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Had to wade in


We don’t even know the colour of dinosaurs 100%. They might’ve been flamingo fucking pink for all we know.

By comparison, Neanderthal.

But there are faked versions deliberately intended to make blue eyed red-heads (we have mummies) look distinctly African, despite sharing ZERO DNA.

Wow. That’s racist. It reminds me of old American slavery posters.

Now, eye colour is complex but you can make an educated guess, they couldn’t totally make up the eye colour.

To say it’s blue, it’s gotta be blue. You’d expect this from the Ice Age.

The eye colour evolution would’ve had to come after a skin one.

Nobody with blue eyes has skin this dark (mixed race are discounted).


This person would’ve died from Vitamin D deficiency.


Read A Troublesome Inheritance, we’re too far north to have evolved that.

A 5,000 year old Celtic woman

Common Celtic face

Here’s an Irishman, 2300 years old


who wore make-up and hair gel.

Here’s Old Croghan Man in another reconstruction with what is considered the strongest tan physically possible, since the skin is lighter genetically in whites then the sun tanned it. He ain’t getting any darker.

Here’s the previous Cheddar Man reconstruction.

Who looks like surviving, living descendants.

This video explains the Cheddar Man’s specifically white-skinned DNA

It’s good archaeology is exposing itself as liars, OOA is absurd since we sequenced Neanderthals, where do you think they evolved?

I’m glad they’re lying. We needn’t lose any sleep over fraud charges down the line. It’s public money, fraud is a crime.


“CHEDDAR MAN: He does already have genes that are associated with extremely light skin pigmentation and freckles in modern day Europeans namely IRF4 and he was heterozygous for one of the red hair mutations which in and of itself causes a lot of depigmentation. I think the authors overplayed their hand on this new algorithm which is not freely available to the public and rushed to conclusions with a clear political intent.

They rushed for a cover-up.

So yes the algorithm might have predicted that the person skin color was the darkest two tones; but the prediction could have been crap!

Are the global warming people working on these predictions?

The 10 SNPs panel predicts it to have Black skin based on 4 SNPs; however Loschbour get a vastly different prediction when adding 3 more SNPs in spite of having a similar genetic profile in those SNPs.”

JF had a video but it was taken down

It was here

“The Cheddar Man Fraud Exposed: Prof. JF Gariepy, biologist.”

Why fear a biologist speaking, huh?

6th century man

The Roman reported us as wearing woad, completely shaven except the scalp and in men, the upper lip. Yes, men rocked the mustache. Black people wearing woad aren’t bright blue, liars.

Even Egyptians weren’t that dark!

There are plenty of ancient references to them being blue-eyed and blond!

Hence this death mask commonality

Literal hair grown out of their heads.

[Most mummies aren’t blond, so it cannot possibly be a result of the process.]

And if race “doesn’t exist”, you can’t claim anyone’s “black”, a racial classification, and further, it’s not solely based on skin tone? And isn’t saying someone less than white = black, the one drop rule?

JF does give me concerns though.

Why are all the creeps atheists?

“Unfortunately we live in an authoritarian state supported by people like you, moral fags, who keep me from doing that.”

Boy, are they in for a shock when they die. Like, the Mr Pointy kind in a warm locale.

Veganism is bad for women

TLDR: It is bad for men but increases or worsens the odds/intensity of conditions women are already predisposed to e.g. depression, osteoporosis, cancer.

Yes, there are links to studies and discussions of studies. Keep reading.

One important fact, before we continue:

Veganism isn’t a diet, a diet doesn’t require supplements.

Nobody really mentions that fact.

The only ones that work too, take things that can only be animal-derived, from lesser sources they aren’t processed correctly or absorbed. The biggest sluts are vegan and this is no coincidence, it’s a transference of physical shame. Find me an adult, virgin vegan. Good luck. This is their penance. I’ve mentioned about the purity obsessed brains of the clean eating cult as a scapegoat (pun intended) for abusing their own animal bodies with corrupting influences and toxins (STDs). It’s religion for atheists, they get to feel pure without prayer, they purge (psychologically unhealthy) without giving up the true cause. The guilt isn’t over raping cows, or whatever else, it’s about allowing themselves to be used. There aren’t many married vegans either, are there?
Politically, veganism is motivated by Communism. It reduces production and weakens capitalism. Farmland is still cleared for plants, as covered before, little animals still die. Yes, even the fluffy ones! Economically, as covered before, this frees up the traditional foods we do produce to sell to foreigners e.g. China’s demand for Britain’s meat and dairy produce, with less hostility from the natives for taking the higher bidder. Food prices still rise (even vegetables) because of China, directly.
It’s a lemming lifestyle, like bisexuality a few years ago because Katy Perry wrote a song.


