Watch: Hjernevask [Brainwash] documentaries (cultural marxism postmodernism vs science)

The Hjernevask programs can be seen, with English subtitles, at the following links.

  1. Gender equality.
  2. The Parental Effect.
  3. Homosexuality.
  4. Violence.
  5. Sex.
  6. Race.
  7. Nature-Nurture Summary.


Article: The Superhero as a reactionary archetype

I want to point out the obvious and state superheroes are secular demigods.

Even progressive Wikipedia acknowledges this, citing the Scarlet Pimpernel as the first superhero. Yes, Sir Percy Blakeney, a British baronet who rescues individuals sentenced to death by the French Republic, is the first hero in Western literature to fight evil in secret under a heroic moniker concealed under a buffoonish alter-ego in order to protect his true identity. Mild-mannered Clark Kent is a slightly modernized version of Blakeney the idiot.

I love Sir Percy and cannot wait until the copyright expires on the character so we can see a steady stream of films about him. Tom Hiddleston would be a good choice.

Article: A dialogue with a pious monk

Extract from:

Quintus.  I’ll start off with a question that many of our readers may have thought about. Do you believe men are facing a spiritual crisis today? If so, why?

C.P.  Yes. Crisis is a Greek word, meaning “judgment.” It is the nature of Truth, that to come in contact with it is to face judgment; it is therefore no surprise to me, that our judgment rises to the level of a crisis, precisely when “non-judgmentalism” has become our only “truth.” The underlying sickness, is the heresy of “modernism,” (sometimes called “liberalism”), which, boiled down to its very nub, is the irrational assertion of autonomy via absolute, abstract “rights,” while one denies, doubts or despairs of knowing the necessary causes of rights’ existence.

“The modernist cares not whether something is Right and True; one only needs the “right” to do something without regard to what is Right and True. The core irrationality is to deny the Right in the name of “rights,” and even to believe that “rights” exist, if there is nothing Right. The modernist society inevitably develops irrationally, in accord with its premises.” ……………….

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Chinese finance giant says Brexit not a problem for trade


““Whether the UK will stay in the EU or not, will not do any harm to trade and economic ties or financial relations between the UK and China,” Wang Hongzhang, chairman of the China Construction Bank, China’s second largest lender, told the BBC in an interview yesterday.

“We have a smaller world and everyone is connected with each other and it is the age of globalisation. I think [whether] the UK stays in the EU or not will not have an impact,” he said.”

Could the source of Putin’s political process be a British academic?

Alternative Right expands on the idea.

“according to which the centre of the Eurasian continent was the natural locus of supreme power. Perhaps it was this formula that drew Russian interest:

Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
who rules the World-Island controls the world.”
(Mackinder, Democratic Ideals and Reality, p. 194)”

Personally, I think Putin is far smarter than anyone thinks. He’s certainly the best player on the present board. Do not underestimate him. If he appears to be ‘losing’, he must want to. Waiting on his cards.

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