffer antisocial ones personally.

Libertarians want equal outcomes for stupidity. Where’s your nursemaid? Who will volunteer to clean it up? Lack of common sense is anti-fitness, it always dies when left to its own devices.

“Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”

Libertarian explains to socialist why taxation is theft


It’s right there in the commandments not to steal and human rights not to enslave or force labour.

You Yankees miss out on some Youtube gold because you cba to read subtitles.

Toine Manders is the man. The Man.

You’d understand our European ways a lot better, including the passive-aggressive silences and interruptions. Socialists will play emotional appeal and if you use the magic words I don’t care (guilt-tripping is a form of abuse) and bring up the fact you have human rights over that fiddle noise, they will try to interrupt you. Do not let them. They give in pretty quickly and try to turn authorities against you, it’s all they can do.

Socialists are part of the Communist spectrum (halfway there) because it uses the force of a majority against productive people, it discriminates and punishes them for working hard. They stop or they die (murdered, see Little Black Book of Communism) because leftists do not believe in the right to self-determination. Just because someone was born X miles away from you does not entitle them to live off you. That is a dependent, you have rights over a dependent and adult ones have certain rights stripped.

Richard Spencer tries to cuckold libertarians

They’re irrelevant but O.K.

teadrinking sipping pretentious sarcastic bitch mmhmm not my problem lol

Globalization will die with multiculturalism. Hint: they’re the same thing, that’s why this ploy could never, ever work, Dick.

Those people don’t listen, they follow. That’s all they do. They’re Bernie lite.
Nobody plays Follow the Leader better than shitlibs.
Remember, they are left wing. Although to claim anti-fascism is a leftist myth, looking to history. Lenin, Stalin, Mao… maybe Putin.

including because?

He quotes Ayn Rand (I know, I know).
And what a weaksauce appeal to authority. Trite AF.

“Racism claims that the content of a man’s mind (not his cognitive apparatus, but its content) is inherited; that a man’s convictions, values, and character are determined before he is born, by physical factors beyond his control. This is the caveman’s version of the doctrine of innate ideas—or of inherited knowledge—which has been thoroughly refuted by philosophy and science. Racism is a doctrine of, by and for brutes. It is a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism, appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.”

This predates the field of genetics, behavioural genetics, forensic anthropology, criminology and widespread acultural IQ testing.

Was Einstein’s brain normal? Not really. You can’t use Mac OS on an MS Windows PC properly and neither can you expect the performance range of one higher successful group e.g. Jews like Rand, from the platform of people who can barely stop murdering their seed crop (see Africa, and the tragic, huge failure of the Millennium Villages.)

Yes, that’s a shitlib site. I can stab them with their own shanks.

Even introversion/extraversion is neurological and thereby, inherited. Look up the entire region of twin studies to reveal how laughably wrong these claims are. Is mental illness the person’s fault, then, or something you can inherit? Really pin them down on the problematic consequences of making everyone 100% responsible for their biology, when none of us chose to be born.

“by physical factors beyond his control” – biology?

Rand wasn’t a scientist. Nobody ever asked Curie. Curie FTW.

Even the most diehard Tabula Rasa fan (clinging onto a philosophy to the point of insanity) would admit culture predates our birth and gives a heavy influence so hypothetically, still a bust.
Libertarianism seeks to duplicate cultures like a socioeconomic equivalent of Copy and Paste – and that’s why it will always be destined to fail.

People are not the same. We have DNA tests, MRI scans and performance metrics. You don’t see many white men winning the 100m sprint.
At this point they look retarded, painfully slow on the uptake, at least half a century out of date, but I guess autism is all about refusing to concede overt stupidity. Pity the rest of us can see. Libertarianism is the doctrine where you must assume as your prior a belief, nay, a faith, that everyone in the world is the same intelligence level of a 120IQ white man with Aspergers living in a capital city and desperate for money to buy female attention.
If some people are less able than they are, they might need to feel guilty for once in their spoiled suburban childhood lives. They might pause to think – wait, maybe I didn’t earn all of this? ‘Check your privilege’ applies to these people because they use a nonsense condition as an excuse to be a complete, unrepentant arsehole. The male SJW’s natural home. But libertarianism has never been tried! – because there aren’t enough autistic MENSA card holders in the world. In most parts of it, they’d be murdered within five minutes for citing their paper IQ in an argument.