“In reality, the Hunza and Vilcabambans consume some meat and raw dairy, and the Okinawans eat far more pork than soy. What’s more, there’s no anthropological evidence of healthy, happy fruitarians sunning in gardens of eden prior to the hunter gatherer eras.”

It is a modern diet dependent on technology. Without modern farming, they starve.
It’s status signalling too, it’s classist since most of the country cannot afford to spend that much, including shipping.

“Indeed, leading anthropologists present convincing evidence that meat helped us evolve from big bellied, tiny-brained primates to big-brained humans able to leave all-day “grazing” behind and spend the time developing civilization. In other words, eating animal products made us human.
The latest study to debunk the vegan longevity myth comes out of Graz, Austria. Using data from the Austrian Health Interview Series, researchers from the Institute for Social Medicine and Epidemiology compared omnivores with vegans, ovo-lacto vegetarians and pesco-vegetarians (near vegetarians who consumed some fish, eggs and/or milk) of similar sex, age and socio-economic status. They found the vegetarians suffered from more chronic conditions including allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression, diabetes, migraines, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer. They had more doctors visits, a higher need for health care, dimmer assessments of their own health, and poorer social relationships.”

Tara McCarthy has always been a twit. You don’t believe in the religious sanctity of life but …conscience? What if a pig just keeled over, if it’s a murder thing, why not eat it? What about lab-grown meat? Twits.

A sexual behaviour study hasn’t been conducted to my knowledge.
I encourage any and all people vaguely left-wing in my acquiantance to give up animal products. Simply by shaming them for non-vegan choices, while they claim to care so much. It works better than overtly telling them.
If you’ve read me on this topic before you’ll know it’s because that causes brain damage. Dietary warfare.
Since it’s a fad diet, when you control for age, the effect disappears. Younger people tend to be healthier on any diet, regardless of what it is.


“We followed a total of 267,180 men and women over an average of six years. During the follow-up period, 16,836 participants died. When we compared the risk of early death for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, while controlling for a range of other factors, we did not find any statistical difference.
Put more simply, when we crunched the data we found vegetarians did not have a lower risk of early death compared with their meat-eating counterparts.”
This lack of “survival advantage” among vegetarians, outlined in our paper in Preventive Medicine, does not come as a complete surprise. In 2015, a United Kingdom-based cohort study concluded vegetarians had a similar risk of death from all causes when compared with non-vegetarians. This is contrary to the US-based study findings.”

Evolution says you’re stupid.
American studies are polluted by what passes for the normal diet in your country.

Study here: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0091743516304479

Vegetarians have modest health benefits across some studies, but it’s small. Veganism? No.


Not one respected study has ever shown a long-term vegan diet to be healthier than any other, and most research uncovers troubling deficiencies. They claim meat-free diets are healthier, but healthier than what?”
“Yes, it is possible to get adequate nutrition from a vegan diet;”
did you ask a neurobiologist? no, because they say no, I ask…
“but in practice, many vegans don’t. She observes vegans eating huge amounts of carbs and vegan junk foods and skimping on their protein and vitamin needs.”
They still eat junk, with a trendy label. It’s hipster food.
Children (and teens) shouldn’t be on any unusual diet. ANY. It’s abusive, they need to develop.
“Vegans often cite Campbell’s controversial book The China Study (see also here), but the subjects in his study were not vegans and most of them weren’t even vegetarians.”
If they won’t ban the sale of animal products, they’re eating them on the quiet.
“in practice many vegetarians begin to suffer from insidious borderline malnutrition.”

Can we get those numbers up? Those are rookie numbers.
Listen, if they want to pay for worse junk food than a chav to feel superior, paying through the nose and brain-damaging everyone with their politics, how can I deny them their free will to do so? I wouldn’t want to infringe on their rights

“Too-thin vegans are eating animal flesh after all: their own.” Protein starvation leads to self-cannibalization.’
Well, it is natural. That’s the only moral standard. Common in starvation cases, along with psychosis.
I guess the Left is literally eating themselves.

Vegetarians have more mental conditions, which makes sense if you basically put yourself on rations from a food group or three.
The neurotics simply claim to care about the animals (unless they’re white, I’m guessing).
Freud’s case studies were obsessed with food, not sex.

