The white-fishing becomes more overt

The Guardian caking on white chalk make-up was bad enough, what’s with the recent procession of white minstrels? Do they know how creepy that looks? It wouldn’t pass to an actual white person… It’s like one of those dead masks because of the flat contouring. They’ve just painted on a hotter woman’s face.

They’re not even hiding the racist tinge to it anymore. White men are so fucking weak not to call this out as creepy, they have no problem telling off their own for using ‘too much’ makeup (but also, not enough, whatever that means). It is not a compliment, it’s an insult. They think they can be white, better than white people can. Even Asian men are lightening their skin to improve their chances by tricking white women. White men never used to be so cowed. Did you know in America, non-white women couldn’t lighten their face (nor dye their hair lighter) because it could trick a white man into marrying them? Non-whites who attempted to ‘pass’ were lynched for the deceit. Nowadays they’re so cucked they’d probably thank the foreigner, like a simp. The appropriation is part of the great replacement, you twits. If you want the 50s back so badly, white culture must be preserved too, including beauty culture. I see why Vox laughs at America, celebrating its race-mixing out of existence and magically expecting British culture to remain.

The jooz psyop has worked on the lemmings. Guess which photos are staged versus real.
Clue: mixers are always fug.

This is how a race dies, one fetish at a time. This is why your parents had veto power over your spouse.

With every passing day, I begin to agree with MGTOW that all make-up should be banned.

All of it.

I like make-up but fuck me, this has gone too far.

Your everyday look should not look like a Hollywood SFX department.

Like, The Guardian started this:

The history books will ask WTF to the white minstrel shit, and the controlled ops shall shrug.

note: she isn’t smiling, she’s trying to look pleased

I love how you can see in the eyes of the white party how they regret it eventually. The ‘help me’ look. Cook the rice, pay the price. Burn the coal, pay the toll. The occasional pretty person who’s tricked by propaganda (usually a woman) lives to regret it, priceless grimace. There are times when infanticide is justified and that’s when God would call it an abomination. Imagine ruining your vagina for mystery meat.

This is why sub-fertility among the SJW is a feature, not a bug.

You can see they feel cheated, like, they didn’t expect their kids to actively be uglier than themselves. They didn’t think it was possible. It’s possible. Like that yellow fever woman in the Guardian bitching that her Muslim kids wouldn’t have blue eyes and pale skin for very long. Fucking DUH. I was in a waiting room quite recently and a very young white girl, 7-8, had a mixed black baby. Black eyes, squished face, demonic looking little thing, she had blue eyes, mousy blonde hair. She was ignoring the thing wriggling around being a nuisance for her iPhone. The parents were not present, which made me smile. When other people looked over because the baby got agitated, she rolled her eyes, leant down and pretended to fuss. Watching her from the corner of my eye, she immediately went back to her phone as soon as she thought people weren’t looking. Pretty parents neglect the ugly sprog. It’s cruel to make them. Obviously, the father was MIA. Their kids usually stare at me as one of the most attractive people in the room (not a flex, just a fact, being hot isn’t hard in this country) so I tend to notice the family set-up of the evil little thing that refuses to stop fucking staring. It’s rude. I just try to cover my face or turn away until they get the message. I hate being stared at. Another time a white mother was encouraging her mixed rugrat to stare at me, bouncing him on her knee about a foot away, expecting me to gush at her in PC platitudes about how cute it was. A whole fucking waiting room, totally empty and they sat beside me, so I knew their game. The Eastern Europeans are some of the biggest mudsharks here. She was also preggers with another one and the bloke was sitting next to her, looking smug. I ignored her for my magazine but she kept encouraging the kid to stare, it’s weird. She was almost tilting him into my lap. I am not going to praise anyone’s fucking abomination, you made your bed now lie in it, love.

We feel sorry for the kids, being pawns of their parents like that.

They seem to have done it purely for the validation of other white women, it’s pathetic.

Creepy Asian make-up again and the actual clown origins

So they’re basically painting on a white woman’s face, and this is supposed to be fine?

We’re just …..

