Hillary returns home to run Dracula’s Castle


Tales from the crypt


Likewise, “Journalists, at our worst, see ourselves as a priestly caste,”

Neoreactionaries have all their jimmies rustled.

The Brahmin know.

Big links on the JQ

Well, the many JQs.
‘fake news’ was a media cover, that wasn’t 2016’s top story, it was ‘fake Jews’
This is as PC and Jew-friendly a page as I can make it, touching on basics for SEO.


race or religion?

‘The belief that Jews constitute a religious, rather than ethnic or racial group in the US and other Western countries is widespread.
“Jewish” was never a category for race in the US Census, Ostrer notes, even though genetic studies “would seem to refute this…
Jewishness at a genetic level can be characterized as a tapestry with the threads represented as shared segments of DNA and no single thread required for composition of the tapestry,” he writes.
Genetic analysis of Jews have high stakes, since being Jewish not only decides who belongs to the family and can take part in Jewish life and earn Israeli citizenship but also “touches on the heart of Zionist claims for a Jewish homeland in Israel.”’

Most known Jews in 21st Century public life?

“New study finds no evidence that Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of Khazars, or that subjects in the medieval kingdom converted to Judaism en masse”

Who are they, then?

“Look at those who belong to the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are liars instead. I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and they will know that I love you.”

What do the Catholics say about this?

“I for one am sick to death of hearing these make-believe “Jews” wailing incessantly about the horrors of the Holocaust while simultaneously insisting upon a so-called right to exterminate the most innocent of human beings in utero simply because they are inconvenient or may perhaps serve as a testament to the lack of “moral and ethical values” on the part the would-be parents.
The European Jewish Congress is representative of those who choose to self-identify as “Jewish” and yet don’t have the decency to plainly admit that they firmly reject the moral tenets of Judaism.”

Holy buncakes. Hold onto them.
We may be onto something here, chaps.

Naturally, one group corners the market on child sacrifice.


Most recently, ‘fake history’, another cover.
“The Israeli PM “not only distorts the realities of today, but also distorts the past — including Jewish scripture.”

Ah, that’s why…
No wonder Palestine is pissed. Regardless, they’re outbreeding Israel. It won’t matter soon who’s right or wrong, but who is left.

What is a Jew?

“The people of Israel (also called the “Jewish People”) trace their origin to Abraham, who established the belief that there is only one God, the creator of the universe (see Torah). Abraham, his son Yitshak (Isaac), and grandson Jacob (Israel), are referred to as the patriarchs of the Israelites.”

Not really, monotheism did exist in various places, this was a brand. A popular one.
Organised, proven (written) monotheism.

So, who are the Ashkenazi?


Inbred. Extremely.

“All of the Ashkenazi Jews alive today can trace their roots to a group of about 330 people who lived 600 to 800 years ago.
So says a new study in the journal Nature Communications. An international team of scientists sequenced the complete genomes of 128 healthy Ashkenazi Jews and compared each of those sequences with the others, as well as with with the DNA of 26 Flemish people from Belgium. Their analysis allowed them to trace the genetic roots of this population to a founding group in the Middle Ages.”

European. Proven.

“Ashkenazi Jews are those who originated in Eastern Europe.”
“Despite their close ties with Europe, no more than half of their DNA comes from ancient Europeans, the researchers found. Only 46% to 50% of the DNA in the 128 samples originated with the group of people who were also the ancestors of the Flemish people in the study. Those ancient people split off from the ancestors of today’s Middle Easterners more than 20,000 years ago, with a founding group of about 3,500 to 3,900 people, according to the study.
…The rest of the Ashkenazi genome comes from the Middle East, the researchers reported. This founding group “fused” with the European founding group to create a population of 250 to 420 individuals. These people lived 25 to 32 generations ago, and their descendants grew at a rate of 16% to 53% per generation, the researchers calculated.”

Extremely inbred. Why did those few people get kicked out, specifically? Begs Q.

“Today there are more than 10 million Ashkenazi Jews around the world, including 2.8 million in Israel, according to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.”

What is a ‘fake Jew’ and why should I give a shit?

“The synagogue of Satan say they are Jews (the people of God), and they persecute those who believe in Jesus the Messiah (the true people of God). In reality, by rejecting the Jewish Messiah, they have renounced their status as “true” Jews, and that is why Jesus calls them “liars.” This distinction between ethnic Jews and faithful Jews is also seen in Romans 9:6 (“Not all who are descended from Israel are Israel”) and Romans 2:28–29 (“For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh. But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter”). By their persecution of the true people of God, these unbelieving Jews had become a synagogue of Satan—a gathering of people who were actually following the devil’s priorities.”