Libertarians want to have as much money as Republicans but never to feel guilty about it. Because child labour is so much better morally, all the way in China than ignoring minimum wages in America.

“This is the caveman’s version of the doctrine of innate ideas—or of inherited knowledge”

like language? or some little thing called epigenetics, where your ancestors can dictate your own risk of heart disease? why would medicine need that information? that’s just silly

“which has been thoroughly refuted by philosophy and science.”

no such thing, it is always pending further evidence
anti-science liars like to spread that myth though

Science isn’t a damsel with ‘honour’ to protect, you can discuss anything. ANY-THING. That is literally the whole point. No subject is EVER off the table. The method can ALWAYS be applied. NO exceptions, Mr Pope!

The kind of person to un-ironically quote this.

You can see where the autistic arrogance of atheistkult feeds in. I’m pretty sure 85% of ‘high-functioning’ aka not real autism is hubris.

He claims it’s collectivism, because Rand does. Nationalism is not collectivism, globalism is.

Libertarianism is globalism. Nationalism is capitalist, competitive. Libertarianism tells the First World it has earned its position over the Third because the truth might make them feel bad about the slave labour.

“appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.”

aka Literally what Darwin said in Origin of the Species. He opens by discussing animal breeding.

Different breeds of animal are different races within the same species.
Biology applies to all species, men are not exempt from evolution.

Link: Why I’m no longer Libertarian

h/t VoxDay

It only works with a homogeneous population. Relatively high IQ too.

The biggest misconception is that libertarians are right-wing.

They are not.

They advocate many public services and wish to pay for none of them.

Charity with other people’s money is classic Leftie.

The belief system of bachelors with no civic investment. (Which is fine, but has consequences).

Video: Conservatism is the new counter-culture

I wish he’d said Cultural Marxism, name the beast and like a demon, you have control of it.
And it’s status signalling, that’s the research term. Virtue signalling was a journalist invention.
Nor does he mention it’s a means for middle class people to judge working class people without looking like raging bigots (because people with a real job don’t give a shit what the Guardian thinks). The culture war is a class war designed to change the poor via pop culture.

They keep losing arguments.

It doesn’t sink in.

They keep losing elections.

It doesn’t sink in.

I think the anti-speech laws were a turning point here (UK).
The classical liberals realized they were on the side of the censors.

Two key articles on this topic if you haven’t seen:

New Church Ladies

Stepford Students

Adults are putting their foot down to entitled little shits and saying you have no high horse. We reject Standpoint Theory. We have the right to laugh at your student opinions. You can’t control us.

Link: Leftism, property and “I don’t see any borders” morons

Occasionally I’ll run across crackpot (and always leftist) “libertarians” who claim, “I don’t see any borders” when they babble their dangerous and destructive nonsense about open borders.

Guess what – I don’t see any property lines, either.

rdj claps applause mhmm

The ultimate property is one’s body. If you believe in property of the body, one’s self-ownership, then you must believe in the other kinds. If you own your body, you own things on your body – clothing, jewelry, children. If you own people (even if it’s just yourself) you must also own the means to support it or you’d have nothing to use – resources, which are found on territory or land.

Remember how Nick Clegg said there was no EU Army?


“In a grotesque parody of a ceremony of a nation state, yesterday the European Parliament opened the new session of the assembly with a flag-raising carried out by soldiers of the Eurocorps – sometimes known as the Eurokorps – a 1,000-strong embryo EU army.”



Farage (UKIP) said he did not want Britain to be part of an “expansionist” EU foreign policy, claiming that the EU wants its own “army and navy”.

Mr Clegg said this was a “dangerous fantasy that is simply not true”. ~ BBC source