Why should we study vegan sex lives?
“Meanwhile, vegans’ special affinity for animals also opens the mind to sick possibilities. Princeton University professor Peter Singer, who authored “Animal Liberation” four decades ago, has argued that bestiality may be acceptable if the animal is into it. “Sex with animals does not always involve cruelty,” he writes.”
…There’s public interest.

“The “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” suggests, “A mental disorder is a syndrome characterized by clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotion regulation, or behavior that reflects a dysfunction in the psychological, biological, or developmental processes underlying mental functioning.” Could veganism fit the bill?”


It’s easy to test.

But look at the lies:
Self-report doesn’t count.
Studies on vegetarians mean nothing to veganism, unless it’s about the absence of animal nutrition.
They have more anxiety ‘attacks’, the most recent term for hysteria from neurosis.

If you really look into it, vegans are trying to cover.
Things you can’t do because they can’t….
Their ‘natural’ solution is always supplements.
They know.

HPV only became a problem after Tindr but the app isn’t banned for public health.
No motive.
No motive at all.
It isn’t a sexual signal. Nope! Why would slutty women doing yoga be paranoid about that?

What about the Roman diet? Herbs and olive oil? That would work better than any of this. It’s the reason the Italians were famous lovers.

PETA claim veganism helps impotence.
Men who tried it claim otherwise. The mental health findings alone could be causing it.
Especially since a lot of people wouldn’t date a vegan.

I’m sorry, only a slut would be convinced by this. Why appeal to sluts if there’s no connection? It’s a truly selfish diet, since they won’t grow their own food (in which case, fine) then they would have to kill animals as ‘pest control’.

Vegan isn’t a healthy lifestyle. Dairy and meat-eaters can still eat fruit and vegetables. Fuck off?
Tea has flavonoids, so are Brits better in bed than Americans? Are we deserving of being famed lovers now?
The fact the vegans must keep claiming evidence that doesn’t exist once you check shows they know they are unscientific.
There must be another reason.

Veganism is probably just orthorexia.
Many eating disorder people hop ship to veganism and claim it works.
Well, sure, if it’s the same thing rebranded. It would feel right.
They lie about cholesterol, acting like people cannot have it high and be vegan.
Your genes won’t go away.
“Since cholesterol only comes from animal products and they have eliminated all animal products, why is their body still producing cholesterol (LDL)?”
The first part is a lie, obviously.
Do they still smoke, do drugs, drink and sleep around? Other bad habits that would impact cholesterol?
When they stop testing only rich people, who buy better food overall, plenty of ‘old’ diseases start affecting the young.
Since you need fat for health, and dairy is a prime source (especially for women), your body will age faster too.
Show me an old vegan that doesn’t look like a prune.
“In just 4 short years, she not only had gained weight and said she was “famished all the time”, but her skin looked dry, wrinkly, and saggy. Her hair was dull and dry and grew very slowly.”
You can only get collagen from animal products.
Yes, fish counts as an animal (it has meat, it bleeds) but it doesn’t really do well on collagen. You need poultry and red meats.
“Being a vegan can be aging,” says Vargas, a famous New York dermatologist. “I see 27-year-old vegans who don’t have good skin elasticity. There’s no snap-back to their skin because they’re not getting enough protein and collagen.”
“Other anti-aging benefits of collagen include improving gut integrity by enhancing digestive enzyme secretion, and restoring a healthy mucosal lining in the stomach.”
There’s the cause of vegan flatulence. So much for the better smell.
They’re socialists because they’re a burden on the health system.

“the press release states that the results contradict the common cliché that meat-free diets are healthier. Vegetarians have twice as many allergies as big meat-eaters do (30.6% to 16.7%) and they showed 166% higher cancer rates (4.8% to 1.8%). Moreover the scientists found that vegans had a 150% higher rate of heart attacks (1.5% to 0.6%). In total the scientists looked at 18 different chronic illnesses. Compared to the big meat-eaters, vegetarians were hit harder in 14 of the 18 illnesses (78%) which included asthma, diabetes, migraines and osteoporosis”

Many of those things already higher in women.
I’ve tried to keep this post short, it’s an intro to do your own research.

The NY Post can’t be considered right wing.
You need fermented foods for your gut, look it up.

Collagen deficits also reduce your orgasm potential, ladies.
I assume it would also apply to men?