Sounds like signalling.

In modern art.

If you’re curious or even bi-curious.

Consent is religious, not individual

reposting a thing I explained elsewhere


sexual consent does have a standard – the marriage signature, so the feminist permission slip is trying to replace the marital one
and arguably that’s why premarital sex is rape, or at least not actually sex – because there’s no such thing as consensus morality, people think they can make up their own rules
two people can agree to kill and cannibalize one of them, it’s consensual by modern legal standard but it isn’t moral in the spiritual sense
but consent isn’t verbal, it’s always been witnessed like the marriage contract, by the church
so consent to fornication is a nonsense
because consent is granted legitimacy by god via the church ceremony, specifically
you don’t have permission to give away your body, except in marriage

“You do not belong to yourself.” 1 Cor 6:19

consent without religious jurisdiction is given in bad faith, they promise to take one another without taking responsibility, rendering it legally null and void aka rape

another reason church and state cannot be separated
it’s a myth
such a place does not exist
every state has an official religion
atheists want to live in a Christian state surrounded by Christian people
the state’s law depends on the moral absolutes (good, evil, guilty, innocent) of religion

what’s the use of swearing to tell the truth in court, in an atheist state?
a vow of what? an oath to what?

Political correctness is social shaming

And it’s rude.

As an addendum to a little thing I wrote previously.


“In reality, “political correctness” is just being considerate.”

Haha, no. This is a technique of manipulation called minimization (it’s just this, what’s your problem deflection) common to gaslighters, similar to You would if you loved me, it’s only… They also catastrophize trivialities regularly and screech when their lack of perspective (concern and awful priorities) is pointed out. They can’t lobby for normal things, they need special things! Special victim groups and special causes for special people!
It’s heavily politically skewed far-Left. Those things called standards are mutually agreed, as rules of etiquette and enforced politely, otherwise you’re a controlling bitch trying to manipulate a person into behaving how you consider ‘acceptable’ and calling them deficient as a human (you’re a terrible person, you’re worse than X, please kill yourself dehumanization) when they dare exert agency. Control+lies+guilt-tripping = gaslighting.

Who let you make all the rules? I didn’t vote for you.

SJWs love discusssing gaslighting only to twist the definitions at the very end.
To make you feel bad about yourself for opposing disagreeing with them. Even when you don’t know them. That’s how toxic they are.

“And telling people not to be hateful isn’t limiting their free speech. They can still legally say what they want.”

What a contradiction. Underline: there’s your problem, slut.

Why not ban other unpleasant emotions? Anger, guilt, shame, remorse!

I guess we can take speech law crimes off the books, if social shaming is the means of enforcement!


And what about accusing people of various hate crimes when you aren’t a judge? Isn’t that slander? Libel? I wonder if the new surveillance powers will be applied to SJ monster mobs. Somehow doubt it.

You know, the longer you stay with bad people, the less people sympathize. I bet she was with that terrible person for months/years, yet expects sympathy? Why not leave, really? She knew damn well what she was doing and I’d bet money he dumped her and she pines for him. I mean, she wrote a whole article on someone she claims to be over. ….O.K.

Isn’t denial a human right?

Isn’t a slur a social construct? Shouldn’t it be taken as a compliment?

If she comes here looking for attention a definition of ‘slut’, here’s one.
Slut: You slept with someone you hated. There is something wrong with you.

Social justice – anti-social revenge against the happy.

There is no objectivity

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

As linked here but not expressly pointed out, this moral relativism applied to all knowledge is a misread of Rousseau originally, on the difficulty of objectivity and in-applicability to ALL subjects. Romantic as it is accurate. He was commenting on the Scientific Method and therefore, implicitly endorsing it. By discussing limits.

The opposite of epistemology is propaganda.



Maybe they don’t want us to read Mein Kampf because they’re using it like a manual, upside down?

Link: Spotting projection (and victim blaming)


Do you see what they’re doing? It’s a little mental trick of wiping that dirt off the bad guy’s image and smearing it on the good guy’s.

The result is farce. Which easy to detect if you’re paying attention.

For, if an honest person were talking, someone who honestly felt the other party was at least somewhat to blame, he or she wouldn’t totally reverse reality this way.

This is how, for example, you get people characterizing the abuser as, of all the things, the victim. Enough to make the head spin. Getting things that backwards is no accident: it’s projection.