not meant to say anything? If they’re going to be white supremacist about it and fetishize our features, could they at least admit it? They painted over a look that resembles many North Western European women in particular. It’s eerie. I can see why MGTOW want make-up banned, and as someone with those features naturally I 100% endorse the honesty of banning makeup, but it’s never gonna happen. They’ll never openly walk around with flat faces, African-like nose bridges (because they’re related by MtDNA) and those dead fish vacant middle distance stare eyes. Without make-up, the ones who had double lid surgery look like Downies, due to the squished orbital area of the skull (which cannot be operated on). It’s like women with lip filler HAVE to use matte lipstick, because shiny ones would show up the weird boundary of injection. I also see hints of that VS model who’s Catholic but mostly in the brows. They really are just painting on another face at this point and it should be illegal to marry someone who doesn’t know what you actually look like. England at one point did outlaw make-up as witchcraft and you can see why. We’d also have to ban cosmetic surgery though, worldwide, and good luck getting that done. The make-up tips aren’t even especially good, it’s just ‘how to look like a basic white girl’ and they look uncanny valley when they’re done. How retarded are the weebs for thinking this shit is real just because they didn’t use darker pigments? I agree with the memes, except waterproof make-up exists, so don’t take her swimming on the first date, take a make-up wipe and ‘challenge’ her to use it. If you don’t recognise that side of her face as her, ffs don’t breed with it. Do you see how ugly the half breeds are? Half neckbeard and half fish eyed genes, and for some weird reason most of the kids are obese too. At least if you have kids, let it be with a Jap and not a chink or korean with a fuckton of plastic surgery and a trowel’s worth of make-up. The rest of the world has to observe your mongrels and, as studies show, they’re associated more with lesser animals than human beings. Disgust is innate. You have a duty to prevent the birth of fugly kids. Men are judged heavily by whether their kids are ugly, merely breeding isn’t an accomplishment, the gays have got that one right. The investment must be worth it. I can respect the weebs who 1. move abroad 2. burn their passport and revoke their native citizenship so they can never come back and 3. get the snip because there is definite deceit going on here for project half-white oops baby. Just don’t inflict fug kids on the West years later because you got homesick. Should’ve thought about that before you cooked the rice. I’ve seen a lot of them move back in shame lately, tail between their legs, and everyone fucking despises them. They have the temerity to slag off ‘immigrants’ when they import one as a glorified concubine, who’ll hilariously leave him once the anchor baby has grown up and she gets her green card. Reddit stories are gold for this. Know them by their fruit, and it’s fucking fug. It reminds me of Marge Simpson after the make-up gun, if you couldn’t press a cotton face cloth against her face without another face of pure product appearing by magic, she isn’t even cute, dude. Buy a fleshlight, it’s cheaper than Tiger Moms in divorce court. The reprobate mind is clueless until it’s too late. No wonder the hapa forums hate their fetishist parents. Imagine being descended from the fake omega losers of two races and the host of medical problems that result. It’s an extremely cruel social experiment. I love how these videos always skip over the steps of lid tape and Nazi blue or light contact lenses, like WTF, that’s not Asian, is it? We all know what you’re trying to do. One of the most blatant racial tells is a tip stolen from Lisa Eldridge (most of these are) – only pale white people blush from the outside in. That’s why they apply blush on the cheekbone and blend in, because it’s characteristic to Northern Europeans. Nothing about them is original. Sodding r-types.
SPOT THE THOT, DODGE THE THOT. This has been your tutorial in spotting the thot for this year.
This video series mentions the blush tip she invented for white girls. Specifically the second video 8 minutes in.

QED – Can men please see through the bullshit? Only masculine women need to peacock like that. Peacocking is a male behaviour.

It’s literally circus freak make-up exaggerating white features, I have no problem posting proofs.
For comparison, genetic Asians have notoriously short, stubby, straight-out eyelashes. The full, thick, curved long ones are false. Literally, always fake. They do not have them naturally. It”s another thing they cut to randomly without saying they did it. Like they sprouted 5x the eyelash length and a totally inappropriate shape, racially. I hate jump cuts.

The funniest part is they’re ripping off freak show clown make-up and most guys are so clueless they don’t notice. That’s the REAL reason for using less pigment. It’d be obvious clownface. Using a full face of make-up can’t be called modesty, can it? The eyebrow tip in the Asian ripoff video was also overtly 1920s. Very curved and thin like the villain in Snow White. Proof:

A YT SJW called Mina Le does the same.

it’s a crazy tell

They’re trying to have larger, rounder, whiter looking eyes.

Transracial make-up has got to stop, it’s feature specific whiteface. Whitefishing bishes.

It was all literally devised by Lisa and only used by her at work until she posted tutorials, years later, online; yet naturally, they steal the credit… like they always do. Girls don’t have naturally orange cheeks. It’s more obvious than pink, the Asians just think they can get away with it, despite only some of them having yellow undertones.

The non-Lisa tips they use were stolen from a homosexual Welshman called Wayne Goss, mostly foundation techniques and nose contour. I expect you to check.
There’s also draping with one colour.

It’s French, historically. The matte look is for rank amateurs, like Kylie Jenner – and Asian thots.
This video mentions the lipstick in a blush shade, dabbed on. Like, nothing they do is original. NOTHING!

And this video describes the way white people blush from the outside inward by placement.

Because there’s no pigment blocking it in our temples.