Techniques of Propaganda (1949)

When America had something to be smug about.

PR is literally just propaganda. Everyone has PR, so everyone else needs PR, whether they want it or not.
If it tugs on feelings, especially guilt, it’s propaganda. They shouldn’t need to sink that low if they have a genuine point. It’s the same with frivolous lines e.g. get back into the kitchen was never funny, because women have always influenced elections. You’ve just turned away one vote to your opponent. Republicans don’t get this, everyone you reject is a Dem win.
Just as often, there are neutralizations of any dissent.
The classic one is a thought-terminating cliche. Exactly what it sounds like.
Transfer is ad hominem.
Card stacking – misquoting, cherrypicking, sharpshooter fallacy etc.
Testimonials exploit the Halo Effect. It’s the opposite of what SJWs try, guilt by association (and guilty until proven suitably progressive). There’s a witch trial vibe of suspicion.
Plain folks are a kind of cheerleader effect for the average voter, Joe Public. There is a lure toward a false consensus, negating the need to argue or debate from an honest position or with the burden of proof. It’s pretending there’s a bandwagon, hoping the network effect makes it so. Perception studies show how vital popularity is, or the perception thereof, to what the individual thinks of as their personal opinion. These are stubborn when set but can only be based on the information they’re exposed to.
The great part of this fake news is how it started – with the BBC.
Now people have a neologism for the concept, they’ll be on the lookout for propaganda. Problem is, the Old Media are the ones pumping out most of it.
For Corbyn they tried this, including a hategoat, like a scapegoat but for people you’re meant to hate (think the villain you boo in a pantomime). People pointed out the Boomers in the table video were likelier to vote for Corbyn, actually, and he was one himself.
The purpose of propaganda is control. It’s manipulation via the heartstrings.
“To do something, to believe something, or to buy something.”
Plenty of men are wary of the first but the latter escape them. A fool and his money.
2. Look for negative evidence. Things that make their position look bad or the speaker to feel bad.
Why do you think they never teach how to spot this in state schools?

If they have different motivations or end goals to you, if they aren’t intellectually honest, you probably shouldn’t agree with them. To deny group-level interests are innate and real is ludicrous. What they want opposes you. The political is personal, that’s why votes are one each.

Leftism would’ve never gained traction without the spotlights of Hollywood making it seem cool and happy. Yes it’s a lie if you look at say, the data, but how many people do that? A minority of high-info voters.

Don’t listen to the manosphere on women

It’s like asking an SJW about being a stay-at-home mother, they avoid it and they’re hostile so if you wanna marry with kids do not ask a group of perma-bachelor genetic suicides.
They might be good on other topics, like finance and hobbies, but they project all their failures away on this little one so it’s completely 180 ass-backwards wrong. You get male spinsters in their 30s demanding a 17yo Russian virgin they couldn’t even pull at the male physical peak, 18.
It’s the core topic they go on because they’re secretly obsessed (like the MGTOWs on female websites) about but it reminds me of the men who visit hookers and insist they’re good with women. Maybe because in many cases, that is them. They’re too stupid to know the women they solicit are whores. Do you want advice from that guy?
Consider the common complaints – women ruin everything (cue rattle throw), we have data proving it and state spending favours women.
Well, they ignore all the data they don’t like, do not seek out data which might prove their false faith false and fail to account for the male half of the fucking equation e.g. men don’t marry so women get pregnant out of wedlock, the rise of deadbeats and imagine if we stopped spending on women. Aside from being literally sexist because women pay taxes, no more free birth control. Would this make them happy, or sad?
I don’t think it takes a genius to figure that one out.
No free STD shots for men and no abortions for the consequence dodgers.
Happy or sad?
I think they’d riot, frothing at the mouth, right alongside the ghetto.
And they’re just as bad as the feminists, for producing children and then wishing to murder them rather than spend time and money caring for someone, it’s a damaged human you’re dealing with.
So they don’t really hate single mothers, it’s the narcissism of small differences, many produced them by failing their spouse (if you lead the house, alpha man) and divorcing. They’re just the male equivalent of the angry feminazi who wants more money for themselves and narcissist who wants all other groups to suffer, a bitter shell of a person with a thin sense of esteem and cheap ideas. As you might notice, that selfishness is the root of their problems.

You can’t ask an inferior person about how to be better than average.
Emphasis on You Go Girl?
Emphasis on You Go Galt.
~It fits!
The men need a woman like a fish needs a bicycle!
The free market cost of fucking around is a shotgun wedding, you stupid motherfuckers. Please explain how you plan to dodge in that case.