Key words used:

Real victim here

Responsibility (really used to mean blame)


claims of stupidity (innate) instead of naivety (circumstantial, easily forgivable)

if you X, you should expect Y (non-sequitur) e.g. if you wear a miniskirt, you should expect to be raped

“crazy” – hello gaslighting my old friend

why are you so angry? to derail and give them an excuse to call you irrational or irrelevant (tone policing)

it’s a conspiracy! e.g. all men everywhere would be happy if it weren’t for those meddlin’ feminists

That isn’t just wrong: it’s a farce. That exactly REVERSES reality. They are just playing the shell game with labels.

They question the agency of the attacker and claim it was magically reduced only for the duration of an attack, including verbal abuse.

There is always some form of prejudice between the person projecting’s demographic and their claimed victim (usually sex or race). As in, it’s automatically wrong to cross (group) and do (thing), and much worse than any other combination of victim groups. They ingroup with the attacker, because they identify with the attacker, whatever they do.

Over time, the same person will claim the same flaws in all the people they hate. In men, this is usually low IQ (acting like stupidity equates to evil, makes one a bad person and they deserve to be treated with cruelty) and in women, this is usually low SES (as if being poor is a bad thing, instead of the attitude you take to it).

Bitchy men will resort to stereo-typically bitchy gay tactics e.g. insulting looks while the same SMV as the person they attack. Butch women will behave like men, with male-patterned entitlement.

Projection is of course intellectual dishonesty.

An honest person may be wrong. But an honest person never reverses and makes a farce of reality.

False beliefs prevail e.g. my demographic is blameless and anything we did was justified (from Black Lives Matter to MRAs). Due to the toxic culture (conspiracy), the (demo) is always the real victim. Making it personal is the bulk of their reply, poisoning the well is the same as an argument. Appeal to ignorance – for the attacker.


Therefore, narcissists and psychopaths shouldn’t just be lumped together with the rest of the mentally ill. Indeed, narcissists and psychopaths can think quite straight whenever they want to. Their twisted thinking might be 100% willful or a habit ingrained from decades of willfy twisted thinking as a Peter Pan.

You are responsible for your own actions. That’s it. They will go on and on about responsibility – but only ever in reference to others. They will never acknowedge pure responsibility for themselves, usually a lesser charge superficially or with an excuse. They never run out of excuses. They conflate this with being rational. It’s rationalization.

Imagine a narcissist’s life as a road coming from way back in childhood. Now look behind him or her at the heaps of human wreckage all the way along it. All the playmates and people trampled. All the littler kids beat up. All the animals abused. All the marriages and friendships busted. All the false accusations that got innocent people punished. All the careers ruined. All the spirits crushed. All the credit stolen. All the abuse. That ain’t nothing.

Narcissists are people to stay far away from. All PREDATORS are. No one has to risk proximity to a predator: that’s the Law of Nature known as the right to self preservation. No professionally pious prig can morally obligate you to offer yourself up to abuse by remaining anywhere within a predator’s reach.

If the professionally pious prigs are so sure they’re morally correct, let them befriend the narcissist and fill that vacancy. Then let’s hear what they have to say.

Monsters tend to befriend one another.

This comment, they are exposed by time.

Narcissists and psychopaths don’t participate in humanity. They consider themselves different, above human beings. They consider themselves predators on human beings, treating us like we treat bugs. THEY do this. They CHOOSE to not be human.

It should be Humane Rights.

Their choice.

They have no humanity for human beings. They think human beings are disgusting. One I used to know, like to characterize the human race as spineless “sludge” he could crush. Stuff “made of cheap stuff” (= dirt).

They will sometimes claim to be misanthropes to give themselves an intellectual air. If they didn’t care about humans, why devote their entire life to seeking our approval? To leeching positive affect? Draining bank accounts (this is why women expect men to pay, leech test)?

Don’t insult him by calling him a human being.

Narcissists deliberately treat human beings inhumanly. That is one of those things that just goes right through expert brains like a neutron.

They do this because they think it makes them a god. You would insult them by calling them human beings. Predators don’t prey on their own species. Human beings don’t view all other human beings as lunch on the hoof.

Sadism is their sociality. They always feel the need to dominate and control. Random people, waiters, other servile roles to experts (including the shrinks themselves). “My opinion is worth more than your credentials.”

The only time malignant narcissists and psychopaths want to be regarded as “human” is when they are crybabying and making excuses for abuse to avoid justice when they’ve been caught. And they are laughing up their sleeve at any sucker who falls for that line.

Protection, cowardice, retreat.

Sexually, narcissists will be attracted to borderlines. A huge red flag for a narcissist is one who keeps attracting borderlines and is too dense to know why. It plays into their victim cover. Apparently, they also suffer child abuse, but somehow never ‘traumatic’ enough to seek professional help.

Sure, great characters.