Practical Deconstructions

Highly logical. I do something similar. If _a_, then _c_ because _b_. Assuming each link in the chain is correct, it cannot be refuted.

The point of the guide is to provide an onslaught of material efficiently packaged. Each one of these modules can be expanded out into multiple essays—books, even, but they’re sufficient for brutal effectiveness. Apply liberally. Some of them are more serious than others. Some are just plain ridiculous—don’t begrudge me my fun….

In other words, you can’t deconstruct on a ‘perfectly accurate level’ if they can’t comprehend what it is you’re deconstructing because they don’t fully comprehend their own ideology.

I’d compare it to a verbal sparring of ideological entrapment.
You win when you can say “Aha!”

Examples, my favourites;

-Seek admission: Marriage has always been heterosexual Point out: Homosexuals trying to participate in the institution of marriage Conclusion: This is cultural appropriation, and it is problematic.

-Seem admission: Genetics determines height, eye color, predisposition to diseases, and predisposition to mental illnesses (gosh, this might be a lot to ask for) Point out: Why think genetics is only implicated below the shoulders? Conclusion: Genetics determines intelligence.

-Seek admission: Animals can be bred for different attributes. That’s how we have different dog breeds, for example Point out: Humans are animals Conclusion: Humans can be bred for different attributes.

-Seek admission: Sexuality, like homosexuality, is inborn, and so it’s okay Point out: Pedophilia is sexuality Conclusion: Pedophilia is inborn, and so it’s okay.

-Seek admission: High suicide rate among homosexuals Point out: Other groups with far worse persecution and societal receipt of hatred don’t have high suicide rates Conclusion: Homosexuals really are weak and mentally fragile.

-Seek admission: Gender is totally fluid Point out: You cannot go from homosexual to heterosexual Conclusion: Either gender is not fluid, or you can go from homosexual to heterosexual.

-Seek admission: Gentrification is really bad because it disrupts culture Point out: Third world immigration disrupts culture Conclusion: Third world immigration is really bad.

-Seek admission: Gays are a persecuted minority with little power Point out: Gays are one of the highest income demographics on the planet Conclusion: Someone is fucking lying.

-Seek admission: Feminism as we know it arose out of western culture Point out: Immigration will gradually eliminate western culture Conclusion: Immigration will gradually eliminate feminism.

Rational therapy as applied to Millennials

Nerd-out Explanation: REBT is in my view superior to modern CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, not Cock n’ Ball Torture, don’t search, I wish I hadn’t). Modern CBT blames the patient for having emotions/being human and tries to suppress undesirable ones with unreasonable faux rationalizations and requests e.g. in a nutshell: mantras, think happy thoughts. It functions to make the patient worse by a suppression/explosion cycle (aka relapse) and keep psychologists cashing big fat checks for the lifetime of ‘service’.
REBT examines and picks over the false belief system EVERYONE to some extent (more pervasive in the mentally ill) has and how these inform our perceptions of the world. When conflicting with reality (instead of acting as a natural means of intrinsic support), those false beliefs cause acute (curable) symptoms of mental illness, most commonly the umbrella term depression.

I’ll cut out the nerdiness now.

Without further ado, here is REBT roughly applied or translated to real-world examples of psychological perceptual problems stereotypical to my generation, Generation Y (do I have to pay so much).

  • Without a 4.0 GPA into college I’m worthless, I’m too white and middle class to get into a Tier 1 University without AA to fall back on.
  • University is always a valuable choice.
  • You are special despite doing nothing of particular merit whatsoever and you are entitled to better treatment than others. When you fail to receive this, it is everyone else’s fault.
  • It doesn’t matter which degree I pick so I guess choosing the easiest one will give me exactly the same chances in life later on. It’s my right to demand exorbitant salaries from evil capitalists for the making the choice to study the stupidest shit.
  • Student debt isn’t real debt.
  • Credit cards are like free money. I’ll definitely be rich in the future so who cares.
  • My parents will have the money to bail me out forever even if they can’t afford to retire.
  • I can wait for my fertility to dwindle to have children because their health won’t suffer, I’ll be equally capable of carrying or caring for them and IVF is a guaranteed success.
  • Every STD is curable and abortion has no negative side effects whatsoever.
  • My parents will support everything I do, even when they didn’t support one another long enough to avoid divorce. If they were married in the first place. Single parenthood is equal to a couple, in spite of being exactly half of the natural input.
  • Companies reward loyalty and working from the bottom of the ladder up is an option in this century. If I am not CEO in a year, the place is mistreating me because I am eternally worthy.
  • Be yourself and anyone who doesn’t love that doesn’t deserve you anyway. This opinion doesn’t make you a backward asshole, it is because you are inherently special and never need to change.
  • Social media proves how beloved I am. It isn’t a censored echo chamber.
  • You cannot be ignorant if your reality-avoiding teachers told you differently.
  • People who boomeranged away from the real world straight back to school again aren’t immature and mentally deficient, they’re flawless, solid sources of advice which affect the trajectory of your entire life.
  • My value is not in what I can prove, but in what I feel in my heart, placed there by sycophants like the marketing media.
  • I am owed a living by the world/Government/parents and this is not at all parasitical, I should be proud to live in a society which does this. They are blessed by my company and any question of self-sufficiency is an unjust affront to my ego.
  • Lifestyle choices have no repercussions or consequences and any form of those are in fact oppression despite my adult choice in the matter.
  • The economy cannot get worse, let’s party instead of doing anything productive.
  • I am not limited by things beyond my control (race, sex, religion, IQ) which become worse (age). I am limited by a lack of self-belief.
  • Identity trumps everything. I am not a person with X, who Y. I am X, Y person. Except nationalism, patriotism or exclusive pride. That would be evil.
  • There is no such thing as good and evil because nothing I do could ever be wrong.
  • Nothing about the past requires gratitude. All things we do now are superior. I am superior in intelligence to everyone who came before me without exception. My beliefs are proof. None of them could possibly go wrong and my ancestors couldn’t have had good reasons for being such bigots.
  • I have no problems. The problem is the world and every problem in the world is artificial and hence, can be fixed. I will save the world, I was destined to.
  • I have a right to the best. Food, clothes, location, holidays.
  • I can display moral superiority by spouting the correct opinions but needn’t live by them. This hypocrisy doesn’t inflict deep damage by dissonance, it is freedom.
  • There is no such thing as freedom for someone who disagrees with me. How dare they? Don’t they know who I am? I must punish them.