So the Asians are placing it wrong because they’re dumb, it begins on the temples, thots. Not the space beside the ear. You look ill, Maam. They’re ripping off tips half their age.

Posted: 10 years ago.


It’s okay to like it as a look, just be aware it’s fake.

And don’t gaslight people like me who know it’s fake. We haz receipts. White MUAs did it first.

Whitefishing eye makeup

The lengths these women will go to. I can’t understand the women who spend one hour on hair and one on make-up, if you look that bad just kill yourself. It’s easier. Obviously I’m joking but seriously, when men find the Frankenstein’s monster underneath that bullshit do you think they’ll stick around? So… what’s the point, then? Wipe half her face with a wet wipe and see if her beauty does a Houdini.

White people literally wake up like that, eyebag ‘definition’ and all and they literally coined eye contour like WTF. Equal parts Lisa Eldridge tips on the shadow blending and the eyeliner gap is Marilyn Monroe but the rest is absurd and basically plastic surgery with make-up. That’s no longer you but a face painted on to look like somebody else. That is a mask. A mask in natural colours but still a mask. The white techniques on white eyes are supposed to accentuate what is already present. When a girl with the characteristic egg shaped head is daring to label a video without surgery, that’s a laugh. (Egg heads don’t exist in nature like that, it’s too short and squat, she’s had jaw surgery and they even fold in the long ears to make them seem shorter). Also, if there are men who think pink glitter is a natural look I give up.

Rounded brows pointed down are also a white trait. The orbital ridge is shaped differently. That fake brow shape makes her eyes look bigger too. Microblading weirdness.

Theirs are naturally straight and upturned.

They’ve gotten so defensive about all of this whitefishing they’re daring to claim regular make-up use is Asianfishing now. You wish you looked like that, please. Most of your tips are stolen from white women who adapted to their natural faces. Your surgical shit cannot compete. It’s like tits, plastic doesn’t count.

Nobody is getting eye surgery to look like an angry Downie.

That jaw and ear thing is so gross and creepy. Like a gremlin. Cannot unsee.

Replacement is not just territorial, it’s cultural. Trying to replace Western beauty standards for women, with fake “Western” women. Genocide is artistic, if you read the history books. You’re not allowed to have an exclusive standard (i.e. natural, genetic beauty) nor criticize others openly for appropriating it (i.e. they rule over you, have the power to censor).

Diabetes caused by… make-up??!

While the thots are eating their aluminium like good little morons, there’s a great causative agent of diabetes lurking in all those shitty “highlighters” that do the same thing anyway (compare Dior ingredients to Topshop).

It’s in things everyone consumes like toothpaste.
And candy, and food, and paper….

Is somebody trying to poison us?


In the mid-20th century, titanium dioxide pigment replaced highly toxic lead-based pigments. It became the most commonly used white pigment in paints and in foods, medications, toothpaste, cosmetics, plastics and paper. As a result, annual production of titanium dioxide has increased by 4 million tons since the 1960s.

Who bought it beforehand?

Who bought all the titanium before bringing it to market as ‘safer’?

According to the World Health Organization, the number of people with diabetes has quadrupled during the past four decades, affecting approximately 425 million people, with T2D comprising the majority of recorded cases. Although obesity and an aging population are still considered major factors leading to a rise in T2D cases worldwide, Heller’s study suggests that increased use of titanium dioxide may also be linked to the rapid rise in the number of people suffering from the disease.


“The increased use of titanium dioxide over the last five decades could be a factor in the Type 2 diabetes epidemic,” Heller said. “The dominant T2D-associated pancreatic particles consist of TiO2 crystals, which are used as a colorant in foods, medications and indoor wall paint, and they are transported to the pancreas in the bloodstream. The study raises the possibility that humanity’s increasing use of TiO2 pigment accounts for part of the global increase in the incidence of T2D.”

Why are Government buildings the same damn white colour?

We know we can breathe that shit in.

Given the wide-reaching implications of his findings, Heller is keen to repeat the study, but this time using a larger sample. “We have already begun a broader study,” he said. “Our work isn’t over yet.””

You heard it here first.

Jawline moving make-up

Since the fake eyelids revelation freaked enough of you out.

Yes. It is real. You cover it with foundation.

Notice how the mandible itself (the true jaw) cannot be compressed at the corner edges, except with surgery.

Why I don’t trust “contour”. It’s old theatre make-up, literally it is, to look like another person.

This is, according to her, “a small face”. As you can see, still square.

In a natural square jaw (see Jolie or Grace Kelly for white ones) the corner of the “square” is lower than in other women.

A higher-set corner, smooth (less bone) and curved jaw sweeping down to the chin is feminine.


I’m scientifically, indisputably correct on that point.


THAT is a gracile jaw.