Would this make them happy, or sad?
If the Government stopped bailing out their dick.
I agree, we should stop bailing everyone out. Starting with men, because their gender role is provider.
I have a game where friends screencap me interesting Youtube comments.
Right click to open image and delete anything after a ? to see full size.
Inspired by a man’s post, sent to me by a man.

~~~slowest of claps~~~

Someone looked for negative evidence! A man of humility/quality!

Manning up refers to a series of useful actions, not text game scripts.

Ruined narcissists are only contented if they ruin those who come after them. They burned out, as player burnout widely attests, it’s a dead-end and so they now crawl like worms after women young enough to be their daughter or grand-daughter? They encourage vulnerable young men to do the same, under the guise of loving them and saving them from their instincts. Like the 70s feminists do with women.

The sexual revolution was for men because sex is all the low quality men wanted. They’re now pajama boys, porn addicts and general wastes of space creating nothing of civilizational value. 

If you only associate with the trashy women, 1. you are trash people, you don’t get to use the word degenerate as a pejorative and 2. you have no right to comment on non-trash, which is the majority if you look at say, the stats on US college sluts (only 20-30%). For the same reason you don’t ask a fat person for exercise advice.
The data they hide is the data that shows they lie.

Irony at Nyan Thousand

It’s a metaphor, ya dope. It doesn’t even exist in the most abstract form per se. It’s part of a stage theory, on every level: lifespan, evolution and brain development,.

Remember, top level has no memory. That’s how we know the rest exist.

Empiricism 101.

It’s like if I advocated for ravens thinking they were literally like writing desks.
This is literally a false (conception of) consciousness.


Stupid fucking atheists.

There is no thought in consciousness, only the result of it. The product: I think this. You must begin another loop of reference to feedback any way to explain that. The thought process is unconscious. We know alternate states exist in medicine because MRI and anesthesia. Fucking STOP.
The Self, too, is unconscious in root. What do you think therapy is???!

“Conscious awareness” of WHAT, exactly?
It’s like saying there’s no ocean, only the surface of the bloody ocean, because humans can’t touch the bottom!

Stupid people are completely product-driven, too much consciousness, not enough process.
The stupid cannot introspect. How does introspection even happen without an unconscious? But they’re still urge-driven. Well, by golly-gosh gee whizz, I wonder where those urges could possibly come from?

FYI CBT is hilarious and tragically flawed as a modality.

This quote about humility from an atheist tickles me, the opposite of triggering.
Materialism is the opposite of abstract but you’re no dualist?

I guess doing real work would be too hard?

Hey, you forgot your


you and AGW, pick one up for them too!

You’re not science, fam!


If you have feelings for others e.g. family, you know Dennett’s bigoted view of the human experience is backward bullshit. It doesn’t even work if all humanity were extreme spergs, characterized by low affect and empathy, the highly self-involved and callous, since the fears/phobias/urges drive them more than the rationalizations that follow. We have studies on this – people can explain away any old shit they do consciously, it lies.

Video: Islamic inventions

Check out Islamophilia.

The virus is so two-faced and patronising. Well, infantilizing is the literal term.
>”I invented everything!”
>”Of course you did, baby!”

It’s trendy to pick on Afrocentrism.
But to be truly on the edge, Islamocentrism.
Because stealing Greek manuscripts is the same as writing them.

Even IF.


That were true.

What the fuck happened?

Why is Islamic Dark Ages a term? Not during the European Middle ages, I mean the cultural shift to ignorance way beforehand.

Why do you resist reformation and basic science, like the earth revolving around the sun?

What have all your geniuses been doing for centuries (when you didn’t murder them on record) for over a millennium?

Why did white people have to invent the Scientific Method? NW Europeans, not even all white people!

Where were you?

Why do you still have Third World problems? Couldn’t your people have fixed these?

Why did you lose when we finally fought back against conquest in the Crusades?

Why did so many empires fall?

Why do you rely on the evil West for primitive 101 things like water supply?

Bestiality? At the very least, less incest. Not eradication, look at our Queen marrying her cousin, just less.

What’s the deal with the very current phenomena of child rape? Even little boys?

Where’s the self control in your young men?


You can’t take a culture that values lying and expect it to be intellectually honest.

A scientific society isn’t just something you can claim. It shows.

Where is the IQ data?