Expect the MI rates to rise astronomically. Sadly, the professionals have no incentive to help, dragging it out into a lifelong identity.

For a cheerier subject take:


Quick Wisdom: Every man goes his own way

Men strike silently.

When a man has a problem, he acts.
If you want to know the solution to the marriage/fertility/settling decline, consider that until it sinks in that men ultimately cannot be controlled.

If men aren’t talking, they have already decided.

People (wrongly) think they are clever because they find no fault in their own reasoning

… as they don’t know how to do objective and bounce between the two. ~ pet theory


Answer the initial question before coming back.

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The Iterrated Prisoner’s Dilemma, Marriage and Civilization

I fucking love logic games.

This needs to be taught in schools

And this comment: ” The working rules are the laws of nature. If your nature requires you to be ‘honorable’ for the sake of evolutionary dead ends as your judges by being your measure–and what gold standards they are–that does not bode well for you, my friend.”

Quick Wisdom: Why aren’t young men marrying young women?

Men marry for logical reasons, they believe they need to secure a woman to keep the benefits of a relationship going (or she will leave). Women tend to marry for emotional reasons, excepting gold-diggers.

Given this, why are more men choosing to marry less?

It is illogical to do so.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Surprise! The Sisterhood lied to you to try and steal your prospects for themselves.

Why? Ant and grasshopper.
If a man wanders off and makes a success of himself (attractive prospect in the marriage market) in the same time that a woman is wasting her youth (and yeah, that’s important for fertility reasons), there is no logical reason to buy in, especially when they can get a woman younger than themselves and less entitled (age does that).

What is the solution?
Women aren’t going to like it….

Become better wives.

Like a job, you need to demonstrate the skills before you get that promotion. It requires effort. Hey, just like a marriage!

What is feminism? What is a feminist? A vivisection.

Oxford English dictionary definition of Feminism:

The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

  1. There are two sexes. Male, female, and hermaphrodite, which count as both. This is determined by genetics including improper replication in the last case. Transsexuals do not count in feminism, neither does sexuality or self-identified gender.
  2. Rights cannot be a positive claim which deprives another by their enaction.
  3. Grounds require logical proof and emotion is not a form of proof. Feeling yourself to be correct is an emotion.
  4. Equality requires a premise of sameness. Men and women are biologically different, the science is finding more evidence to support this over time. What we believe we deserve is a separate moral claim to what we physically are and hence, need. Conflation: What is versus what is good/bad.
  5. Advocacy of men’s rights are not part of the definition. The omission is sexist by the equality morality claim above (unless men are somehow better). By their own moral claim, a feminist (a believer in the doctrine of feminism) does not stand for equality (which cannot exist in nature) and is a misandrist.


Quick Wisdom, Apply Philosophy: On — Privilege

Apply Kant: If everyone has a privilege, no one does.
Apply Ancient Greece: It comes down to an old philosophical question, is it better to be born (value life in principle) or is life a chaotic valueless entity (nbd).
Apply Popper: In the end, we’re all privileged to be alive, viewed from our own perspective. Beyond is unfalsifiable and alters the question to Knowledge Theory.
Apply Aurelius: It shan’t last. You shall die.
Apply Camus: Nothing else beats it. Life is a gift blah blah inspirational rallying cry over a much-needed morning coffee.

Gary Oldman speaks to me on a spiritual level