Finally, the angle of the face is important. She naturally tucks her chin to recess her face’s sides in shadow behind hair but she actually has a recessed chin already. That’s unhealthy, causes double chins but culturally encouraged.

It’s strange how this is suggested once you’ve watched that.

Square-jawed Hollywood women get Botox to reduce the muscular prominence of their jaw.

So it isn’t like Asians are the only ones.

And plenty of “White” Jewish girls are still pushing the definition of natural into absurdity.

Very natural, quack quack on, bitch.

A hallmark of that eye surgery is that to appear more doe-eyed, the best the surgeon can do is make the eyes look more distant from one another. This requires more surgery to open them out again, giving them that sexy ET look.


Video: Popular Asian make-up

80% paint (the thickness, it isn’t really makeup) and 20% filters is correct.

A sense of humour about it is healthy, the women who do that constantly, they’re like Asian chavs (chavs are known for thick, tacky makeup).

This is the webtoon mentioned in the comments.

The similarity to chav makeup is pronounced.

All you need between these styles is more dark muddy colour on the brows and eyes and, instead of fake tan and bronzer, paler makeup with blush.

That’s literally it. All the face shape changing is the same: bigger eyes, thinner nose etc. except chavs naturally have some of this and accentuate it.

The details that look more European are: taping the face to look thinner and with a smoother jaw, the celebrities get liposuction there (yes, you can get lipo on the face), making the eyes larger and the overall head smaller, the whiteface makeup kinda obviously (yes, that is what it’s called) to neutralize the yellow tones, making a fake Euro nasal bridge out of medical wax (syphilitic women used to do that when their nose caved in!), celebrities can get implants for a fake nasal bridge, fake eyelids with surgical tape (that’s what it is), again, celebrities get surgery for permanent fakery, thick liner on the lid seems to increase eye height and eye prominence combined with plastic lashes, usually contacts are added, smaller mouth drawn on (like a doll, a Victorian doll, baby mouth – not sexy!!!).

It’s disturbing. I’d like to see an Asian man do this makeup.

When chavs do it, it’s bad enough.

Race-bending? Too cringe.

Why does China encourage this?

Well, taking over the world culturally requires a very specific push: making out like your women are the standard of beauty.

South Koreans usually innovate ways to achieve these deceptions first and that includes surgery.
It puts suggested videos like this into perspective.
Their skin is as real, natural and perfect as her lilac hair.

If you’ll believe that’s how she naturally looks, genetically, you’ll believe anything.

One of the top ways to spot the Asians who got White lid surgery? They look from many angles like Down’s syndrome eyes. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it’s similar.


See?  And that’s with the makeup. Lower is bare.
Told ya so. It’s the extreme tilt and excess, oddly formed skin including beneath the eye (the eyeball size doesn’t change!). It looks unusual.

To move the upper lid and make the area loose for a new lid, skin is pulled taut from the lower to make room in the skull’s hole. This causes the lower lid to drag and stick on the still Asian, large eyeball.

Personally, I find that a creepy tell because… why do that?

It’s your SKULL.

A sign of jaw “reduction” (it involves bone saws) is the chin looks about twice the volume it should (after reduction itself) because the teeth (look at a skull) are still very developed so vertically the face is trying to be oval but the masculine jutting is still prominent. There is no cherry chin fat (uncommon European trait) or line, typical in Europeans, it’s very flat.

They moved so much, it has to be!

The eyes look too small without makeup because the jaw used to add structure.

I don’t really need to comment on that. She’s considered a famous beauty “idol”.

Note the teeth too.

So instead of oval, the face looks long. Head tilting is a tell.

Chav v. Korean makeup, all that differs is texture and colour.


I wonder who one got surgery to look like. It’s like looking at a cartoon.

One has naturally large eyes, the other tries to look like that.

Look at the central third of the face. Moving it would damage the hearing so it looks way too flat because most of its natural shape has been excavated.

When they get even more work done, they look like a blow-up doll. Same model, obvious face-on.

Again, if you believe that’s genetic beauty, I have a range of unicorns to sell you.

Lips are overtly over filled (the border sucks).

Imitating a white nose with surgery, as here, makes it look chunky and blocky like a white man because the rest of the face doesn’t conform (especially the brow bones) as it would in a natural. The nostrils are still large for breathing, usually, so they look vaguely African (finer nasal bridge). Despite high cheekbones (you can get implants or smoothing), you can’t see the same structure in the rest of the face, because it isn’t natural. It never developed from anything genetic. At least contouring is done on the whole face.

I find the sex doll look disgusting so I’m pointing it out. Uncanny Valley.

Make-up is one thing, surgery to look like a sex toy is another.

Does this apply just to makeup and filters?

Hell yes, my friend. Yes, it does.

Chav v. makeup experiment up top, finished result:

I know fake when I see it.